Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre

41-track anthology • ‘themed’ and remastered • 5.1 mixes download-only!

Sony will release Planet Jarre in September, a 50th anniversary Jean Michel Jarre anthology that will be available in three physical formats, including a super deluxe edition box set.

This new set features 41 works “hand-picked” by Jarre himself and re-mastered to deliver what the label describes as “a new and sparkling freshness to the sound of the package”.The super deluxe (or ‘Ultimate’ box set) is a new one for me – it comprises two CDs and two MCs (yes, cassette tapes). The vinyl box is packaged as a ‘book’ and has all the audio across four vinyl records, and there is a two-CD set also.

Jarre has divided the audio offering into four different sections and he explains the methodology: “Going through the body of my existing work for this project, I realised that I have four quite different styles of composition. There is this common idea that people are focusing on shorter and shorter moments of music by zapping constantly. This is not necessarily true. We are also spending more and more time in our day-to-day life listening to playlists. Wherever we are and whatever we do. This is the reason why I decided to divide this project into four different parts, four different worlds that make up my own world…my own planet. And I hope that you will enjoy the journey.”

The four parts are: Soundscapes, Themes, Sequences, Explorations & Early Works. Sequences features two new tracks: Coachella Opening and Herbalizer. The last disc features the previously unreleased demo recording of Music For Supermarkets, Jarre’s 1983 project which saw him press one copy of the album for auction before ordering the master tapes to be destroyed. Erosmachine from the same disc dates from 1969.

The 4LP vinyl and 2CD+2MC box sets come with a download card to, and I quote, “enter the world of Jean-Michel Jarre in 5.1.”. The press release says that Jarre has “mastered some tracks” in 5.1. for a “unique listening experience”. They presumably mean ‘mixed’ some tracks in 5.1. It is not clear how the average Jarre fan is supposed to enjoy ‘the world’ of 5.1 surround sound via a download onto their computer. Very disappointing that a blu-ray audio was not included to cater for the 5.1 mixes, especially since they’ve included two tapes!!

Planet Jarre will be issued on 14 September 2018.

CD 1


  • Oxygene 1
  • Oxygene 19
  • Rendez-Vous 1
  • Millions of Stars
  • Chronology 1
  • Oxygene 20
  • Equinoxe 2
  • Waiting for Cousteau
  • The Heart of Noise (Origin)


  • Industrial Revolution Part 2
  • Oxygene 4
  • Equinoxe 5
  • Oxygene 2
  • Zoolookologie
  • Bells
  • Equinoxe 4
  • Magnetic Field 2
  • Rendez-Vous 2 (Laser Harp)
  • Rendez-Vous 4
  • Chronology 4 

CD 2


  • Coachella Opening
  • Arpeggiator
  • Automatic Part 1 with Vince Clarke
  • Exit with Edward Snowden
  • Equinoxe 7
  • Oxygene 8
  • Stardust with Armin van Buuren
  • Herbalizer
  • Revolutions

Explorations & Early Works

  • Ethnicolor
  • Souvenir of China
  • Blah Blah Café
  • Music for Supermarkets (Demo Excerpt)
  • Roseland / Le Pays de Rose
  • La Cage
  • Erosmachine
  • Hypnose
  • The Song of the Burnt Barns / La Chanson des Granges Brulees
  • Happiness is a Sad Song
  • Aor Bleu
  • Last Rendez-Vous

Planet Jarre – 4LP vinyl set

Side 1

  • 1. Oxygene, Pt. 1
  • 2. Oxygene, Pt. 19
  • 3. First Rendez Vous
  • 4. Millions of Stars

Disc: 2

  • 1. Chronology, Pt. 1
  • 2. Oxygene, Pt. 20
  • 3. Equinoxe, Pt. 2
  • 4. Waiting for Cousteau
  • 5. The Heart of Noise (The Origin)

Side 3

  • 1. Industrial Revolution, Pt. 2
  • 2. Oxygene, Pt. 4
  • 3. Equinoxe, Pt. 5
  • 4. Oxygene, Pt. 2
  • 5. Zoolookologie
  • 6. Bells

