Jethro Tull / Stand Up: The Elevated Edition / 2CD+DVD deluxe set


Tull’s fine reissue programme continues

Jethro Tull‘s second album, 1969’s Stand Up will be reissued in November as a three-disc set, featuring new Steven Wilson mixes and a wealth of bonus material.

Dubbed ‘The Elevated Edition’, this new version of the album comes in the same book-style packaging as other Tull reissues of late and a very cute touch is the fact that they’ve included the ‘pop-up’ element which came with the original vinyl. (see image above).

This is a 2CD+DVD set and the first disc features the new Steven Wilson remix of the album, plus Living In The Past and Driving Song (A and B-sides of the non-album 45), some rare single mixes and a few BBC Sessions.

The second CD includes eight tracks performed live by the band at The Stockholm Konserthuset on 9 January 1969, and for good measure gives you the original single mixes of Living In The Past and Driving Song, along with a few radio spots.

The DVD contains Steven Wilson’s new stereo mix in hi-res 96/24 PCM stereo, and his newly mixed surround sound version of Stand Up (dolby digital or 5.1 DTS). The DVD also includes a 96/24 flat transfer of Stand Up from the original stereo master tapes, and flat transfers of both the stereo and mono versions of Living In The Past and Driving Song.

Finally, there is some bonus video footage on this otherwise audio-only DVD from Stockholm 1969.

Stand Up: The Elevated Edition will be released on 18 November 2016.


CD 1

Stand Up / New stereo remixes by Steven Wilson

  • A New Day Yesterday
  • Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
  • Bouree
  • Back To The Family
  • Look Into The Sun
  • Nothing Is Easy
  • Fat Man
  • We Used To Know
  • Reasons For Waiting
  • For A Thousand Mothers

Associated Recordings

  • Living In The Past
  • Driving Song
  • Bouree (Morgan version)
  • Living In The Past (Original 1969 Stereo single mix – Only released in Japan and on a US FM radio promo – Previously unreleased)
  • Driving Song (Original 1969 Stereo single mix – Only released in Japan and on a US FM radio promo -Previously unreleased)
  • A New Day Yesterday (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
  • Fat Man (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
  • Nothing Is Easy (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
  • Bouree (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)

CD 2

Live at The Stockholm Konserthuset 9th January 1969

  • Introduction
  • My Sunday Feeling
  • Martin’s Tune
  • To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
  • Back To The Family
  • Dharma For One
  • Nothing Is Easy
  • A Song For Jeffrey
  • To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be (First show version)

Original 1969 Mono Single Mixes

  • Living In The Past
  • Driving Song

Radio Spots

  • Stand Up Radio spot # 1
  • Stand Up Radio spot # 2


  • Steven Wilson remix in 96/24 PCM stereo
  • Steven Wilson remix in DD/DTS 5.1 surround
  • 96/24 flat transfer of Stand Up original stereo master tapes from June 5, 1969
  • 96/24 flat transfer of original 1969 mono & stereo mixes of Living In The Past & Driving Song

Video footage from Stockholm 1969

  • To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
  • Back To The Family

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[…] Wilson stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s Stand Up, which was debuted in last year’s ‘Elevated Edition‘ of the 1969 album, will be available separately as an individual vinyl and CD release in […]


Unfortunately the Dolby 5.1 does not work on the DVD. It’s some thin-sounding stereo track. Thankfully, the DTS 5.1 plays fine. (At least, that’s how things are on my copy.)

Hans Gullestad Claesson

Here is a link to amazing Jethro Tull color photos from “The Stockholm Konserthuset 9th January 1969”!

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Tino Stabile

I think if I had to compare with all the reissue campaigns this is by far the best and most affordable. I honestly wish everyone would do the reissues this way.. a book style with a complete history of the making of the album and assorted anecdotes and song origin information. In terms of price and value it is the best as well. I have encouraged them with all the ones they have released thus far and will likely continue with this one. Stand Up still stands up to a fine album that sees this incredible band veer to the direction they were headed. Happy that they even released Aqualung in the same format as well.
Great, great campaign. I would love for it to continue to their 90’s albums. Cudos to Steven Wilson for having incredible ears and wonderful producer hands
Long live Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson

[…] In addition there will be a new Steven Wilson remix of Jethro Tull’s second album, STAND UP on November 18. More info c/o Rhino at http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/jethro-tull-stand-up-the-elevated-edition-2cddvd-deluxe-set/ […]


Thanks Mick!


