John Coltrane Mono: vinyl & CD box sets


Mono recordings of John Coltrane albums recorded for Atlantic in the late ’50s and early 1960s are reissued for the first time in over 50 years on John Coltrane Mono, a 6LP vinyl box or six-CD set…

The vinyl box contains the following original studio albums: Giant Steps (1960), Bags & Trane (1961) with Milt Jackson, Ole Coltrane (1962), Coltrane Plays The Blues (1962), The Avant Garde (1966) with Don Cherry.

In addition to these John Coltrane Mono includes one LP of outtakes and a replica seven-inch single of My Favourite Things Part I & II. If you’re wondering why there isn’t a mono version of the My Favourite Things album it is because, sadly, a mono master no longer exists. There was a fire in the Atlantic Vaults in 1978. Warners have been in touch with SDE to confirm this.

The original mono recordings are fully remastered and this vinyl box is packaged in a cloth-bound box with the studio albums in glossy ‘tip-on’ LP sleeves, replicating the original artwork and labels.

Additionally, you get a 12” x 12”, 32-page booklet, with period photos by Lee Friedlander and liner notes by Grammy-winning jazz writer Ashley Kahn.

A six-CD version of John Coltrane Mono is also available. Both will be released on 10 June 2016.


Disc: 1 – Giant Steps
1. Giant Steps (Mono Version)
2. Cousin Mary (Mono Version)
3. Countdown (Mono Version)
4. Spiral (Mono Version)
5. Syeeda’s Song Flute (Mono Version)
6. Naima (Mono Version)
7. Mr. P.C. (Mono Version)

Disc: 2 – Bags & Trane
1. Bags & Trane (Mono Version) (Milt Jackson & John Coltrane)
2. Three Little Words (Mono Version) (Milt Jackson & John Coltrane)
3. The Night We Called It A Day (Mono Version) (Milt Jackson & John Coltrane)
4. Be-Bop (Mono Version) (Milt Jackson & John Coltrane)
5. The Late Late Blues (Mono Version) (Milt Jackson & John Coltrane)

Disc: 3 – Ole Coltrane
1. Ole (Mono Version)
2. Dahomey Dance (Mono Version)
3. Aisha (Mono Version)

Disc: 4 – Coltrane Plays the Blues
1. Blues To Elvin (Mono Version)
2. Blues to Bechet (Mono Version)
3. Blues to You (Mono Version)
4. Mr. Day (Mono Version)
5. Mr. Syms (Mono Version)
6. Mr. Knight (Mono Version)

Disc: 5 – The Avant Garde
1. Cherryco (Mono Version) (John Coltrane & Don Cherry)
2. Focus On Sanity (Mono Version) (John Coltrane & Don Cherry)
3. The Blessing (Mono Version) (John Coltrane & Don Cherry)
4. The Invisible (Mono Version) (John Coltrane & Don Cherry)
5. Bemsha Swing (Mono Version) (John Coltrane & Don Cherry)

Disc: 6 – Outtakes
1. 26-2 (Mono Version)
2. Original Untitled Ballad (Mono Version)
3. Untitled Original (Mono Version)
4. Centerpiece (Mono Version)
5. Stairway To The Stars (Mono Version)
6. Blues Legacy (Mono Version)

Replica seven-inch single (vinyl box only)
1. My Favorite Things (Part I) [Mono Version]
2. My Favorite Things (Part II)) [Mono Version]

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Any chance of the UK vinyl price dropping anytime soon?

Eric M.

I knew there was a fire in their vaults (it’s outlined in the notes for ‘My Favorite Things’), but had hoped that was not the reasoning. This begs to question, though: what’s the deal with the couple of mono ‘MFT’ CD’s that came up over the last few years (I think mostly in Japan)? Are they all using a pre-1978 mastering just tinkered with for CD, or are they using a later-generation copy?

Eric M.

*outlined in the notes of ‘Heavyweight champion’, I meant.

Charles Hodgson

Yep, you can get all this and a lot more on the excellent “Heavyweight Champion” Box Set (in Stereo admittedly). Amazon.co.uk has that for just over £20.
So unless I hear that this is stunning quality and significantly different, I too will be sticking with that.


No sign of the CD set onAmazon UK?


No need for the CD edition to be across 6 discs, it would fit on 3. I’m sticking with Heavyweight Champion too.

Mr. Ska '57

I suppose a mono My Favorite Things LP is being saved for a future RSD release. What a ripoff! I’m sticking with my stereo Heavyweight Champion box.

Eric M.

Cannot wait for this CD box! I wish ‘My Favorite Things’ (the album) were present in mono, but I already have it in stereo.