Joe Cocker / The Album Recordings 1984-2007 / 14CD box set


The Album Recordings 1984-2007 is an impressive new Joe Cocker 14CD box set which is due for release at the end of August…

The new collection comprises all of Cocker’s studio albums released from 1984 – 2007 (along with Joe Cocker (Live)) and for good measure adds a newly compiled bonus CD of ‘Related Recordings’ that includes rarities, additional content from European deluxe discs, US Album versions and songs found in tribute albums from the likes of Elton John and Bruce Springsteen.

The Album Recordings 1984-2007  is packaged in a clamshell box and all discs come housed in replica cardboard wallets. It is released on 26 August 2016.


Albums in the box set

1.Civilised Man (1984)
2.Cocker (1986)
3.Unchain My Heart (1987)
4.One Night Of Sin (1989)
5.Joe Cocker (Live) (1990)
6.Night Calls (1992)
7.Have A Little Faith (1994)
8.Organic (1996)
9.Across From Midnight (1997)
10.No Ordinary World (1999)
11.Respect Yourself (2002)
12.Heart & Soul (2004)
13.Hymn For My Soul (2007)
14.Related Recordings (Exclusive Bonus Disc)

Civilised Man
1. Civilized Man
2. There Goes My Baby
3. Come On In
4. Tempted
5. Long Drag Off A Cigarette
6. I Love The Night
7. Crazy In Love
8. A Girl Like You
9. Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing)
10. Even A Fool Would Let Go

1. Shelter Me
2. A To Z
3. Don’t You Love Me Anymore
4. Living Without Your Love
5. Don’t Drink The Water
6. You Can Leave Your Hat On
7. Heart Of The Matter
8. Inner City Blues
9. Love Is On A Fade
10. Heaven

Unchain My Heart
1. Unchain My Heart
2. Two Wrongs
3. I Stand In Wonder
4. River’s Rising
5. Isolation
6. All Our Tomorrows
7. A Woman Loves A Man
8. Trust In Me
9. The One
10. Satisfied

One Night Of Sin
1. When The Night Comes
2. I Will Live For You
3. Got To Use My Imagination
4. Letting Go
5. Just To Keep From Drowning
6. Unforgiven
7. Another Mind Gone
8. Fever
9. You Know It’s Gonna Hurt
10. Bad Bad Sign
11. I’m Your Man
12. One Night Of Sin

Joe Cocker (Live)
1. Feelin’ Alright (Live)
2. Shelter Me (Live)
3. Hitchcock Railway (Live)
4. Up Where We Belong (with Maxine Green) [Live]
5. Guilty (Live)
6. You Can Leave Your Hat On (Live)
7. When The Night Comes (Live-Memorial Auditorium)
8. Unchain My Heart (Live)
9. With A Little Help From My Friends (Live)
10. You Are So Beautiful (Live)
11. The Letter (Live)
12. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Live)
13. High Time We Went (Live)
14. What Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me (Live)
15. Living In The Promiseland (Live)

Night Calls
1. Love Is Alive
2. Little Bit Of Love
3. Please No More
4. There’s A Storm Coming
5. You’ve Got To Hide your Love Away
6. I Can Hear The River
7. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
8. Night Calls
9. Five Women
10. Can’t Find My Way Home (Edit)
11. Not Too Young To Die Of A Broken Heart
12. Out Of The Rain

Have A Little Faith
1. Let The Healing Begin
2. Have A Little Faith In Me
3. The Simple Things
4. Summer In the City
5. The Great Divide
6. Highway Highway
7. Too Cool
8. Soul Time
9. Out Of The Blue
10. Angeline
11. Hell And Highwater
12. Standing Knee Deep In A River
13. Take Me Home

1. Into The Mystic
2. Bye Bye Blackbird
3. Delta Lady
4. Heart Full Of Rain
5. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
6. Many Rivers To Cross
7. High Lonesome Blue
8. Sail Away
9. You And I
10. Darlin’ Be Home Soon
11. Dignity
12. You Can Leave Your Hat On (Edit)
13. You Are So Beautiful
14. Can’t Find My Way Home

Across From Midnight
1. Tonight
2. Could You Be Loved (Full Version)
3. That’s All I Need To Know
4. N’Oubliez Jamais (Edit)
5. What Do I Tell My Heart?
6. Wayward Soul
7. Loving You Tonight
8. Across From Midnight
9. What Do You Say?
10. The Last One To Know
11. That’s The Way Her Love Is
12. Need Your Love So Bad

No Ordinary World
1. First We Take Manhattan
2. Different Roads
3. My Father’s Son
4. While You See A Chance
5. She Believes In Me
6. No Ordinary World
7. Where Would I Be Now
8. Ain’t Gonna Cry Again
9. Soul Rising
10. Naked Without You
11. Love To Lean On
12. On My Way Home

Respect Yourself
1. You Can’t Have My Heart
2. Love Not War
3. You Took It So Hard
4. Never Tear Us Apart
5. This Is Your Life
6. Respect Yourself
7. I’m Listening Now
8. Leave A Light On
9. It’s Only Love
10. Every Time It Rains
11. Midnight Without You

Heart and Soul
1. What’s Going On
2. Chain Of Fools
3. One
4. I (Who Have Nothing)
5. Maybe I’m Amazed
6. I Keep Forgetting
7. I Put A Spell On You
8. Every Kind Of People
9. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
10. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
11. Jealous Guy
12. Everybody Hurts

