Jethro Tull / Stormwatch 40th anniversary ‘Force 10’ deluxe edition

40th anniversary reissue • Steven Wilson 5.1 remixes • 4CDs + 2 x DVD 

Jethro Tull‘s twelfth studio album Stormwatch will be reissued as a six-disc deluxe edition – dubbed the ‘Force 10 Edition’ – in October this year.

Jethro Tull released Stormwatch in September 1979, completing a folk-rock ‘trilogy’ the band started with Songs from the Wood in 1977 and continued the following year with Heavy Horses (both of which have already been reissued). Stormwatch was the final album to feature the classic late-1970s Jethro Tull lineup, which included Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, John Glascock, John Evan, David (now Dee) Palmer and Barriemore Barlow.

This 40th anniversary edition is a 4CD+2xDVD package. The album has been remixed by Steven Wilson, with his stereo mix appearing on the first CD and a new 5.1 surround mix housed on one of the two DVDs.

Three further CDs offer a host of unreleased recordings and a previously unreleased live concert performed in The Netherlands in March 1980. As well as the 5.1 mix of the album the two DVDs also offer a flat transfer of the original 1979 mix, surround sound mixes of 13 associated recordings and hi-res stereo mixes of all 15 of them. Additionally, there’s five original mixes in stereo. It has now been confirmed to SDE that a hi-res 96/24 LPCM stereo version of Steven Wilson’s new stereo mix of Stormwatch is definitely on the first of the two DVDs.

Stormwatch has ecological and maritime themes with songs like North Sea Oil and Flying Dutchman. Several tracks were left off the album precisely because they didn’t fit these themes and many of those can be found on the second CD in the new set, including Man Of GodCrosswordKelpie and The Lyricon Blues.

The packaging will be consistent with all the other 40th anniversary releases, which means an excellent DVD-sized hardcover book format.

The 40th anniversary ‘Force 10’ edition of Stormwatch will be released on 18 October 2019. For USA fans the UK price (with VAT deducted) equates to around $37.

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Jethro Tull

Stormwatch Force 10 anniversary edition


Stormwatch 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition

Disc One (CD) Steven Wilson Remix of Original Album

  1. “North Sea Oil”
  2. “Orion”
  3. “Home”
  4. “Dark Ages”
  5. “Warm Sporran”
  6. “Something’s On The Move”
  7. “Old Ghosts”
  8. “Dun Ringill”
  9. “Flying Dutchman”
  10. “Elegy”

Disc Two: (CD) Associated Recordings

  1. “Crossword”
  2. “Dark Ages” (early version) [Previously Unreleased]
  3. “Kelpie”
  4. “Dun Ringill” (early version) [Previously Unreleased On CD]
  5. “A Stitch In Time”
  6. “A Single Man” [Previously Unreleased]
  7. “Broadford Bazaar”
  8. “King Henry’s Madrigal”
  9. “Orion” (full version) [Previously Unreleased]
  10. “Urban Apocalypse” [Previously Unreleased]
  11. “The Lyricon Blues”
  12. “Man Of God” [Previously Unreleased]
  13. Rock Instrumental (unfinished master) [Previously Unreleased]
  14. “Prelude To A Storm” [Previously Unreleased]
  15. “Sweet Dream” (live)

Disc Three: (CD) Live in the Netherlands (March 16. 1980) [Previously Unreleased]

  1. Intro
  2. “Dark Ages”
  3. “Home”
  4. “Orion”
  5. “Dun Ringill”
  6. “Elegy”
  7. “Old Ghosts”
  8. “Something’s On The Move”
  9. “Aqualung”
  10. “Peggy’s Pub”
  11. “Jack-In-The-Green”
  12. “King Henry’s Madrigal”/Drum Solo
  13. “Heavy Horses”

Disc Four: (CD) Live in the Netherlands (March 16. 1980) [Previously Unreleased]

  1. Flute Solo (incl. “Bourée/Soirée/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Kelpie”)
  2. Keyboard Duet (Bach’s Prelude in Cm from the “Well-Tempered Clavier 1”)
  3. “Songs From The Wood”
  4. “Hunting Girl”
  5. “Jams O’Donnel’s Jigs”
  6. “Thick As A Brick”
  7. “Too Old To Rock ’n’ Roll: Too Young To Die!”
  8. “Cross-Eyed Mary”
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. “Minstrel In The Gallery”
  11. “Locomotive Breath”
  12. “Dambusters March”

