John and Yoko’s ‘Wedding Album’ faithfully recreated on WHITE vinyl

Faithful recreation of the original packaging • White vinyl • 50th anniversary 

Secretly Canadian (in partnership with Chimera Music) has announced today – on Yoko Ono’s 86th birthday – a limited WHITE vinyl edition of John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s Unfinished Music No. 3: Wedding Album (1969).

On March 20, 1969, John and Yoko were married in a civil service in Gibraltar (as told in The BeatlesThe Ballad of John and Yoko) and to celebrate the event, in lieu of a conventional honeymoon, the newlyweds spent a week in bed at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, inviting members of the press into their room for interviews and photo sessions, and using their fame and the publicity generated by their “Bed-in” to call attention to their campaign for world peace.

With Wedding Album, they created a snapshot of this pop-cultural moment which is remembered as much for its innovative packaging as the experimental, emblematic recordings. If you are wondering about the audio (it’s a fair question… ) then side two is the more ‘listenable’ recorded in the hotel in Amsterdam with interviews and musical interludes.

The original packaging was created by graphic designer John Kosh and included a box filled with souvenirs of John and Yoko’s nuptials: photographs, a copy of the couple’s marriage certificate, both Lennon’s and Ono’s drawings, a picture of a slice of wedding cake, and more. This new vinyl edition is “a near precise replica of the 1969 pressing, down to the vendor who made the original boxes” and is being reissued two days after what would have been John and Yoko’s 50th wedding anniversary.

A CD version is also being made available and both are out on 22 March 2019. The white vinyl is limited enough for stock to be restricted, so we have some availability on the SDE shop, although expect these to go fairly quickly. This doesn’t apply to the CDs, which will be fine.


Compare prices and pre-order

John Lennon / Yoko Ono

Wedding Album [White Viny] [VINYL]


1 John and Yoko 22.44

2 Amsterdam 25.00

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Iain B

After a bit of a delay (but kept well informed by RT) my Rough Trade clear vinyl version arrived today. Ordered it on 19 Feb.

Tony O

wedding album arrived from the states, £20 inc postage and import duties, 2 in perfect condition.


Has anyone else found the download code for the LP? It’s on the back of the postcard. Tantalizingly, it says that the download includes bonus material not on the LP. I downloaded it, and, alas! Just two 320kbps MP3 files, but zero bonus material. To be fair, the Secretly Canadian page didn’t mention any bonus material, and I didn’t expect any–at least not until I saw the postcard. Anyone else have this experience?


A good week for ebay “flippers”…


‘Unfinished music no. 3’?
It was never called that, it is something Sean and Yoko have added to its proper title ‘Wedding Album.’


Just a HEADS UP!!!! and thanks to PAUL on this!!!

I pre-ordered 2 of Lennon’s “The Wedding Album” on White Vinyl (from Amazon.com) on Feb. 18 for about $36 each if I remember correctly…..but as I normally do I always check to see if there have been any price reductions along the way on my pre-orders…..and LOW AND BEHOLD (pun intended) at some point in time it DROPPED to $15.98 US which includes shipping!!!!

Might I suggest that if anyone is interested in this that you pre-order it now even though it’s back to the original price just in case it drops in price again.

As per AMAZON policy you are never actually charged for your item until it’s shipped so you can cancel whenever before it gets released if it doesn’t drop LOW enough for you!!


As of right now, “Approximately Infinite Universe” is $11.99 for either CD or vinyl at Amazon US. Picked up the vinyl. Btw, I was reading some info online; if you have the Ryko CDs, the Secretly Canadian CDs are from the exact same source. Only the vinyl has been remastered. No need to replace the Ryko CDs unless you want the newest artwork.


I ordered the Clear Vinyl from Rough Trade this morning (well late last night) and as soon as I had the site said it was no longer available to pre-order!


Glad I got mine


Why do these products not get made enough in quantity to sell in stores? Why do these products not get made enough in quantity to sell to the fans after the release date? These are hardly official if they can’t make it to the market because the producers are such duffuses that they don’t have a clue how to produce and distribute the product. So it goes much farther than oh me being disappointed as fan not being able to get a chance to purchase it. There is a issue of competence going on here. How do people get their job being so bad at it? That’s all.



