Jethro Tull / A (La Mode) 40th anniversary deluxe edition

3CD+3DVD deluxe set • Steven Wilson stereo and surround mixes

Jethro Tull‘s 1980 album ‘A’ will be reissued as a six-disc deluxe edition, in April.

The album introduced a different sound and a new line-up. It was originally intended as an Ian Anderson solo album, but pressure from the record label Chrysalis saw it credited to Jethro Tull, even though only two members from the band’s previous incarnation were featured: Anderson and guitarist Martin Barre. The title of the album refers to the studio tapes, which were marked ‘A’ for Anderson.

A was produced by Anderson and Robin Black and along with Anderson and Barre, the band also featured Dave Pegg (bass, mandolin) and Mark Craney (drums), along with guest performer Eddie Jobson – a Roxy Music alumnus – on keyboard, synthesizer and electric violin.

A (La Mode) 40th anniversary edition is a six-disc set (click image to enlarge)

For this reissue – what they are calling the ‘A La Mode: 40th Anniversary’ edition – Steven Wilson has created new stereo and surround mixes of just about everything, including the album itself, associated recordings and the full concert from the LA Sports Arena recorded in August 1980. This package also contains a flat transfer of the original LP master and a DVD of Slipstream video (the conceptual video project from 1981 runs for almost an hour) remixed by Steven Wilson in surround sound and hi-res stereo.

The anniversary edition is a 3CD+3DVD set packed in the now familiar Presented DVD-sized case-bound book filled with an extensive history of the album, track-by-track annotations by Anderson, rare photographs and more.

A (La Mode) 40th anniversary deluxe edition will be released on 16 April 2021.

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Jethro Tull

A La Mode - six-disc deluxe


CD1: Original Album and Associated Tracks

(Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)

  1. “Crossfire”
  2. “Fylingdale Flyer”
  3. “Working John, Working Joe”
  4. “Black Sunday”
  5. “Protect And Survive”
  6. “Batteries Not Included”
  7. “Uniform”
  8. “4.W.D. (Low Ratio)”
  9. “The Pine Marten’s Jig”
  10. “And Further On”

Associated Tracks

  1. “Crossfire” (Extended Version)
  2. “Working John, Working Joe” (Take 4)
  3. “Cheerio” (Early Version)
  4. “Coruisk”
  5. “Slipstream Intro”

CD2: Live at the LA Sports Arena 1980 (Pt 1)

(Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)

  1. “Slipstream Intro”
  2. “Black Sunday”
  3. “Crossfire”
  4. “Songs From The Wood”
  5. “Hunting Girl”
  6. “The Pine Marten’s Jig”
  7. “Working John, Working Joe”
  8. “Heavy Horses”
  9. Band Instrumental Intro
  10. “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day”
  11. “Instrumental” (including flute solo)

CD3: Live at the LA Sports Arena 1980 (Pt 2)

(Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)

  1. Trio Instrumental
  2. Keyboard solo
  3. “Batteries Not Included”
  4. “Uniform” (including drum solo instrumental)
  5. “Protect and Survive” (including violin solo)
  6. “Bungle In The Jungle”
  7. Guitar Solo/Bass solo intro to encore
  8. “Aqualung”
  9. “Locomotive Breath”/Instrumental/”Black Sunday” (reprise)

DVD 1: Original Album and Associated Tracks

(Audio Only)

Contains Steven Wilson’s 2020 remix of the album and 5 associated tracks in DTS and Dolby AC 3, 5.1 surround, and stereo 96/24 LPCM. Flat transfers of the original LP master in 96/24 LPCM

DVD 2: Live At The LA Sports Arena November 1980 (Audio Only)

Contains Steven Wilson’s 2020 mix of the concert in DTS and Dolby AC 3, 5.1 surround and stereo 96/24 LPCM

DVD 3: Slipstream Video (Audiovisual)

With audio tracks remixed by Steven Wilson in DTS and Dolby AC 3, 5.1 surround and stereo 96/24 LPCM

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ian whiteford

Ordered. Do you know if the Yes back catalogue will get the book format treatment Paul? it’s ripe for it.