Disc: 4

  • 1. Equinoxe, Pt. 4
  •   2. Magnetic Fields, Pt. 2
  •   3. Rendez-Vous II, Pt. 4
  •   4. Fourth Rendez-Vous
  •   5. Chronology, Pt. 4

Side 5

  • 1. Coachella Opening
  •   2. Arpegiateur
  •   3. Automatic, Pt. 1 – Jean-Michel Jarre & Vince Clarke
  •   4. Exit – Jean-Michel Jarre & Edward Snowden

Side 6

  • 1. Equinoxe, Pt. 7
  • 2. Oxygene, Pt. 8
  • 3. Stardust – Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren
  • 4. Herbalizer
  • 5. Revolutions

Side 7

  • 1. Ethnicolor
  • 2. Souvenir de Chine
  • 3. Blah Blah Cafe
  • 4. Music for Supermarkets
  • 5. Roseland (Le pays de rose)
  • 6. La cage
  • 7. Erosmachine

Side 8

  • 1. Hypnose
  • 2. La chanson des granges brulées
  • 3. Happiness Is a Sad Song
  • 4. Aor Bleu
  • 5. Last Rendez Vous

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[…] su mejor set de / Planet de Planet Jarre recién lanzado,  Jean Michel Jarresorprendió a los fanáticos con el anuncio de un nuevo […]

[…] his Planet Jarre best of/box set only just released, Jean Michel Jarre has surprised fans with the announcement of […]


Where is the cassette box itself available ???

Sean Daly

Listened to it today…. loads of early fade-outs…remixes… edits…. etc… and on Magnetic Fields 2, totally turned down the main clapping drum rhythm in the mix which ruins it completely!
At least the Essential Recollection from 3 years ago had longer versions, and sounded crystal clear compared to this !!
Not that impressed with this, which is a real shame !!!


Received the vinyl set today and must say I’m very disappointed. I wrongly expected that there would be some sort of book, at least some pages within the book packaging but no, there are just 4 pockets with a LP in each. There are some minimal sleeve notes but not much else. Feel very ripped off for £95 for basically a 4 x vinyl set. Should have been nearer £60 for what you get.


More mixed format options to deal with. Is it too much to ask to get a cassette only release? Make it a limited run of say 10 signed sets?


Note for Paul Sinclair :

many recent a/v amplifiers got a usb slot/lan slot,
so people with 5.1 files can put them in a usb stick (or dlna stream) and listen to it in 5.1 without the need of a physical disc, directly with an app integrated in the amp.

But yes, MCs in 2018 it’s an heresy,
better put a br-audio !

It’s a move backward with the MCs,
and three steps in the future with the 5.1 dowload.


Audio casettes are back on planet earth! Tascam just released a new dual recording pro tape deck, same Marantz and if not mistaken even Onkyo. Moreover a Springfield US based firm is back in business producing some 10 million casettes annually with a 20% per annum business growth. The audio cassette is very suited for electronic genre of music. It offers enough clarity and harmonic response way much better than the poor 44.1Ksample/sec of audio CD.

Simon Long

“The audio cassette is very suited for electronic genre of music. It offers enough clarity and harmonic response way much better than the poor 44.1Ksample/sec of audio CD.”

Utter nonsense. CD is technically superior to cassette in every single way. The very best cassette decks, with metal tape, could just about manage to capture 20kHz signals, which any CD player can reproduce. A standard retail cassette, which were usually chromium formulation but recorded with ferric EQ would manage 15kHz or so at best; and the lack of speed stability would have distorted the high frequencies anyway. Dynamic range of cassette would be 60dB or so at best, compared to over 90dB for CD. And that’s before you consider the rubbish channel separation, the print-through from the adjoining tape, the wow and flutter, the background hiss and the degradation over time.

Cassette is, technically speaking, rubbish. Unless you had a Nakamichi deck and were recording your own metal tapes, it was so much lower in quality than CD that even to compare the two is laughable. And that was before Dolby stopped manufacturing encoder / decoder chips – no recent tape deck even includes Dolby, because you can’t buy the chips any more.

“The audio cassette is very suited for electronic genre of music” – don’t make me laugh. They are a hipster throwback. Those of us who had to live through the cassette era were delighted to see them confined to the dustbin of history – we don’t need them back again…


5.1 …AT LAST ! I can’t wait for this !
Probably a preview of the catalog reissue in 5.1,
fingers crossed !


