Jethro Tull’s Aqualung 5.1 surround mix finally affordable with new repackage

The 40th Anniversary edition of Jethro Tull‘s 1971 classic Aqualung is being repackaged and repriced, four and a half years after the original reissue.

The new version is a 2CD+2DVD ‘bookset’ consistent with all the recent Tull reissues. The first disc contains the album mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson (the original 40th anniversary edition was not mastered by SW) and CD 2 features additional 1970 and 1971 recordings (also mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson).

The DVDs include Steven Wilson 5.1 surround mixes, hi-res stereo mixes, the 1974 quad mix and flat transfers of both Aqualung and the Life Is A Long Song EP (two of the EP’s tracks haven’t been available in this form previously).

You don’t get the vinyl, blu-ray and large-format packaging with this version, but it does include a comprehensive 80-page booklet (presumably the old book reformatted) and will look dandy on your shelf next to the other reissues (except Benefit!). Best of all, this can be pre-ordered for for less than £20!

This new version of the 40th anniversary Aqualung will be released on 22 April 2016.

Compare prices and pre-order

Jethro Tull

40th annniversary adapted edition



CD 1 – Aqualung (mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson):

1. Aqualung
2. Cross-Eyed Mary
3. Cheap Day Return
4. Mother Goose
5. Wond’ring Aloud
6. Up To Me
7. My God
8. Hymn 43
9. Slipstream
10. Locomotive Breath
11. Wind-Up

CD 2

1. Lick Your Fingers Clean
2. Just Trying To Be
3. My God (early version)
4. Wond’ring Aloud (13th December 1970)
5. Wind-Up (early version)
6. Slipstream (Take 2)
7. Up The ‘Pool (early version)
8. Wond’ring Aloud, Again
9. Life Is A Long Song
10. Up The ‘Pool

The original Life Is A Long Song EP

11. Life Is A Long Song
12. Up The ‘Pool
13. Dr Bogenbroom
14. From Later
15. Nursie

16. Reprise Radio Advert

DVD 1 (Audio only)

Aqualung remixed in 5.1 surround and presented in DTS 96/24 and AC3 Dolby Digital and 96/24 LPCM stereo, including associated 1970 & 1971 Recordings. Seven tracks remixed in 5.1 surround and presented in DTS 96/24 and AC3 Dolby Digital, and all ten remixed in 96/24 LPCM stereo.

DVD 2 (Audio & Video)

A flat transfer from the original stereo master of the album in 96/24 LPCM stereo.
The original 1974 quad mix as 4.1 presented in DTS 96/24 and AC3 Dolby Digital surround
A flat transfer from the original stereo master of the EP ‘Life Is A Long Song’ in 96/24 LPCM stereo
The 1971 Life Is A Long Song promotional film with new remixed stereo soundtrack.

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[…] out this video of the recently issued Jethro Tull Aqualung ‘adapted’ edition. This set is a great value repackage of the […]


Sadly, there was no corrected version of the Blu-Ray disc.

Phil Cohen

I’ve never been able to get an answer to this question: was there ever a corrected Blu-Ray disc for the 2-CD + DVD + Blu-ray + vinyl edition of “Aqualung”.
Like most consumers, I encountered “ticks” from digital error noises during the song “My God” during the presentation of the album’s original stereo mix. Also, during one of the 2 presentations of the album’s Quadraphonic mix( the Dolby True HD, as I recall) the left rear channel is silent. Other people encountered digital ticks during the 5.1 surround mix.
After spending $100 on that edition, and encountering a faulty Blu-Ray audio disc, I never played the set again. Today the Chrysalis label is owned by Warner Music, but when the 2-CD + DVD + Blu-ray + vinyl edition was released, Chrysalis was owned by EMI. During the final years of EMI’s existence(with the company in financial crisis), the label rarely put things right when they released faulty product. Some examples included expanded 2-CD + DVD releases of Duran Duran’s “Duran Duran” & “Seven and The Ragged Tiger” albums which had shrill, distorted audio, and a brief stutter at the start of “Girls on Film”, and a Manfred Mann 4-CD box (“Down The Road Apiece”) which had a skip ,omitting 15 seconds of a previously unreleased song “Let’s Go”. Not surprisingly, that skip was caused by Mr.Peter Mew.
I would even be willing to pay for a corrected Blu-Ray for my Aqualung box, since I don’t blame Warner Music for faulty product manufactured by Chrysalis’ previous owners.
Yes, I’m buying the new “Aqualung” box, but the surround audio in the new boxed set is lossy DTS audio versus the high resolution surround sound on the faulty Blu-ray disc from the earlier boxed set. You’d think that Jethro Tull would want to put things right for people who bought the pricey earlier Aqualung box.


