Joan As Police Woman / JOANTHOLOGY

3CD ‘best of’ • Live at the BBC on limited coloured vinyl • New tour

Joan Wasser, better known as Joan As Police Woman, will release JOANTHOLOGY, a three-CD retrospective in May.

Spanning the last fifteen years, this set pulls tracks from all five official studio albums  – Real Life (2006) , To Survive (2008), The Deep Field (2011), The Classic (2014) and last year’s Damned Devotion. Additionally, it features songs from Cover, the fairly limited release from 2009, the 2016 collaboration with Benjamin Lazar Davis Let It Be You and My Gurl from the debut EP.

Two new recordings feature on JOANTHOLOGY (that title reads better than it sounds), one is a cover of Prince‘s ‘Kiss’ (which will be familiar to anyone who attended any of Damned Devotion live shows) and a new song ‘What A World’.

Although this is a three-CD set, the studio recordings take up two discs with a third featuring tracks performed ‘Live at the BBC’.

The cover of the standalone vinyl edition of Live at the BBC

Live at the BBC also gets a standalone vinyl release, with its own remarkable front cover. This is available for a time as a limited ‘sky blue’ (bath blue?) coloured vinyl and comes with a download code.

JOANTHOLOGY/Live at the BBC is out on 24 May 2019. Joan will also be touring this year in support of the release. You can check dates here.


CD 1

1 My Girl 4:43
2 The Ride 3:11
3 Real Life 4:38
4 Eternal Flame 3:42
5 I Defy 3:34
6 We Don’t Own It 3:55
7 Christobel 3:11
8 Honor Wishes 4:36
9 Hard White Wall 4:12
10 Start Of My Heart 4:34
11 To America 5:42
12 To Be Lonely 4:55
13 The Magic 4:10
14 Human Condition 5:32
15 Run For Love 5:39
16 Forever And A Year 5:56
17 What A World 5:14

CD 2

18 Flash 7:53
19 Whatever You Like 4:22
20 Holy City 4:44
21 Get Direct 6:44
22 Good Together 7:01
23 Your Song 3:55
24 Myrrhman 7:09
25 Broke Me In Two 2:55
26 Valid Jagger 3:28
27 Steed (for Jean Genet) 4:09
28 Tell Me 3:38
29 Silly Me 3:39
30 Warning Bell 3:17
31 Kiss 5:08

CD 3

32 To Be Loved (Live At The BBC) 3:02
33 Start Of My Heart (Live At The BBC) 3:45
34 Human Condition (Live At The BBC) 5:23
35 She Watch Channel Zero (Live At The BBC) 3:32
36 Sacred Trickster (Live At The BBC) 2:29
37 Holy City (Live At The BBC) 4:29
38 The Classic (Live At The BBC) 3:35
39 Magic Lamp (Live At The BBC) 3:38
40 Let It Be You (Live At The BBC) 2:52
41 The Silence (Live At The BBC) 5:02
42 Damned Devotion (Live At The BBC) 3:31
43 Steed (For Jean Genet) (Live At The BBC) 5.10

Live at the BBC vinyl

1 To Be Loved (Live At The BBC) 3:02
2 Start Of My Heart (Live At The BBC) 3:45
3 Human Condition (Live At The BBC) 5:23
4 She Watch Channel Zero (Live At The BBC) 3:32
5 Sacred Trickster (Live At The BBC) 2:29
6 Holy City (Live At The BBC) 4:29
7 The Classic (Live At The BBC) 3:35
8 Magic Lamp (Live At The BBC) 3:38
9 Let It Be You (Live At The BBC) 2:52
10 The Silence (Live At The BBC) 5:02
11 Damned Devotion (Live At The BBC) 3:31
12 Steed (For Jean Genet) (Live At The BBC) 5.10

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard any of her music, but $12.06 for 3 CDs was too good to pass up!

Alan Mitchell

I bought this as it was cheap and I’d heard her on 6music. I’ve played it a couple of times but her music doesn’t do anything for me. At times she’s a bit like John Grant or vice versa. And he’s a bit like a few others. There’s a lot of similar artists around at the moment, but then i guess there always is no matter the decade or year.

Her new song that i heard yesterday was okay though. But everything pales at the moment compared to Squid’s “Houseplants” :)

Tom M

This month I am recording a series of Podcasts covering each of my albums to date, so if you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask me then please send them to us before March 27.
Email your questions to tom@revealrecords.co.uk with the heading ‘Joan Podcast’.”


Thanks Paul for the info. Ordered off her website both editions, I have been lucky enough to see her twice when she played Portsmouth, the last time with Benjamin Lazar Davis. An incredible performer and a lovely person to speak to. Looking forward to this release.


I had never heard of Joan , however after checking her out on Spotify , I’m impressed, thank you for introducing me to new music.


Nero Schwarz

Does anyone know what happened to her planned duet-album with David Sylvian ?


I don’t know how everyone enthralled by the Live at the BBC vinyl cover can get past that revoltingly filthy bathtub. I wouldn’t want to look at at a 12″ x 12″ copy of that regardless of who’s in it.

DJ Salinger

Nice to see her cover of Talk Talk’s ‘Myrrhman’ included. She had an interesting take on it.

Michael Chapman

Well guess what? Again…damped Amazon Australia has no listing and Amazon UK says they don’t ship to Oz. I thought that was reversed or was it just Amazon US?