I have a typical 2 speaker/receiver/blu ray player set up. Will I be able to play the DVD and if so hear a difference between 96/24 version and the other types of recording in the set ( other than the 5.1)?


Yes Bill, any BluRay player should be able to play DVD-V discs…including the ones in these Tull sets.
Sure, I’d prefer that the Tull book sets offered CD/Blu combos. I love, for example, how the Panegyric Yes DE’s offer the option of both: CD/DVD in digipack or CD/Blu in mini-LP (I always choose the latter).
That said – I’m perfectly happy with the Tull sets as is. I have the same stereo system setup as You, and I generally always reach for the DVD’s from these Tull sets for the hi-res stereo.
Will You hear a difference between this and the same tracks on the CD’s in the set? That’s a hot topic among audiophiles, and depends largely on both the quality of Your stereo equipment and Your ears.

[…] Read more about the Stand Up reissue here […]

Paul Kent

Any reason why my comment is still awaiting moderation, 2 days later, Paul?

Paul Kent

Sweet. Thought I had breached some kind of ancient SDE statute or something! LO, and furthermore, L.


I have both Benefit and Stand Up reissues and I really don’t care for Benefit. I know songs like Teacher and Witch’s Promise tend to be fan favorites, but they do nothing for me. Which makes the reissue that less interesting to me with six versions of Teacher. :)

It’s not that it’s a bad album. It’s just that the songs didn’t grab me like they did on Stand Up or even This Was. Maybe if there would have been some live material added for the reissue, I could have found more joy with Benefit.

Having said that, if they repackage Benefit in the book format like the others, yes, I’d buy it again. (sigh… they know my weakness)


I just confirmed that the Benefit set does have a SW remix and is a DVD-V just like this release. It just isn’t in book format. I maintain that if you are interested in Stand Up, you should have Benefit as well.


Format’s a smidge different here I believe. No full cover front photo (presumably it’s too hard to do that with the woodcut!) and the pop-up page means the CDs aren’t on the inside cover, as far as I can tell from the photo above. Hope the second page is really stiff card to hold those plastic trays.

Is this the first time the pop-up has been on a CD release since that lovely first three album miniature LP replica CD box a long time back? I still treasure that.


There have been a couple of Japanese Mini LP#s with the Stand Up pop-up, along with the 2CD and DVD edition (which was the last version released) which had it also.


So…not a selling point then, really!

John Sayers

The MFSL gold disc had the “stand-up” as well.

Julian H

I must admit that I’m not really crazy about the book format in general. Particularly not when the discs are overlapping. Visually appealing but the handling usually isn’t that great.


I love Broadsword And The Beast just thought i would say that.


So all of the bonus audio will not be on the d.v.d.?! Why?!


Dave, Stand Up is listed on amazon.com for pre-order US$35 with a Nov 18 release.

I love these deluxe ‘book’ editions, looking forward to this most recent one. I do wish the producers would go back and consider giving TaaB this treatment. The only 40th anniversary copies available are used and hugely expensive (US$129 on amazon.com and over CDN$300!! on amazon.ca). Even if they were cheaper, they could still be defective copies someone is trying to unload…

Mic Smith

What is the story behind the defective TAAB 40th anniversary?

I bought this as a pre-order and while I’ve only played it a small number of times (I only put the 5.1 version on the other day for the first time to be honest and it was only on in the background while doing other stuff about the house) I’ve never noticed anything ‘wrong’ with it although I seem to recall that I read once that they had to issue replacement discs (perhaps these should have been sent out automatically given our details are held by the sites selling the ‘defective’ version?) So what was the deal?


There is a production defect with some early copies of the 5.1 DVD. Audio glitches can be heard at times 2:32, 2:48 & 3:03 of “Side 1”. This was acknowledged by EMI/Ian Anderson and replacement discs were sent out on request.


Paul Kent

I can only assume that SW himself must have a hand in deciding what content is included in these releases. There can be no other explanation as to why the Tull, Crimson, Yes and XTC reissues, all newly mixed by SW, feature such a massive amount of extras at such good value. It can’t just be coincidence. As for the possibility that Jakko Jacszyk may take the reins post-Stormwatch, well, I would have no problem with that. I’ve been enjoying his 5.1 mix of KC’s THRAK this past weekend and it is superb!