Did the photographer take this picture right after Thanos snapped his fingers?

edward taub

shame you cant buy the cassettes seperately, I would have been all over that!


He looks pretty damn good for 70!

John McCann

I’ll stick with the Aero CD/DVD if picked up years ago.

I have no interest in dusting off my old turntable and tape deck (JVC KD-V6). Not a Dragon, but a nice 3 head deck for the poor college student in 1985.



The prices on Amazon.fr are not correct via your link, it’s more expansive…
I have find in France the beter prices on Discobuzz


I miss there Fishing Junks At Sunset.

Rob Kirby

And there’s more. Digging around the Blah Blah Cafe website, I found this (below), originally coming from the JMJ website. It adds a bit more detail to what I was speculating the other day… so we’re still not going to get a remaster of the original Revolutions album track either, then…

Feat. four previously unreleased songs: The brand new recordings “Coachella Opening” and “Herbalizer” plus “Music for Supermarkets (Demo Excerpt)” and “AOR BLEU” from the vault plus four more rarities and longtime unavailable tracks: “La Cage”, “Erosmachine”, “Happiness is a Sad Song” and “Hypnose”.

Also feat. Jean-Michel Jarre’s freshly retouched versions of
“Oxygene 2″ [5:26 vs. 7:46]
“Oxygene 8” [5:25 vs. 3:54]
“Oxygene 20 [5:31 vs. 7:59]
“Equinoxe 4” [5:32 vs. 7:04]
“Equinoxe 7” [3:36 vs. 7:48]
“Ethnicolor” [3:31 vs. 11:49]
“Last Rendez-vous” [4:09 vs. 6:03]
“Revolutions” [3:24 vs. 4:55]
“Waiting For Costeau” [3:01 vs. 46:45]
“Chronology 1” [3:54 vs. 11:01]
“Bells” [2:06 vs. 3:53]

Rob Kirby

Sound of head banging against wall!

When are we ever going to get a true Jarre singles collection, never mind the original 12″s?!

Oh, and a DVD of all the promos, and discs of the live shows, would be nice while they’re at it too.

This sounds like its going to be a cross between the recent Essentials and Rarities double CD set and Images – which again had some unreleased and rare tracks – combined with the latter’s segued selections from longer tracks. You’ve only got to look at the full track times for all the tracks listed here to see they couldn’t possibly all fit across 2 CDs otherwise.

And the press release didn’t even mention Aor Bleu – which was new to me – part of music performed live at a French opera, apparently in the early 1970s. There’s a YouTube clip of Jarre performing a bit of it a few years back, for some reason. Think atmospheric Radiophonic Workshop swirls of sound :-)

Obviously, I’ll have to get it for the unreleased and new material, sucker for such things that I am – although only in vanilla 2-CD form, thanks. Finger’s crossed that the MFR ‘demo’ is the only other track from the radio broadcast/single pressed LP that should have been picked up for later use on Zoolook and Rendezvous, namely the opening overture, with a killer sequencer riff. Again, check it out on YouTube if you’ve never heard it.

Patrick Gleeson

Rob, the Supermarkets except is the 2 minute section after the piece you mention. I’d love a singles collection too, but I fear the masters for the edits / remixes are long lost I’d say. The extended remixes of Zoolook and Zoolookologie are still around as they were released on a French CD compilation and the single edits were on the 2nd Zoolook CD pressing.

johnny feathers

I’ve only gotten into JMJ over the past year and a half or so, having picked up the Oxygene trilogy, Equinoxe, and the Electronica albums. (Also saw the show last year, which was really cool.) So there’s quite a bit here that would still be new to me, but I feel like at this point if I want to explore his catalog further, I’d be better served by just getting the individual albums. The live Chinese one is likely next on my list. I’ll probably pass on this.

Darren Hunt

I would recommend “Metamorphoses” LP ( not yet on vinyl though (damnit!!!)) – Judging by what you’re got into thus far ;-)


The article fails to mention the bog standard 2CD jewelcase for those who don’t want any bells and whistles.