DVD 1: Audio Only

–          Stormwatch mixed to 5.1 DTS and AC3 Dolby Digital
–          Flat transfer of the original 1979 mix at 96/24 LPCM stereo

DVD 2: Audio Only

–          Contains 13 associated recordings mixed to 5.1 DTS and AC3 Dolby Digital
–          15 associated recordings mixed to 96/24 LPCM stereo
–          Five original mixes at 96/24 LPCM stereo

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As a big Tull fan and collector of SDE’s, I think the Tull reissues should win an award for being the best reissue series. They are simply excellent – full of new material, well researched booklets full of unseen photos, amazing Steven Wilson remixes and a 5.1 mix to boot. And all reasonably priced on release – GBP 20 to 30 ! Pink Floyd, Led Zep and the Rolling Stones hang your head in shame. I just hope there is more to come, but all the classic albums are now covered.

bruce kelso

bruno, yes I totally agree bout the presentation of these super deluxe editions. my interest lies in the this was and stand up era. those two knocked me out. the stones should look at these and start doing the same starting with goats head soup= which is long overdue for a super deluxe treatment, but I know they wont.


Bravo, Bruno. Well said and I totally agree on the statement, “Pink Floyd, Led Zep and the Rolling Stones hang your head in shame.”.

Philip Birtwistle

And yet another delay (email from Burning Shed) :

Thanks for your order for Jethro Tull – Stormwatch (The 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition).
We are sorry to have to tell you that Warners have put the UK/Ireland release date back again, this time to 29th of November 2019. This is due to a manufacturing delay on the re-press.
Warners have apologised for any inconvenience and we appreciate that this is very frustrating. It is for us too. We just want to get your copy to you.
Warners have also promised that on the forthcoming vinyl edition of Stormwatch we will be able to ship orders two weeks ahead of anyone else.
We may also have an exclusive coloured vinyl version of Stormwatch and subsequent vinyl releases (more news on that to follow).
Once again, we’re sorry for the situation, all of which is beyond our control.
Kind Regards”


Very odd – Amazon delivered my copy today although I must admit I was expecting a further delay.


I got my SW last Monday & listened to it through the week & I had forgotten how much I loved this LP. Oodles of bonus material makes it another home run for Ian & the boys. For those that have to wait for it no worries. It will be well worth it. I hope that they do Crest of a Knave next since that is their grammy-winning effort. The stuff in between I dunno although I personally like A quite a bit broadsword & wraps a lot less, Catfish, Rock Island and Roots are all excellent LPS. Nice job Ian

Jon Sanderson

Read thru the Stormwatch booklet. The members of the band are not very fond of the album. I am sure John’s passing and the break up of that legendary version of Tull colored people’s perceptions, but it seems as if they do not like the material much.


There’s lot of confusion in many other forums…..amazon UK lists its as box set, double CD for 29.98 but after scrolling down we can see the number of discs as 6….again they list it as DVD audio for 61.99 with number of discs as 6……they are unaware why this delay from 18th Oct to 15th Nov…..strangely some other countries with Amazon has stock…..Burning shed is offering post cards along with the box set and 500 lucky people to get IA signed post card….JT official store is offering 4 beer mats with JT album covers printed on them….again for the delay……but Amazon being resellers are not offering anything…..so Amazon UK customers wait for as long as the rest of the customers of other retailers but get zilch


Prior to release, I see quite a few Amazon listings incorrect for sets such as this. Typically, the listings are corrected/adjusted as the release date gets closer. And occasionally, never updated from the original posting.

As long as the disc count is correct in the listing, I have never had an issue with a preorder.

Mike Johnson

Is this going to be released to iTunes for streaming purposes in the US? The other Steven Wilson remixes are available, but this one is not, for some reason. I don’t want the DVDs, just the music.


Heavy Horses New Shoes edition currently $28.26 before shipping on Amazon USA


I know there’s probably a simple answer to this I’m not thinking of, but if the record company are having to print more copies of Stormwatch for a whole region , why can’t they do a rerun of Songs from the Wood to put it back out at an affordable price? Not sure why Songs from the Wood sold out but Heavy Horses is still available ?


I believe it was curtailed prematurely due to some issues/problems with a few of the discs. I have seen a report here and there complaining of discs skipping and/or other issues.

I’ve seen those comments in the past, but currently the only one that I can track down is in an Amazon.com review. Could be user error issues, or equipment issues. Personally, I’ve never experienced any issue playing in my Oppos.


Great boxset! Great mixes and the sound is superb!!!

Martin Engel

My copy from Amazon.de arrived today.