Ok Steve Wilson is mixing A… That’s when I come in with my WHERE IS THE OTHER 4 or 5 YES REMIXES … Yes Time and a word Going for the one and Tormato. Are the multitrack really gone that’s all we want to know. It has nothing to do with Wilson whether he likes a album or not he is a now a industry re mixer… PERIOD … Money Talks Money Walks… A is a sucky album who wants to even listen to it then hear it remixed… FOR ONCE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YES IS IT STEVE HOWE IS IT MANAGMENT OR IS IS SIMPLY THE TAPES ARE MISSING. BECAUSE THAT I THINK IS A LIE… WHY CAN 4 MORE BE DONE … OR 5 DRAMA AND CALL IT A DAY… The hell with 90125… CAN’T GET THESE OUT THEN FORGET IT …

Mathew Lauren

Been busy and didn’t know what to say, other than the obvious. Great comments, gang!

Very nice article, Paul. “Bang on!”


I will add: that a 50e “TAAB” 5.1 RE is due. I’d like to see a “smidge” more “bottom end” and a “lossless” hirez-surround disc, this time! 5.1 Blu-ray, yeah? Though, I prefer (DSD) 5.1 SACDs.

Can’t wait to add “Benefit” 5.1 bookset to my collection, as well as the 40e “A (LA MODE)” 5.1 bookset.

Lastly, since SW has had time this last year and has negotiated to continue with the Tull 5.1 REs, I’d like to see him make it thru to (at least) the “Heavy Metal,” Grammy Winning: “Crest of a Knave” — in 5.1, bien sûr.

Cheers, All!

Jeff Dee

Thick As A Brick, Please!

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Hi Jeff,
Sorry but you seem a bit late to that party. That was done as a deluxe way back about 8 years ago was it? It was the usual hard back book Tull style but only had two discs inside,the remix cd and a 5.1 dvda I believe.
I used to own one but sold it as I’m all vinyl now. Prices are very high for a copy. I assume that’s what your comment was refering to ? Apologies if it wasn’t as I’m not up to speed with current linguistic trends, as you can see ?!?


Pardon my ignorance, folks, but does Eddie Jobson also appear in the LA Sports Arena and/or Slipstream shows or only on the studio tracks? Thanks.


I know Eddie is involved with the Slipstream film so assume he is for the LA Sports Arena shows as well.

Clem Feeney



Ed.: regarding the running time information I mean the associated recordings of course.


If anyone is interested, I now have the info I asked for here myself the other day, running times of the extra tracks:
Crossfire (Extended Version) 4:39
Working John, Working Joe (Take 4) 5:16
Cheerio (Early Version) 00:39
Coruisk 6:29
Slipstream Intro 2:51


Does anyone have information about running time of all tracks?

Michel D.

Now available at Amazon Canada for $53.07!

Clem Feeney

Incidentally, the Burning Shed email alert also contained news of a release of Tallis – In Alia Musica Spero.

This is a “lost” album by David (now Dee) Palmer and John Evan with guest appearances by John Glascock and Barrie Barlow among others. It was recorded 1977-80, so overlaps with the recording of A.

Due to be released 5th March.


As others have said, these are the gold standard. “A” is not a great album, imo. Side A of the Vinyl was top-notch, but the quality of Side B was low. That and Jobson joining the band, I think he was a bad fit (talented, of course, but not for Tull).

Still, that’s what these box sets are all about. Wilson remixes and we get to try again. I await “A” with bated breath. Even better, with this done we can expect Broadsword, and that’s some of the best Tull ever did. That and Crest of a Knave are really unbeatable.

I’m a fan of Under Wraps. Sure some of the production choices haven’t held up over the years, but the writing and performances of the main players is excellent. So strong is the writing, I’m surprised more people can’t see through the production choices are really love the thing. I know I do (and yeah, okay, I saw the tour).