Scott G

I do agree with some observations but I am also very lucky and can play/stream any of these formats. My OPPO will stream the 5.1 no problem and I recently dug out my old Nakamichi BX1 cassette deck which plays superbly.
The 5.1 could always be cut to DVD (or Blu-ray if you have that capability).

The issue for me is the fact that this is just recycling old material which if I purchase will I listen to it more than a couple of times? Basically, is it worth buying?

Simon Webster

Does anyone know what else is in the deluxe box sets besides the Vinyl/CD/MC? Would like to know before thinking of buying.


The sheer absurdity of forcing fans to pay for niche formats like cassette and vinyl just to get access to a 5.1 mix.
Okay, it could be argued that surround sound is niche too, but I’m guessing far more people have a surround set-up than a cassette player or record player…

It’s all about fleecing the fans.
Personally I’m getting sick to death of finding if I want the surround mix, I have to spend a shed of load of money on a deluxe boxset rammed to the gills with tat to “give it value”.
Just put out a bluray or DVD with the mix on.

Derek Langsford

I totally agree with David. The ability to play a 5.1 mix is tied to DVD, Blu-ray or a digital file format and not analogue formats, and those who have 5.1 capability are less likely to have an old cassette deck or turntable lying round or even what to use them, having eschewed the older technologies long ago.

So it absolutely makes no sense to market the 5.1 to those few who want it and also want the vinyl or cassettes. Meanwhile, those of us who are invested in digital-based systems are forced to buy unwanted analogue items to get the 5.1 . Geesh. JMJ and/or his label are adding to the planet’s problems with this marketing strategy. Make the 5.1 available with the Deluxe CD edition, and charge a little more for it. Artists/labels need to stop this insanity! Unless that happens, I am going to go without these 5.1 mixes.

Mike the Fish

5.1 is niche. We could do a straw poll here about 5.1 and turntables. My personal experience by they might be just the, err, circles I move is that turntables outnumber 5.1 set ups significantly (let alone the specifics of 5.1 format playability within that). Personally I like both.

Mike the Fish

*but they might be…

Michael Chapman

Is there anything from Geometry Of Love on this, this thing??


No because of Licensing – it was published under Warner.
Everything else is Dreyfus / Sony.
I believe (I may be wrong) looking at my collection Geometry Of Love is the only album released under Warner.


Can I get something clarified?

“The vinyl box is packaged as a ‘book’ and has all the audio across four vinyl records…”

So, there’s no actual ‘book’ with text and pictures along with the vinyl, just that the box is packaged like a book of hinged sleeves or something (kinda like the way old classical 78 RPM records were packaged) ?

Just want to make sure that by getting the 2CD plus 2 door-stop package I’m not missing out on a book – I’m more inclined to get the actual albums on vinyl, rather than ‘best of’ compilations.


I got the vinyl box yesterday. While it is beautiful and I am really happy I chose the vinyl package, there is no actual book. The vinyls are housed in the “pages” of the “book” and there are a few liner notes on the last page. You can find these liner notes anywhere, they are only a retranscription of what Jarre said in the promo video for the release.
The digital download gives you all the tracks in stereo wav files (24b/48khz)and the 11 surround files as mp4 files (dolby digital plus at 48khz/24bit for the audio codec). These files are pretty hard to play on anything but a home cinema amplifier through the network or on USB. I managed to burn them on a DVD (DVD-Rom burning, I could not create a dvd-video or a blu ray video with the files) and read the files using my OPPO BDP93. Honestly, the result was exactly the same with the Oppo and with the amplifier as far as quality is concerned.
As for the mix in itself, with a “only one listen ” experience, I have found it less interesting than what is offered on the AERO compilation, surround-wise.

Jukka Lindgren

Can you please list the tracks, that are 5.1 downloadable?

Mic Smith

He should have released a 3 CD version with the full demo of MFS.


Unfortunately it seems that if an artist of a particular vintage wants new work released they have to allow the remaining record companies to do the greatest hits to fund the new that probably does not sell so well. Jarre has said that there is a new material LP ready but first we get this, whilst there are huge moans on forum Blahblahcafe about the quality of the remastering of the recent back catalogue reissues, so whether those remasters will be used in this set could be anyone’s guess


What’s the problem with a 5.1 download? A surround amp has a digital input, hasn’t it? So plug in your PC and listen.