Amazon just updated my order & my set arrives Monday here in Texas


Aw… screw it!
Cancelled my Amazon.co.uk preorder and ordered from Amazon.com, just in case Stormwatch turns into the same situation that Songs from the Wood did. Better safe than sorry!

Luckily, I had a couple of Amazon discounts that dropped the price down to what I preordered with Amazon.co.uk


So what comes next. It is hard to see A, Broadsword & Under wraps getting this treatment as they did not really chart well. Or is it possible these could be improved upon as expanded offerings? I would really like to see Knave, Rock Island, Catfish & Roots to Branches get this treatment as I think these are really good records.
Any word from Steven Wilson?

Alan Blevin

U.K. release now 15 November for all retailers including Jethro Tull store.Rest of the world still today.Warners has stuffed up big time somehow.


Message from Steven Wilson
My remixes of both XTC / Dukes of Stratopshear’s Psurroundabout Ride and Jethro Tull’s Stormwatch are officially released tomorrow (Friday 18th October) in sets with copious extras including 5.1 mixes.

However, please note the message below from Tull management regarding Stormwatch for fans who pre-ordered in the UK and Ireland:

To our fans in the UK/Ireland and worldwide purchasers from the Jethro Tull Store.

We are sorry to announce that due to unforseen demand, manufacturing and distribution problems, Stormwatch 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition will now be released in the UK and Ireland on 15th November.

This has had a knock-on effect on the Jethro Tull Store. For those of you worldwide who have bought from the Jethro Tull Store, we will be able to send out your copy from the 15th November. By way of apology, we will send everyone who bought the album from our store a limited edition set of 4 specially-commissioned beer mats depicting Stormwatch and other album covers.

Once again, sincere apologies from us at the Jethro Tull Store and all at Warner Music for this delay in shipping – but we’re sure it will be worth the wait!

“No mats for buyers from Amazon UK is it?”

Simon Stokes

You all need to move to New Zealand. It was released here last week.

Plus added bonus the All Balcks are going to win the win the World Cup. :)


Second time recently this has happened to me with Amazon UK – item showed being delivered next day then disappeared completely and now been waiting weeks trying to obtain stock – very puzzling with Tull how it’s released last week in NZ and it’s then put back nearly a month in the UK – surely has the same manufacturer and its distribution issues.Very disappointing though.
Sorry to disillusion you Simon but you’re dreaming about the World Cup – it’s coming to the UK.


Amazon.uk.co just sent an email indicating a delay, currently showing 15 November 2019 street date.

Amazon.com still showing a October 18, 2019 date.


Burning shed also lists this one as 18th Oct 2019 release date……another long wait for me…. *SIGH*


Can’t wait to hear Stormwatch dusted off in a new Steven Wilson remix as I was always thought the album sound wasn’t what it needed to be. I’d say “fingers crossed”, but at this point we know very well what to expect as these sets usually knock it out of the park. ;-)

I really wish more artists would match the attention to detail and value that Ian Anderson and his crew have been able to do for the Jethro Tull catalog. They managed to somehow find the perfect formula….the hard work is done and he recipe is now there for others to follow! Just please please PLEASE don’t stop until we get both A and The Broadsword and the Beast!

I now have all the boxes except TAAB and Benefit (both of which are problematic in their current form, and I’m holding out on re-releases at some point), but I had to pay dearly for a few that I’d missed picking up new. It’s frustrating and sad to think that any serious Tull fan wouldn’t get to experience the glorious 5.1 mixes, outstanding audio, exceptional outtakes and the beautiful art/boxes because they missed picking these sets up and now find them out of reach except for those willing to pay the very steep prices to obtain.

Simon Stokes

Released last week here in NZ. Great booklet. Interesting comments by the second engineer on the way Mr Anderson operates in the studio.

Up to the usual very high standard. Outakes are not quite as good as on previous releases. Don’t let that put you off though. These realeases are compulsory for all Tull fans.


Just some few days to complete the collection! April 2020 will be the 50th anniversary of Benefit ;-) then in August the fantastic “A” album.
It’s gonna be a great year!


Hey Stephanie, is this wishful thinking or have you seen something official about deluxe editions of Benefit and A in 2020? If you have, can you please share the link.

Florentino Stabile

Jethro Tull, a band and management that along with Marillion have figured out how to put the best box sets together with the most information, most music, unreleased material at the best price. If only the Beatles and Pink Floyd would follow suit and I am a massive fan of these last two. The fact that they release them in these beautiful book sized packagings makes it even more convenient for shelf space and for all around convenience while indulging in its bounty.
God bless, Mr Anderson and all at Chrysalis as well as Marillion. Bands that give their fans exactly what they want all in the name of respect and we indulge and eat these up. Keep them coming. Marillion’s Afraid of Sunlight is coming out in a couple of weeks as well.


