Jethro Tull / This Was: The 50th Anniversary Edition / 3CD+DVD deluxe

Jethro Tull / This Was 4-disc 50th anniversary edition

Jethro Tull‘s 1968 debut album, This Was, will be reissued as a 3CD+DVD deluxe edition in November with stereo and surround mixes by Steven Wilson and rare recordings.

This 50th anniversary package includes the original album and bonus tracks remixed in stereo by Steven Wilson, live BBC sessions from 1968, the original mix of the album in both mono and stereo, a flat transfer of the US 1969 stereo mix and the original album and bonus tracks remixed by Steven Wilson in 4.1 DTS and AC3 Dolby Digital surround and 96/24 LPCM stereo (‘Love Story’ and ‘A Christmas Song’ are actually presented as 5.1 mixes).

The Jethro Tull reissues should be familiar by now, so this will be presented in the usual DVD-sized book package filled with an extensive history of the album, track-by-track annotations by Ian Anderson with rare and unseen photographs.

This Was: The 50th Anniversary Edition will be issued on 9 November 2018. Note that at the time of writing, it’s cheaper for US fans to order from the UK since with VAT deducted the price works out at around $33 (plus shipping).

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Jethro Tull

This Was - 50th Anniversary


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Disc One: Steven Wilson Stereo Remix
1.    “My Sunday Feeling”
2.    “Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You”
3.    “Beggar’s Farm”
4.    “Move On Alone”
5.    “Serenade To A Cuckoo”
6.    “Dharma For One”
7.    “It’s Breaking Me Up”
8.    “Cat’s Squirrel”
9.    “A Song For Jeffrey”
10.  “Round”
Associated Recordings
11.  “Love Story”
12.  “A Christmas Song”
13.  “Serenade To A Cuckoo” (Take 1)*
14.  “Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You” (Faster Version)*
15.  “Move On Alone” (Flute Version)*
16.  “Ultimate Confusion”*

* previously unreleased

Disc Two
1.    “So Much Trouble” (BBC Sessions)
2.    “My Sunday Feeling” (BBC Sessions)
3.    “Serenade To A Cuckoo” (BBC Sessions)
4.    “Cat’s Squirrel” (BBC Sessions)
5.    “A Song For Jeffrey” (BBC Sessions)
6.    “Love Story” (BBC Sessions)
7.    “Stormy Monday” (BBC Sessions)
8.    “Beggar’s Farm” (BBC Sessions)
9.    “Dharma For One” (BBC Sessions)
10.  “A Song For Jeffrey” (Original Mono Mix)
11.  “One For John Gee” (Original Mono Mix)
12.  “Someday The Sun Won’t Shine For You” – Faster Version (Original Mono Mix)*                         
13.  “Love Story” (Original Mono Mix)
14.  “A Christmas Song” (Original Mono Mix)
15.  “Sunshine Day”
16.  “Aeroplane”
17.  “Blues For The 18th”
18.  “Love Story” (1969 US Promo Single Stereo Mix for FM Radio Airplay)
19.  US FM Radio Spot #1
20.  US FM Radio Spot #2

Disc Three
1.    “My Sunday Feeling” (Original Stereo Mix)
2.    “Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You” (Original Stereo Mix)
3.    “Beggar’s Farm” (Original Stereo Mix)
4.    “Move On Alone” (Original Stereo Mix)
5.    “Serenade To A Cuckoo” (Original Stereo Mix)
6.    “Dharma For One” (Original Stereo Mix)
7.    “It’s Breaking Me Up” (Original Stereo Mix)
8.    “Cat’s Squirrel” (Original Stereo Mix)
9.    “A Song For Jeffrey” (Original Stereo Mix)
10.  “Round” (Original Stereo Mix)
11.  “My Sunday Feeling” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
12.  “Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
13.  “Beggar’s Farm” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
14.  “Move On Alone” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
15.  “Serenade To A Cuckoo” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
16.  “Dharma For One” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
17.  “It’s Breaking Me Up” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
18.  “Cat’s Squirrel” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
19.  “A Song For Jeffrey” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)
20.  “Round” (2008 Remastered Version – Mono)

