John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth: remixed ‘best of’ with surround sound

John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth 2CD+Blu-ray

2CD+blu-ray and 4LP formats lead new offering

Universal Music will release a new John Lennon collection in October called Gimme Some Truth which features newly remixed audio, and, in deluxe form, 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos versions of 36 tracks.

There are five physical versions of Gimme Some Truth. They are as follows:

  • 2CD+Blu-ray deluxe featuring 36 tracks, and surround sound blu-ray
  • 4LP vinyl with the 36 tracks
  • 2CD set. 36 tracks but no blu-ray
  • 2LP vinyl. 19 track gatefold package
  • CD edition. 19 tracks.

The 2CD+blu-ray deluxe comes with a 124-page book, with rare photos and notes from John, Yoko and more; a foldout two-sided poster, two postcards and a Gimme Some Truth bumper sticker. See image below.

Gimme Some Truth 2CD+blu-ray deluxe (click image to enlarge)

The blu-ray features all 36 tracks in hi-res stereo 96/24 PCM, new 5.1 surround mixes and Dolby Atmos. These new mixes echo the approach for the 2018 Imagine reissue (although that didn’t include any Atmos mixes). Like Imagine, the songs on Gimme Some Truth have been mixed and engineered by Paul Hicks, with assistance by engineer Sam Gannon. The songs were completely remixed from scratch, using brand new transfers of the original multi-tracks, cleaned up to the highest possible sonic quality. After weeks of painstaking preparation, the final mixes and effects were completed using only vintage analog equipment and effects at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and then mastered in analog at Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton in order to ensure the most beautiful and authentic sound quality possible.

The impressive cover art and design is shades of ‘Pure McCartney‘ and while John’s sadly rather brief solo career can’t stretch to four CDs, there is a 4LP version, just like Paul’s 2016 collection.

Fans had been hoping for/expecting a deluxe of John’s 1970 album Plastic Ono Band. Quite why that hasn’t been delivered we can only speculate. If it’s any consolation, four of the 11 album tracks are included here (curiously, given it was a US single, no ‘Mother’) as well as non-album 45s ‘Cold Turkey’ and ‘Instant Karma!’.

The 2CD set comes in a gatefold card sleeve, which slots into an outer slipcase. the single CD edition is in a gatefold card sleeve (but no slipcase). The 4LP vinyl set comes in a lift-off lid box and includes an eight-page booklet, a fold-out double-sided poster, two post cards and the Gimme Some Truth bumper sticker.

Gimme Some Truth will be released this year on the now traditional date for Lennon-related releases, 9 October. This date is John and Sean Lennon’s birthday.

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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 2CD+blu-ray deluxe edition


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 4LP vinyl box


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 2CD set


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - 2LP vinyl


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John Lennon

Gimme Some Truth - single CD edition


John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth 2CD+Blu-ray
Gimme Some Truth 2CD set + Blu-ray deluxe

CD 1

1 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Ultimate Mix)
2 Cold Turkey (Ultimate Mix)
3 Working Class Hero (Ultimate Mix)
4 Isolation (Ultimate Mix)
5 Love (Ultimate Mix)
6 God (Ultimate Mix)
7 Power To The People (Ultimate Mix)
8 Imagine (Ultimate Mix)
9 Jealous Guy (Ultimate Mix)
10 Gimme Some Truth (Ultimate Mix)
11 Oh My Love (Ultimate Mix)
12 How Do You Sleep? (Ultimate Mix)
13 Oh Yoko! (Ultimate Mix)
14 Angela (Ultimate Mix)
15 Come Together (live) (Ultimate Mix)
16 Mind Games (Ultimate Mix)
17 Out The Blue (Ultimate Mix)
18 I Know (I Know) (Ultimate Mix)

CD 2

1 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Ultimate Mix)
2 Bless You (Ultimate Mix)
3 #9 Dream (Ultimate Mix)
4 Steel And Glass (Ultimate Mix)
5 Stand By Me (Ultimate Mix)
6 Angel Baby (Ultimate Mix)
7 (Just Like) Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)
8 I’m Losing You (Ultimate Mix)
9 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Ultimate Mix)
10 Watching the Wheels (Ultimate Mix)
11 Woman (Ultimate Mix)
12 Dear Yoko (Ultimate Mix)
13 Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (Ultimate Mix)
14 Nobody Told Me (Ultimate Mix)
15 I’m Stepping Out (Ultimate Mix)
16 Grow Old With Me (Ultimate Mix)
17 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Ultimate Mix)
18 Give Peace A Chance (Ultimate Mix)