I wonder if it makes a difference if you are an Amazon Prime member? Just ordered and no notice that it is out of stock. It seems to me that Amazon would do what it takes to fill the order. One strange thing though: usually it shows is available from many vendors but not, in this case, it is only available from Amazon Prime but no one else.
Heres hoping since these are amazing box sets & Tull does this better than anyone

Mathew Lauren

Without getting into particulars, and given YEARS of anecdotal-evidence as a Prime Member, I’m now SURE, more often than not (NOW), PRIME members do get preference when it comes to receiving MUSIC orders (via their same-day-as-release guarantee) from product IN STOCK.

I’ve on occasion been “left out” for no apparent reason and was very, fairly-compensated by Amazon – AFTER calling them. NOT receiving the MUSIC, via the (same-day-as-release) guarantee, defeats the purpose of paying that premium ($£€) imho.

AS FAR AS 3rd-party (order) concerns, Amazon (ONLY) provides PRE-ORDERS via Prime (i.e. no third-party sales until months after the release).

Hope this helps.

Allyson Gradon

If the record company is so scared of overprinting these box sets, why don’t they set up an e-commerce site and allow customers to buy whichever Tull box set they want so that they can print up box sets on an as needed basis??? I would be fine paying an extra $10 to get a box of “Songs From The Wood” when 3rd party sellers are now getting $399 for their new copies. “Fans” are starting to treat these limited edition box sets like concert tickets. Buy limited edition box sets that you know are going to sell out, wait, wait, wait, and then sell them off at amazon.com for 8 times their original value. It’s pathetic that artists and record labels are not catching on to what’s going on. Fans are being ripped off, and they are not even benefitting from it.

Mathew Lauren

Quick f/u: Target, Walmart and Amazon.com are slated to receive more product from the publisher (Rhino in the U.S.) between now and Oct 23rd 2019 — probably the latter date, as AMAZON.com sold all it’s allotted pre-orders!

This release has been flagged as “medium-restricted” (@ Amazon.com) to keep prices from cratering before the Oct 18th release, however there is more product to come from the publisher’s warehouse; and other online retailers “in the states” still have pre-order stock.

Also, check your local cdTrader or RS!


Mathew Lauren


I just saw your post. This happened to me in 2017 with SW’s “To the Bone” (stand-alone) 5.1 Blu-ray Disc. My guess (based on past experience) is that a HUMAN @Amazon.com will intervene in the next 24-48 hours, as this (“STORMWATCH” cd/dvd 5.1 bookset) offering JUST became “currently unavailable” (as a PRE-ORDER) @Amazon.com.

AMAZON.com will most likely make some effort to re-stock before release date: b/c the street-date is a month away, this WAS NOT “marketed” as a Ltd. Edition, and Amazon doesn’t want to leave $ on the table this far from “drop date.”

FTR, it is still available elsewhere ONLINE for Pre-Order in America (from cheaper to much more expensive than Amazon). Maybe give it a couple days before you purchase, esp. if you really want to go through AMAZON.com for their “same day as release delivery guarantee,” a.w.a. the ease and “peace of mind” they provide with their customer-centric purchase guarantees. Lastly, you can always call them if you haven’t received an email update on that offering’s status.

My $.02. Hope this helps.

Aaron Tempson

It looks like this has already SOLD OUT in the United States.

The record label, Ian Anderson, Steven Wilson and others really ought to consider these things before just saying “get it while supplies last.” I mean, “Stormwatch” isn’t set to come out until next month, and it is already sold out at amazon.com USA. Seems to me that they didn’t print enough copies of this box set or they WAY underestimated demand.

I really wish they would go through all of the Tull box sets they have released so far and set up a website so that fans can buy them again on an “as needed” basis. “Songs From The Wood” is one of my favorite albums ever, and it sold out before I could get my bloody fingers on it.

tom m hans

I always pre-order by the listing becomes active at Paul’s excellent website so “sold-out” rarely happens to me, unless I change my mind, cancel an existing pre-order and then I change my mind again… Good Luck with a decent priced copy of Songs From The Wood (I am not cynical).

Mathew Lauren

+1 to Dean (below). Make the music available.

Nicely said.

