John Foxx / The Complete Cathedral Oceans / deluxe 5LP book set

DEMRECBOX10 John Foxx 3D Packshot

First time on vinyl for the classic ambient trilogy

Next month Edsel will release The Complete Cathedral Oceans – all three of John Foxx’s ambient long-players in a highly limited, five-LP book package…

This set marks the first time that the three albums, Cathedral Oceans (1997), Cathedral Oceans II (2003) and – you guessed it –  Cathedral Oceans III (2005) have been issued on vinyl before, and this five record set is packaged in a special hardcover book containing Foxx’s stunning images and passages from his novel The Quiet Man. This is a limited edition run of 750. They are all hand-numbered and come with a 12″x 12″ art print.

The Complete Cathedral Oceans will be issued on 2 September 2016.


Cathedral Oceans

  • A1. Cathedral Oceans [5:17]
  • A2. City As Memory [5:43]
  • A3. Through Summer Rooms [6:36]
  • B1. Geometry And Coincidence [5:25]
  • B2 If Only… [3:22]
  • B3. Shifting Perspective [2:34]
  • B4. Floating Islands [6:07]
  • C1. Infinite In All Directions [5:51]
  • C2. Avenham Collonade [6:13]
  • C3. Sunset Rising [2:38]
  • C4. Invisible Architecture [3:22]

Cathedral Oceans II

  • D1. Revolving Birdsong [2:13]
  • D2. Shimmer Symmetry [5:13]
  • D3. Far And Wide 2 [6:43]
  • E1. Ad Infinitum [6:26]
  • E2. Quiet Splendour [5:58]
  • E3. Luminous And Gone [5:59]
  • F1. Stillness And Wonder [6:23]
  • F2. Return To A Place Of Remembered Beauty [7:22]
  • G1. Visible And Invisible [6:49]
  • G2. Golden Green [7:11]

Cathedral Oceans III

  • H1. Oceanic [4:10]
  • H2. Through Gardens Overgrown [2:40]
  • H3. Spiral Overture [5:48]
  • H4. The Shadow Of A Woman’s Hand [5:01]
  • I1. Radial Harmonics [0:35]
  • I2. Serene Velocity [4:31]
  • I3. Fog Structures [4:04]
  • I4. Eternity Sunrise [4:20]
  • I5. Harmonia Mundi [4:45]
  • J1. City Of Endless Stairways [4:48]
  • J2. In Rising Light [6:57]
  • J3. Metanym [6:36]

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Complete different opinion. I hate CDs and I am happy to get all together in a nice vinyl box. I also love my GAS Vinyl Box, it’s perfectly pressed and sounds great. Who can’t listen to classic, ambient and minimal music on vinyl, coz of some clicks…ok, then I think you should stay with your AC/DC Vinyl records and not speak about ambient on vinyl.
And btw the price is not too high compared to other releases (eg live Bowie blue vinyl box)

Mr X

Not happy. Ordered the day it was announced and as of Saturday 3rd at 7:00pm it’s not arrived.

Seeing as it was released on the 2nd and was charged 10 quid postage by the labe I’m not impressed.

Can’t even track where it is and as we’re off on our hols Monday morning it might end up being left on the doorstep!
(No idea who Townsend use for deliveries)

Well p*ssed off!

John Sayers

Available for pre-order at Deep Discount DVD right now for $96 plus free shipping when using the 15% off code EXTRA15.

Good til 8/18.


Stephen Collman

An ideal release for hi res 96kHz 24bit digital files. However one can always buy the vinyl, clean it on a record cleaning machine, transfer to digital files and then keep it or sell for a profit on Discogs.com when the price rises. Worth noting there is some reasonably priced click and pop removal software available.


Hey Paul,
Will this Complete Cathedral Oceans box set eventually be coming out on CD too ?


The CD set, when it was out, went as low as £11 – Practically giving it away. Compare and contrast to the price of this vinyl set!



Just LOL

Ian B

Nice audio in the video, but seemed a tad overpriced, until I had a look at the CD equivalent; £450? £650? Oooerr, what a bargain, missus.

Tell you what, John, reissue the CDs for Johnny-come-latelys like me. Otherwise, I’ll carry on listening to Discreet Music or whatever.

Just Sayin'

I realize we’re on the blog for people who like physical things, but I feel I should point out here that the Complete Cathedral Oceans – as in, all three albums – is available at Amazon’s MP3 store (in the US at least) for only $8.99. Which is quite a deal.

Matthew McKinnon

Milk those fans.

Derek Langsford

The sort of music that would be plagued by pops, clicks, and scratches i.e. one of the main reasons I switched to CD in 1986. I have the Complete Cathedral Oceans 3 CD + DVD set and will refuse to buy vinyl unless I have to to obtain otherwise unavailable physical digital media (e.g. Tusk Deluxe Edition).

For every album reissued on vinyl, I’d like to see a 96/24 Blu-ray as well. I continue to hope that may occur sometime.


I’d be happier with CD reissue of this set. I can’t count how many times it was in my basket (anywhere) and I never made the purchase. It took me awhile to appreciate his work and by the time I did, Cathedral Oceans was long out of print.

John Sayers

I would have preferred to have a nice book MINUS the 5 vinyl lps. actually. I have the 3 cd/1 dvd set already to listen to. What I am wondering is how different the book will be from the cd-sized book that came with the cd/dvd set. The same just bigger? Or expanded/reconfigured?

Regarding the signed prints, those were with the first 25 or so to preorder through John Foxx’s webstore.

Mr x


So I hope I’m one of the lucky 20!


“Who was crying out for these ambient masterpieces on vinyl?”

Probably John Foxx. Strike while vinyl is still in vogue. A nice little earner!

Just Sayin'

I’m sure the book will be lovely…but the idea of listening to this on vinyl is……no. Just no.


Agreed. Content LESS suited to vinyl I can’t imagine. It’s a folly designed to alleviate the hard-core (I counted myself among them, until now!) of their hard-earned.

Who was crying out for these ambient masterpieces on vinyl? Nobody.

Just Sayin'

Heh. That remark just makes me want to go all Derek & Clive here. “And WHO was asking for these masterpieces on vinyl? I’ll tell you who – f***king NO ONE, that’s who!!” : D


Have to say that I have to agree with Just Sayin’.
Much as I love vinyl Cathedral Oceans (and music of it’s ilk) is really meant to be heard without the inevitable surface noise of repeated vinyl plays.

Love John Foxx and this does look like a nice package though…

Mr x

Yes! Made the plunge and ordered when 1st announced. I thought the 12×12 print was only for the 1st 25 ordered though?

Neil M

According to his own store it’s all 750 for the print

Billy Dojcak

I already have his signed prints. And the cds. Much as I like John this is way too expensive.