Disc: 4 (DVD)
1. My Sunday Feeling (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
2. Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
3. Beggar’s Farm (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
4. Move On Alone (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
5. Serenade To A Cuckoo (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
6. Dharma For One (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
7. It’s Breaking Me Up (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
8. Cat’s Squirrel (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
9. A Song For Jeffrey (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
10. Round (Steven Wilson 4.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
11. Love Story (Steven Wilson 5.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
12. A Christmas Song (Steven Wilson 5.1 Surround Sound Mix in DTS and Dolby Digital)
13. My Sunday Feeling (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
14. Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
15. Beggar’s Farm (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
16. Move On Alone (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
17. Serenade To A Cuckoo (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
18. Dharma For One (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
19. It’s Breaking Me Up (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
20. Cat’s Squirrel (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
21. A Song For Jeffrey (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
22. Round (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
23. Love Story (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
24. A Christmas Song (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
25. Serenade To A Cuckoo (Take 1) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24]
26. Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You (Faster Version) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24]
27. Move On Alone (Flute Version) [Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24]
28. Ultimate Confusion (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix 96/24)
29. My Sunday Feeling (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
30. Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine For You (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
31. Beggar’s Farm (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
32. Move On Alone (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
33. Serenade To A Cuckoo (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
34. Dharma For One (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
35. It’s Breaking Me Up (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
36. Cat’s Squirrel (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
37. A Song For Jeffrey (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)
38. Round (Original 1969 US stereo mix 96/24)

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Amazon USA is STILL pricing this at $49.98!

Bullmose has it listed at $38.97 + free media mail shipping.

Dave Horn

All I ever want from these SW and any other remixes/reissues is the surround sound and high resolution stereo, mainly the former, for albums I already have on vinyl and CD but have not managed to get a DVD-Audio of several years ago. Unlike 10 to 20 years ago they hardly ever issue a single disc including surround and high resolution stereo like they did back in the day with DVD-Audios (with the occasional exception and BD). The surround mixes are inevitably included only in these expensive packages and not on their own which personally I consider a money-making scam as, if you want the surround and high resolution you have to buy the package. Rant over, I’ve already bought the earlier Tull packages and I’m now going to preorder this one, along with Lennon’s “Imagine”.


Wow, massively disagree. These sets are very reasonably priced, imo. What about the excellent book and packaging? These, unlike many so called “Limited Editions” are truly limited. There would be no DVD without all this other stuff.


Can I get swap in for my 40th Anniversary edition of This Was? I’ll thrown in my original CD copy too….am I the only one getting a little tired of this endless ‘upgrading’?


ARE you kidding me another Wilson Tull remix…. What about those 4 or 5 YES remixes left you know the one’s by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …. I know the multi track tapes are not lost… It’s impossible. This is ridiculous what’s next Stormfailure.

Chris Squire

Yes 1969 Time and A Word 1970 Fragile LIVE 1972 Going For The One 1977 Tormado 1978 Yesshows and MORE 1980 Drama 1980 90125 1983 and Big Generator 1987 ………… NEED TO BE REMIX. COMPARED TO BORING TULL …. That’s ……… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 …..Say 1969 to 1980 need a serious remix Mr. Wilson and Mr. Fripp and Mr. Anderson/Howe. ASAP ……… NOW

Andy Haines

Hi folks.
I’m looking to replenish my Tull vinyl catalogue as I foolishly got rid of them all when I got CD fever. I’ve been cured of this disease for some time and would like to know if the Steven Wilson remixes are any good or should I look for original issue copies?


Crest of a Knave was my entry point into Tull, so it’s a big album for me. I’d love to see a box set like the others, but if it’s part of 40th Anniversary series, we’ll have to wait until 2027!! That’s way too long.

Might I suggest the “Crest of a Knave – Heavy Metal Grammy Winner Edition” with liner notes by Lars Ulrich that can come out sooner without the 40th tag? ;)

I’m not big on Under Wraps or A, but I would be curious to hear what might be done with them soundwise. And often these types of box sets allow me to re-evaluate albums that I might not have been as fond of when I first heard them.


In an interview with German (prog-)rock-magazine “eclipsed” Ian Anderson said that he’d like this series to continue at least up to Crest Of A Knave but fears that Steven Wilson will be forced to stop with the work on these due to his own increasing success as an artist.

To me it seemed like the series is not done by IA himself (but of course approved by him) but by SW and Warner. Really interesting in this interview was that IA’s most wanted not yet done 5.1-mix of all things would be one of Under Wraps.