Replacement 5.1 “TAAB” discs were just NOT available to ALL who requested them in North America, and way too many people commanding ridiculous a$ks (currently) on the 2ndry market aren’t even aware (that) they’re sitting on flawed booksets (i.e. “TAAB” booksets w/ “uncorrected” 5.1 DVDs) — the FEATURE and DRAW to these wonderful, Jethro Tull 5.1 booksets.

Replacement copies of this ONE 5.1 DVD (for FREE or nominal shipping charge) w/proof of UPC (e.g. email your “uncorrected” “TAAB” 5.1 bookset pic w/UPC clearly readable -> receive ONE PER “corrected” 5.1 dts 24/96 dvd disc via snail-mail) would STILL be the way to handle this, given that (most) sales receipts are long gone. This would also be similar to how Warner Bros handled the “flawed” versions of “Chicago II” and “IX” Blu-rays from the Quadio boxsets.

Short of that, a re-RE of the “TAAB” cd/dvd 5.1 bookset w/period songs, a concert or SOMETHING from that era on cds and in surround on 1 or 2 dvds (even if it’s material that’s already been released) would not only be welcomed, but it’s simply (ALL) long overdue — esp. given how this particular bookset RE (and the replacement 5.1 dvd debacle) was ultimately MIS-handled during EMI’s dissolution.

Since the 45e for “TAAB” ended up as another missed opportunity to fix this particular issue, an early 50e release is in order to show respect to the TULL (faithful) physical media, surround-sound, music fans. Besides, it’s not like another “TAAB” 5.1 bookset wouldn’t sell out (again).

In fact, having listened to “HEAVY HORSES” 5.1 over the weekend AFTER “TAAB” 5.1 had played, and marvelling at how far Steven Wilson’s surround-sound mixes have come, maybe a “fresh-take” 5.1 is in order here for “TAAB.” Call it an “adapted edition, “replacement brick” or “new brick edition,” a re-release of “TAAB” with a “fresh” (SW) 5.1 (surround) re-mix would not only make for a great marketing-campaign, but make for a legit reason to re-RE a 5.1 “TAAB” bookset from the label’s perspective.

While obviously generating new sales, this option would allow each, previous version (mix) its own place, while simultaneously allowing each previous edt. to hold its value — and Lord knows, a new “TAAB” 5.1 bookset would sell-out, again!

Not for nothing, but SW has come a long way (from excellent to Grammy-worthy) with his TULL surround mixes. In fact, I don’t know if he could have pulled-off “THIS WAS” 4.1 (then, as now), and “HH” 5.1 was clearly the best choice (imho) for last year’s IA Grammy for sure – and nary a mention :(

Given another bite at the “TAAB” 5.1 ‘apple’ (~10 years on), I have a professional suspicion that different choices would be made (even if discreet) and the result would be ANOTHER, brilliant, discrete and immersive Jethro Tull 5.1-mix from Steven Wilson.

It’d be a win-win for everyone!

As well, “Benefit” (no doubt) needs a re-RE (cd/DVD 5.1) in BOOKSET FORM.

…as for other Big Sellers like:

– “Aqualung” 5.1
– “SFtW” 5.1

I could see a limited re-run (at some point), but I wouldn’t hold my breath — and as I mentioned above, I agree that this is ultimately a shame ‘cause these TULL 5.1 SDEs should be available to all who want them – NOW.

…and at reasonable prices!

That said, a resolution of some-sort concerning the EMI “TAAB” 5.1 bookset needs special and immediate attention!

As for “Stormwatch,” it’s finally here, but the initial Amazon.com a$k is WAY out-of-line! That said, I don’t remember this album, so well. It came out during a time when I was “sailing the Chesapeake Bay,” and FM radio was littered with Jackson Browne, FM 1975-2108 (r.i.p.), Pink Floyd, Chicago, ‘77-‘80 Billy Joel and of course the Beatles, amongst others. I wasn’t at home on weekends spinning-up my turntable.

So, when I do get the “Stormwatch” 5.1 SDE bookset, it’ll be like hearing it for the first time — and (now) with a song like “ORION” (for one) being presented in its original, unedited, full (9+ minute) length, and surround-sound glory, what can I say, but: “Thanks” to Ian and Steven, as these JETHRO TULL / STEVEN WILSON MIXED 5.1 booksets are industry-RE gems — and imho, the standard by which I judge ALL other surround reissues!

In general, this is shaping up to be a lively fall (2019) for (physical-format) surround-sound pop/rock music fans if ALL the rumours pan out — and although I’d prefer year ‘round surround REs, at least the MARQUEE surround, pop/rock music offerings look to be flowing again.