If you look around on the internet you might find it available, driftrecords.com have the white version available for £33.99 + Postage. I’m sure if you bought it and it didn’t sell out you’ll be saying “why is this being called Ltd Edition?!”


just managed to order the clear vinyl this morning (10:00am) off Rough Trade after trying the last few days, maybe they held back stock. 1 per person on the order, good luck!


Yep, I think you might be right Paul, still “available” , well if it does turn up then I’m a happy man, though I managed to order the white version from SDE so very happy already. It’s a shame that they don’t put Sold Out, as per your site,Paul, gives false hope, this I have found a few times with Amazon as well, you think you might be getting it when you could actually order from a small record store e.g lostinvinyl.org. driftrecords.com. normanrecords.com. (for the white version)

hendry doran

It has been in and out of stock all week. Getting like McCartney’s website .

Tony O

Paul Sinclair says:
February 22, 2019 at 10:23
Don’t want to be a doom-monger but I don’t think Rough Trade will be able to fufill all their orders.

not if they only had 300, it was available for too long


I ordered mine around Feb. 18 …. they better


Rough Trade still showing clear vinyl available with white version sold out. An Ebay speculator has the RT clear selling for £85!


I was torn between Clear and White but went for clear. Now with that insane US Amazon price I can have the best of both worlds. This is my favourite of the trilogy, with both sides offering something interesting.


CD preordered. I know it’s not the box (which I had a Japanese vinyl version of back in the 80’s), but these Secretly Canadian Yoko reissues are beautifully presented on CD.

Tony O

I think the US price will be honoured, when i placed my order it would only allow me to buy two copies, now they have put the price up you can buy as many as you want, fingers crossed, £20 including delivery and postage is a great price.


As a historical John & Yoko oral document, “Wedding Album” is worth owning, but not necessarily worth listening to more than once.

The first track, “John & Yoko,” which is a full record side of John and Yoko (unaccompanied by any music), doing nothing more than calling out each other’s name in a way that emotes a sense of longing, teasing, cooing, or even love-making . Okay, but is this entertaining, or even interesting to anyone who isn’t John or Yoko? I do think the recreation of the original album box with all the items inside is very attractive, and having the record pressed on white vinyl (or limited clear vinyl) is quite nice too, but the Wedding Album itself is definitely a “for better, or for worse” proposition.


I have listened to it more than once. Don’t know why. Gets boring after the second “John.” But there is a point when it sounds like John starts eating something. Makes me laugh every time. Perhaps even HE was becoming bored and needed a snack to keep up his concentration!


AndyB, you really made me laugh — you’re absolutely right! I think the “John & Yoko” track went on for so long, that even John had to take a moment to eat some fish & chips, or whatever, to keep up his endurance during the recording (LOL)!

During this late 60’s period when the Beatles were on the verge of breaking up, I believe John may have been inspired by Frank Zappa’s avant-garde sound collages on albums like “Freak Out” through “We’re Only In It For the Money.” I still have the original “Unfinished Music No. 2 – Life with the Lions,” as well as George Harrison’s “Electronic Sound”, that were issued on Zapple Records, wherein even the record label name appeared to be a wink and a nod to Mr. Zappa.

The idea of following FZ’s ‘anything goes’ philosophy for recording whatever you want, even if it was anti-music, may have been very liberating for John Lennon after many years of being pressured to write hit song, after hit song for the Beatles. Given that, I can also understand John’s deep love for Yoko, a FEARLESS, free-spirited conceptual artist, who allowed and encouraged John to also be free and true to himself. So from that perspective, the making of “Wedding Album” does make sense.


Quick heads-up that the vinyl is currently $16 on Amazon.com, the same as the CD. It’s almost certainly a mistake that they’ll correct, but there’s no harm in ordering anyway to lock in the price. It’ll be interesting to see if they cancel the orders.



Thanks Joe, that is a good shout, even with import with P&P a good deal. I was in two minds but at that price, well played!

Paul Taylor

Put an order in, just wait and see what happens

hendry doran

I remember when the vinyl box set of “All things must pass” was reissued in 2001 Amazon UK had grossly underpriced it and honoured the price

Paul Taylor

Now up to $36

Rick Marino

Typically what happens with Amazon (colored vinyl) releases is they end up sending you the black vinyl version. If there is one. You’re not getting this on white vinyl from Amazon.