Also interesting to me was the reason why he prefers touring under his own name for several years now (forgive me if you already knew this but i just recently discovered that JT is quite up my alley). He says he was done with everyone meeting him was calling him Jethro ;-)

As for his own future plans he says that if his health allows it he’ll be touring at least up to his 75th birthday. So some more chances to watch him play live as you haven’t seen him yet.

CJ Feeney

IA and SW discuss the mixes before SW starts, then IA has approval on the final mix (going by the notes in previous sets).

IA also contributes good track by track annotations (including the rare b sides and archive stuff and is interviewed at length for each set (as are other band members).

It’s the band’s often frank contributions that set the books in these sets apart from other releases- e.g. Misplaced Childhood, which used the same format but had little new to offer in the book.

Steven Roberts

I’m in for this (the completist in me demands it), but I am also of the opinion that they should really bite the bullet and offer this with a blu-ray rather than a lossy dvd-v.

If they are waiting for the 60th anniversary they’re might not be any physical formats left to release it on. Not to mention a(n, ahem) dwindling fan base….

Kevin from Edinburgh

I’m more than happy with the audio content, and wasn’t expecting any video content, but they are not saying how many pages in the book as they’ve done for most, if not all, of the last few issues. I wonder if that means it isn’t as extensive as the others?

A minor point, everything considered, as they are fantastic regardless.


a general question… when an albumt is offered in Bluray (video) and Bluray Audio…. the audio quality is the same? does it worth to buy just the bluray video instead of the blu-ray-audio?


for instance, Led Zeppelin “Celebration Day” album. It is in bluray video and also bluray audio. Audio quality in both are the same? if you buy BR audio only, are you wasting money because you are losing video feature thinking the audio is better in bluray audio? cases like that…I’m talking about cases like this one.

Steven Roberts

In the specific case of ‘Celebration Day’, if memory serves the sonics were better on the blu-ray audio than on the blu-ray video disc (higher sampling rate).

Presumably because they wanted you to buy both, the little scamps!


As for rumors about Stormwatch, it appears Steven Wilson will be doing that after all.

From another forum, someone posted something from “The Jethro Tull Group” stating…

“Good news! ‘The Jethro Tull Group’ has been advised that Steven Wilson has indeed been mixing Stormwatch and associated tracks but will not finish it all until later this year. Its release date is currently uncertain but based on previous release schedules we would suspect it will be available in the first half of 2019.”

Not familiar with The Jethro Tull Group personally, so I don’t know how legit this is. Certainly the forum I saw this referenced on didn’t rip it to shreds as fake. But I guess somewhere along the line Wilson will confirm it himself if it’s true.

Mathew Lauren

That is awesome news. I, too, read (as part of a SW, print interview) that he (SW) would stay onboard through (at least) “Stormwatch,” (his words), but I allow, things change.

Regardless, I’m glad to hear what I shared from another, pretty, reliable forum is (probably) incorrect. Thank you for sharing. Happy to stand corrected, if true!

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if SW kept on going, and going…

…and going…

The Tull booksets (with SW mixing in 2.0 & 5.1) are some of the best “bang for the (surround-sound) buck” on the market.

I, too, am not familiar with The Jethro Tull Group. I’ll have to check them out, as well.


Bruce Kelso

wow this is great. there were 3 stereo mixs of this was. u.k. first pressing, u.s. mix and then the mid 69 remix with no echo. that mix has been used since mid 69, flat no echo,horroble. the best thing is that the original u.k. stereo will be used. all 9 bbc tracks, we have all had off air recordings but this might be REAL bbc tracks. i dont have 5.1 sound so the dvd i cant play.wonder if they will have the brian matthewintro on seranade to a cuckoo.along with the kinks vgps deluxe im saying now. i wont be getting them the day of issue, wiil wait and check prices later.

Mathew Lauren

I had something relevant to share about how the “This Was” Tull surround-mix will sound different from the others, but let’s get it from the source…

From Steven Wilson:

As the album was originally recorded on 4 track, you can imagine that creating a surround mix was a challenge. However, I believe something quite immersive was achieved (how it was done is explained in detail in the book) and I think surround fans will be pleasantly surprised how effective the mix is. Despite this, I did limit the channel assignment to only 4.1, not making use of the centre channel on this occasion. The exception is the post-album single Love Story / Christmas Song which appears in 5.1, since it was recorded on 8 track and therefore presented greater possibilities.