Pre-ordered through Amazon.com $22.22 USD which has to be the lowest price offered for these 40th anniversary sets. One more week until released and I can’t wait for 40th anniversary “Songs From The Wood” to be released in the future.


I read the reviews and stayed away from the first 40th box set. Glad I did. I wish they’d just release everything on a single blu-ray. This is by far my favorite JT album. I also really like Crest of a Knave. I’ve heard a lot of early Tull on live bootlegs but it just doesn’t do it for me as much as the M.U. hits and the odd track here or there. I’m picking up Minstrel in this format because I have heard it is similar to Aqualung. I am also excited that SW is tackling Seeds of Love and James Guthrie confirmed The Wall studio album is coming to multichannel.


Do you anticipate this selling out ahead of time, or otherwise? I live in the US and am hoping I can wait until it’s officially available and thus have more purchasing options stateside. Thanks in advance for your input!


I’m interested in getting the TAAB downloads. Link? I have the (lovely) box set, but if he did a better master, I’d love to own that too. And yes, there was a subsequent disc sent to me by burningshed months after I received TAAB and it had a “corrected” 5.1 mix disc in there. It came in a very uneventful white envelope. Unfortunately, I put it in the box set loosely and now I can’t tell it apart from the original, screwed up one! Ha!

I was always miffed that Aqualung 2011 was this uber-expensive box set, because I just wanted the four-disc CD/DVD-A set for the hi-res 2.0 and 5.1 versions on the BluRay. I don’t own a turntable, so the original Aqualung set never suited my needs. I’m super happy that this is being released! It’s probably my favorite after Minstrel and TAAB, and to have it in the huge digibook form like the others is also special.

Looking forward to the rest of the JT sets. And yes, I’ve purchased so many iterations of these albums I can’t keep count, but each one reinvigorated my love for JT, made me excited about them again, and gave me something to collect, so for me, not a “cash grab” whatsoever, but a nostalgic journey back to summer of ’71: I remember listening to this all day then watching Scott and Irwin bouncing along the surface of the moon on TV at night… ah, the perfect summer….


My mistake; I would have never asked if I didn’t already own the box myself (a personal philosophy of mine). Thanks Paul.


The corrected TAAB DVD – although the stereo remix is untouched and has the bad loud mastering – has a small line under “album duration.”


Thanks Eddie! I figured there was SOME difference, but my eye never caught that.


This will be a day-1 purchase for me. I have the HDTracks “Aqualung”, and it sounds amazing. A physical version will be most welcome.
That proposed “Stand-Up” set will be another day-1 purchase for me. That album was always badly in need of a remix.
A TAAB set redux would be nice, but I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath. Also disappointed to read on stevemwilsonhq.com that there are no further Yes reissues planned. Oh well…

peter chrisp

Mig have to agree i remember when we first bought the album way back in the vinyl daze then buying the cd version, followed my a 25th Anniversary edition then huge 2011 5disc box set &
yet another 4disc box set we Tull fans are getting spoiled, i understand the next in line and one can only hope would love to see “Songs From The Wood” and one of their most underrated albums but one of my faves & one of their heaviest songs they have ever done “The Broadsword
& The Beast” and the 2 songs are real gems ‘Broadsword” & “Beastie” i wonder if somewhere
in time a similar box set but who knows

CJ Feeney

Many of these albums I’m getting for the first time, but Aqualung and Stand Up will be my third copies. If SW doesn’t continue, maybe Jakko Jakszyk can pick up the reins, as he did for the live disc of Minstrel and the King Crimson Thrak remix.

The SW interview linked to earlier indicated that the JT reissue series is has a champion within the record company, so as long as we keep buying them, the company will keep issuing them. They’ve also shown good faith so far by reissuing the corrected TAAB 5.1 and now the corrected Aqualung, so I feel quite positive about the continuation of the series.


Wonderful! Another great year for JT fans. Two releases at least this year (Stand Up? Songs From The Wood?) and no end in sight. Am I the only one who doesn’t begrudge buying all these albums again? In the case of “Aqualung”, this will be my fifth.

peter chrisp

Eddie quite interesting i am not sure what you mean by a number of glitches on some of the mixes, as suggested we have 6 different mixes of the album i guess by the way i am reading you are not happy with the end result. Could it have been better? From my perspective with all of
the half a dozen mixes i could not be more happier with the end result i can’t fault it.


