Jethro Tull / Aqualung deluxe vinyl LP

The Steven Wilson stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s 1971 album Aqualung will be reissued as a deluxe vinyl edition at the end of November.

Steven Wilson’s remix first appeared – on vinyl, CD, DVD and blu-ray – in the 2011 super deluxe edition but received a standalone vinyl release back in 2015. This new deluxe vinyl is identical, save for presentation. This new release is packaged as 12-inch casebound book with 28-page booklet. The record is pressed on the same 180g black vinyl, as before.

Aqualung deluxe vinyl is issued on 30 November 2018.

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Jethro Tull

aqualung - steven wilson mix deluxe vinyl in casebound book with 28-page booklet


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Jethro Tull

aqualung - steven wilson mix previous standard vinyl


Side One:
1. Aqualung
2. Cross-Eyed Mary
3. Cheap Day Return
4. Mother Goose
5. Wond’ring Aloud
6. Up to Me

Side Two:
1. My God
2. Hymn 43
3. Slipstream
4. Locomotive Breath
5. Wind-Up

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Couldn’t resist any longer! Just pre ordered the deluxe vinyl.

Karl Probst

Jimi Hendrix 50th anniversary of Electric Laydyland went down $20 cdn woohoo!!!

Chris Squires

Fortunately I have the original SDE, which, for all it’s limitations, will have to suffice, particularly as the vinyl is excellent and identical. That was one of the few SDEs I felt I overpaid for and it still niggles, paying £80 for it and it is quite easy to still pick it up for half that a few years on.


I wouldn’t agree the original 2011 box is (or has ever) been easy to pick up cheaply – I couldn’t find a copy today on Amazon or Ebay for less than about £100. I agree it seemed overpriced at the time of release though!


If you look hard enough, you can find it for $50 US…..on eBay you just need patience…I’ve bought at least 3 for that amount including shipping


Fair enough … recently I’ve only seen the 2016 re-issue at that sort of price. ( I bought the original box 3 or 4 years ago and the cheapest I could find new was about £70. )


Would not this be the exact same one as the one which was in the very first Aqualung SDE (with the Blu ray, LP, DVD and CSS)?

Paul Taylor

There was also the green vinyl Sainsbury’s exclusive a couple of years ago….
It’s a great album but it seems a bit of a hike in price for a few embellishments. That said if you don’t have it already and you’re a fan it’s a nice set to have. The current price won’t put off serious fans but I think it would need to drop a bit for the casual collector


Hi Paul . Still got my 2009 clarity edition 4 x 12 inch vinyl singles . Sealed copy !


Not sure it was Sainsbury’s , I got the green version from Burning Shed.

Sheldon Cole

It was initially available in Sainsbury’s but you are right, Burning Shed also sold it for a time.

andrew R

You know the more they reissue remaster reprice etc.
the more i seek out originals 2nd hand . There is a school of thought that says the only guy(s)
who know what they wanted sonic wise from any classic lp are the guys in the studio creating it in the first place sometimes good or bad that is the sound of that lp Anybody agree /disagree?


I think you have it wrong in this case, Andrew. Even Ian Anderson has admitted that Aqualung has never sounded very good. The original mix was quite poor and murky. Even first pressings weren’t great.

This being a remix, rather than a remaster, means there was a chance to truly make Aqualung live up to its full potential – and boy, did Steve Wilson ever deliver!

This remix is truly the only way to listen to Aqualung. Even if you own it before, it’ll be obvious this is the superior version. I’m not into Vinyl, so can’t speak of the pressing of this one, but having listened to Aqualung for 40 years, I can assure you this new one is the real deal.


Hi dean. You love this guy’s remixes ok your call but it like this guy is some sort of magician he can make bad good ? For every artist in his universe. which for some reason is vast? I don t want t this guy remixing every classic album ever made which he seems to do? I don t get it !!


Hey Dave. I don’t know about being a magician, but Steve Wilson is certainly highly skilled, and he sure knows what audiophiles want. In the specific case of Aqualung, the original mix was simply poor. There’s a murkiness about it, a lack of detail. You get this with the remix. That said, Aqualung is never going to be a reference recording, because the actually recording at the original sessions weren’t top notch. it’s just the way it is. What Steve Wilson does is to bring out the best from what he’s got to work with.

As for remixing every classic album…. most of his work has been in the Progressive Rock genre. Yes, he’s remixed a lot of the top Progressive Rock titles, and for me he’s done a fine job. You can still get the original mixes if you choose (I myself own 5 copies of Aqualung in various formats). I have to say, this newer mix is my favorite (I even have the original Vinyl).