John Dunnebacke

As a lifelong JT fan since 1968, I rushed out on day of release to purchased the TAAB 40th Anniversary boxset. Mine has the ‘flawed’ DVDs discussed here. I agree they should re-issue the TAAB box with corrected DVDs, along with a Steven Wilson mix. I most certainly would re-purchase it. It’s always been on my regular playlist since 1972.

Tim Johnston

Please do not tell me this is the very last Jethro Tull album to get the Steven Wilson remix/box set treatment. It is desperately needed for my favorite album of all-time, “The Broadsword And The Beast,” which the band recorded nearly 50 songs for. The outtakes are spread out over too many compilations, and there are still a ton of unreleased songs in the vault.

It’s too bad they couldn’t do a temporary re-run of “Songs From The Wood.” I didn’t realize these were limited edition. I was short on cash, so I elected to wait on “Songs From The Wood.” Then it became out of print everywhere. Now if I want it, I need to pay $550 or something insane.

Every classic rock artist deserves box sets like these for their albums. Even the super deluxe Led Zeppelin reissues are not as good as these. I was just listening to “Minstrel” the other day. The packaging, pics, liner notes, interviews, etc. are better than any box set I have ever seen that covers a whole band’s CAREER.

CJ Feeney

How about a blu ray (or SACD) box set of SW remixes to round the series off?


I sent in another post not knowing my original was posted. Sorry about that. Thanks for answering my question.


Where’s the Steve Wilson Stereo Remix in Hi Rez 96/24 LPCM Stereo on the DVD?


Disc: 5
1. North Sea Oil (Steven Wilson Remix)
2. Orion (Steven Wilson Remix)
3. Home (Steven Wilson Remix)
4. Dark Ages (Steven Wilson Remix)
5. Warm Sporran (Steven Wilson Remix)
6. Something’s on the Move (Steven Wilson Remix)
7. Old Ghosts (Steven Wilson Remix)
8. Dun Ringill (Steven Wilson Remix)
9. Flying Dutchman (Steven Wilson Remix)
10. Elegy (Steven Wilson Remix)
11. North Sea Oil (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
12. Orion (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
13. Home (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
14. Dark Ages (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
15. Warm Sporran (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
16. Something’s on the Move (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
17. Old Ghosts (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
18. Dun Ringill (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
19. Flying Dutchman (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
20. Elegy (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
21. North Sea Oil
22. Orion
23. Home (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
24. Dark Ages (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
25. Warm Sporran
26. Something’s on the Move (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
27. Old Ghosts
28. Dun Ringill
29. Flying Dutchman
30. Elegy (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]

Disc: 6
1. Crossword (Steven Wilson Remix)
2. Dark Ages (Early Version) [Steven Wilson Remix]
3. Kelpie (Steven Wilson Remix)
4. Dun Ringill (Early Version) [Steven Wilson Remix]
5. A Stitch in Time (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
6. A Single Man (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
7. Broadford Bazaar (Steven Wilson Remix)
8. King Henry’s Madrigal (Steven Wilson Remix)
9. Orion (Full Version) [Steven Wilson Remix]
10. Urban Apocalypse (Steven Wilson Remix)
11. The Lyricon Blues (Steven Wilson Remix)
12. Man of God (Steven Wilson Remix)
13. Rock Instrumental (Unfinished Master) [Steven Wilson Remix]
14. Crossword (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
15. Dark Ages (Early Version) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix]
16. Kelpie (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
17. Dun Ringill (Early Version) [2019 Remix] [Dolby AC3 5.1]
18. A Stitch in Time (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
19. A Single Man (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
20. Broadford Bazaar (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
21. King Henry’s Madrigal (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
22. Orion (Full Version) [2019 Remix] [Dolby AC3 5.1]
23. Urban Apocalypse (2019 Remix) [Dolby AC3 5.1]
24. The Lyricon Blues (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
25. Man of God (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
26. Rock Instrumental (Unfinished Master) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix]
27. Sweet Dream Fanfare (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)
28. Sweet Dream (Live) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix]
29. A Stitch in Time
30. King Henry’s Madrigal
31. Sweet Dream Fanfare
32. Sweet Dream (Live)
33. A Stitch in Time (Single Edit)


I didn’t see Steve Wilson’s Stereo Remix on a DVD in 96/24 LPCM Stereo. All other sets do. Is this just an omission error in the write up or is it not going to appear on this set?