Glitches on the 2011 Aqualung

Times are from the beginning of the album:

5.1 mix on both DVD and Blu-ray:
Cross-Eyed Mary glitch – At about 7:53
Cross-Eyed Mary – At about 10:42 the last few notes are erroneously repeated at the very end of the track
My God glitch – At about 27:45
Wind Up glitch – At about 41:27 on the Blu-ray (At about 41:24 on the DVD)

Original stereo mix on Blu-ray:
My God several severe glitches – Starting at about 24:23, then 25:31 and onward.


Blu ray audio? Separately?


Hopefully TAAB will receive the same treatment i.e. Steve Wilson mix *and* mastering. That would make up for the defective discs still floating around.

Tim McDonnell

There was a corrected version made available at retail; there was an exchange program as well.

SW pointed out recently that people should snap up these Tull special editions as they would be going out of print. It’s already true for some of these.


A corrected version of Aqualung or TAAB? If the latter, that is only partly true because it was only partly-corrected.


What I haven’t worked out is what is missing – if anything – from the original 2011 box (apart from the fact that that included hi-res versions and the new one doesn’t.)

peter chrisp

And with dvd 1 we get an additional 4 tracks in 5.1 Lick Your Fingers Clean, My God early version, Up The Pool, and Life Is A Long Song & with the bluray version the same as the dvd with the above 4 extra tracks so it’s not too bad at all and you throw in disc number 5 a stereo
mix of the original album, at that particular time when i ordered the box set i was blown off my socks as i bought the set from the UK as i am in Australia it set me back $100 which i thought
was amazing and as i have been shopping with them for ages received a 13 pound discount, i’ll
take it! A few weeks later i saw one copy in our local record store as it’s not a local release could not believe the cost $200!! Ouch! Bonus cash grab ummm i’ll be honest with you it’s hard to say
but with the recent 4disc box sets you may as well have a similar set up.


The issues with the 2011 Aqualung box were bad mastering and a number of glitches on some of the mixes. So this version not only makes it affordable but will correct all those problems + it’s now in book form like all the other JT albums remixed by Steve Wilson.

Sadly, TAAB is still out there with the bad mastering – I’ve got it and it’s really horrible – on the Wilson stereo remixes on both the CD and the DVD…and there are no current plans to correct that.

Wilson has done his best by putting out downloads of his mixes flat mastered but that doesn’t quite do it for me…

Tim McDonnell

Pardon me, but I own a corrected version of TAAB that was made available at retail. It is discussed in several forums such as this: http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/showthread.php?17523-Jethro-Tull-Thick-As-A-Brick-(DTS-Dolby)(Reissue-Corrected-Discs)

Steven Wilson includes flat masters wherever possible; now Aqualung will be free of tampering thru someone else’s mastering after the fact.

CJ Feeney

The corrected TAAB only updates the 5.1 mix, the stereo mixes are the same as the first issue, which is what Eddie seems to be complaining about.


I am indeed complaining – not sure where the ‘seems to’ comes from – and I am far from being alone.

Steve Wilson’s stereo remixes are loud to the point of distortion, due to someone else’s mastering, on the ‘corrected’ DVD, on the accompanying CD and on the subsequently issued standalone CD.

Downloads are available of the stereo remix without the bad mastering but I want it in a physical format.

Mike P

Why aren’t these JT releases on DVD-AUDIO (MLP 5.1)….Like the King Crimson 40th Anniversary Re-issues

peter chrisp

Steven hope all is well i am pretty happy with the original 5disc box set, on cd2 we have 14 tracks. What they have done with the new edition above as you can see you have 10 on side 2
and 14 on the box set & the order on the 2011 edition is 11 Dr. Bogenbroom 12From later
13 Nursie 14 US radio spot


Haven’t read the entire thread, so apologies if this has already been mentioned, but it appears that tracks 11 and 12 on CD2 were not part of the original mega box.

Nice bonus or cynical cash grab? Discuss.

peter chrisp

I must admit i cannot complain with the 2011 version of one of my fave Jethro Tull album Aqualung a 5disc box set can’t get any better than that, as suggested above the mixes completed
in surround sound by Steve Wilson were none the less amazing, and the good thing too with the 2011 we get the original album on vinyl so 5discs are i guess better than 4. It seems strange but in the end perhaps it was a pretty good idea or as Joseph had suggested a slight money cash grab, interesting is the word for sure. Having bought the 40th anniversary edition of their seminal T.A.A.B. with only 2discs but if you look closely the dvd does feature 4 versions of the album on one disc so all is not lost, and to my understanding there were no live versions available of the album that were recorded which is a bit of a shame, can you imagine a 50-60 live version hmmm.