Robert Atkin

I bought the cassette of Under Wraps due to the extra tracks. It still is a good album IMO apart from one song. I actually think ‘A’ is a weaker album. I will still get the Deluxe version though.


Nice job Mr. Anderson.
Next, we need Broadsword & Wraps if we must but really looking forward to Crest, Catfish, Roots & Rock Island. How about a new version named A Lot Of Light Music as well. An expanded X mas disc(s) would be fun too. You make em & I will buy them. This is great stuff. Onward thru the fog


Overjoyed that Stormwatch wasn’t the last of these – I hope this means that some of my favourites (Broadsword and Crest) on the way in the next couple of years. A isn’t the greatest Tull album, but even so this set is a no-brainer given the quality of these sets and the content on offer.


Pretty much the moment I receive and listen to a new Tull box set, I instantly start refreshing this site many times a day for news on the next one, so I am quite happy and have my order in.

I always thought one of the reasons this album gets such a short shift is that the opening song, “Crossfire” is the worst on the album (to my ears) and being both a weak song and such a departure from what had come before, was hard to recover from. Had it opened with “Black Sunday” or “Fylingdale Flyer” it would have started things off right in a “Yes, we are a very different band now, but here is a great song to prove we are still a great band” way. Still, not my favorite album but between loving these sets and being my favorite band, was an “insta-buy” as the kids say.

Great news also read here that Benefit is all but confirmed for later this year (guess I’ll start refreshing this site again now) as well as Broadsword next year. For wishlist, would really like TaaB reissue for next year (there is a painfully empty spot on my shelf where it should live) and if they do include Under Wraps that along with the cleaned up version of the album, they do an updated version where they keep Ian’s vocals (which really were some of the best of his career, before his voice started its decline) and the guitars but replace the rest with actual instruments and possibly other arrangements, kind of like what Pink Floyd did recently with AMLOR. I think Under Wraps has good songs, they are just so poorly realized (again, to my ears) and the whole thing sounds like the soundtrack to mid-80’s Doctor Who (fine when you’re blowing up Terileptils and Daleks, not so much for sit down listening).

Steven Roberts

Personally I’m open to the idea of a 5.1 Into the Light (Mr. A’s first official solo album, released between Broadsword and Under Wraps) forming part of the bonus materials for the Under Wraps SDE – they are so similar stylistically, and I can’t imagine ItL ever getting its own SDE (though I’m happy to be proven wrong)


That is a great idea! And you are correct in that they feel the same.

…still have a vinyl copy of Into the Light somewhere.

Philip John Birtwistle

An Into The Light / Under Wraps two-fer would be ideal, possibly the best way of doing them.


Not one of my favourite Tull albums, but glad to see the reissue campaign continuing, and with the usual high quality and reasonable pricing.

Looking forward to the Benefit book set later in the year – and add me to the list of those clamoring for repressings of missed sets (in my case: TAAB and War Child).


It is wonderful to see a musician who has done it all and has nothing to prove being proud to release their back catalogue – crammed full of extras and 5.1 mixes – and prefers to make it affordable rather than seeking to maximise their personal financial gain. These box sets are the gold standard by which all others should be judged. Tull are one of my favourite bands and each of these is a real treat.

Colin Crammond

I totally agree with you on this one. The standards of these Tull box sets really do put other so called Deluxe remasters by the like of Zeppelin and Floyd to shame. Everyone involved in the Jethro Tull super deluxe releases deserves immense credit for these wonderful treasures. A very special thank you to Ian Anderson and Steven Wilson.


I’m not a Jethro Tull fan, but I’m jealous of the packaging and presentation of these remasters in that I wish some of my favorite artists considered doing their’s in a similar manner.