Mike Villano

Glad everyone else wants a standardized Benefit set. They re-did Stand Up into the book form if you recall, and Benefit needs an upgrade package-wise.
Isn’t this the last of the SW remixes? I had read somewhere that his remixes were only contracted up to Stormwatch.


Rush are not amused ;-) (“Force Ten”)

Ken Evans

Happy to see that all of the Steven Wilson remixes are available in 96/24 on Tidal.


I think all of us were anticipating “Stormwatch” would be the next book-style 40th Anniversary release. With great pleasure, I will be adding this to my JT collection.

BUT, like so many in this blog, I really, really want “Benefit” to be re-released as an anniversary book-style deluxe edition so everything on the shelf can finally look like a matched set!!

John Eric Nelson

Me too. “Dear Mr. Tull…you are messing with my OCD by not releasing Benefit as a book format” Best regards, Me.” (Seriously I want it too and there have been MANY posts asking for Benefit to be released in book format.)….let’s keep our fingers crossed…

The Golden Age Of The Tyrant Trump, The Bumpkin Boris And Putin The Pillock

Ordered as soon as it appeared on the big river site.

This has been a superb series of releases thanks to Ian Anderson and Steven Wilson.

If it is to be the last of SW`s involvement in the JT catalogue then let`s thank him for his superb work.

Let`s also thank Ian Anderson for keeping these releases at a low price, 4CDs/2DVDs for £35 and even cheaper for our Colonial Cousins and European Friends and anyone else taking advantage of our beleaguered £. Should be even cheaaper now that the fools have chosen The Bumpkin to lead our nation. THE LUNATICS HAVE DEFINITELY TAKEN OVER THE ASYLUM!!! HELP!!!

I see the moaners and groaners are out in force nitpicking at this great release. GET A BLOODY LIFE!

Ian Burgess

The live concert has been around as a bootleg for many years. It is an excellent quality recording. Full set list and more on the Tull fan sire http://www.ministry-of-information.co.uk/setlist/80.htm I presume that only these stereo sources were available for working on.

Simon Stokes

I notice the concert is not 5.1…….concerts in the previuos boxsets haves been remixed to 5.1.


I’m om my fourth iteration of ‘This Was’ – original vinyl, original CD, 40th Anniversary and now 50th Anniversary. I really hope there aren’t anymore 50th versions in the pipeline, my wallet is already too light.


Steven Wilson last work to Jethro Tull back catalogue? I hope not or someone else to continue the job from A album forward. Needless to say to revamp Benefit and Thick As A Brick albums also!!!


Add me to the list of those who would have preferred (and still hope to see) the botched TAAB book set reissued properly + a Benefit book set.

Matthew Collier

Man – *another* release on DVD (and not Blu) with lossy 5.1 and stereo hi-res but not both hi-res and in 5.1 that a release on a Blu would allow…. :(

I love Steve Wilson’s 5.1 mixes, so might just get it anyway, but it’s yet another lost opportunity. It’s not like JT won’t sell…. :@

Dan T.

Insta-purchase for me. No question.

+1 on seeing Benefit in book format. Great album that deserves the deluxe treatment, not the “clearance bin” treatment it has been given to date.

george glazener

Insta-Purchase here too..!! Very excited to see this! These JT reissues are turning into solid collector’s items too. Has anyone else noticed the resale value of “Songs From The Wood – The Country Set” from 2017 on places like eBay? Well over $150 USD. Same for “Minstrel in the Gallery”. Nice little bonus for we who heard about these first on SDE. And it validates the quality and desirability of these 40th Anniversary Reissues.

Leonardo Aronna

And I’m hoping for a re-release of Benefit in this format!!


As usual, this looks good.
I’m still hoping for a re-release of Thick As A Brick in this format. Should I stop hoping?


And you are not alone Jeff, I’m still hoping too.


Other than the artwork, I have a 2 disc TAAB in this format with the same DVD sized hardback book configuration – is that not close enough? Benefit is the odd one out; TAAB was done first so the style changed slightly after and more content become the norm, but it is pretty close and doesn’t look out of place in the shelf with the others.


I don’t have the TAAB release and if you can find them it’s $100-150 which is insane. Why is that the one release that is out of print?


It’s not the only one out of print. Minstrel, Songs from the Wood… in fact I think only three are currently available new – Too Old to Rock and Roll, This Was, and Heavy Horses. They’ll be gone soon enough. These are limited runs.