Thanks for the correction, everyone – the Tull sets are compressed audio on standard DVD-V discs. I had them confused with the King Crimson sets, which are typically DVD-A discs. I mentioned both above so I got confused. Dean is right – with these older recordings, as ‘cleaned up’ as they are, the lossy surround is still pretty darn good. I only vie for BR discs in the future for the sake of not requiring a dedicated DVD-A player (or universal player) in my possession.

That would be great if Benefit made its way into book form. I love that album. As a kid, I really liked that song about Michael Collins up there all alone…

Ian Whiteford

£25.99 on Burning Shed!!


£28.94 with shipping added. They should have called this Stand Up – The Elevated Price Edition lol


Note to Ian Anderson: Do NOT move to BluRay audio until you’ve released “Heavy Horses” please. I don’t have (or want) a BR player and DVD audio does me fine thanks. After SFTW and HH you can release them all again on BR if you like. I guess there are people here who will buy them. But keep the current campaign rolling on please — don’t change perfection or risk hiking up the price. Thank you!


Regular DVD = compressed audio of course, as opposed to BluRay (or DVD-A or SACD) which doesn’t. The XTC surround releases are an example of BD, and I’m curious as to why they haven’t released these Jethro Tull albums with uncompressed audio, as that’s Steven Wilson’s format of choice.


Blu-Ray authoring costs more, so would add to the cost of the package.

Some of y0u are really over-reacting on the compression front. It won’t automatically sound better just because it’s on Blu-Ray. You likely won’t notice the difference – hell, this isn’t even out yet. Thus far they’ve all sounded great.

Jonah Hill

In the same vein, I dream about the possibility that maybe, just maybe, SW & IA could be be contemplating bringing out Songs From The Wood and/or Heavy Horses in the blu-ray format, much in the same style of Aqualung…but NOT with such a tremendously alienating price. The amount of reference & related material for both has to be astonishingly immense & there has to be yet unseen video performances from both years in Ian’s underground vault worthy of blu-ray mastering. That’s alot of “has to’s”, but what could be a better run-up to a Steven Wilson 5.1 mix of Bursting Out?!


£35.99 are they taking the piss or what ?


Lets hope so considering Tales from Topographic Oceans is on there at over £10 cheaper and that has 3 CD’s and Blu-Ray.

Matt B

Much cheaper from Burningshed.com (£25.99 + postage at the moment).


The next release is Songs from the Wood.

The series will conclude after Heavy Horses and Stormwatch.

In his recent interview, I believe, Paul said the McCartney RAM was the benchmark for reissues – but I concur with an earlier poster here – no reissue does it better than the Tull’s.

I have this album five times now – four on CD. I don’t need another copy. But I’m going to be owning one. LOL


In response to Dave, I’m pretty confident that Benefit will receive the book treatment at some point, and likely it will be expanded to included material left out of the Stand Up book (since the material that has been left off Stand Up this time round should really have been included with Benefit in the first place).

Have to agree also that the one drawback of these book editions is the lack of true hi-res.


Another vote for Crest of a Knave getting a deluxe treatment. Wonderful album.

Maybe a 30 Year Anniversary Hard Rock/Metal Grammy Award Winning Edition? Liner notes by Lars Ulrich. ;-)

I’m wondering if they’ll stick to the actual 40th anniversary for rest of the 70s releases. Which would mean Songs next year and Heavy Horses in 2018. Assuming they will, but hoping they won’t and will put the rest of the 70s albums out a little sooner.


@tom are they going to re-redo Benefit? I’m pretty happy with that release but I guess it doesn’t have a SW remix?

CJ Feeney

Wilson’s main interest is creating the 5.1 mix, he has said the stereo mix is a contractual obligation for the record company. Wilson mixed the last deluxe edition of Benefit, but the 2nd disc in the set was a disappointment – lots of versions of Sweet Dream, 17 and Teacher and a few other mono singles. See the link below for track listings.