All tracks 96/24 hi-res stereo / 5.1 surround / Dolby Atmos

1. Instant Karma!
2. Cold Turkey
3. Working Class Hero
4. Isolation
5. Love
6. God
7. Power To The People
8. Imagine
9. Jealous Guy
10. Gimme Some Truth
11. How Do You Sleep?
12. Oh My Love
13. Oh Yoko!
14. Come Together (Live)
15. Angela
16. Mind Games
17. Out The Blue
18. I Know (I Know)
19. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
20. Bless You
21. #9 Dream
22. Stand By Me
23. Steel and Glass
24. Angel Baby
25. (Just Like) Starting Over
26. I’m Losing You
27. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
28. Watching The Wheels
29. Woman
30. Dear Yoko
31. Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
32. Nobody Told Me
33. I’m Steppin’ Out
34. Grow Old With Me
35. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
36. Give Peace A Chance


Gimme Some Truth 4LP edition

Same track listing as 2CD set

Gimme Some Truth
2LP vinyl

Side A
1 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Ultimate Mix)
2 Cold Turkey (Ultimate Mix)
3 Isolation (Ultimate Mix)
4 Power To The People (Ultimate Mix)

Side B
1 Imagine (Ultimate Mix)
2 Jealous Guy (Ultimate Mix)
3 Gimme Some Truth (Ultimate Mix)
4 Come Together (live) (Ultimate Mix)
5 #9 Dream (Ultimate Mix)

Side C
1 Mind Games (Ultimate Mix)
2 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Ultimate Mix)
3 Stand By Me (Ultimate Mix)
4 (Just Like) Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)
5 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Ultimate Mix)

Side D
1 Watching the Wheels (Ultimate Mix)
2 Woman (Ultimate Mix)
3 Grow Old With Me (Ultimate Mix)
4 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Ultimate Mix)
5 Give Peace A Chance (Ultimate Mix)

Gimme Some Truth single CD

1. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)
2. Cold Turkey
3. Isolation
4. Power To The People
5. Imagine
6. Jealous Guy
7. Gimme Some Truth
8. Come Together (Live)
9. #9 Dream
10. Mind Games
11. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
12. Stand By Me
13. (Just Like) Starting Over
14. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
15. Watching The Wheels
16. Woman
17. Grow Old With Me
18. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
19. Give Peace A Chance

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The single CD version of the new John Lennon compilation (Gimme Some Truth) is currently under £5 on Amazon UK. I would assume this is an attempt to get it to Number One in the album chart as it’s currently No. 2 in the midweek update, a few hundred behind the top spot.


I got this for a B-Day present from some very kind friends of mine. It’s funny, I was under the impression that Lennon had 2 sons…as there’s lot’s of photos of Yoko’s son, but only one from Cynthia’s son (and she was included! I thought that Yoko wanted her out of his history in every way). As you can see by my last post I’d never have purchased this myself. As a father myself, I can’t see how Lennon justified cutting his first son (or any child of his, for that matter) out of his life. I hope the box and remixes sound good and I especially hope the 5.1 mix sounds good.


Funny how Yoko, the woman squeezing every penny out of Lennon’s solo tracks is taken out of the cover photo (and that arrow, is – no pun intended – pointless)…this set leans way too heavy on 1980 recordings including her own composition “Every Man..”. This track was NOT a Lennon song, but a solo Yoko song, using Lennon’s harmony vocal as the lead. I wouldn’t buy this if a gun was pointed at my head. If I knew that Julian Lennon got a cut of it…it may be tempting, but nah. I feel he is always cheated, but if I were to buy it for him, what would he give to me?

Those who are dissapointed otherwise, don’t worry. Yoko will re-release these songs again and again as long as she lives…you’ll get another shot in a few years.