Thick as a Brick was released right on the cusp of a change of label, and it didn’t have as many copies as the others, hence it’s rarity. Steve Wilson wasn’t happy because they remastered it after he submitted his work. That said, it sounds pretty damn good, and is definitely worth getting. There is a duplication error on the 5-1 mix too, but as is usual with the Internet, this problem, while there, has been blown out of proportion. It’s a nice set.

All that said – I really dislike items released as collectables. Limited Editions are the bane of the industry right now. It’s clear there is lots of interest in these Tull releases, and I wish everyone who wanted them could get them. I have them all, but I don’t feel great about others who want to hear them are unable to get their own copies. Music only has value if it’s heard, imo.


They printed replacement DVDs for that set without the error. The replacement was also the 5.1 mix mastered by Steven Wilson and not Peter Mew.

peter chrisp

Matt agree although it’s not as comprehensive as the other box set’s & no extras i am very happy with the outcome. To me it’s great to have it in 5.1. Have also got the 1997 1 disc set which includes the Madison Square Garden & the interview with the 3 gents. Of course IA, Martin, & GH. Although it wasn’t a huge seller apparently only in Germany, would like to see The Broadsword & The Beast on the list, but as Robert Plant would say “heaven knows”.


No DVD video content but there was a BBC documentary in 1980 which showed them working on ‘Dark Ages’ song. Also a 1980 German concert on You Tube.

Mister Stick

This is welcome news. Since Stormwatch is one of the Tull albums I like best, and I won’t be getting this one just to avoid a gap-tooth on the shelf.

Hear, hear on the idea of a revision of Benefit to the book format, if only for the chance to read the notes without a jeweler’s glass. But new content would seem obligatory too.

Still, have to ask… What the hell does “Force 10” mean? Is Anderson a fan of the Robert Shaw and Harrison Ford commando movie? Did Ian write the songs in Navarone? Is this just a desperate way to get co-star Barbara Bach’s attention, in the hope that she’s had it up to here with Ringo’s ‘peace and love’ schtick?

And how far will this go? Will Crest Of A Knave be subtitled “Where Eagles Dare”?

Seriously, SDE’s investigative unit needs to be deployed. The people have a right to know.

Happy Man

Beaufort Scale


I thought it meant Level 10 on the Beaufort wind force scale. It seems to fit the cover design of the album.

Stuart Ansell

Is there any modicum of a chance that this might possibly refer in some small way to the force of the storm which is being watched?

Mister Stick

I salute you Mr. Wizard/Weather Channel types who paid attention in Earth Studies class and decoded the subtitle.

Now, let’s talk about Barbara Bach some more…


I also wonder if “force 10” is a play on the number “40”, as in 40th anniversary edition.


Once again I wonder why the bonus features are not also in 5.1. I personally guess they and the industry hope that these things will be re-released somewhere down the line in the future (Years? Decades?) to include these things on Blu-ray Audio where they are properly done all on one disc. I pray for it to be so and as such. Especially for the world’s greatest and best selling acts to slam open their archives such as Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, QUEEN, The Beatles, FREE, Fleetwood Mac, The EAGLES, CREAM, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Motown Records (Hey, where have those types of releases like this been, huh? There’s a story there if there has ever been one!), The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton John, Aerosmith,Whitesnake, Jack White’s catalogue, Meat Loaf, Tears For Fears, The Yardbirds, etc., etc….

Stuart Ansell

Well, yeah, but APART from that????

Tim O.

Great News and and great package! Full of suprises for the devoted fan. From the track list I cannot see that any recording from the “The Water’s Edge” ballet will be included which was written by Anderson, Martin Barre and David Palmer at the time of Stormwatch with additional Music by Jon Anderson from Yes for the Scottish Ballet (if I recall correctly). I think that Elegy was originally written for the ballet. However, I assume that no recording of this music in an adequate quality exists (there is a Performance to eb found on YouTube). It doesn’t matter! This looks like a great package – again! So let us hope they continue with the series even if sales for a future “A” or “Broadsword” box may fall behind those of the boxsets of the “Classic Tull” years.

Steven Roberts

@Tim O Actually, for me I happen to think the Broadsword to Knave era constitutes the “Classic” Tull Years….


Nice one this for sure . Just hope me wife likes it? birthdays the 19th . Chuckle !!!

Kevin Wollenweber

This is fantastic news! Will there eventually be an Amazon USA posting for this album? It seems that Amazon has had some kind of trouble with the Warner group of labels regarding distribution. The James Taylor package, which is listed everywhere else as being already available, isn’t being shipped until sometime in late August. Do you know anything about problems in this area, Paul?