So, I’m gonna jump in, too! This is a call out to IAN for:

1. A ‘corrected’ “THICK AS A BRICK”
with extras CD/5.1 DVD bookset,
2. And a “Benefit” cd/5.1 DVD

Note: Since Chrysalis & (parent company) Parlophone are now owned by Warner since EMI’s demise, and with Rhino handling the Warner RE campaigns, it may just be a matter of time.

Lastly, and sadly, this is rumoured to be Steven Wilson’s last TULL surround remix.

FTR of all SW’s Tull work, “Heavy Horses” 5.1 felt like one of his most “complete” and “sympathetically” discrete and well-balanced, 5.1 mixes.

Further, I’d argue, it’s one of the best surround mixes – EVER.

Grammy-worthy considerations for 2019 are a no-brainer (to me) – and there have been a lot of great 5.1’s released and eligible for the 2019 Grammy’s (surround sound category) — to be renamed Best Immersive Audio Album, as of 2019.

Addendum: There should be 2 categories: classical and non-classical, as well, instead of just one for all. Rock/Jazz/Pop albums have been underrepresented in this category, since it’s inception, circa 2005.


We’ll see.

Phil Cohen

A further explanation of how Chrysalis was split up. When Universal Music bought EMI, EU & U.S.A. regulators required Universal to divest themselves of parts of EMI. Universal sold Parlophone to Warner Music, and sold all of Chrysalis (except the Blondie catalog) to Warner Music. More recently, Warner sold Chrysalis (minus the Jethro Tull catalog) to a consortium of investors(led by Chrysalis co-found Chris Wright). Presumably, in their next production run of Jethro Tull CD’s, Warner will have to cease using the Chrysalis logo, unless they’ve made special arrangements to continue using the Chrysalis logo on Jethro Tull product. Universal is permitted to continue using the Parlophone logo on the main 13 Beatles albums, though the remainder of the Parlophone catalog moved to Warner Music.


I have the 2008 2-CD reissue with what is described as a “new stereo mix”. I always assumed that Steve Wilson had done this but having checked the booklet I can find no mention of a name for whoever did the re-mixing. Does anyone know who did this?

I’d like to replace/add to my 2-CD set with this new one but can’t really justify the expense. Shame.

Phil Cohen

The new stereo mix on the 2008 2-CD edition was by Peter Mew.


Thank you.

CJ Feeney

Was Peter Mew the guy who mastered the 40th Ann. stereo mixes of TAAB and Aqualung that fans were unhappy with?
The “bookset” Aqualung replaced his master with a Steven Wilson remaster, and commenters on this site we’re hoping a SW master of TAAB would follow.
It would be another reason to redo the TAAB set, but I want Stormwatch next rather than another TAAB or Benefit.

Julian H

The good thing about TAAB would be that it requires no work from Steven’s side (unless they have additional material, but I doubt that), so it would buy the series more time and make it easier for Steven to work on the next albums.

Peter Mew did indeed master those reissues, but his mixes on the 2008 This Was are generally considered very good. Apparently he’s better at mixing than at mastering.


This was posted on the Steven Wilson Remixes FB page today:

“As the album was originally recorded on 4 track, you can imagine that creating a surround mix was a challenge. However, I believe something quite immersive was achieved (how it was done is explained in detail in the book) and I think surround fans will be pleasantly surprised how effective the mix is. Despite this, I did limit the channel assignment to only 4.1, not making use of the centre channel on this occasion. The exception is the post-album single Love Story / Christmas Song which appears in 5.1, since it was recorded on 8 track and therefore presented greater possibilities.”

Dan T.

The Jethro Tull announcements are the sole reason I follow SDE. :-) It’s so thrilling when I open the email and see a new announcement.

While not a huge fan of This Was, I’ll pick this one up due to being an OCD “completist” collector.

Would love to see Stormwatch (the next one, if we’re doing this chronologically, I think).

I never picked up “Benefit” because of the way it was packaged, hoping for a re-release in book form some day… Paul, any idea if they’ll go through with that? Seems I’m not the only one asking about it.

Another question: Chrysalis tracked me down after I bought TaaB anniversary set from Burning Shed, and sent me a “corrected” DVD in a paper sleeve. Does that mean I’m good to go, or are there still problems with the one they sent out? I usually go for the 24/96 stereo versions when I listen at home.