Lee Williams

Wow. I must say this collection has blown my mind. As a build up I listened to the two Sean Lennon shows on BBC Radio 2 and was actually surprised at the depth of knowledge about his father’s and listening to Elton too was interesting. I’ve been buying Lennon music since The John Lennon collection in 1982 and always felt a little underwhelmed by the presentation and detail of the music. There was always a lot of focus on the Plastic Ono Band and Imagine, but nothing really after that. However this collection has everything. The tracks really feel like they’ve been cleaned up and the detail in the notes about what was recorded and when is finally more detail than even I could hope for. Strangely I’m not that keen on the George Martin orchestrated Grow Old With Me, but love to hear the ultimate mix of Every Man Has a Woman. Definitely the best ‘Best of’ I’ve ever seen.

Lode De Gendt

After some doubt I ordered the 2 cD + blu-ray version. I already own about all the Lennon I want but I was anxious to hear the remixes.
Listening to the blu-ray PCM stereo as the first audio track was a disappointment. The sound is very bass lifted, boomy and for my ears far from enjoyable.
I had to cut the bass 3 to 4 dB to get an reasonable balance on my system.

Gordon Deas

Bought the vinyl box set for just under £70 and agree with Paul Lewis, the most expensive of the various editions but no credits/notes/ book etc.
I don’t have a lot of John Lennon music in my collection.
I just recently bought the John Lennon Collection on vinyl from the 1980s.

Paul Lewis

Just took delivery of my vinyl set. Beautiful… but what genius at Universal thought vinyl buyers didn’t need/weren’t entitled to track by track credits and notes? It’s frustrating enough that the vinyl box doesn’t come with the full book, so the only option is to buy both (and the vinyl is some £30 more than the CD box, which exacerbates the issue) but whoever created the vinyl package, decided we’d rather have a load of photographs and memorabilia than the meaningful written content. The Beatles sets can be frustrating on similar grounds but at least the Abbey Road vinyl box had some written content, albeit not the full book.


Australians are being seriously ripped off on this release. JB HiFi are asking AUD36 (£20) for the 1 CD version, AUD55 (over £30) for the 2 CD and AUD165 (over £90) for the bluray version… What the hell? I’ll be buying from elsewhere if I can, or not at all.

Reuben Kranz

$80 thru Rarewaves on Amazon AU…you’re welcome.


Thanks for the tip, but $ 125 from Amazon AU direct is the best price I can see on Amazon AU, $139 from Rarewaves via Amazon AU.


I know JB Hi-Fi stores are easily accessed but they’re ALWAYS overpriced for vinyl and cd. Just go to your local record store! Many of them are actually doing free home delivery.

Florentino Stabile

Hi Paul,
Sorry I am late to this dance. I am a massive Lennon fan. I actually worship the man, his music, his books. I think these times were really made for this legend. Yes, I love the Imagine box and what they did sound wise and complimentary contents wise. I do not have Legend and used to have a cassette of all his singles together. Well, this is my opportunity to get it. Any reissue with that info of people involved is worth checking out. If SDE would have it I would give you my business but Amazon.ca has an incredible offer. I want to congratulate Universal Music and Yoko Ono for curating the legacy of this incredible man’s incredible work. Yoko Ono deserves a lot of praise by not overpricing and giving the fans a lot for a decent price. Happy Birthday in advance to what would be 80 years. Worth celebrating for sure. God bless Paul and all at SDE for always keeping all of us in the loop.


There’s nothing weong with my copy of “legend”, so i think I’ll pass on this…


Looks like the UK version has been removed from Amazon, unknown reason.

Paul Anderson

My guess would be that the volume of orders is higher than their allocation from the record company. HMV is selling this for £54.99 so I hope that Amazon uk offer it again for a reasonable price.

Neil Wilkes

I am going to cross my fingers that my order actually turns up then – several times recently I have had pre-orders for limited editions cancelled on me by Amazon UK & it is starting to get really boring.
Can anyone recommend a better source?


After seeing this I have decided to invest in the original Gimme Some Truth CD set. Universal would have been better working and remixing that instead of starting all over again.