A repackage of the set in book format with the Carnegie concert would allow me to dispose of my digipacks of Stand Up and Benefit, and make my Tull collection look neater, but wouldn’t add anything significant to what has been released already.


sweet dream

all fantastic. ….but where is SWEET DREAM ?!!


Drat – I would really like to see this listed from a US distributor. My success across the pond is hit or miss. I’ll definitely make the final decision to buy, but given that “Stand Up” probably won’t generate the consumer demand that Aqualung and TaaB did, I can risk potential “stock outs” to wait to see if any US distributors pick it up in the next few months.

Yes to the “book treatment” of ‘Songs from the Wood’ and ‘Heavy Horses.’ I’d also love to see Benefit packaged like this, but realize that the only thing different there would be the book itself. These sets look so great lined up on a bookshelf together, it’s a shame there are some of these SW editions that don’t fit the same template/footprint. On the flip-side these sets pretty much hinge on the life of my Oppo player, which is getting old, since the DVD-A format is all but dead (I’m not sure it ever “lived” either though). I think keeping the packaging but switching to BluRay is long overdue. Same thing with the King Crimson 40th anniversary sets.

Lawrence Geller

None of the Tulls are DVD-A anyway, so why does anything “hinge” on this?


Dave – These aren’t DVD-A’s, they’re plain DVD.


Dave, these Tull sets contain audio DVD’s (as opposed to DVD-A’s). I know this because I don’t have a DVD-A player…but own a few of these and they play fine for me.
I, too, am in the USA, and would have hoped for an Amazon U.S. link (or some U.S. retailer) so I don’t have to purchase this as an import.
This is a must-have for me, even though I have the previous release with the Carnegie Hall concert, because It’s just a great album, and not only needed a hi-res release, but is also the Tull album most in need of a remix.


On Ebay there is a US store called cdimports. Just search for Tull deluxe & you will find it easy. Shipping in only $4. Theybenefit deluxe Benefit for $23. I got a bunch of deluxe UK releases there (Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, etc)

Leslie Hanagan

‘Songs From The Wood’ will the next one. I think it’s due around next March/April. ‘Heavy Horses’ and ‘Stormwatch’ are also planned. Whether Steven Wilson will stop after the Seventies albums who knows.


When I interviewed Steven about the Tull remixing project some time ago he admitted that he isn’t that familiar with the 80s catalogue so I think it doubtful that he would be doing those albums, although I hope I am wrong on this.


Am I to understand that the bonus audio once again will not be in the high sound quality that’s on the d.v.d?! WHY?!


I think it’s been announced somewhere that Steven Wilson intends to remix as far as Stormwatch….after that, I would guess someone like Jakko Jakksyk (who already has some live surround credits on these sets) might take up the reins for the remaining titles?

I’m with John Hirst (above) on this – would be crazy to stop the series before getting to Broadsword and Crest of A Knave (really, they should do them all – even Rock Island….)

Steve j

Great to see another book type format Release from Jethro Till,Keep ’em coming please.
Heavy Horses is my personal favourite.
By the way what’s going with Amazon UK £35.99 pre order,they know aswell as you and me it’s never gonna be that price why do they do that ????

[…] Read more at superdeluxeedition.com […]


The Carnegie Hall concert never really fit to “Stand Up”, because that show was from the later “Benefit” tour (Nov 1970 – actually they played “My god” then, which was recorded for “Aqualung” just a few weeks later). So I really welcome the exclusion of Carnegie Hall here – and hope they’ll put it on the new edition of “Benefit” instead.


Really looking forward to this release!

Now we just need some definite news on “The Seeds of Love” box set from Tears for Fears! :)


I’ll be getting this. I guess I’ll keep the 2010 version, which becomes just the Carnegie Hall show (CD/DVD) with Stand Up as a “bonus” CD. Sweet Dream and 17 are already on Benefit one and if you are interested in this, you should have that one already. All your bases are covered.

This is what I call doing it right.

Mister Stick

“How many more Tull albums are scheduled for this treatment? Anybody know?”

I’m not going to look it up now, but I believe that Wilson said that This Was is also in the queue. If they reverse chronology again, and go for Songs From The Wood and Heavy Horses, that would certainly suit me fine. After that, things get a little patchy… But I’ve always found that every Tull record seems to have it’s devotees.

Maybe not Under Wraps.


I’m certainly waiting impatiently for Heavy Horses now.