Alan B

Rough Trade clear vinyl now sold out. 300 copies is a very limited edition for an artist of John Lennon’s standing. Glad I pre ordered one.

hendry doran

Alan B. It is still showing as available on their website as at 08.40 todayI met with the same sold out message yesterday and when i phoned Roughtrade they said it was still available


My favorite thing about the Secretly Canadian Yoko reissues is they’re driving down the price of the ’90s Ryko reissues and I missed some of those the first time around. I recently nabbed the two-disc Fly for $5.99 at a local shop.


Some say it’s art, I say it needs an “f” added.


I wish Duran Duran would reissue their wedding album. Their last decent Album IMO


I know of that release but does it actually have anything to do with this tease than title and artwork? Perhaps it was dedicated to their wives? Remember to translate from British to American for me in your response so we will understand each other. :) . I kid, I kid.

Mathew Lauren

…in 5.1+ lossless audio!

— along with their first 3 albums, as well…

Joe Mac Pherson

I clearly remember listening to the original radio commercial John and Yoko created, for this unique testimonial to their marriage. AM Radio 1510, broadcasting from WMEX in Boston, Massachusetts, was the undisputed New England station for anything regarding The Beatles. The Wedding Album radio commercial was, I can assure you, not like any other, more typical promotional spot for a newly released album. It began with 2 voices, in peculiar unison, saying, “John and Yoko here and we’d like to have you listen to our Wedding Album.” And from here, things got pretty strange. Every time I heard this unusual ad, I thought, “I’m really not going to buy this.” It was a very bizarre commercial.
I was 14 years old, totally hooked into The Beatles since the age of 9, in 1964, so I was fully aware of every progression the band made. Still, I wasn’t prepared for THIS.
Trivia Time! 1968, I’m a freshman in high school, and our teacher in Civics Class had us doing a current events quiz. There were multiple choice questions on the test paper. Among them: “Who is Yoko Ono?” I knew the right answer! Immediately!

Dean Taylor

Well got my head around the clear / white think… gone for clear .. i think it will look really cool and still suits the set .
To make up the order to get free postage I have pre ordered the new Jenny Lewis album on blue viny, really looking forward to that one.. Ringo fans take note as he guests on the album but I don’t know if he sings or plays drums or (hopefully) he does both.


Dean, I think that he the just features on one track, Heads Will Roll.


Which is better?
White vinyl (clearly more appropriate and looks better) or Clear vinyl (only 300! not often they tell you how ltd it is)


I bought both….can decide later. The clear vinyl edition is still available from the Rough Trade UK site. Still cheaper than the Egypt Station Suitcase edition, though I will miss the puzzle and playing cards.
In other John Lennon Yoko Ono news…..
The Montreal Bed-in 50th anniversary is coming up in May.
This is where John and Yoko recorded Give Peace a Chance.
Book the room now….corner suite rooms 1738-1740-1742 at the stately Queen Elizabeth Hotel


Nice but is it on this release?

James Kelly

For the USA people, this is available as a pre order on Amazon for $36.00


What the white or clear or both?


Just the WHITE


Will the extras be distinguishable from the original extras or will they be used by unscrupulous ebay traders and passed off as originals?


35 £ for noise or 300 £ for pauls suit case. Will there be at least a bonus disc with unreleased noise?

Geert DW

Noise? I think you’re mixing this one up with Two Virgins ;)

Tony O

any news on the re-stock for the white vinyl Paul?

hendry doran

Having got a message on screen telling me the clear vinyl was out of stock Roughtrade tell me it is still available.

I can put up with the ephemera in this box easier than in the forthcoming Macca box


Oh, great I just bought the clear one from there. I’ve said it before these small numbers $hit pisses me off to no end. They should not be selling out as soon as they go on sale. This is very bad business. Total b.s.


Wait a minute…where’s the jigsaw puzzle?!?!?! Where are the playing cards?!?!?! Where is the wedding-cake-shaped suitcase?!?!?!

Not even a replica doily!



Why is there another release selling out before it is released? Will someone please explain how this is good business and does it really count as a release if it can’t take place because they don’t make enough to qualify as being professional in any manner?


Whenever there is a “LIMITED EXITION” that’s exactly what it should mean!! Not like GnR’s “Locked n Loaded” with 10,000 made and that they couldn’t sell any so they had to cut the price in half.

So my point is that “LIMITED EDITIONS” should SELL OUT on PRE-ORDER!!