Of course I’m getting the “A” box set!! When “A” was originally released I thought it was okay, but not up to par with JT’s earlier work with the original band line-up. Based on the amazing sonic improvements Steven Wilson made to “Stormwatch,” I know this extensive remastered box set will provide added rumble, punch and sparkle — turning “A” into an “A+” :-)

Like others here, I’ve also read online that “Benefit” is finally planned for release at the end of 2021 as a casebound book to match the rest of the JT box set series. Allegedly the upcoming “collector’s” edition of “Benefit” will include Dolby Atmos, more live material, and have the correct running order of songs for both the British and U.S. version of the album.

So I’m very pleased these marvelous Tull box sets keep popping out, and fingers crossed for the series to continue right up to “Roots to Branches.”

Jeff D

I would love if the Benefit book contains the Carnegie Hall show….i believe it was the same tour.


If they move to Atmos for Benefit, this means that this album will have a bluray in the box.. And that would certainly change the price tag, because Atmos is not free, you need a Dolby license, as well as all the other mandatory licenses which come with the bluray format.
I would bet on a simple reissue of the digipak which is readily available, but with an extended book and an upgraded design.
There is no need for a new 5.1 mix, as the one on the current DVD is perfect.


Actually I like this album and especially the 1980 live performaces a lot. And Black Sunday is one of my favourite Tull tracks anyway. A must like already purchased previous boxes!


Instant buy, as always. So glad they didn’t stop at Stormwatch. Really looking forward to Broadsword, Under Wraps, and Crest.

Hopefully they’ll make some changes to the Benefit package. The running order gets a bit repetitive in places…

Steven Roberts

Amazing to think that the first title released in this series – Thick as a Brick – contained only two discs, and now we are up to six discs per album.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Broadsword were to actually stretch to SEVEN discs – 2CDs album + associated recordings (there were loads of outtakes), 2 live CDs, and then 3 DVDs of 5.1 mixes and (video?) stuff.


I hope they do all – no reason to leave the ones after ‘Crest’ out.

I ordered it right away yesterday, have all of these – even already having the first Aqualung with bluray.

I absololutely see no reason for Steven-Wilson-Remixed vinyl, as their sound in it’s original form is released on the DVD: 96/24, Wilson mixes are digital. (+ very good). But they have done it before and they possibly sold well enough.

Steven Roberts

I’d be happy for them to continue after ‘Crest’, although I do feel there is a drop-off after that album (the immediate follow-up ‘Rock Island’ sounding particularly poor to these ears).

And if/when they make it as far as ‘Crest’ I do hope they call it ‘The Heavy Metal 40th Edition’. Why? Ask Metallica…..


“I’d be happy for them to continue after ‘Crest’, although I do feel there is a drop-off after that album ”

That’s pretty much my opinion too. I’ll still get ’em, cos even the worst Tull album has a few good songs. Well, maybe not the Christmas album…



I just wonder why put out 3DVDs if all the material could be included on just one. Maybe technical matter I suppose! Insn’t It!? Does anyboby know about it!?


It’s 3 DVDs as they want to give the full quality as always. All stereo mixes are 96/24 which takes a lot of space.

Of course they could have used one or maybe two blurays and give the surround in lossless, too.
People would have yawned “an awful videoimage for a bluray” as they couldn’t provide a hires-filmmaster…


Thank you very much for replying Maxe. As I supposed it’s a matter of technical reasons. I do wish these treatment goes up to Roots To Branches!!!!!
Do you have any hint or do you know something about it ???

Kevin Wollenweber

This is terrific news. I’ve never owned this album in any form. When I was collecting Jethro Tull albums on vinyl, I stopped at HEAVY HORSES, so anything issued regarding albums since are new to my ears and it’s just a plus that these sets are affordable deep dives into the sessions and live touring around the album. I do hope that BENEFIT sees a re-release in this kind of packaging, perhaps even with more live material to make it truly collectable? Even if that isn’t the case, I know I’ve always enjoyed that album and it was certainly an FM radio favorite here in the States at that time.