Mathew Lauren

You’re good, dude. “They” found you and sent you a corrected “TAAB” 5.1 DVD in a paper sleeve? That’s awesome. Congrats!

Mathew Lauren

I think it’s great Chysalis tracked you down. I find we’re mostly on our own. “Caveat Emptor.” Maybe b/c you purchased through Burning Shed, they easily tracked you down. Regardless, you are “good to go“ with that replacement, 5.1 DVD. All the “corrected” “TAAB” 5.1 DVDs came with a black line drawn under: DVD

Graham Robinson

I’m another purchaser via Burning Shed who had the corrected DVD automatically sent to me. I seem to remember getting one of the Pink Floyd Immersion sets similarly “auto updated”.

Shame this doesn’t seem to be the norm any more. Instead, the companies sneak out a press release that only followers of this site are ever likely to see. But I guess good customer service costs too much…


I’m interested in this, but is a 4.1 (that’s quad + low-frequency, BTW) mix or the new stereo mix worth it for me? I am pretty happy with my 2008 version and I prefer the mono mix (as usual).
Hmmm. I’ll monitor prices. I’m a bit annoyed that we’re stuck with DVD-V (and therefore a lossy quad mix) and not Blu-Ray. This is 2018. Hasn’t anyone who is the slightest bit interested in digital audio bought a Blu-ray player by now?


I think we are enough for a petition to re-do “Thick”-Box. hahaha


I was hoping for this.
It appears there’s no 24/96 mono on the DVD, but that’s quibbling.
Now – let’s do that Benefit bookset and a corrected TAAB bookset.
IIRC, the TAAB DVD was corrected and somehow the replacement discs were made available to those who purchased the original botched set. Still would like to see it re-done properly though.


Something wrong. For the CD/DVD of Homo Erraticus, it is listed for each Amazon at less than half the actual price here. Amazon US at $9.43, $18.98 on their web site. Amazon Canada at $10.52 but $27.91 on their web site.

David Olstein

What a shame that Wilson’s surround mixes are being presented in a lossy format. I know this isn’t the first time, but it still bears repeating – it would be much better if these sets included a Blu-Ray (like the Aqualung set) than a DVD. Or at least they could also issue this set on a Blu Ray “pure audio” disc. I suspect the entire contents would likely fit on one disc.


Yes, yes, yes !!!!!!
Big, great news!!

Still waiting for the whole back catalogue to receive the same (deluxe edition) treatment up to Roots to Branches which was the last album released by Chrysalis Records label.

CJ Feeney

I love this series but find I have no enthusiasm for this release. I don’t think it adds anything significant to the 40th ann. version. I wanted the series to continue with Stormwatch.

I was always worried that the record company would drop the 40th releases once the big album 50th anniversaries came around. I didn’t think they’d start with This Was though.

James C

Anyone know what 4.1 is? Is it quad with a bass channel or is there a separate front/middle channel for the vocals (meaning the rear channels would, in effect, be mono)?


James, I have a few Audio Fidelity SACD discs with a 4.1 multi-channel mix. You are correct, these discs play as quad with a bass channel, so there is no center channel at all. The lead vocals and lead instruments appear to be balanced between the front right and left speakers. It sounds fine, but I don’t understand why an album wouldn’t be mixed in 5.1 surround sound since the center speaker does logically make for a more realistic sound stage.

Okay, no more quibbling ;-) I’m very excited about “This Was” being remastered by Steven Wilson! And I, like many other JT fans, hope Steven Wilson will eventually re-do “Benefit” as a DVD (or Blu-ray) book-style package with more bonus material.

Keith Fletcher

I will carry on buying these separate vinyl later or at the same time is fine by me. At least we don’t end up getting stung for something we don’t want.

Paul do you think Benefit will get the book style release it’s now the very odd one out


I’m glad to see this, as I particularly like Jethro Tull’s early work. I’ll add to others in hoping that ‘Benefit’ also gets the same treatment. I’ve a real soft spot for that album as it was the first from the band I ever owned (actually traded someone some other album – damned if I remember which – for ‘Benefit’ back in ’71 or so). I fully agree with others that this is a superlative reissue series. In particular Wilson does a stellar job on the surround mixes, and the overall packaging the series is attractive and user friendly.

