Jethro Tull / 50 For 50: three-disc set

Anniversary 3CD compilation • single disc CD and vinyl options

Parlophone will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jethro Tull with 50 for 50, an Ian Anderson curated ‘best of’ that, as the title suggests, includes 50 songs from the band’s rich back catalogue.

The 50-track selection includes everything you’d expect (and more) and features a pair of songs from the very last official studio album, 2003’s The Jethro Tull Christmas Album. 

There will also be a single CD ‘highlights’ edition called 50th Anniversary Collection. This will be available on vinyl although that edition has even less tracks (10 versus the 15 on the CD). The single disc version is only £6.66 at the time of writing on Amazon UK, which isn’t bad at all, although if you spend another £8 you do get 35 more tracks.

Both CD sets are issued on 25 May, although the vinyl edition of 50th Anniversary Collection won’t be available until the end of August (no pre-orders for that, as yet).

Jethro Tull / 50 for 50 3CD set

CD 1

1-Nothing Is Easy (4.22)
From the album ‘Stand Up’ August 1969

2- Love Story (3.01)
Single ‘A’ side November 1968

3-Beggar’s Farm
From the album ‘This Was’ October 1968

4-Living In The Past (3.20)
Single ‘A’ side May 1969

5-A Song For Jeffrey (3.18)
Single ‘A’ side September 1968 and from the album ‘This Was’ October 1968

6-A New Day Yesterday (4.07)
From the album ‘Stand Up’ August 1969

7-The Witch’s Promise (3.51)
Single ‘A’ side January 1970

8-Mother Goose (3.53)
From the album ‘Aqualung’ March 1971

9-With You There To Help Me 6.20)
From the album ‘Benefit’ May 1970

10- Teacher (3.56)
From the US LP ‘Benefit’ April 1970

11-Life Is A Long Song (3.18)
From the EP ‘Life Is A Long Song’ September 1971

12-Sweet Dream (4.05)
Single ‘A’ side October 1969

13-Aqualung (6.38)
From the album ‘Aqualung’ March 1971

14-Minstrel In The Gallery (single edit) (3.52)
Single ‘A’ side August 1975  from the album ‘Minstrel In The Gallery ‘ September 1975

15-Critique Oblique (2014 Steven Wilson remix) (4.35)
From the album ‘Passion Play’ July 1973

16-Weathercock (4.16)
From the album ‘Heavy Horses’ April 1978

17-Cross-Eyed Mary (4.12)
From the album ‘Aqualung’ March 1971

CD 2

1- Bourée (3.44)
From the album ‘Stand Up’ August 1969

2-Dun Ringill (2.38)
From the album ‘Stormwatch’ September 1979

3-Heavy Horses (8.53)
From the album ‘Heavy Horses’ April 1978

4-Hunting Girl (5.11)
From the album ‘Songs From The Wood’ February 1977

5-Bungle In The Jungle (3.33)
From the album ‘War Child’ October 1974

6-Salamander  (2.49)
From the album ‘Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die!’  April 1976

7-Pussy Willow (3.52)
From the album ‘Broadsword And The Beast’ April 1982

8-Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die!’   (5.38)
From the album ‘Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die!’  April 1976

9-Songs From The Wood (4.52)
From the album ‘Songs From The Wood’ February 1977

10-The Whistler (3.30)
From the album ‘Songs From The Wood’ February 1977

11-Really Don’t Mind/See There A Son Is Born (5.00)
From the album ‘Thick As A Brick’ March 1972

12-Moths (3.19)
From the album ‘Heavy Horses’ April 1978

13-One White Duck* / 0¹º = Nothing At All** (4.37)
From the album Minstrel In The Gallery September 1975

14-Cup Of Wonder (4.30)
From the album ‘Songs From The Wood’ February 1977

15-Ring Out Solstice Bells (4.04)
From ‘The Jethro Tull Christmas Album’ September 2003

16-Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day  (4.08)
From the album ‘War Child’ October 1974