Pass! Just like the Pure McCartney compilation, as a longtime fan, there is nothing new here that I haven’t bought many times over so I have to draw a line somewhere. How many times can one spend his hard-earned cash on an “Emperor’s New Clothes” type release? I’m from the pirate cassette tape generation (vinyl borrowed to transfer to tape then straight to walkman), I don’t care about the sound quality of a product as long as I can hear the songs. I’m not a teenager and don’t have the time to sit down and listen to music the length I did when I was 17, let alone finding out about the cow bells that were buried deep into the mix sounding crystal clear now. This remix, remaster, surround sound market is spiralling to ridiculous heights, whether it sounds tinny or boombassed, the song remains the same. Why not simply re-market one of the compilations that are still around to bring it to the attention of the new generations/Spotifiers/streamers out there if that’s who it is directed to? Ultimate mix, pah! They’ll find another way to market yet another mix in 5 to 10 years times (oh, and include some blingy gold ink over the cover design…)
A 50th anniversary release of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band would have been more à-propos and a much more interesting collection. What a missed opportunity.
I’m not blaming Yoko – seems like a typical god-almighty Universal decision – but I guess, given that the poor woman is close to kicking the bucket, this 80th birthday package is like a celebration of a late husband who never had the chance to live as long and the last offering she’ll ever oversee :(

Isadora Duncan

I was going to leave a comment but R.Nuad has said it all IMO , right down to the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ reference. Roll on 2040 so they can release the ‘Ultimate Remix Centenary Edition’.

Kim S.

I hope Steel And Glass is based on the longer version of Quad mix.

The FAQs

4o years since his murder in what would’ve been his 80th birthday year another comp is no great surprise. Can’t really improve on the excellent 4CD Gimme Some Truth. This is really just a modernizing scrub up for contempoary tastes and the streaming generation.


And the Yoko bashing begins. It took quite a while, this time.


If Mrs. Lennon is looking for something to do, she might consider removing her vocals from Live Peace Toronto 1969. I don’t see any sign of that under rated side in this collection.

John’s stuff has been remixed so many times, it’s beginning to approach Elvis’s catalog. (Not Presley, Costello.). And since when did it become acceptable to “remix” in ways the artist did opt for first time around. Anybody up for “remixing” Mona Lisa’s smile>

Les G

Hi, it looks like Amazon Canada will not ship to the UK!
Just when the £ is slightly stronger too !!
Oh well means have to get stung by UK, but sadly they are cheaper than our dear (in both senses) old “local” record stores (my nearest is 5.5 miles away).


Paul, I’d like to buy the 2CD+blu-ray deluxe in the SDE store, because I want your outstanding packaging. I need this one without dents and bruises. Could you arrange that with your friends at Universal?

Neil Wilkes

Well, pre-ordered the 2CD/Bluray version and hoping it is done as well as the ‘Imagine’ set was.
The Atmos is largely a complete waste of time, god knows we have had a hard enough struggle getting 5.1 accepted more than it is, so Atmos stands no chance – the vast majority will doubtless be running the Amazon Box with the upthrow speakers, but that is not for me.
The Movie argument does not wash either, as even in 5.1 I would say that in film land probably at least 50% if not much more are upmixes (check out the Penteo Surround website & see how many well known films there are which are not discrete but upmixes) so with Atmos, given there are 3 Atmos rooms in the UK – period – the ratio of discrete to upmix is probably nearer to 90%

Craig Hedges

Regarding all the ‘not another compilation’ comments, The last compilations came out 10 years ago for Johns 70th birthday but these were released by EMI/Capitol who were bought by Universal in 2012 and are now presumed deleted along with all the previous compilations.
This comp along with future ones will be released through Universal who I don’t think have continued to produce any of Johns previous compilations in the past 8 years.
Also this compilation is designed to promote John to a new generation of fans an keep his image fresh, We’ve only seen the cover so far, I’m guessing the will be a big campaign with this in October and cover will make more sense.

mark browne

Is it possible the omission of Mother, is a clue that possibly the different versions have been saved for the Plastic Ono Band SDE??? Just a thought. I think the live version should have been included here at least Asia’s a glaring omission

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I.

John lennon’s musical journey began at, and ended with “Menlove Avenue”, and I welcome this compilation which is a work of art in itself.i hope, as such, that the cover is to be treated as such, and has the arrow and the letters removed on the release version. New mixes, surround sound, pretty pictures. Lovely!

