Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe Infinity

Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe Infinity

With his Planet Jarre best of/box set only just released, Jean Michel Jarre has surprised fans with the announcement of a new album, Equinoxe Infinity, for November.

This is a sequel to his fourth studio album, Equinoxe, which was released 40 years ago and the artwork (created by Filip Hodas) references the original cover. Best let JMJ explain his thinking behind the music and the artwork:

 “In days where vinyl is coming back big time, artwork deserves more attention. The cover of Equinoxe has always been one of my favourites. Are these strange creatures watching us? Watching space? Watching machines? Watching a natural phenomenon? We don’t really know. They’re not scary, but odd and mysterious. So, I took the original ‘Watchmen’ of the Equinoxe cover to continue the story.

Filip Hodas is a super talented young artist who I asked to create two different pieces in line with my vision. One cover shows mankind at peace with nature and technology, and the other depicts a picture of fear and distortion with machines taking over the world. With these two, I want to bring attention to two scenarios we are facing today with our love for and our dependence on innovation and technology. The music of Equinoxe Ininity is the soundtrack to those two different worlds.”

Alternate cover (“fear and distortion”) to Equinoxe Infinity

The album cover art is random (at the request of Jean Michel Jarre) so you don’t know which one you are getting!

Equinoxe Infinity is issued on CD and vinyl, but a box set called Equinoxe Project brings together the original album and the new one, on CD and vinyl (i.e. it’s a four-disc set). The box comes with four posters and a download card. The standard vinyl also includes a download and one poster. You can preview The Watchers (movement 1) below.

Equinoxe Infinity and the Equinoxe Project box set will be issued on 16 November 2018.

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Jarre, Jean-Michel

Equinoxe Infinity - CD edition


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Jarre, Jean-Michel

Equinoxe Infinity - vinyl LP


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Jarre, Jean-Michel

Equinoxe Project box set



  1. The Watchers (Movement 1)
  2. Flying Totems (Movement 2)
  3. Robots Dont Cry (Movement 3)
  4. All That You Leave Behind (Movement 4)
  5. If The Wind Could Speak (Movement 5)
  6. Infinity (Movement 6)
  7. Machines Are Learning (Movement 7)
  8. The Opening (Movement 8)
  9. Don’t Look Back (Movement 9)
  10. Equinoxe Infinity (Movement 10)

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adam shaw

I got the box set today from my record shop (they get releases on Monday’s for the coming Friday ) .
It was sealed so you still don’t know what covers you are going to get . I got the vinyl cover with the burning man and the cd with the other cover .
The album IMO is excellent. Lots of nods to previous works but great tunes . I don’t think Jarre fans will be disappointed.

Tom M

Wow! Some of those Canadian prices are way out of line.


Although I am interested in purchasing music in the physical format: LP Vinyl, CD, Deluxe/Super Deluxe Box Sets. I don’t buy music depending on whether I like its Album Artwork or its packaging. Personally though I like the Both Covers.

As for the Box-Set no one is forcing you to buy it. If you are really concerned about what cover you will get though. I would recommend you do that old-fashioned thing of visiting a Record Store. Where you can see the Album Cover for yourself.

Meanwhile about the Music. What did you think of the opening track The Watchers (Movement 1) Having listened to it I thought it is Excellent! I am looking forward to this sequel of the Equinoxe theme.


I’m honestly a bit dissapointed in the available formats.

The CD version comes in digipak (really? All his other CD albums were in jewel cases, why digipak for this one?), and in the box set they come as “vinyl replica”, which appears to be just a cardboard sleeve instead of ‘normal’ packaging.

It would be awesome to be able to purchase those posters seperately, but it appears that they are only availabe as part of the box set. Sadly i just can’t see the logic in buying the expensive box set for the posters, only to be stuck with two records, one of which i already have, and two CD’s in paper sleeves that I can’t store with my other CD’s(on top of already owning the original on CD).

Then there is the problem with the artwork, i like the first cover and adore the black box set cover, but the alternate cover just has a lot less appeal to me (the headless figure looks clumsy and out of place IMO). Not making it possible to choose which one you get honestly takes away a lot of the appeal of the album.