17-A Christmas Song (2.47)
From ‘The Jethro Tull Christmas Album’ September 2003

CD 3

1-One Brown Mouse (3.19)
From the album ‘Heavy Horses’ April 1978

2 -Rare And Precious Chain (3.35)
From the album ‘Roots To Branches’ September 1995

3-Kissing Willie (3.33)
From the album ‘Rock Island’ August 1989

4-Rocks On The Road (5.33)
From the album ‘Catfish Rising’ September 1991

5-Fylingdale Flyer (4.27)
From the album ‘A’  August 1980

6-Paparazzi  (3.47)
From the album ‘Under Wraps’ September 1984

7-North Sea Oil (3.09)
From the album ‘Stormwatch’ September 1979

8-Steel Monkey (3.37)
From the album ‘Crest Of A Knave’ September 1987

9-Black Sunday (6.33)
From the album ‘A’  August 1980

10-European Legacy  (3.22)
From the album ‘Under Wraps’ September 1984

11-Budapest (10.02)
From the album ‘Crest Of A Knave’ September 1987

12-Broadsword (5.02)
From the album ‘Broadsword And The Beast’ April 1982

13- Dot Com  (4.26)
From the album ‘J-Tull Dot Com’ August 1999

14-Farm On The Freeway (6.28)
From the album ‘Crest Of A Knave’ September 1987

15-This Is Not Love (3.59)
From the album ‘Catfish Rising’ September 1991

16-Locomotive Breath (4.26)
From the album ‘Aqualung’ March 1971

Jethro Tull / 50th Anniversary Collection single CD

1-Love Story (3.06)
2-Living In The Past (3.25)
3-Life Is A Long Song (3.21)
4-Sweet Dream (4.05)
5-The Witch’s Promise (3.50)
6-Aqualung (6.37)
7-Dun Ringhill (2.42)
8-Cross-Eyed Mary (4.09)
9-Bouree (3.47)
10-Bungle In The Jungle (3.37)
11-Steel Monkey (3.37)
12-Too Old To Rock ‘n Roll (5.45)
13-Ring Out Solstice Bells  (4.05)
14-Farm On The Freeway (6.31)
15-Locomotive Breath (4.26)

Jethro Tull / 50th Anniversary Collection vinyl LP

Side 1

1-The Witch’s Promise (3.50)
2-Sweet Dream (4.05)
3-Life Is A Long Song (3.21)
4-Living In The Past (3.25)
5-Cross-Eyed Mary (4.09)

Side 2

1-Aqualung (6.37)
2-Bouree (3.47)
3-Bungle In The Jungle (3.37)
4-The Whistler (3.31)
5-Locomotive Breath (4.26)

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Brian Corless

Where is the song Under Wraps #2???? And for gods
sake why aren’t the songs in chronological order??
I have the Christmas CD. Don’t need them on this
mess. Could have been soooooo good. Oh well
maybe next time.


The next Tull Book Set if going to be This Was. This compilation is really worthless.

Wayne Olsen

Maybe a “Jethro Tull: The Singles 1968-whenever” release would have been interesting and fun to listen to.
Oh well, when the price plummets, I’ll probably get this.

Alex Jimenez

any word on the packaging for the 3CD version? Will it be a book size to match the several deluxe album editions or simply a 3 pack tri-fold digipack the size of CD?

Alex Jimenez

what a missed opportunity to create something as a companion to the series. And in Plastic Jewel case. Ugh…

Andy Simon

I still miss the live power of WAR CHILD tour,
And yeah BluRay video of Carnegie Hall
along with complete sets both nights May
71 Aqualung FILLMORE EAST BluRay
tent foreplay during THICK AS A BRICK (Martin with Barriemore) ☺
and a live BAKER STREET MUSE – I don’t think happened

Mathew Lauren

Nice enough cd for the uninitiated, but c’mon…

Ian, re-release (a) “TAAB” cd/5.1 DVD (proper) Bookset with period extras. The 06 Nov 2012 bookset was an overall disaster at least here “in the states.” A correct (the corrected) 5.1 version with extras “out-of-the-gate” would be well-received!

Julian H

I second that!

Mike M.