Tomorrow never knows: I am sort of hoping that we get a similar art/music collection from the oft derided and overlooked mrs L herself. She has had more solo output than her late husband and you can curate a 40 track ensemble no problem without having to go obscure at all….couple with an art book etc etc…… could have her profile on the cover looking at john’s profile here ! Aah!

Play loud : John
Play quiet : yoko

But play all the same.

Jarmo Keranen

You’re absolutely right. Sound of Yoko’s voice can damage your hearing, if you play her loud!

Arthur Lee

I have to agree that the omission of “Mother” is a surprise. Some consider the long version too harrowing I guess but I appreciate it. I heard Streisand’s cover the other day and was amazed how good it is.
I listened to the new “Instant Karma” mix and was unimpressed. Yes it is clearer but the pianos are muted and the guitar strumming is too loud. At least the vocal and the drums shine on.


I wonder if ACOUSTIC will get a vinyl release !..just sayin ..LOL


These prices are getting more and more ridiculous, especially in Germany and more especially with Universal releases.
45 Euros at JPC.de for the 2 LP and 25 Euros for the single CD at Amazon Germany?! I don‘t get it.


You should take a look at Amazon Italy: new releases are always well above 20 euros !


One track from my favourite Lennon album (and the weakest song of them all), and six from the box we only just bought. Not enough from Rock’n’Roll, but we do get a live Beatles song. Mind Games and Walls & Bridges are effectively bulldozed out of the way, but Double Fantasy is blown out of all proportion. It’s not exactly the even-handed, career-spanning comp we could have hoped for, is it?

Not sure why people are raving about that cover shot, either. I’ve seen better.


Sorry to repeat the comment but the arrow and writing over the hair ruins an amazing photo. It would look great with the Gimme Some Truth top left with no arrow.

Michael McA

‘They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool’.
One of the greatest lines written.

Great artwork. Great photo. I’ll be buying.

mark browne

Let’s be honest, you will be paying nearly £50 quid for this for the bluray of surround mixes and a book… and thats expensive…and you can never buy the bluray only it seems ever, such as the Beatles surround hi res mixes…but I guess the marketing team already know that…the bastards….


WOW! Was not expecting another compilation from JL again.
It is worth it just for that cover photo though which is AWESOME ! and the 124 page book .
I agree it could have been without the arrow and even the lettering.
The image alone speaks and the titles would have been sufficient on the spine etc.
The book no doubt will be magnificent with photos and dialogue etc.
The tracks have been released so many times now but I guess nice to have them in Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround.
For me its really the packaging that gets me across the line here.
I will buy both the Vinyl and CD/Blu-Ray formats.
On another note hope the JL/POB gets its 50th deluxe treatment before end of the year.
I just saw the book for that one on johnlennon.com and it too looks great, in fact sumptuous with what appears to be studio shots from the sessions with Ringo/Spector/Klaus etc and the LA primal therapy period etc. Some unseen gems in here! Surely with the book being ready for preorder and the Instant Karma single on RSD there must be a Deluxe release of JL/POB coming soon. I wonder if its delayed due to record companies agreeing on a dual JL/POB and YO/POB being issued together etc.
I love all the John Lennon releases and its nice to see his legacy is kept alive with remasters and beautiful repackaging, but I have to say my favorite all time Lennon compilation is still Shaved Fish.
A singles album really, straight to the point with the hits (and some misses LOL ) it collected the non-album singles from the era and just had a really cool cover with the Michael Bryan illustrative interpretations of the song list. So simple but COOL!
I know it was re released in 2014 but the graphics and finish for that sleeve were really poor.
I’d love to see Shaved Fish get a crystal clear reprint on a beautiful laminated sleeve as it was originally released in the UK. Throw in some extra postcards of the Michael Bryan illustrations, perhaps some promo buttons of the time etc. WOW we have the makings of a Shaved Fish Deluxe 50th for 2025 to look forward to !


Re: Plastic Ono 50th – “Why that hasn’t been delivered we can only speculate.” ….”we aren’t getting that.”
Paul, I hope there are no rumours or evidence that this is indefinite. My hopes for that one, are in the “highest” category. As great as this release sounds, by comparison, this lets air about halfway out of the balloon. Please keep us apprised on the possibility of a P.O.B. release, as you always do. Thanks.