There is an obvious contender – the Carnegie Hall concert from 1970. It has been released as part of the old Stand Up deluxe edition in 2010, but it really belongs to the Benefit era. Given that bits of it were already used on the “Living in the Past” compilation, it’s pretty significant and right now, the only thing that was on a previous reissue missing from the book series.


Interesting to look back at the 2012 TAAB ‘box set’ and to see how much more humble it is compared to what’s being offered for A: https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/jethro-tull-thick-as-a-brick-40th-anniversary-reissue/

Two simple discs and just the one bonus track – a radio ad! Surely that bodes well for a re-release next year?

Also amusing to see SDE in the early days. Paul received a humble *nine responses* for the post. :)


You’re site, I totally agree with you. TAAB more than needs it deserves a improve reissue. Let’s cross our fingers and pray for a better release.


It’s not just that the reissue was modest compared to the newere releases – there were issues with the mastering, which led to SW deciding he generally wouldn’t let other people master his finished mixes anymore. The DVD was “fixed” (you can barely tell it apart from the original – by a line) but there has never been a CD release of Wilson’s original stereo mix before it passed through the hands of Peter Mew. It has been available as a hi-res download but that’s beside the point. As is the fact that the on-screen newspaper is not really legible on the existing release – I guess you’d really need a better format than DVD to achieve a proper resolution.

EMI fell apart around this time, but that still doesn’t explain why Aqualung got the book & mastering upgrade five years later and TAAB didn’t. Maybe it’s simply because there is no professional live recording from the era? I heard Wilson had put together a work-in-progress version of the album but Ian vetoed its inclusion…


I seriously wish I was a Jethro Tull fan given the treatment their catalog is receiving. Lots of audio and video, surround, and consistent packaging. Bravo one and all.


Another Tull example of how to do these reissues. Embarrassing most of the rest of the industry pricewise. Bring on the Broadsword.

Mike P

Saw this tour in L A,not my favorite, saw the songs from the wood tour, stormwatch tour,minstrel, songs from the wood ,my favs….think about the work ethic,an album and tour every yr from 68 through well into the 80s,

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

HEY MACCA! Have you seen this? 6 Disc set for £35 ya greedy Bastard!


Heh heh heh! Quote of the year! The golden age of reason from The Golden Age Of The Phonograph. Brightened my day no end. Sad thing is it rings sooo true! I read ( I think on SDE) recently of a deal for a McCartney deluxe set containing 3 CDs and 1 dvd plus the usual book, photos etc and it was still over a hundred quid! Ultimately this level of greed will kill music collecting (of the SDE sort) for many punters who will be priced out of the market. All kudos, and massive thanks to all involved with sets such as this!



have you done anything in your life that can compare with Maccas efforts?

You can surely have the opinion that Maccas SDEs aren’t exactly best value for money (and i’d assist that opinion) but i find it utterly disgusting that you sacrifice decency in communication for a nice punchline that insults one of the best songwriters the world might have ever seen.


If anything, McCartney is the one who’s insulting his fans with the extreme prices on his deluxe editions.

Paul S

I know people have mentioned other sets getting re-released, I missed aqualung and thick as a brick, it’s aqualungs 50th anniversary next month and thick as a bricks next year, anyone think they may do anything for these milestones?

Mike Ruggieri

I was VERY LUCKY and found the Aqualung release on some used bookstore site (World of Books) for under $30 USD. I’m still looking for reasonable priced versions of Thick As A Brick, Songs From The Wood and A Passion Play. I’ve been fortunate to get the rest at normal prices. But I can’t find any of these three for anything less than $200 USD. I hope they reissue these reissues!


