Jethro Tull / Standalone ‘Stormwatch’

Steven Wilson’s stereo remix available on expanded CD or vinyl LP

Steven Wilson‘s stereo remix of Jethro Tull‘s 1979 album Stormwatch will be released on CD and vinyl in April.

This new mix first debuted late last year as part of Rhino’s 4CD+DVD ‘Force 10’ 40th anniversary edition and has not previously been available on vinyl.

As well as the album stereo remix, the single CD edition actually features eight bonus tracks which equates to approximately half of CD 2 from the box. For less than £10 in the UK, this is decent value. The vinyl LP is strictly album only.

Both the expanded CD and vinyl editions of Stormwatch will be released on 1 May 2020 (was 3 April).

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Jethro Tull

Stormwatch steven wilson remix - expanded CD


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Jethro Tull

Stormwatch steven wilson remix - vinyl LP


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Jethro Tull

Stormwatch Force 10 anniversary edition


Stormwatch – expanded CD edition

1 North Sea Oil (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
2 Orion (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
3 Home (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
4 Dark Ages (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
5 Warm Sporran (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
6 Something’s on the Move (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
7 Old Ghosts (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
8 Dun Ringill (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
9 Flying Dutchman (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
10 Elegy (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
11 Crossword (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
12 Kelpie (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
13 Broadford Bazaar (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
14 King Henry’s Madrigal (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
15 Urban Apocalypse (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
16 Man of God (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
17 Sweet Dream Fanfare (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
18 Sweet Dream (Live) (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)

Stormwatch – vinyl LP

Side 1

North Sea Oil (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Orion (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Home (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Dark Ages (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Warm Sporran (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)

Side 2

Something’s on the Move (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Old Ghosts (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Dun Ringill (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Flying Dutchman (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
Elegy (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)

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46 years of Genesis Lamb lies on Broadway !!!! If you say to somebody who is now 17 years old of 22 that one album is 46 years old, he will ask you, Do they make albums in a stone age ?? Really !!!! I cant believe it !

george glazener

It wasn’t the Stone Age young fella, but the VINYL AGE…and you missed a helluva great time to be alive

Jarmo Keranen

Not yet. It was released on November 1974!

george glazener

@Paul Sinclair: Do you have any way to research the validity of the Genesis “Lamb” reissue speculated on in this post? I can’t find anything on it, but I certainly don’t know the people that you do. If you think it’s worth your time, of course. Thanks!

Mike Villano

I played The Lamb for my wife a few years ago, and she couldn’t believe it was 40 years old. It stands as a work of art out of its own time and one for the ages. Pretty fancy language, eh?

And shame on Mojo for spreading rumours! What can they really do to expand it other than throw in all the demos that have been booted forever. They can’t even out a live version out since they already did that with the Archives box from the 90s. Unless someone unearths an actual decent-quality film of the original concert, I really can’t see what they can come up with.

george glazener

Well, I guess I’m a bit of a dinosaur myself, because I’ve never pursued bootleg variations of that album’s songs, or many other band’s songs for that matter. So I’ve never heard demos or outtakes of The Lamb tracks, good or bad. So perhaps if Genesis can accumulate a disc’s worth of that kind of thing, remixed well, I’d go in for that. Add some of the better sounding live tracks too. And if they compile whatever decent concert film footage they can pull together and issue a decent looking DVD with it, that would be worth something too. Finally add a 24 page booklet with some great still photos and Peter’s written explanation of what the hell the album actually means (LOL), and there you have it…..a nice marketable SDE of “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”. Some of you guys may know about TommyGunVideo.com. He’s put together some pretty good DVDs of Genesis concerts from all of their various tours, and the one he made for The Lamb has some of those “decent” snippets patched together to closely approximate a full concert. Not perfect, but as close as anyone outside the band has ever done. Perhaps Tony Banks or Mike Rutherford stumbled on some Lamb film, and that’s what we’ll see. Long shot, but one can only hope.


The most important thing would be to finally deal with the fact that the remixes were pretty loud and that the original mix will always be the original mix. Either a) remaster the original mix or b) remaster the remix with more dynamics…


On a totally unrelated subject… The Flaming Lips Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) (3CD) is available direct from Amazon.co.uk for £6.09


James Pigg

Disappointing there is no stand alone 5.1 mix…..