I guess it’s a matter of taste, but 4 songs each from “Songs From The Wood” & “Heavy Horses” but only 10 minutes total from the two L.P.’s that went to number 1 in the U.S. (“Thick As A Brick” & “A Passion Play”).

Mic Smith

Would have preferred something more imaginative – perhaps a rarities set (as in things on the SDEs that many won’t have heard). Love Tull but there have been so many compilations that this one will struggle I think. I’ve just compiled a 10 disc set of non album material (from which I’ll do my set triple best of) and while I will pick this up I’ll play my own set more. Not bothering with the tour either. Seen Tull enough to know that the law of diminishing returns applies these days. But thanks Ian for some stellar music over these past 50 years. When you were on fire you were something else.

Simon Stokes

Never get rid of the 20th anniversary box set. It has Motoreyes on it. Outake from Broadsword. Didn’t make it to the expanded edition due to lack of room.

It is a gem.

CJ Feeney

I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it, but I was really thinking about what’s been replicated or missed as part of the 40th anniversary series. I hope they continue it with or without Wilson’s input. I’m pretty sure Ian Anderson is up for doing the whole shebang.

The 20 year box only had the acoustic title track from Under Wraps and no material from A at all. I think A with an expanded concert movie would be great – they obviously put in some effort with the Slipstream movie with the (now somewhat dated) film clips. It would be nice to see what else is in the archive from that short lived concert line up. And, as you point out, restoring Motoreyes to Broadsword with the other 8 unused songs from the sessions would be good.

Dan W.

The time is gone, the song is over.
Thought I’d something more to say….

Trevor Peck

How true! Beautiful -surely the best album!

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ _`_

Just had an email from a mate saying `Don`t forget next Tuesday`. Well I had forgotten, going to see JT in Manchester! Great!

Julian H

It does have one track that was skipped on the Wilson remixes series (well, sort of) – the single edit of Minstrel in the Gallery!


Where is Under Wraps #2 ?


We’ve seen so much good stuff from Tull in recent years, but I suppose even going along in chronological order was too much!
Not much of a fan of the newer stuff eithef so I’ll stick with the cigar box from a mere quarter of a century ago!


The vinyl is very shit… :(

Iain Mac

The cut down sets narrow the time period covered down rather sharply, the single cd could have been a 20 year celebration (maybe one re-recording apart), and the lp doesn’t get past the first ten years, more “10 for 10” instead of “50 for 50”.

The 20 and 25 year box sets both felt like a lot more effort was put into them (can’t believe those sets are now so far back in time!)

CJ Feeney

I see there’s a bit more love for “A” and “Under Wraps the two synth heavy albums. I do hope they get some sort of deluxe treatment like the earlier albums have. At some point by 20 Years Of… cassette box set will be almost made redundant! (though it does have a radio session of Stormy Monday by the This Was line up that isn’t available anywhere else)

Colin Harper

That ‘Stormy Monday’ is on the ‘This Was’ 2CD remix edition from a few years back (which will be rebooted in the Steven Wilson series later this year, apparently) – albeit it’s the ‘clean’ version of ‘Stormy Monday’, without the Brian Mathew voiceover that’s on the 20 Years set (from memory).

Colin Harper

The first disc of the 3CD set looks very inventive and yet coherent as a listening experience. The second disc looks like it might work well too. The third disc looks like a mess. But I could be wrong.

I see, Paul, that only one track is specifically listed as a ‘Steven Wilson remix’. Can you find out if the set uses the SW remixes for other tracks, where they have been done thus far? At a glance, all of disc 1 bar tracks 7 and 11 (multis missing) exist as either SW remixes or pre-Wilson remixes in the case of the 1968 ‘This Was’-era tracks, as do 13 of the 17 tracks on disc 2 and 2 on disc 3.

John Manning

The Amazon U.K. track listing suggests that Steve Wilson’s remixes have been ignored for this package, which is an odd choice.


Finally! A really good Tull compilation for those of us too lazy to bother to get the entire back catalogue. One 3CD set will be mine. Cheers Ian!