I am a huge fan of the original album and it’s cover art, and if the CD was available in a jewel case with a selectable cover I would have pre-ordered immediately, might even have gone for the box set if the same was true for it.
Sadly this is not the case, so no order from me until i can actually select which cover i want.

Dave H

For those of you who may want to know about the Planet Jarre 5.1 downloads they are high res 1920 x 1080 video files with high res dolby digital surround.

The video files uses the same still of the album cover on all tracks, there is no moving images.

The track listing is
1 Circus
2 Equinoxe 2
3 Equinoxe 5
4 Exit With Edward Snowden
5 Oxygene 15
6 Oxygene 17
7 Oxygene 2
8 Stardust with Armin Van Buuren
9 Switched On Leon with The Orb
10 Coachella Opening
11 Souvenir Of China
12 Zoolookolgie

It’s about an hour long.

The download card also includes the album as wav files.

Tom of FIN

Not very convincing sample there for marketing that You Tube take. Usually the first LP/CD cuts are the most calculative. Familiar bubbling, but nothing encouraging.


Can anyone confirm whether or not Deserted Palace has ever been officially released on CD format ?

Tom of FIN

Nope, it has not.


Not in full no – a few bits were on the Essentials & Rarities album a few years ago, but it never had a commercial release on CD.

Just watch out for a few scammers selling cruddy Jarre CDs on ebay – one particularly bad seller is a guy in France called tom.angel – steer well clear, as I bought an album thinking it was genuine, only to find it was crudely taped from a TV broadcast, and dear God! the abuse I received from him when I wanted to return it!


Richard . Thanks very much for your advice and info re : Deserted Palace . Do you think it will ever see a commercial release ?

Zenith O’Clock

Yes it has. It was released in full as a double CD set in the UK with Les Granges Brulees and the a and b sides of his frog single.


…….Blade Runner??
The watchers…..

Craig Hedges

So glad to see Jean-michel being so prolific and he’s producing some really good stuff.
I’m in the minority who really liked Oxygene 3, I actually listened to it more than once which is required for a lot of Jarre’s stuff to reveal itself, So it will be interesting see how he will take Equinoxe forward.
It is now 30 years since Jean-michel staged his concerts at the Docklands in London, where’s the time gone!

Patrick Gleeson

I’m astounded at the lukewarm response to Oxygène 3 too Craig. Seems most missed the whole point of it being a present day take on the 8 track layering and composing techniques of the original. A masterpiece IMO.


Random Cover – That’s Not funny!


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at Amazon bolting on reviews for the original Equinoxe onto the order page for this November release. That one of the biggest companies in the world intentionally misleads/misinforms customers in this way time and again is just staggering. The obsession with automating as much as they can and doing away with human common-sense is turning their website into a joke, that’s if you can find anything in the first place seeing as their Search hides more than it finds these days.

Seriously Bezos, take your eyes off the skies and sort out your website back here on Earth.

Paul Taylor

Every Queen album is listed in the Coloured Vinyl section for no apparent reason

Daniel Stolte

100% agreed. The record listings on amazon, especially vinyl, are horrendous. The site never has important detail information especially with special issues like colored vinyl, or limited pressings. Sometimes, they even get the number of discs wrong, so you’re looking at what should be a double LP, and the listing says “Number of discs: one” because they just copy it over from the CD listing. If this is “artificial intelligence,” I don’t want to know what classifies as “artificial retardation.”


Thank you Paul, great info, and love the links, as always.

Nick Love

I don’t know anything about him or his music but that is a great sleeve. Kind of reminds me a bit of The Division Bell, but obviously very different.

Richey Estcourt

Do you know if the original album is the original recording, or the ‘New Master Recording’ from about ten years back?