The studio album may be a dubious entry in Tull’s large catalog, but I’ve heard the tape of the Sports Arena show and there’s much on it that will appeal to fans of the band’s more folk and rock phases. If you’re waffling, it’s easy enough to find and audition on the net. I expect Wilson’s mix to surpass the current circulating version, which is clear enough but to my ears a bit lacking in the high treble, probably due to careless noise reduction somewhere along the line.


top 3 Tull album for me just behind SFTW and Heavy Horses. Can’t wait for this one!!
thx Paul for all the info!


Was planning to stop after Stormwatch as A heralded the end of an era, is predominantly ghastly and has dated badly. But the concert and Slipstream footage has twisted my arm plus the guaranteed value you get with Tull boxsets.

Steven Roberts

Another quality release – as long as Tull keeps releasing these sets, I’ll keep buying them.

Particularly looking forward to Broadsword, Crest of a Knave and, yes….Under Wraps!!




Last in the series…? Hope Broadsword and the Beast too!!

wayne klein

Cool. I realize this isn’t everyone’s fav Tull album but I like it quite a bit.

Woodsey Niles

I heard that it was supposed to be an Ian Anderson solo album but naturally the record company was more concerned about profits than Anderson’s artistic vision (same thing happened to Tony Iommi). At the time I was excited to see that Eddie Jobson, who was red hot at the time, had joined the band. I like the album but maybe not this much, although the live material sounds tempting.


Has Steven Wilson obtained some sort of monopoly of remix/remaster in the realm of music?


Musicians just tend to like working with him, and his work is also well received by fans and surround enthusiasts.

I think it’s great that he has now also mixed the live discs, because Jakszyk’s efforts (Minstrel, Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses) never truly satisfied me. Sorry Jakko!

John Kelman

He’s gained a reputation for skills as a surround sound (and stereo) engineer, so there are certain groups that have decided to reissue whatever titles from their catalogues for which the original multi-track tapes can be found. There are some groups that have had him do only a title or two, in some cases because Wilson has long said he only wants to remix albums that he likes, in other cases, I’m sure, because they were not as happy with his work as they’d hoped. But given the number of titles he’s remixed, he’s clearly liked by most with whom he works.

But to be clear: his remixes are NOT remastered, unless the band decides to do so (which is rare). Usually, Wilson hands in the finished surround and, in most cases, new stereo mixes in a condition that is ready to be transferred to hard media without any additional mastering. It’s a common mistake people make. Remixing is a significantly different job than remastering, and Wilson’s work has largely been in the remixing arena. I, for one, really like almost all of his remixes, though because I don’t have a surround system (but do have a very high end stereo setup), I can only assess his new stereo mixes. But they’ve largely been extraordinary. A good example of an album that I loved originally but felt could have been better mixed was King Crimson’s Lizard. Wilson’s stereo remix is, in a word, revelatory.

Sam Missimer

John, it’s worth exploring even a modest surround set-up. Wilson’s work unlocks things wonderfully, and is a whole other way to enjoy ‘old friends’.


I was fortunate enough to see Jethro Tull on this tour at the Capiol Center in Maryland back in 1980. Eddie Jobson and the rest of the band were outstanding. I could not believe how horrible Whitesnake sounded in their early days with a couple of members from Deep Purple. They sounded like a poor garage band. Tull came on and the heavens opened up. Can’t wait to hear this.


An instant buy! Looking forward to Broadsword and Crest coming in the not too distant future as long as Steve Wilson doesn’t give up … and always got my fingers crossed that Benefit will eventually come out in a matching edition … have the lot but that one doesn’t “fit” and annoys the OCD side of me.

Mark Murley

Agreed … Looking forward to a “matching” reissue of “Benefit,” my first and fave Tull album!


Not one of Tulls better efforts but their deluxe editions are a bargain and put other so called deluxe editions to shame. Are you listening macca?

Jay Kranz

very exciting love this series and will certainly be grabbing this. any updates on benefit getting the treatment so we can have a nice uniform collection?

side question though I love these am I crazy thinking there is no need for 3 dvds? I get that these are uncompressed audio and they have multiple formats but especially as there is no video on the first two couldn’t it all fit on one disc? if they can get a 3 hour movie on a disc with surround sound it seems ridiculous not to be able to get 3 hours of audio only onto one disc.