Tom Kristensen

Great news! Still got the 40th ann. double CD from 2008, but I`ll definitely going for this one as well. Some killer tracks here; My Sunday Feeling, Beggar`s Farm, A Song for Jeffrey and Mick Abraham`s beautiful Move on Alone. This is how re-issues should be done. Great value for yer hard earned dosh! PMcC with his poxy overpriced Archive Series should be ashamed.

Brent Jones

What were the sound issues with “Thick”? I love the 5.1 mix- hell, maybe I don’t want to know and just blindly enjoy it. :-)


5.1: If you can live with at about the 7 minute mark there’s slight cymbal torture, and 3 glitches noted at the beginning of side one. First two drop outs are strangely enough on the first two uses of the word down. Then something strange (drop out?) at the 3:03 mark. (Defects with the 5.1 at times 2:32, 2:48 & 3:03 of “Side 1”) then life should be good..

David Ratchford

Then why ask !


Also the stereo remix was originally issued remastered – badly – by Peter Mew.

An unremasted version version was subsequently made available, as per Steve Wilson’s wishes, but only via download and on an SHM Japanese CD


Please contact me if you wish to get my spare copy of CD+DVD edition of Thick as a Brick, my email is tjrael@interia.pl

Tom M Hans

Pardon me not knowing, I own TAAB SDE with corrected DVD (based on the DVD imprint). What was/is the issue with it?

Kevin Wollenweber

I agree with others who say that this is one of the best reissue series out there. I’ll be purchasing this one, although I half expected BROAD SWORD AND THE BEAST to be the next album that is reissued in this fashion, completing that trilogy of albums for that period (SONGS FROM THE WOOD, HEAVY HORSES, BROAD SWORD AND THE BEAST). I was not aware of any sound issues with THICK AS A BRICK, but hey, if a better reissue is in the words, let it happen, and I say the same for BENEFIT as it is one of my favorite albums. Sure wish that the Who reissue/expansion campaigns would work this way…or perhaps Steve could tackle the Genesis back catalog? Ooh, the possibilities!

Iain Mac

I believe you were probably thinking of Stormwatch as the final album of the folk influenced loose trilogy of Tull albums from the late 70s, Broadsword was a couple of albums later on.

Greg Allen

The trilogy is Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses, and STORMWATCH

Julian H

TAAB was mastered (after the mix) by Peter Mew, and the results weren’t exactly in line what Steven Wilson had intended. The DVD had issues that were corrected, and during this process, the 5.1 was reverted to Steven’s original mix (pre-mastering), but not the stereo. The unmastered SW mix is currently only available as a download.

In the case of Aqualung, the opportunity was seized to undo Mew’s mastering from the 40th box and that’s why the 45th anniversary edition says “mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson”. I sincerely hope the same will happen to TAAB.

Steven is not a dyed-in-the-wool Genesis fan, so I would not expect him to do anything beyond *perhaps* 2 or 3 albums.


Thanks to ebay I got hold of TAAB (paid way too much) so I believe I have a complete set. Been waiting for this one, looking forward to it, thaks for the heads up, Paul!


I’m playing catch up. Can someone please list which JT albums have been done in this format so far?


Thick as a Brick : Special Collector’s Edition;
Stand Up: The Elevated Edition;
A Passion Play: An Extended Performance;
WarChild: 40th Anniversary Theatre Edition;
Minstrel in the Gallery: 40th Anniversary La Grande Edition;
Songs from the Wood: 40th Anniversary The Country Set;
Aqualung: 40th Anniversary Adapted Edition;
Too Old to Rock ‘N’Roll: The TV Special Edition;
Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition

Colin Harper

I wonder who the (singular) ‘Special Collector’ was?

Graham Robinson

Everything up to and including “Heavy Horses”. Benefit wasn’t released in the “hardback” format – it’s in a “normal CD” height card package, though still contains 5.1 mix, additional material, etc.

Looks like Bursting Out won’t happen – replaced instead by a full concert recording in with Heavy Horses and covering much the same material.



This Was (2018)
Stand Up (2016)
Aqualung (2016)
Thick As A Brick (2012)
A Passion Play (2014)
War Child (2014)
Minstrel In The Gallery (2015)
Too Old To Rock’n Roll Too Young To Die (2015)
Songs From The Wood (2017)
Heavy Horses (2018)

These are the albums released in DVD-sized book-style packaging.