James Pigg

I’d just like to see more releases along the Blu Ray Pure Audio model where for the price of one disc you can get a plethora of mixes including 5.1 without all the gubbins.
For example I shelled out £60 for my DSOTM box set and the blu ray disc doesn’t even work – the replacement disc campaign, I understand, is over – so I’m stuck with the lower res DVD to play my 5.1 and quad mixes. I don’t want the marbles and the scarf – I just want to listen to the music.
£30 is still a lot to pay for just one mix where a Blu Ray only release could give it all to me for under £20.
Look at what Alan Parsons is doing with his re-release programme. It’s perfect. Single release blu rays with the 5.1 mixes for those who don’t want to shell out for the box.

James Pigg

The other thing I find annoying is that some record companies simply don’t print enough copies of audio formats that that have standalone 5.1 audio. So two good examples are the Quadrophenia blu ray by The Who or the Misplaced Childhood set by Marillion with the elusive 5.1 mix. Try finding a copy of those anywhere for anything resembling a decent price. The demand is clearly there, so why are there never any re-presses and the poor fan has to get stung on eBay or discogs? Maybe with your record company contacts you could have a word Paul?


I think you’re missing the big picture. The labels have to justify making these things. Jethro Tull are well known, but they’re not going to sell huge numbers today. The book sets are the standard upon which all other sets should be held. Choosing items out of them, like it’s a pick and mix, entirely misses the point of their archival releases. The book alone, at 90 pages, is worth half the cost of the set.

Could everything fit on one Blu-Ray? Sure. Would that make economic sense? No. But mostly you’re simply missing out on one heck of a deal. If you change your mind in the future you’re going to pay a fortune. All over trying to save £15 in the here and now. I just don’t get it.

On Limited Editions – I’m entirely with you on that. It’s a disgrace that the music industry has turned into a collectables market. Colored this and that, picture this and that, it’s all a nonsense. It’s anti-music fan. That said, a lot of consumers have embraced it. It’s a shame, because they’re busy punching holes in the bottom of the boat while out at sea. it’s only a matter of time before it bites them in the ass. Needless Limited Editions are not good for music fans.


I can’t see why anyone would moan over the prices of Jethro Tull (or Marillion) box sets, they’re a masterclass in design, content and value for money. Most were available for per order at the £25 mark or thereabouts, absolute bargains.


There’s an exclusive white vinyl pressing available from Burning Shed: https://burningshed.com/jethro-tull_stormwatch_white-vinyl


I like what the label has done with this.Not everyone can either afford or want the box set (which is still a cracking price) so to give them the opportunity to buy the remix is both good value and marketing.
I do sympathise with the price of those who want it on vinyl though – paying a premium and not getting any extras.
Still don’t get though why they can’t print more copies of the box set of Songs from the Wood at a sensible price.

Carl Noonan

The UK has always been an expensive country to buy albums in and people have moaned for decades. Fact is though people still buy the products so nothing will change.
I would love to see lower prices but unless a miracle happens the general public won’t change their buying habits if they want something.
It’s exactly the same with ticket prices.

eric slangen

I don’t think you can complain about the Tull sets. They were good money for a lot of music.


Even those who don’t like Tull have frequently praised the quality of the reissues on this site and elsewhere. It’s an excellent series…

On another note the new Mojo has an excellent article on the making of Genesis’ ‘Lamb Lies Down…’ and states that ‘summer 2020 will see the release of a new, rebooted, bells-and-whistles edition’. Can’t wait for that.

george glazener

Wow….Cool. That’ll be interesting. I’ve heard for years that Peter always wanted to do “something expanded” with that album. A 46th anniversary is as good as any time I suppose. I wonder how involved the others will be in this. Do you have a link to the article? Thanks!

pupton bluton

Sorry, I do things analogue and buy the mag ;-) It’s in the latest issue, which has just hit the shelves. Teasingly, it says nothing more about this new edition other than what I have quoted above. Fans will dream of high quality versions of the unreleased rehearsal jams and instrumentals that can be found on Youtube, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just adds the live performance that’s on the first Archive box. Hope I’m wrong…


I don’t think it’s fair to attack the label in this case, to be honest. Vinyl prices are too high all around, yet people keep paying it. If they pay it, why would the prices come down? Fact is, too few people are willing to hold fire to force the labels hand. Fans have embraced Limited this and Limited that, the high price point, the “exclusives”. So in part, we get the industry we’re helping to create.

In this case, they’re releasing the album as it was back in the day. If they added a second slab of Vinyl, then you’re adding £10 or so to the price, and people would complain about that. Let’s be honest, the bonus material is available in the box set for those that want it. The entire set was never going to be released on Vinyl – you’d need 10 slabs of Vinyl for that………..


And again, vinyl w/o any extra tracks (almost) for the price of CD box set. Strange times, dark ages… :)

I’m hope there’ll be a big full size booklet included on vinyl.


You can’t compare production costs between CDs and Vinyl. … and then there is the greed factor.