I have never been able to get a totally clear answer on what the audio capacity of a dvd is but I have always felt like these sets sometimes have unnecessary bloat (worst offender being the steve hackett box that bizarrely lumped multiple albums across cds to save one cd but then had each 40 minute album get its own dedicated dvd)


All the DVD material would have fit on one dual layer (50gig) blu-ray, which imo would be preferred. They obviously made a decision long ago to stick with DVDs for all these Tull reissues. I can’t imagine that one blu-ray costs more to press and produce than 3 DVDs. There’s no way all the uncompressed audio (album, concert, associated trax in various formats) would fit on a single dual-layer DVD (8.5 gig). Anyway, these are still amazing sets at a great price point. I wish all my fav bands would do reissues as well as the Tull team does ’em!


Excellent news. Not their finest hour, but these Tull sets are too nice to miss out on.

I thought that Wilson was bowing out after Stormwatch? Here’s hoping he’s still around for Broadsword & the Beast!

John Hartigan

Kind of shocked and bummed that Slipstream wasn’t upgraded to blu-ray for this package (I already have the DVD that came with the last re-issue of A) but maybe it wasn’t warranted.

Clem Feeney

Apparently the raw film stock that Slipstream is cut from is lost. The audio for the whole concert was available- and is here – so could be remixed, but only the finished Slipstream film bisuals remain (I’m not sure on what format) so it is limited in how it could be improved. I think a frame by frame restoration woukd be very expensive and time consuming.

Tom L

Slipstream was edited and finished on video tape with 1980 technology, it is stuck in Standard Definition, so putting it on Blu-Ray will not achieve an upgrade in resolution, just a very slight upgrade in compression quality.
On the other hand, the audio soundtrack was remixed by Steven Wilson in surround and stereo, so that’s a big upgrade.

Lee Realgone

Looks brilliant, and affordable.

Any word on reissues of the OOP sets for Stand Up and Songs From The Wood? Really hoping they’ll do a second run of each. There are a lot of fans out there still wanting those.


True! Please re-issue the older ones

Keith Peters

Yeah, I agree. I got royally screwed by Amazon when Songs in the Wood came out. It was available and in stock when I ordered it. 8 months later they canceled my order. Saw it again on Amazon 2 months later for $300. I would love to see a new edition and one under 100 bucks. The first 3 Tull albums plus SITW are my favorite.

David Gallagher

The signed edition went so fast it had gone by the time this went up! Only 100 postcards being signed by Ian and included for an extra £2.50? Bargain!

Dan T.

Ah, the very reason I follow SDE: Jethro Tull sets. While not a fan favorite, I’m obliged because I’m a completist.

Paul, any word on Broadsword, or a Benefit re-packaged?

Geronimo Araujo

Great news! Not my favorite album but still wonderful package in an affortable price, which is rare nowadays.

Mike Ruggieri

Does anyone know if Chrysalis has plans to re-issue any of the previous boxed sets? I’m missing three (Songs From The Wood, Stand Up Elevated Edition and A Passion Play) and can’t find them for a reasonable price anywhere!

Thanks for all the great info!
Mike R.
Richmond, VA


This band knows how to do a deluxe edition properly. Great music content, fantastic book, live show on DVD, 5.1 surround, and a very sensible price that rewards the fan for a change.

An immediate buy.


Where’s Benefit ? I could bet that it would be the next release in this format.
Honestly I wasn’t even sure if they would proceed with the 80’s stuff in box set editions. I guess I was wrong…. These are very good editions for a great price. Unfortunately JT’s music during this time is not really my cup of tea….


Will you be selling any copies, Paul?


The price for these sets can’t be beat,I have bought them all and looking forward to this one

Ian M Collins

You are reporting the US Amazon price incorrectly. It’s actually $49.98