It is an extra level of faff, and you need to make sure (if required) that your PC media player will successfully play gapless files without a slight pause between tracks, many don’t even though purporting to do so.


Got to agree. 5.1 flac is download n play (hdmi or even analogue surround). Discs are usually forced to a tv menu, select options, select 5.1 mix, selectt dts or Dolby whatever. I’m probably in the minority though in having a laptop connected to me AV amp.


Yes, you will be in a minority with that setup.


That is the huge problem with this release. I forgot to mention in my other comment, you do not get a simple lossless surround audio only flac file, you get a .mp4 file that includes a AVC video track (useless since it is only a fixed picture with a song title for each title) and a lossy Dolby Digital AC3 file. My Oppo managed to read the files “as they are” from the usb stick, but none of my other equipment would recognize the format. I have had to demux the files, to extract the audio and save it to flac audio files that are playable on all my devices. A real mess, I do not get the point of inserting a picture in the files, that only makes it harder to play!


Not everyone will have a modern surround amp with USB input.
Not everyone has a PC and certainly not with a 5.1 soundcard.
You’d be surprised how many young people have only a tablet or phone for their internet access.


You need a soundcard with digital output. All modern PCs have that. Most notebooks too. Usually SPDIF or HDMI.
(Setting up all 6 channels with analogue cables would admittedly be faff. )
For Hi-res audio downloads, including multichannel, there are even specialized online shops. This is likely the future rather than discs.
The target group you refer to will likely be happy with 128kbps MP3 played through Bluetooth speakers.


Ahhh but some have iPads that can move around the house with that person…granted the sound out of an iPad isn’t brilliant but a Bluetooth speaker that has WiFi then your can have the bigger sound…or there’s those who have sonos that’s a whole new ball game.

Adrian Slatcher

Cassettes are included in things like this as a souvenir I think. They are lovely things just impractical.

An artist who is hard to extract from and whose peak was first 4 or 5 albums it seems a reasonably coherent attempt to create a listenable anthology though a 4 CD one would surely have made more sense.

Dave H

Next it’ll be 8-track cassettes making a comeback as a souvenir.


$130 Australian for 2 CD’s, 2 cassettes and a download?? No way in hell. I got the Sgt Peppers 50th box for less than that, including shipping, a big heavy book and a plethora of material including a 5.1 mix and those historic demos. This is monumentally dumb and way overpriced.


Good compilation, but personally, I am just going to wait for it to be released on Tidal and listen to the whole thing that way.

Benjamin Adams

2xMC. Is it just me, or is the world just getting noticeably stupider day-by-day now?


Here’s the 5.1 tracks:

01 Circus 02 Equinoxe 2 03 Equinoxe 5 04 Exit with Edward Snowden 05 Oxygene 15 06 Oxygene 17 07 Oxygene 2 08 Stardust with Armin van Buuren 09 Switched On Leon 10 Coachella Opening 11 Souvenir De Chine 12 Zoolookologie

Andrew M

It seems not another week goes by without the bar on stupidity being raised even further. Cassettes, downloadable 5.1. It’s jusy mind blowingly………DENSE!

Cassettes being a new one, though…..OK Computer by Radiohead had the extra tracks on cassette only on the super deluxe set.

Yani P

Looks like Harry Potter disarmed him!

Larry Davis

Well…cassettes are crap… They are being made again these days actually, mainly by punk bands who are beyond CD and can’t afford to manufacture vinyl…anyhoo, this set interests me because I DO want an anthology of his work, it crosses labels (when I saw “Rendezvous 4” was on it, I said SOLD cuz that was my JMJ gateway when they actually showed the vidclip on MTV in the US in 1985/1986 as a freshman in college at SUNY Plattsburgh!! Loved the lit-up semicircle keyboard setup…coolest thing I ever saw in my life!!) But forget the tapes… So as the vinyl is way expensive, I’ll settle for the 2CD set cuz I want this…with or without the book…


A 2 disc set grandly titled 50 years with 41 tracks spread over 2 discs which indicates how seriously edited the majority of tracks must be. He’s an electronica legend, this isn’t big enough. And the cassettes? What a disappointment.