Michael Chapman

Was really impressed by the gorgeous woman on violin and vocals on Rufus Wainwright’s DVD included with the deluxe Want Two.
Knowing who she was, I unfortunately never took a further step.
Timing is perfect for me. Preordered the 3 cd. Thanks SDE…and Paul.

Colin Harper

I wonder, with all of these individuals who choose long-winded (and often daft) pseudonyms, do they do it knowing that the first line in EVERY review of anything they do will be a version of your own first line here Paul – giving their real name: ‘Bob Smith, better known as Going Down The Boozer For A Pint…’ etc. etc. (or vice versa). It’s either a pointless pseudonym or an attempt to make oneself appear interesting. I blame the guy who called himself Black in the 80s. He started all this.

Chris Squires

RIP Colin Vearncombe aka Black…….. sadly he has no right of reply.

I can see where your sights are aiming Colin H. (and agree to a certain extent) but I think Black is the wrong target. Black is no worse that Bono or Sting, at least in the silly name stakes.


I have genuinely never heard of Joan As Police Woman anywhere else other than this site – the name always makes me chuckle :)
I will have to check out her music!


Ive never heard her music either, but just ordered her LP off her website with the , ahem, print. Superdeluxeedition.com should come with a bank-balance health warning – mine’s never been the same since ive been subscribed to it.

Tom M

Who’s hoping the signed print is the actual LP album cover?

Arthur O'Brien

I don’t know where you’re from, and I understand this site is based in Britain (I’m in the USA), but I also have never heard of this person (band?) and am constantly seeing people/bands on this site I have never heard of, or (often what I consider horrible 80s) people/bands that were one-hit wonders over here that seem to have whole catalogues of works I am surprised even exist. This is just one more example. I keep looking, though, hoping for things I HAVE heard of. Every once in a while, I do….

Chris Squires

Ricky Gervais sums this up perfectly in his Netflix stand-up “Humanity”, I paraphrase of course…
“The problem with the internet is that people think absolutely everything they see is directly aimed at them and they get upset when they see something they don’t understand or like because it HAS to be aimed directly at them”

Arthur, this is a great site, not everything is to my taste, it can’t be, but I have learned so much about acts I knew little or nothing about. I can reel off about 10 acts that I wouldn’t have bought a darned thing before I came here that I now love. If you are only waiting for acts that you have heard of or you already like it might be a long wait. Hang about, learn and enjoy. It’s quite rewarding, if you let it into your life.

Frederic Amato

I live in France and I know Joan since her wonderfull album “The Deep field” 2011…

I have all her albums, and I certainly will have this 3CD too. Thanks for this good news.

Alan Mitchell

John Grant sang that he didn’t know who Joan as Policewoman was either if that makes you feel better.


I will probably get the 3CD for the BBC tracks. Any best of should really have Witness and her cover of Bowie’s Sweet Thing (the latter being how I got into JAPW) but it’s all Joan so all good. Would like to see one of the live shows of this – described as long shows, Joan solo and no support. Haven’t seen her since The Deep Field tour.

Charlie Waffles

I wish I was in the bathtub with Joan. Although that shower wall needs to be cleaned pronto.



Andy Hanson

OK, who zoomed in on the above photo???

Mitchell Smith

Me. Trying to see if that is a real tattoo on her leg.


Wot, no ‘Stagger into the Light’? No ‘Holiday’? Okay, I’ll still buy it… Just gotta love Joan!


Her name was made with this moment in mind. Hope it was worth it!

Larry Davis

Pre-ordered…I dug her last album muchly, and would love a multidisc anthology at a good price and this fits the bill…

Tom M

At her website the first 200 vinyl orders also get a signed print for the same price.

Chris Squires

Thanks Tom.

Just ordered a lovely Sky Blue coloured slab with a signed art print for pretty much the same as the Amazon Price. With only 200 they won’t last too long.


Thank you Tom, just ordered the signed print. I was amazed that there are still some copies left. Hers was one of the best concerts I have attended last year.

Gavin Hilzbrich

Thanks for the heads up, Paul. Just pre-ordered the Live at the BBC vinyl, although I’m slightly concerned that I might get the new King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album instead, judging by Amazon’s tracklisting:

1. Fishing For Fishies
2. Boogieman Sam
3. The Bird Song
4. Plastic Boogie
5. The Cruel Millennial
6. Reals Not Real
7. This Thing
8. Acarine
9. Cyboogie

Nelson Lee

I’d like to hear her do a cover of Angie Baby


This is tailor-made for extremely peripheral fans like me. Following my interest in her previous projects The Dambuilders and Those Bastard Souls, I bought her first JAPW album, saw her live when she toured for it, and *loved* Eternal Flame from that debut, the only song of hers I can remember at this stage; I bought the second album when it came out and it made no impression on me; and then I never thought of her again. But put an affordable multi-disc anthology together and onto my want list it goes. Jump-starts like this have helped me firmly (re)invigorate my interest into artists I’d neglected.


Wow!!! What a sexy front cover !!! I will buy it immediately. Already have all of her albums so not sure about the CD’s.

wesley mc dowell

Yes she does scrub up rather well !!! Sorry, to whom do I apologize …? Does david sylvian feature on any of the tracks ?