Jean-Michel Jarre / Oxygene 3 plus Oxygene Trilogy box set


Jean-Michel Jarre will release a new album, Oxygene 3, in December, 40 years after the original Oxygene album brought the French musician mainstream success. The release will be available separately or as part of an Oxygene Trilogy.

Commenting on the new album Jarre noted “What made the first Oxygene so different at the time, is probably the minimalist aspect, and the fact that there are almost no drums, and I wanted to keep this approach, creating the groove mainly with the sequences and the structure of the melodies only, through an architecture of sounds.”

Referring to the constraints of the vinyl record he added “in the vinyl days, I had a structure in mind divided in 2 parts, fitting the A&B sides of an album. This time I enjoyed doing the same: one side being darker, the other being brighter. So when I think of it today, Oxygene 3 has actually two sides…”


Oxygene 3 is available on CD and vinyl and the trilogy is available as a 3CD or 3LP vinyl set. An Oxygene Ultimate Trilogy box will be available for pre-order soon which comprises the three albums on CD, all of them on 180g clear vinyl and an Oxygene ‘coffee table’ book.

Everything is due for release on 2 December 2016. The prices are a bit all over the place, as you’ll see below.



Disc: 1
1. Oxygene, Pt. 1
2. Oxygene, Pt. 2
3. Oxygene, Pt. 3
4. Oxygene, Pt. 4
5. Oxygene, Pt. 5
6. Oxygene, Pt. 6

Disc: 2
1. Oxygene, Pt. 7
2. Oxygene, Pt. 8
3. Oxygene, Pt. 9
4. Oxygene, Pt. 10
5. Oxygene, Pt. 11
6. Oxygene, Pt. 12
7. Oxygene, Pt. 13

Disc: 3
1. Oxygene, Pt. 14
2. Oxygene, Pt. 15
3. Oxygene, Pt. 16
4. Oxygene, Pt. 17
5. Oxygene, Pt. 18
6. Oxygene, Pt. 19
7. Oxygene, Pt. 20

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Dr Bryant

signed copies of O3 offered to US residents on pledgemusic.com. Apparently a promotion by the US record company in conjunction with the US tour.


The set is compact for sure and Oxygene 3 is growing. Of note on the Oxygene 7-13 CD ( or Oxygene 2 now ) it omits the ‘Oxygen in Moscow’ track that was on the original CD.

Steen Hansen

Just unpacked my trilogy box and my lithograph was also packed outside the box set itself. Result: Corners bent and creases top and bottom. But what I think is even worse is, that to me is seems like the lithograph wasn’t autographed individually. To me it looks like the autograph is printed as well. If so it’s not really an autographed litho is it? Could be really interesting to compare to someone else’s to see if I’m mistaken.

Furthermore I think it’s a badly thought out packaging. The cardboard is very thin and the innersleeves to the vinyl are just too cheap. I don’t like what they did to keep the cds either :(
I haven’t been able to check if the vinyls are centered ok on my set, but I must say I’m very dissapointed by the whole thing and think it is seriously overpriced.

As for the music, I think Oxygene 3 is growing on me… :)

Peter Hill

I agree that the packaging is poorly thought out, particularly the middle section of the tri-fold sleeve. Doesn’t make it very easy to get Oxygene 7-13 out!

Surely it would’ve been better to have the openings at the top.

Even better would have been to dispense with the tri-fold idea all together and create a vinyl only box-set with the book and the LPs housed in 3 nice gatefold sleeves with proper inserts as per the “standard” release of Oxygene 3.

Martyn Alner

It’s alright for you guys, I’m still waiting for my box to be delivered! Will wait a couple more days just in case Christmas delivery is getting in the way.

Peter Hill

I ordered my “Deluxe” box set with signed print from JMJ’s official site so after shelling out £155 I was expecting something suitably stunning.
My box set arrived this morning and unfortunately I’ve already had to send 2 emails to Sandbag with a third in the pipeline.

The first issue I had was that the signed print was merely placed underneath the box set and as a result of the alrady tight packaging, my print has a large crease across the top, presumably where it has been in close contact with the ribbing of the cardborad packaging.

As a result the print is effectively unframeable without cropping out the crease, thereby reducing the overall size of the image.

The second email concerned the poor way the set has been put together at the factory packing stage. 1) My “Analogue” sleeve has a large crease down the spine 2) the “Digital” sleeve has 2 large dents front and back and 3) the paper inner sleeves are badly creased.

For a release of purported quality, I’m quite disappointed and gobsmacked Sony couldn’t even splash out for some poly-lined sleeves!

However the worst is yet to come…

I’ve just given each side a quick spin to make sure they all do what it says on the label and to my horror 3 of the six sides are off-centre with side 2 of Oxygene 1 being the worst.

Watching the tonearm move from side to side, the effect is akin to tape-slip. With the set being pressed on transparent (more opaque than clear) vinyl, the gentle sway of the off-centre grooves can clearly be seen through the vinyl from the good side.

The full breakdown of groove wobble is as follows:

Oxy 1 – Side 1 OK, Side 2 off centre
Oxy 2 – Side 1 off Centre, side 2 OK
Oxy 3 – Side 1 OK, Side 2 off centre

Anyone else with a similar issue?

Peter Hill

Well I’ve emailed Sandbag and Sony UK with full details of the off-centre problem so watch this space.

It’s interesting to note that on checking the matrix / runout details on the boxset versions, they were all mastered at MPO whereas my single LP version of Oxygene 3 has completely different matrix /runout details and isnt off-centre.