That cover…

“Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good..”

Charles K

Nice one..

Tim Weldon

I wish he’d just do a proper box set of all his albums.


Odd – I’m not seeing it on Amazon UK any more, nor can I order it from the Jarre web-site. Has it been removed from both of these?

Adam Shaw

Ordered !
But only 4 rare tracks as I can tell and I’ve got a few boots with 3 of them on .
And as I read it not all the tracks will be on the 5.1 download.
Cassettes ? Do me a favour Jean , trying to be trendy!
No one wants this stuff on tape , Jarre fans couldn’t wait for cd to be invented because of tape hiss and vinyl cracks n pops .
I met Jarre once and asked him when he was going to remix his classics into 5.1 . His answer was “ why ?”
Strange guy and always has been , but I still live his music .


“Tracks im 5.1. Sound als Download Code integriert: 01 Circus 02 Equinoxe 2 03 Equinoxe 5 04 Exit with Edward Snowden 05 Oxygene 15 06 Oxygene 17 07 Oxygene 2 08 Stardust with Armin van Buuren 09 Switched On Leon 10 Coachella Opening 11 Souvenir De Chine 12 Zoolookologie” – amazon.de

Dave H

Being a Sony release it’ll be interesting to see what kind of files the downloads will be, flacs or some kind of video format.

Sony blu-ray players can handle DSD files as used on SACD’s so I wonder if you have to put DSD files on a usb stick to play on a Sony blu-ray player. It’s one way to promote the Sony brand.

I have my desktop pc at home connected to an amp to play 5.1 surround music but I guess not everyone will have their pc set up to play 5.1 surround music.

Has anyone found any more info on the downloads?

Simon Long

Dear M. Jarre,

As a teenager, I greatly enjoyed your music. In fact, I only stopped buying your new work in about 2000 (because that was the point at which it became clear to me that you were simply hitting a couple of presets on the synths and then leaving them to generate 45 minutes of ambient noises on their own, rather than doing anything creative with them. But I digress…)

So a 4 disc retrospective set of your work sounded interesting. And there’s a deluxe version – even better; I’m definitely up for buying that. What do you get in it, I wonder? Ah – the 4 CDs, good. A “5.1 download card” – hmmm, ok. And “2 x MC”.

Oh dear. I’m assuming that isn’t two copies of an elderly white rapper famed for his baggy trousers, but the (arguably less useful) 2 cassettes. Oh dear, oh dear.

Now look, Jean, me old mate. Cassette is, if you’ll excuse my French, merde. Merde totale, s’il vous plait. It was merde back in the 80’s, when it was all we had. It’s “bien plus merde” nowadays, because Dolby have stopped making decoder chips, and there’s only one company still making cassette transports, and the ones they make are awful pieces of junk with no speed stability and crap heads. So unless you happen to still have a Nakamichi Dragon stashed away somewhere, on which all the drive belts haven’t rotted, then these cassettes will sound dreadful. So what’s the bloody point? Other than to bump up the price?

And this “5.1 download card” – I’m guessing that gives you access to something really useful like 5.1 FLACs. Which, I would guess, even fewer people are able to play than the bloody cassettes, given that the equipment required to play a downloaded multichannel FLAC file is somewhat esoteric and expensive. (I mean, *I* can play them, but I’m well aware I’m in a tiny minority here…)

To cap it all, I would guess that the intersection between the people who want and are able to play a cassette, and those who want and are able to play a downloaded 5.1 FLAC file, is as close to zero as makes no odds. So you are basically ripping off every single person who buys the deluxe set by including (and charging for) either one or two formats that they don’t want.
Still, saves me a few quid as I shall only be buying the standard CD-only version. I expect the box won’t be as nice – but then again, I won’t need it to store all the useless crap I’ve bought along with the CDs, will I?


Hi Simon. How do you play 5.1 FLAC Files? I’ve been trying to find out how I can do this from a PC. Many thanks. Phil

Simon Long

I have an Oppo BDP-105 – that can play 5.1 FLACs from network storage or USB. From a PC, you may well be out of luck unless it has an HDMI output that you can connect to a surround amp; you’d then need some form of FLAC playback software that can output 5.1 to the HDMI port.