You realize you can have something be limited edition without making a pathetically low amount? Otherwise it does not qualify as an official release. There is some questioning if something does not sell a thousand copies at a minimum. Fifteen years a go no one would have considered a release legit if it could not sell ten thousand copies in a short amount of time. Otherwise if they are not interested in making money what are they doing this for? They then develop a reputation of not being reliable nor desirable of doing business with. Why bother?


>>>Otherwise it does not qualify as an official release.

According to who or what? Most albums actually sell quite few. In North America, even as far back as 2011, when physical media still constituted half of industry revenue, according to the RIAA, 80% of albums sold fewer than 100 copies, 14% sold between 100 and 1000, 5.5% sold between 1000 and 10,000 and just 0.5% sold more than 10,000 copies.

In the first half of 2018, physical media was just 10.3% of industry revenue. Albums generally don’t sell and this particular album is extremely niche, even with Lennon’s name attached. Just how many copies do you think they can sell?


Anyone should be able to sell more than 300 hundred copies anything if they have any idea as to what they are doing. Secondly anyone who has been known for decades as a artist and the actual product they are selling should be able to sell more than 300 hundred copies. Hence why it is an issue that is sold out before it even goes on sale. I guarantee you the rest the human race have no knowledge of this being sold for all sorts of reasons. This is nothing less than some click product sold amongst insiders. Very sad. It hardly counts as an official release.

andrew R

as a ps this lp and box has had it’s fair share of haters over the years
and yes the music is less than stellar. I prefer to think of it as art with an LP included
If one now realises the sort of box content (marbles coasters polaroids ) that is now considered normal,we see again how far ahead Lennon and the beatles were pop culturally.

hendry doran

Clear vinyl box set now sold out

Alan B

No it hasn’t. Still available to pre order on the UK Rough Trade website.

Michael G

Sold out on rough trade website
Clear Vinyl version

Ian Gair

Would have loved the deluxe box set, but I suppose it would seem strange gift at your own wedding!

Steve Benson

Just checked my 1969 copy – the box itself is looking its age but contents still OK and there’s an additional item to to those shown in photo – a white plastic bag labelled Bagism. Perhaps not included by Yoko in line with growing worldwide campaign against plastic bags?

Mark Stubbs

Great heads up Paul. Gone for the white vinyl through SDE. Must admit clear vinyl limited to 300 is quite tempting. I wonder if they will be individually numbered?


Is the CD also a box or just a normal CD? And do the CD has 3 additional songs?


A relief that this is a Beatles related release I can happily ignore. My nomination for quote of the year so far by the way – “the music is somewhat less than brilliant”.


My Japanese box set has vanished. Just looked for it. Nowhere to be seen. As SDE has sold out big thanks to Dave M for the Rough Trade heads up. Got a clear one and, as I have a white slip mat it will look white when played. Win win!!

Paul Wilkinson

Ordered from you .. Thanks for heads up, I also got the clear vinyl as an investment


Thanks Paul, Just Ordered.

Bob Dudek

This is exciting ! I have an original USA copy , and bought a Japanese copy since I actually play the LP at least 3 times a year . I went for the white vinyl too .

Dean Taylor

A must have for me I think .. white or clear? The white is much nicer but the clear is limited to 300..tough choice . Thanks for the alert . Had no idea this was coming.

Jan Greeve

Why wouldn’t one want it?

Paul Spurgeon

As a massive Lennon fan I had to get this vinyl box set, thanks Paul – ordered!

hendry doran

Thanks for the heads-up and have ordered the vinyl box. Amazon asking £80+ as I type this comment

hendry doran

Your right Paul. I should have taken the time to scroll down the page to see it a Japanese import.

Dave m

Rough trade have a clear version limited to only 300


Dave m

I agree,


White is nice, but you’ve taught us well to seek out the most exclusive version.


Thanks for the heads up about Rough Trade as I missed the white vinyl i had to get the clear version

andrew R

Brilliant .Have never been able to afford an original in mint .
This will do the job and it supports SDE ! Job done .Thanks Paul.


After a quiet few weeks of new (re)issues, this is my second must have in a day! Both formats too, a bit mad really because the music is somewhat less than brilliant but as a Lennon collector I’ve gotta get it! Hopefully the remaining Ono re-issues that were promised in 2016 will follow soon.