Mathew Lauren

I, too, “already own the “Lennon Legend” DVD-DTS 5.1 and the “Imagine/Gimme Some Truth” Blu-ray 5.1 (from @Michael) — and I agree that “the “Imagine” reissue, had 5.1 mixes of the original album that were very subtle, with very little activity in the rear speakers. While the 5.1 mixes of the studio outtakes were extremely aggressive with individual instruments hard panned around the surround field.” (from @Rob)

I, too, prefer original-recording (album) REs (in surround), and I’m concerned about which approach they’ll take here, as well — but Paul Sinclair makes a great point: “this is the BEST possible scenario. New remixes and 5.1 mixes. Would you rather just have the same old mixes remastered and issued?”

No, of course not. I’d venture (a guess, that) most want new remixes (including surround mixes) and hirez (uncompressed) mastering!

I, personally, hope this RE presents the original recordings in a rather discrete and immersive manner mastered via an UNCOMPRESSED, hirez codec (DR #s in the low to mid teens).

Bottom line: this RE is great news!


I’ll reserve judgement on this new set until I get the Instant Karma 7″ at Saturday’s RSD


Wow ! great cd blu ray release . No brainer
ok side view of john lennon so what ???

John Corn-Barley

One startling omission… Woman Is The Nigger Of The World which was based on a phrase Yoko came up with. It has featured on other compilations including Shaved Fish which I still have on vinyl and even the Working Class Hero collection had it on.

Wikipedia states: “The National Organization for Women awarded Lennon and Ono a “Positive Image of Women” citation for the song’s “strong pro-feminist statement” in August 1972.”

It’s better than that lame track Angela.


They would have been absolutely hammered for including that track. In 2020, a white man using the n-word is out of the question.

I understand what Lennon and Ono were doing with the song, it had its time and its context but in 2020, it doesn’t work any more. I’m not suggesting it be stricken from the records or anything like that but I would have been startled if it *had* been included.

(It’s also not very good)

Stephen Hance

I agree – impossible to include in 2020. When I went to the Lennon Ono exhibition in Liverpool last year they had a warning label in front of a tv screen where they discussed this song.


Fair enough but one could have the same sentiment about the inclusion of How Do You Sleep? Why selecting that particular song except to revive the controversy? And it’s not even a good song…

David Fisher

The widow Lennon strikes again! How many Lennon compilations do we need for heaven’s sake? Not quite as many as The Who yet (they have well over 20!) but getting there. Of course I happily buy them all because I’m a Lennon nut. SHAVED FISH still sits at the top of the pile for me. (I do love Yoko’s early solo work so I’m certainly not a Yoko hater but she does know how to milk her ex’s catalogue.)

Anyway, my answer to your comment – agreed WITNOFW is a better song than ANGELA but I can’t see it passing muster in our revisionist age where the subject of a joke is mistaken for the object thereof (or in this case the subject of an observation) – a joke about a racist is now seen as a racist joke, etc. How would Lenny Bruce would fare today I wonder? Perhaps the former song would be more fitting for last year’s “Me Too” movement but the news cycle has regrettably moved on and with Black Lives Matter currently topping the ratings, Angela Davis is quite rightly back in the limelight – I was delighted to see her interviewed on Ch4 News a few weeks ago – so this song is currently more bankable. Call me cynical? Alas yes. I wouldn’t agree that its a “lame” track but horses for courses…

I got into John Lennon at about age 10 and his songs profoundly shaped my political perspectives. I became as feminist as a “red-blooded” male can be and abhor racism and bigotry of any kind. SOME TIME IN NEW YORK CITY has always been a favourite JL album despite the critics hatred of it – it has a similar uncompromising directness and blunt, uncomfortable truth-telling as PLASTIC ONO BAND. He spoke truth to power and maybe that’s what got him killed – but there’s a conspiracy theory that leaves me sitting firmly on the fence.