The deluxe version…is 2 CDs or 4 CDs?
…In Amazon says 2 discs…but the tracklist shows 4


If that’s the case, you might want to edit this part of your write-up: “The 4LP vinyl and 4CD box sets come with a download card to…”


Cassettes are and always will be terrible.They sound rubbish if you play them and deteriorate through print through if you keep em stored.


And what happens to vinyl when it’s played eh ??


Music for Supermarkets master tapes destroyed, but included in this set. How?

Patrick Gleeson

Paul Sinclair the master tapes were NOT in fact destroyed. This is a common misconception. The master plates used to cut the lacquer for the sole vinyl copy pressed were destroyed, thus ensuring that was indeed the only copy. The master tapes still exist, and remixed sections of the album were released on other albums:

Part 2 became Fifth Rendezvous
Part 4 became Blah-Blah Café on Zoolook
Part 6 became Diva on Zoolook


Actually the master plates were burnt, not the tapes themselves as he used several parts from the album on others albums (Zoolook, Rendez-Vous). I guess if he remixed the whole project and reissue it that wouldn’t count as a re-relase of the original and maybe we can all get a chance to hear it in an acceptable sound quality. One can dream…


Kevin, that’s a common misunderstanding. It was never the master tapes that were destroyed, but the LP master plates. There’s even a picture of it if you bother to search for jarre + music for supermarkets.


What an incredible miss!!! And they don’t even tell you which songs you get in 5.1. If you want Jarre in 5.1 you have a few options:

1. Buy the Aero CD/DVD combo. The DVD has 14 Jarre songs in 5.1. The NTSC is very hard to find, the PAL version a bit easier. I was able to get the NTSC and it sounds incredible.

2. You can get the Oxygene album in 5.1 (“live in your living room”) but it’s also hard to find especially the NTSC version. On the DVD Jarre plays the entire album live in the studio, without audience. Sound is also incredible.

3. Lastly, one of Jarre’s later albums “Teo & Tea” comes in a CD/DVD combi with the album in 5.1 on the DVD. Great album, I highly recommend it.

So now I have to download these 5.1 songs on a USB and play them how? Not sure my DVD player has a USB drive. What a total mess. And cassettes? What a useless idea. When I burn these files on a DVD will they play in my DVD player?

Ade Swatridge

Most bluray players and amps and even tvs will let you stream 5.1 over your network from a computer or NAS. It’s not difficult tbh. I personally would be happy with Oxygene and Equinoxe as 5.1 SACDs…the only 2 decent albums imo and need to be listened as a whole. I never felt Jarre’s output worked chopped up in a hits package.

Steve Burke

I would really love an all new studio 5.1 cut of Arpegiateur, that’s for sure!

Steve Burke

You have to wonder based on the wording if this will actually be 5.1 tracks at all or if they are true 6-channel downloads will they just be expanded into surround like Pixies Minotaur Blu-ray Audio tracks or mixed discretely from the original multitracks.

And no tracklisting? How absolutely puzzling.

Then again, this is the same team that initially said the 5.1 mix of Oxygene would be coming to Super Audio CD and by the time it was released it was dts 5.1 only and the surround track was only on the 2-disc set not on the 3D version.

Come on Jarre, how about just doing expanded CD+Blu-ray versions of each album one at a time with all new 5.1 (Atmos even) mixes done by someone who knows what they’re doing?


In 2007 there was such a release – Jean Michel Jarre* Oxygene (Live In Your Living Room)


>>> New master recording (part I to VI) on CD*

* ….. in HD 24 bits / 96 KHZ (???)

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Auntie Sabrina

Are the cassettes Dolby B? No, seriously the CDs are in a digipack according to his website


Doubtful. Dolby no longer licenses Dolby NR for cassette use.

Andrew Barnett

A bit confused Paul, do you get all 41 tracks across the 2 CD box set as that’s a hell of a price difference for two cassettes (which I personally have no way of playing!!) Cheers

Andrew Barnett

Cheers Paul


personaly dont think its faff d/l and you have them forever and can be burnt to Blu ray if you so wish or as has been mentioned a USB
no disc degradation or chance of scratched discs etc
cassettes a pain the bum though im giving up if they make a comeback