So this could indicate that the problem only lies with the pressing plant that dealt with the boxset.

I don’t particularly want a refund unless replacements are eventually forthcoming as I REALLY want Oxygene 7-13 on vinyl so the more people who check their copies (as opposed to keeping them sealed… which I have been guilty of in the past) will hopefully give an indication as to the scale of the problem.

I’ll keep the site posted on any responses to my emails.


John Hirst

The box set arrived this morning – nice signed copy of the album artwork. Nice covers. Have already decanted the discs into their own cases though. If you’re into pics of vintage synthesizers then the book will be pure heaven for you. I have to wait an hour or so til I can hear the album, but the track played on tour was superb, so I am hopeful the rest will be as good.


Today I got email confirmation the Oxygene Trilogy Deluxe Bundle with the signed poster shipped…c’est bon! :-)


John, those prices are for a single vinyl copy and a single CD copy of the new Oxygene 3 album.


Do we know which version of the first album it is? New Master Recording, for example?


Hang on..
£20 for the 3 vinyl
£10 for the 3 CDs

But £128 if you want the book too !



Buy the 3 disc from HMV as there is no postage to pay unlike Amazon unless you have Prime.


Now 3xcd box is cheaper in UK than Europe. Amazon pricing jumping all over the place is truly bizarre….

John Hirst

Bought the box set from Amazon Germany – Even at crazy exchange rates this will be cheaper than Amazon UK I imagine and I can always cancel.


‘Metamorphoses’ is brilliant. Best album since ‘Zoolook’ with strong competition in between. Amazed to hear it described as awful (unless I misunderstood and you meant sales were awful). Can’t get my head around the UK price for the single CD of ‘Oxygene 3’ though. Also the title doesn’t make sense as the second one was ‘Oxygene 7-13’, not ‘Oxygene 2’.

Adam shaw

Ordered the box set from Amazon France . His official site has made a bit of a mess of the ordering, like the link to the box set which doesn’t work .


Oh well… What a big surprise !
When Jarre released the Oxygene 7-13 part, there was lots of excitment there… Remember that it was also the days of the remixes (Powerful mixes have been done by Sash! and Dj Dado then…) but the result of the album in itself was not as strong as the original.

This time, it comes when Jarre is not a major act anymore (sales declined since 199 and it awful “Metamorphoses” so I’m not sure it will put him at the top this time ! We’ll see if the result is worth the wait…

I also remember he re-recorded the first oxygene as part of a 30th anniversary (and I remember it led then to a lawsuit with Dreyfus/Sony – the original owner of the 1976 record)… is this part totally forgotten ?


Amazon UK are now far beyond a joke £49.66 for 3 CD’s.


I bet multichannel will follow, after the first success of that record!


I once stayed on a barge in France in the eighties just downstream from Jarre and Rampling’s vessel and by complete coincidence had a tape of Oxygene which I played in the forlorn hope that he might pop round, attracted by the synthetic sounds drifting across the water but sadly not. Must’ve been out.

True story. (!)

don cooper

You should have barged in anyway…

John Hirst

Any new Jarre is a bonus – hoping that the box set isn’t utterly ridiculous price in the UK – I guess it’s our fault for tanking our currency (wasn’t me)


Maybe you’re just taking notice for the first time in comparing your currency to anything ;-).
But the rest of Europe felt this everytime visiting your lovely country.

Yani P

Always impressed me at how he kept thinking up such innovative track titles.


I saw JMJ in Glasgow last week, was brilliant fun. He seemed a little disappointed about Brexit, so hopefully no rancour there ;)

Will try and get the 3CD set at a sensible price. He played part 14 (I think!) on the night, sounded good.


What a shame, no multichannel mix… JMJ had been one of the first to produce multichannel mixes with “Aero”. At the time he said this was the future of music.. and none of its latest releases have been issued as 5.1 mixes..

Derek Langsford

The 30th Anniversary issue of Oxygene came with a 5.1 DVD, as did Teo and Tea. I was hoping to see him go systematically through his catalogue with 5.1 mixes but that hasn’t happened.

Mike the Fish

I’d love Equinoxe in 5.1 – probably everything up to and including Rendezvous, thinking about it.

Fat Old Bloke

I find it bizarre there isn’t 5.1 mixes for all Jarre music as his music probably fits surround music better than anyone.

Neil Hunt

HMV have the 3CD set at £19.99 so hopefully Amazon will come down to about the same, although I will probably get it from my local HMV if Amazon aren’t cheaper. HMV also list the Super Deluxe box for £169.99!

graeme ewan

deary me, just look at those amazon uk prices. ….. are the French punishing us for “Brexit”?

Tom of FIN

No Graeme, the global capital markest have simply doomed pound sterling to 1:1 ratio in exhange to euro in the near future, because of Brexit dummies and political sham. Pound is already in its lowest level to euro during this decade.

Fantastic news this warm up, because Oxygene 2 in vinyl has been obscenely priced in the second hand markets. Part three is just extra positive news. Trilogy point is good marketing for fan base by Jarre team.


Maybe keep your political views to oneself eh….. Don’t want to spoil your blame it on the brexit line, but this has likely nothing to do with that or the pound devaluation. Jarre’s last album release box set was also stupidly expensive in the UK compared to France before all that took brexit stuff took place. I know, I looked at the time. If you look at the difference between the Amazon UK and Fr costs for the new Prince hits 2x CD Paul recently posted the difference is less than £1. So how does a 3 x CD get to be over £10 difference because of currency alone?


ha ha ha
good joke !