Adam Smith

Yes…even Under Wraps.

Philip Cohen

“This Was” doesn’t have much surround sound potential. It was recorded on 4-track.

Julian H

That doesn’t preclude a stereo remix though. And if Eroc can make a mono signal sound very stereo all of a sudden, I don’t see how a 4-track recording can’t be transcoded into 5.1 or at least 4.1, maybe with some demix (to isolate the bass for the sub) and upmix (á la the two missing tracks off “Songs from the Big Chair”) magic thrown in for good measure.

John Hirst

Another fine looking set. I expect it to be a few quid cheaper on burning shed if previous releases are anything to go by. I’m hoping that they will eventually do all the albums – I’m slightly fearing that they might stop before Broadsword as that and Crest of a Knave in particular are seriously good 80s albums from Tull.


I totally agree with Andy’s comment above. These sets are great value and a benchmark as far as packaging, info and presentation. I do hope they continue with Songs from the Wood next and Heavy Horses. Ian was on quite a roll from 1969 – 1979!


Agreed — these are as good as it gets. But like Steven I’m upset that Songs From The Wood is still pending…come on chaps, move forward! I won’t rest until you’ve reached Heavy Horses. But let’s not complain — two releases a year, terrific quality, reasonably priced, and done with love and care. Jethro Tull always were a class above and this reissue campaign has been superlative. As the man would say, hurrah!

Colin Harper

It’s tremendous that they’ve opted to officially release the Stockholm material on this set. The 1970 Carnegie Hall concert, as terrific as it is, was not a natural fit chronologically for the previous ‘Stand Up’ deluxe edition, but at that stage I don’t think anyone foresaw these editions becoming a series taking in all the albums, so no-one would have thought ‘We should keep the Carnegie Hall set for the ‘Benefit’ deluxe edition…’ And obviously no one thought at the start that the book format would become standard, hence the re-appearance of the ‘Aqualung’ deluxe edition (with a few tweaks) in that format recently. I wonder will ‘Benefit’ eventually be upscaled to book format, adding the Carnegie Hall concert?

As Andy says, above, these Tull releases are surely benchmarks for how enhanced reissues can be created in terms of content and price.


How many more Tull albums are scheduled for this treatment? Anybody know?


I think that only Songs from the Wood has been definitely confirmed for 2017 (Ian Anderson has mentioned it in interviews).
My guess is that the deluxe editions are fairly limited print runs and they’ll keep going if they keep selling enough — though whether Steve Wilson will want to continue as producer after Stormwatch is uncertain.
On another thread someone suggested redoing Under Wraps with real drums. If they did that, I’d buy it!


I wonder if there will be a US release?
I wonder if Heavy Horses is next?
I just compared the new content to the Stand UP EMI 2010 edition (w/pop up also) and the content is different


These Jethro Tull reissues along with the King Crimson sets are the benchmark in this type of product as far as I am concerned. Main album, additional tracks and 5.1 all in a nice sized package for around £15-£25.

It’s a shame many other well known artists have felt the need to be excessive in terms of adding memorabilia and vinyl thus increasing the price of their product 4 or 5 fold and not really appealing to one camp (vinyl/CD/hi-res) or the other.

CJ Feeney

not forgetting the all important “sympathetic sound man”, Steven Wilson. It is clear in interviews that he loves the originals and wants to preserve the integrity what the original musicians and producers did.

Also re: vinyl. both Tull and Crimson have the decency to release stand alone vinyl copies of these issues, albeit in limited form, for those that want that format.


Yes, this type of release and a standalone vinyl seems to cater for everybody. If you did want all the formats, buying separately is still only around the £30-£40 mark and really makes a mockery of the £100+ box set based around one album.

As for Steven Wilson, if his name is attached it is usually an automatic buy for me.


I was about to post something similar. These Tull reissues really are wonderful. I’ve bought them all, and don’t begrudge a penny.


A little miffed that Songs from the Wood is not the next ‘deluxe book’ – but I’m still in :)

CJ Feeney

I sort of hoped this would make the previous 2CD + DVD set redundant, but the bonus content is very different. So I’ll be keeping the old set with the Carnegie Hall concert and adding this.

This hasn’t appeared on Burning Shed yet. I hope for a better UK price before release.