Isn’t it amazing that no proper high quality recordings exist of those TAAB performances? At least not complete or anything near to it, anyways. Sorry for off-topic, but that tour was more than likely the group at the pinnacle of their powers onstage given the ambition and exceedingly high standards of the material at hand. I’m not old enough to have been there, but from what I’ve read…


Wonderful surprise to see this reissue which hopefully rights past wrongs but does not completely obsolete prior editions. Assuming no spanner in the works this time (knock on wood). If the previous box had been on point, we’d be cynical and criticize this as a money grab. But under the circumstances – well done, chaps!!!


For anyone still looking for a cheap copy of Tull’s “Too Old to Rock n Roll…” 4-disc set, UK branches of HMV are now selling it at £14.99. I mentioned this on the relevant thread last week (since when Amazon have started price-matching) but it’s probably worth repeating here.

By the way, Steven Wilson talked about this repackaging of Aqualung, and its remastering, in his latest newsletter. Well worth subscribing.


Another HMV related deal that Amazon have responded to is the recent 4 disc Grateful Dead box, 30 Trips Around The Sun, which is currently a good deal at £14.99 for anyone interested.


I wish they would so the same with Thick As A Brick and reissue it with the correct mastering.


Lovely! Ordered at once!!

Glenn Burris

Ah, the mastering is the diff. Now, I getcha. Thanks for the fill-in.

Would love to hear an A/B review of the two releases.

CJ Feeney

Excellent news. Now need This Was, Stand Up and Benefit in the same format.


Looks like we will get Stand Up in the same format this year but This Was and Benefit were not mentioned.


Paul Kent

Interesting interview confirming, as it does, that SW has definitely made a 5.1 mix of TFF’s “Seeds Of Love”!

Tim McDonnell

I’ve had Benefit in a CD/DVD format for a couple years; this was before this form factor was adopted so it is a CD sized package not the book size but wonderful nonetheless. (prefer US running order but oh well, small quibble)

As mentioned elsewhere Stand Up multi-tracks have surfaced so that’s coming this year. Have not seen This Was mentioned anywhere.


I have been waiting for this, but could you find out of the glitches on the surround mix have been fixed please and is it exclusive to the Jethro Tull store?

Ryan S.

The original CD was mixed but not mastered by Wilson, it was mastered by Peter Mew and had additional processing that, um, did not enhance the presentation. A version that reflected Wilson’s delivered mix without additional mastering was released on HDTracks last year (but the standalone CD released at the same time was Mew’s master). Now the “unmastered” version has made its way to CD.


Sadly despite much good work earlier in his career, Peter had hearing issues for about the last 10 years of his time at Abbey Road, resulting in some nasty sounding remasters. Only after client complaints did the management ‘suggest’ retirement, but by then he was already one of the longest serving members of staff in the studios history.


But did Mew also master the other mixes (Steven’s 5.1/original quad/original stereo) as found on the Blu-ray?


Wilson does the mixing and not the mastering on his work, but have no fears…the sound is amazing.

Glenn Burris

“the original 40th anniversary edition was not mastered by SW”… Ahhh… Say what, now? I’m staring right at my box set from 2011, and Wilson’s name is all over it. And in the booklet inside. And on the Wikipedia article about the album. And on the Rhino site. And in the massive SW discography document: http://www.voyage-pt.de/swdisco.pdf As the Thing-Fish would say, “There must be some creative confusement…”, unless my head is on sideways again. But details aside, nice to see Aqualung arriving in budget form.

David Hartley

I think you may (as many do) have mixed up remastering and remixing.

From the booklet of the 2-CD 40th Anniversary Special Edition (which I’m now holding) it says:

“New stereo mixes by Steven Wilson
Mastering by Peter Mew at Abbey Road
Multi track transfers by Kris Burton”

Furthermore, Wilson’s essay in the booklet (“Notes on the New Mixes”) makes it clear he went back to the original master tapes and remixed them. He doesn’t mention the word “remaster” in that essay.


Hi Paul,
on the back of the 40th anniversary box set it says “CD of the new stereo mix of the album by Steven Wilson”, is this not correct?



At last. My gamble worked! Thanks Jethro!