Hymn For My Soul
1. You Haven’t Done Nothin’
2. One Word (Peace)
3. Love Is For Me
4. Don’t Give Up On Me
5. Long As I Can See The Light
6. Beware Of Darkness
7. Just Pass It On
8. Rivers Invitation
9. Ring Them Bells
10. Hymn 4 My Soul

Related Recordings (bonus disc)

1.Edge Of A Dream (Theme From ‘Teachers’)
2.Tell Me There’s A Way
3.Now That You’re Gone
4.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
5.Feels Like Forever
6.When A Woman Cries
7.Now The Magic Has Gone
8.I Still Can’t Believe It’s True
9.My Strongest Weakness (with Bonnie Raitt)
10.Anybody Seen My Girl
12.Human Touch
13.(My Heart Is A) Ghost Town
14.What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted
15.Together (Where Do We Go From Here)
16.Lie To Me
17.Love Made A Promise
18.Ain’t No Sunshine
19.Come Together

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Jim Galvin

Would have been a better set had it been remastered, the earlier albums are straight reissues which I guess is why it was so cheap. I got it for £14.99 on the pre-order which came out to $18.24 here in the U.S. As stated in another post, it’s missing the Sass Jordan duet as well as the song from Harry & The Hendersons. Good enough to own because I only had 2 discs from this set prior.

Tino Stabile

Hi Paul,

I ordered it. It is a bargain…. 14 CD’s for under $ 94.00 Canadian dollars. Truly one of the best vocalists ever… with not much in his compositions… he truly tackled many a classic song from a myriad of artists and succeeded every time to make that composition his own. Always refined with strings, great musicianship and…. had more than soul than he knew what to do with.
Truly missed. I know I miss him, This box set will surely hit the spot. Thanks for the heads up,
Paul. Long live Joe Cocker.

Tino Stabile

Hi again Paul,

Unfortunately, my origin order cannot be fulfilled because it is not unavailable. So I ordered from a third person vendor (through Amazon) from the UK and even if it will take a while for me to receive I will save $ 40.00 Canadian dollars. The grand total for the 14 Cd’s would be $ 57.00 (under 60.00) for such a massive box. I mean, it
does not get better than that. I can have my cake and eat it too so to speak.. even if I will have a few weeks to wait.
Thanks for all you do with the price comparison for us music aficionados and for fans of all things that are great to own in the physical media.



too bad no “trust in me” with sass jordan from “the bodyguard”…however, it is on it’s way soo whooo hoooo!!!!!

Geoff C.

Still no “Love Lives On” from HARRY & THE HENDERSONS. That song is determined to remain unreleased on a Joe Cocker collection.


Just noticed it is now just over 40 pounds!!!


I preferred him as Father Jack in Father Ted!


No biggie, but can’t figure out how the 2nd widget is sorted.


Amozonia UK now has it at 31 squid. Hike!


Missed it but maybe it will come back up at the price. is there a box of his earlier releases planned or available? Obsessives are also completists.


100% no brainer. Thank you Paul. Ordered it immediately after the email came in.


Ordered earlier today at the bargain price of £17.99 – thanks again Paul

Bob Hegarty

Thanks for the heads up…unbelievable price. Got it this morning for 14.99 pounds.


I guess that these Albums are not remastered. Are there any deluxe versions of his Albums ?

Hans Jörg

Price already gone.

Ian Burgess

Missed it! Price now showing £30.99 on Amazon UK (6:30pm)


darn it, i was too late – back up to £30.99, which all the same still seems reasonable…..


It’s gone up to 30 now for the U.K. My guess is it was a glitch.

Neil Kelly

Yes just seen this myself! Silly me not a fan but at that price… Saw the email about an hour ago. Should’ve clicked right then!

Simon C

It had been at £17.99 since Friday.


No thanx … even Free ! The worst voice ever heard (for me)


He did not have the best of singing voices but certainly the type that would be a perfect candidate for X-Factor and The Voice going by the noise that comes out the mouths of the ‘so-called’ amazing singers on their if screaming, bawling, shouting as loud as possible and singing as many notes for one word as possible can be can be classed as singing. Eeeeeaaawwaaaawaeeeeahhh!

Julian H

Only difference being that Joe sang straight from his guts, whereas the type of singing you’re talking about sounds artificial to me most of the time.


He was one of the all-time great classic rock voices. I laugh when they call Justin Timberlake a soul singer? Joe makes him sound like a choir boy. He sang and toured and made music for almost 50 years. You don’t hang around that long if you are not good?

Mark Hanson

Less than $25 U.S. delivered. What a bargain!

Panda Ho

Ordered, thx Paul!


Thank you — again — for another brilliant find.



Thanks for info. Ordered.

jeff m

Wow! Some of my very favourite albums, by one of the UKs outstanding vocalists. Thanks so much for posting that.


Ordered…wow…that’s amazing

Scott G

wouldn’t normally purchase such a large CD set but at under £20 (inc postage) for 14 CDs.. What a bargain. I bet that price won’t last long.

Le Baron

My god, what a price !
A 2-CD anthology would be ok for me (I’m not what I would call a fan)…but hey, this 14 CD box set is cheaper than a 2CD anthology !!
Hard to resist…