Craig Hedges

You’re getting this confused with Oxygene


A Quick note about the Box Set

The Offical JMJ site gives 2 Providers : Amazon.de + JPC
Items :
1) Equinoxe & Equinoxe Infinity on CDs as Vinyl Replica CDs
2) Equinoxe & Equinoxe Infinity on 180g heavyweight Vinyl
3) Scratchcard to download both albums
4) 4x Posters of the artworks in superzize No Posters ?

/ Amazon DE/
Label: Columbia d (Sony Music)(Austria) / ASIN : B07H62Q4JN / all items according to JPC (De) regarding Columbia d label.
The special price is sold out (around 66€ ) on Amazon.de -> Now 89€

and… customers coment on Amazon talk abbout the previous edition of the album.. not the new edition that are unavailable in september……
Allways confusing !


‘The album covert art is random’. That’s a problem: I don’t like the alternate one! No online order gor me, I’ll go to a fnac shop so I can choose the cover I want.


Fantastic news!
I pre ordered the Massive Attack through the SDE Shop. Any chance Paul that this too will be available?
Amazon Aus might take forever to have this.

Peter Anderson

Conversely a lot of us do have renewed interest in vinyl. When CD first came out I was the first to embrace it and reject my extensive vinyl collection. Now I have realised the merits of both. CD great for convenience but vinyl still wonderful for the full listening/ audio visual experience.


Superb information as always Paul many thanks keep up the great work.
When are they going to realise that a lot of us have no interest unless its on CD.I got shut of vinyl and cassettes years ago and have no intention of going back.A box set for CD fans would be more than welcome.Until then it’s the single CD for me. Such a shame and another opportunity missed.

Tim Weldon

I understand your frustration, H, but you’ve got to understand there are a LOT of us vinyl fans out here who went for years without being able to buy any album on vinyl. I too embraced CD (not that I had a choice!) but it is possible to like both formats and now I buy both and enjoy the choice to do so. It was your choice to go down the CD route but you don’t have to choose one or the other.


Fully agree with you Tim it’s great to finally see vinyl releases at the same time as the CD . My issue is with the box sets – I personally would like to see a deluxe CD only release as it’s a lot to pay for an additional format I’m never going to use but I can certainly see the appeal for vinyl fans – unfortunately it’s an issue that’s never going to please everyone.


Cant wait but bit of a marketing own goal for Planet Jarre?? Will get this no problem and skip PJ

Gregg Porter

Fourth release, if you don’t forget “Deserted Palace” & “Les Granges Brûlées.”


Hey Paul, I ordered the box set but just wanted to confirm if it is a CD+Vinyl or CD+Cassette as per the comments by Chris below? Thanks!


Fourth release is correct. “Oxygene” was Jarre’s third album.


I want that box but massively disappointed that -again- Jarre doesn’t provide us with a 5.1 mix on dvd or blu-ray. His music on 5.1 is simply amazing. I have the Aero cd/dvd and it sounds out of this world. I’m not going to bother with Planet Jarre and those 5.1 downloads. Does anyone even know yet what songs you get? And if you simply burn the files on a dvd, would it play in 5.1 on a dvd player without massive shenanigans? All of this is very disappointing. How out of tune with your fans can you be?


This music would be perfect for surround sound! Wish he would’ve made an immersive mix for us home theater fans. I’ll still probably get the CD though and run it through a matrix encoder on the preamp processor. Thanks for the heads up Paul.

Euan Shanks

Thanks for the preview Paul. I’ve pre ordered the cd version. Very much looking forward to getting this and playing it in the car etc.

Patrick Goldstein

Second release. Not fourth


Yes, fourth release.
Before Oxygène he released Eros Machine and Les granges brûlées (The Burned Barns). Both are not electronic ;)


Deserted Palace is his first album and his 2nd, Les Granges Brulees, is pretty electronic. La Cage/Erosmachine is a 7″ single. Which is also very electronic.


Where is 5.1?

On a download card?


I’m glad you had the link shown, so I’ve preordered the standard CD edition.

Still not convinced about buying a box-set with cassettes, especially at the price shown…but no one is forcing the choice.

I’m also not going to listen to the preview…I’ll wait for the album release, really happy Jarre is still releasing new material.