Not sure how I ended up with it , but I have a French pressing 7″ and it is currently worth the least of all the Lennon records I own. Never play it much, but still has a great message.
Better than anything he did during his easy listening years.
As for Yoko, the Onobox can be exhausting at times, but Walking on Thin Ice is hands down my favorite. Too bad she had to re-record her old tunes for the dance floor.


Wow – no ‘Mother’ :o


I have the combined CD/DVD set of Working Class Hero and Lennon Legend. That covers just about all the essentials.


I still hope for and expect a deluxe of John’s 1970 album Plastic Ono Band on Black Friday/Record Store Day (27 November) as the original LP was released on 11 December 1970, so just in time for the 50th anniversary
For the moment, this is good news for a 5.1 surround sound of great songs…


Great photo but the lettering looks like those Gold Best of collections they sell on Amazon (and possibly Woolies). I don’t have room for yet another Lennon best of but this looks like a great collection for those that do. My ears ain’t so hot they can pick out little nuances between the mixes either but still this does look well put together


The cover photo is from 26 November 1969, taken in Apple offices. Yoko was right beside him, of course, in the original photo.

It kind of looks like it was a deliberate profile shot, but it’s just the way the photographer happened to catch him at that precise moment..

There are several other photos taken that day, from other angles, if you google that date.


Holy cow! Right on Mike Grivich (above), you’re completely and utterly correct, but I think you might be downplaying the “ultimate mix” delivered here.

It so completely defecates on the original “nastymix(TM),” that it brings the song freshly into our consciousness. Gotta throw out my Shaved Fish now, and save my pennies for this.

Again: After hearing this, there is no other version to speak of– this has replaced them all.


I loved what they did with the imagine boxset and the very extensive use of bluray. The surround mix was also very good and very well suited the music.
I have confidence in that the surround part will be good, because (unlike the Marillion whiwh were not mixed by SW) they did a good job with Imagine.
2CD and Blu-ray will be my choice


Another one I will look forward to streaming and will buy a copy of the 2 disc vinyl or the Cd/book when/if they drop down to bargain prices, if they don’t (like the imagine and Abbey Road box sets) I will be happy listening on Apple Music.


Yes, this 2020 version of Instant Karma IS very nice.
Much cleaner than the previous versions.


A remix of everything now. At least they provide an eight page book with a two sided poster.

Looks more like Gimme Some Money, than Gimme Some Truth.



Such a beautiful profile portrait of John. I would have used the photograph alone for the cover with no typography, and definitely no white arrow pointing at John’s ear.

Like many, I was expecting a deluxe POB to be released this October. A bit disappointed, but I know I will be talking myself into buying the 2 CD + Blu-ray package before Christmas. Still I have to pause for just a moment because I already own “Lennon Legend” DVD-DTS 5.1 and “Imagine/Gimme Some Truth” Blu-ray 5.1, both of which have great sound clarity and spacious acoustics in the 5.1 mix.

Mike Williams

while I agree that “Mother” & “Borrowed Time” are missing, I can’t decide which 2 songs I would leave off to include them! Also, a rare or unreleased track might have been nice…

Jarmo Keranen

I would leave off Come Together (Live), I Know (I Know) and Angel Baby. Beside of Mother and Borrowed Time i would also add New York City!

David Fisher

I’m actually very interested to hear what they have done with COME TOGETHER. It can’t be a worse mix than the unlistenable LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY album – that horrible 80’s gated snare drum!!! (Probably a sample.) It’s about time that those two shows were reissued properly on Blu Ray and CD with a better sound.

Max Totten

Move Over MS.L would have been a nice one to include … the tired Give Peace A Chance and Happy Christmas (War Is Over) are the perfect tracks to remove in favored of Mother and Borrowed Time. It will be interesting to hear what can be done to tracks we all know by heart!

David B

I do wonder why people don’t check Amazon before posting comments .. a quick check shows that the very good 2003 “Lennon legend” dvd is still available for only £14.01. It features 20 tracks in DTS 5.1 surround sound (ok not Dolby Atmos) but it still sounds excellent to my ears .. the tracks are all the singles plus selected album tracks .. and it has 6 special features which are unseen outside of this dvd collection. So if you want a single surround disc get this one ..


Thanks for the heads up on this. Just ordered from eBay at £2.21 posted. Not new but so what?


It has bass!