Dates of release are according to Discogs.com

This Was will be the first 50th anniversary release in this series, Aqualung was a 45th anniversary release, Stand Up had no anniversary whatsoever when released, from Thick As A Brick onwards they’re 40th anniversary releases.

This Was has been released ten years ago as a 40th anniversary edition but without involvement from Steven Wilson and as a cd-format digipack featuring 2 cds.

Aqualung has been released as a 40th anniversary edition in a 12″x12″-formatted box featuring all the contents of the 45th anniversary edition plus the vinyl album and the contents of the 2 dvds on a blu-ray as well.

Benefit has been released as a non-anniversary special edition in 2013 including 2 cds and a dvd-a featuring a 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson but formatted in a cd-sized digipack like This Was (40th…)

So, Benefit is currently missing in the dvd-sized SDE-series and Thick As A Brick is long out of print and only containing the original album on cd and dvd (including 5.1 mix), maybe we can hope here for a new release on the 50th anniversary including some bonus tracks or , if there aren’t any, Ian Anderson might at least allow to include TAAB 2 with it.


Thanks everyone who replied to my question. Very helpful.
This site is amazing for serious music collectors. Thanks Paul!!

Scott Meze

All the Anderson-led new studio albums up to “Heavy Horses” with the exception of “Benefit” which comes in a fold-out digipack (but I’m sure they’ll reformat it soon!). Basically these are being released in chronological order, with some exceptions like this wonderful autumn gift to ourselves.

“Bursting Out” is folded into “Heavy Horses” — at least, I’m not expecting a separate release. I’d guess “Living In The Past” is considered superfluous since it’s all now elsewhere (except the odd stage dialog if I recall). Ditto everything on “Nightcap” is now in the boxes I think. So I think these will be the final word, give or take some live material getting upgraded to the format. Much less likely, a video collection.

“Thick As A Brick,” the first in the series, now seems markedly inferior to the others, so I’d expect a revamp of that at some point. The rest are sheer perfection in my opinion. This has been the best reissue campaign I’ve seen. Pure joy with each release. Thanks Ian and team for brightening these past few years.


@Scott Meze

“This has been the best reissue campaign I’ve seen. Pure joy with each release.”

I’d say you’re right regarding the outer appearance.

When it comes to content imho it’s a tie with the XTC-campaign.


You’re welcome.


Thanks Paul!
As you said, it came to about $36.87 USD total shipped to the US. One of Tull’s best in my opinion. Do you inow if there will be a newly updated vinyl release as well?


Excellent news, and hopefully this will mean only a year to go for ‘Stand Up’ in this format, and two for ‘Benefit’!


Stand Up has been released as a bookset.


Stand Up has already been done, “The Elevated Edition”! I have a spare that I could swap with Thick as a Brick?!…..


Very nice


I am in , for this. This Jethro Tull Editions are really great. Great sound, great mixes By St. Wilson and great price. Normally I only buy vinyls, but this are the only CD´s I buy. The only one I´ve missed is the “Think as a brick” edition. It has some audio-issues, so I waited for a re-press, but it never happend. Let´s hope and pray. Hahaha.


Another shout for out for a corrected “Thick As A Brick”. Not forgetting a “Benefit” book-set for those of us with musical-OCD. “Benefit” is the only one in this superlative reissue series not to be in a book-set; it’s in a fold-out card digpack (plus, my dog chewed disk 2 when I was transferring it to the laptop!). “Stormwatch” is next for Dr Wilson.


Well, crap! Amazon USA is showing $49.98 currently!


Prices never seem to be whats listed in the articles


Arguably the best reissue series of them all!! I do wish Thick as a Brick would come back into print!


Chris, I have one spare copy of Thick as a Brick if you want :)


Adam, if Chris doesn’t want I’d be very interested :-)


Please contact me if you wish to get my spare copy of CD+DVD edition of Thick as a Brick, my email is tjrael@interia.pl


Adam, if Chris don’t want that copy… maybe I will ;)


Paul is right. Go to ebay if you want to buy/sell.

Paul Bakewell

How much please Adam ? Cheers


Evidently a lot of us are looking for the Thick As A Brick set. That is the only one that has eluded me as well! I do wish a reprint could happen. Meanwhile, looking for offers!

Keith Oliver

Burning Shed sold a number of these TAAB boxsets last week, some were signed by I.A.


@Keith Oliver:

That didn’t last long, did it?