We live in a world where there are countless “remasters”. Many of these do nothing but ruin the music by compressing it and destroying the Dynamic Range – such as the recent Soft Cell box set, rendered useless by mastering). The flip side are the Steve Wilson remixes, which bring a whole new light to the music.

andrew R

Is it possible that the problem with aqualung originals is
pressing quality .The very first had a small white I to denote an island pressing
set into the chrysalis label. Island used either pye or emi to press their records
two of the better plants of that era. Also remember at this time music was booming
masters literally got worn out from continual pressing as you got further and further from the original mother sound also suffered . Vinyl is pressed in much smaller heavier quantities these days they have the ability to take a part the original mix and reassemble
and yet i buy them and they don’t satisfy on some level .Weird .Thanks for your point of view anyway i shall give it a listen.


that seems like a good idea/philosophy, but…
1. the technology then is not the technology now.
2. for some records, the artists/engineers learned since then.
3. compromises in mixing were done, so that it would play well in cars, boomboxes, etc. **

there is something to be said for remastering that vanishes the “flavor of the time”, more so for the 1960s, and this includes the reduction in dynamic range (“loudness wars”) for CDs earlier.

in essence, I welcome the use of the original masters to make a perfect duplicate (SACD), and do change the stereo mix if new tools allow for a better representation intended for nice stereo systems, versus mixing it for a boombox.

in other art forms, the same subject is photographed/painted with different tones/daylight… why not have it here? who gains by one true-sound?

**heck, there is that anecdote of the bass being turned down on a Steely Dan track so the turntable needle would not skip.


Hi Andrew,
I totally agree 100% , i am not interested in all these reissue/remastered vinyls. It’s worth the while to search out a decent copy of the original LP, as close to the first press as possible.


To me it seems like every album that we fell in love with suddenly sounds like shit and gets torn apart bit by bit the second an upcoming remaster is mentioned . Ooh I love that album but I never liked the drum sound or the guitar needs to be louder or the triangle solo should have been on the left and not the right


Just how many last breath s does this guy have left !!!


He’ll keep breathing while the flowers keep blooming.


Even now, there is a magnificent box set 5099908799616


That’s some price hike comparing the Canadian and UK prices nearly £25. Rip off Britain indeed.

Andy Haines

I agree. As usual, UK fans get ripped off whilst the rest of the world gets it for a sensible price!


Amazon are getting really bad for that lately bumping up the prices of stuff and the only competition they have is HMV. I wish Sainsburys would start selling CD’s and Blu-rays again online.

Chris Squires

That League of Gentlemen price drop was really strange. It happened twice. The first time was a couple of weeks after news broke. Then it went back up to £139.99 from the £95.99 it had been for only a day. I expected it to stay at £140 to be honest, until launch and then depending on how many were made (no one knows) and depending on how well it sold it would hang around the launch price until it disappeared. Let’s face it, at £140 for a 12LP and single 7″ set is still quite good value. But then in what was only a fortnight before launch it drops for another day down to £96. The only thing that does is drag anybody who bought at £139.99 down to the lower price level. I would imagine that cost Amazon quite a few hundred quid for absolutely no reason. The ONLY thing I can think of was that it’s launch was delayed and maybe someone forgot to tell the algorithm.

The thing to be with amazon is diligent. It’s no good going away for a weekend then something happens and complaining about it. If you are interested in something, stick it in your wish list and check it at least twice a day. If that feels like too much hard work then don’t complain if you miss out. The other thing I don’t get is people who say, pre-launch, “That’s too much I will wait for it to come down”…there is, and always has been a price promise that you will pay the lowest advertised price before launch for an item. Waiting for a price drop before ordering is suicidal. With the above example you would have missed out on the, frankly stupid, £95.99 price. 9 items out of 10 that I order have either a small or large price drop before launch or the initial price hasn’t been well thought out and if you are quick you will have a bargain in your basket. So..see it, want it, order it. Then that’s where a bit more effort comes in, keep an eye on your open orders and if an item has NOT dropped I would cancel at least two days before launch. It’s a tiny bit of effort.
Sorry to the majority for whom I am teaching granny to suck eggs but this comes up so often there really ought to be a compulsory FAQ and quiz, that you have to pass before you can post.

Personally, I feel you can criticize amazon for many things, if that is how you feel, but pricing just isn’t one of them, I must have saved many hundreds (thousands?) on retail prices over the last couple of years. It just takes a little effort. It’s no different to our parents saving, sorting and using their coupons for (insert name of supermarket here). With a little effort it can save you hundreds, but it does require SOME effort.

There are many reasons for what can seem significant price differences between countries and continents, those who just shout “Rip-Off Britain” need to think a bit more and those who see a major price difference on the day a widget goes live just need to have a bit of patience before turning purple and launching into whiney mode, as Paul says they invariably come down. If The UK price is £20 and the German price is £40 no one shouts “Rip-Off Germany”.

No-one wants to waste money, it’s tight, with a lot of great product coming, but it does require some effort from us too.