John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band box set

6CD+2blu-ray deluxe • Remixed for stereo and surround sound • 159 mixes and over 11 hours of audio • Dolby Atmos included

John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band deluxe reissue
John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band front cover

John Lennon‘s 1970 album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band will be reissued as a 6CD+2blu-ray box set in April and will feature over 11 hours of audio newly remixed for stereo, 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos.

Lennon’s first ‘proper’ solo album was issued in December 1970 and is a raw, stripped-back delve into the psyche of the ex-Beatle. The lyrics of songs like ‘Isolation’, ‘Mother’, ‘Working Class Hero’ and ‘Hold On’ are Lennon exploring (and exposing) his personal issues, including the pain of losing his mother, twice – once when she abandoned him, leaving him in the care of his Aunt ‘Mimi’ Smith, and then when she was killed in a road traffic accident (in 1958).

John undertook Arthur Janov’s ‘Primal Therapy’ earlier in 1970 as a way to deal with this repressed pain and clearly the issues – and in the case of ‘Mother’, the actual therapy itself – carried over into the album.

The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in September and October of 1970 and was co-produced by Lennon, Yoko Ono and Phil Spector. The core band was just John, Ringo Starr and Klaus Voorman (on bass), although Yoko is credited with ‘Wind’ and Billy Preston and Phil Spector both played piano on a track each (‘God’ and ‘Love’, respectively).

As with the Imagine reissue of 2018 and last year’s Gimme Some Truth ‘best of’, the audio for this reissue of Plastic Ono Band has been completely remixed from the original multi-track tapes, led by engineer Paul Hicks.

Mixes are broken into different categories. Ultimate Mixes are the most faithful to the originals but are generally “sonically clearer” and also focus on increasing the clarify of John’s vocals. Outtakes are presented in the style of a ‘rough listening mix’ and Elements mixes are designed to bring out aspects previously buried in a mix. Evolution Documentary mixes are an ‘audio montage’ that takes you through the development of each song from demo to master recording via “instructions, rehearsals, recordings, multitrack exploration and studio chatter”. As if that wasn’t enough there’s demos – both home and studio – plus jams, some of which take in old rock ‘n’ roll numbers once covered by The Beatles (‘Honey Don’t’, ‘Matchbox’) and even a couple of Fab songs themselves in ‘Get Back’ and ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’. On blu-ray there are some lengthy Yoko live sessions.

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 6CD+2blu-ray box set (click image to enlarge)

The album is presented in 5.1 surround sound on one of the blu-rays but Plastic Ono Band goes a step further than Imagine and offers the audio in Dolby Atmos. Hi-res  192/24 stereo is also available.

Amazingly, their are 159 new mixes of this 11-track album, across the two blu-rays, although that includes versions of non-album tracks ‘Give Peace A Chance’, ‘Instant Karma’ and ‘Cold Turkey’. This adds up to more than 11 hours of audio. The six CDs cover 102 mixes (which are also on the blu-ray discs) and offers more than six hours of audio.

This new eight-disc deluxe edition of Plastic Ono Band comes with a 132-page hardcover book with detailed notes and photos. It will almost certainly be the same dimensions as both the Imagine and Gimme Some Truth deluxe editions and comes with a ‘War Is Over!’ poster and two post cards. The normally faded cover art looks to have been adjusted for more hue and contrast.

There will also be a 2LP vinyl set of Plastic Ono Band, a two-CD set and a single CD edition. Update: UMC have just informed us that the vinyl isn’t half-speed mastered.

The John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band deluxe set and associated physical formats will be released on 16 April 2021.

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John Lennon

Plastic Ono Band - 6CD+2blu-ray box set


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John Lennon

Plastic Ono Band - 2LP vinyl


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John Lennon

Plastic Ono Band - 2CD edition


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John Lennon

Plastic Ono Band - single CD


John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 6CD+2blu-ray box set

1 Mother
2 Hold On
3 I Found Out
4 Working Class Hero
5 Isolation
6 Remember
7 Love
8 Well Well Well
9 Look At Me
10 God
11 My Mummy’s Dead
12 Give Peace A Chance
13 Cold Turkey
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)


1 Mother/Take 61
2 Hold On/Take 2
3 I Found Out/Take 1
4 Working Class Hero/Take 1
5 Isolation/Take 23
6 Remember/Rehearsal 1
7 Love/Take 6
8 Well Well Well/Take 2
9 Look At Me/Take 2
10 God/Take 27
11 My Mummy’s Dead/Take 2
12 Give Peace A Chance/Take 2
13 Cold Turkey/Take 1
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)/Take 5


1 Mother
2 Hold On
3 I Found Out
4 Working Class Hero
5 Isolation
6 Remember
7 Love
8 Well Well Well
9 Look At Me
10 God
11 My Mummy’s Dead
12 Give Peace A Chance
13 Cold Turkey
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

1 Mother/Take 64
2 Hold On/Take 32
3 I Found Out/Take 3 Extended
4 Working Class Hero/Take 9
5 Isolation/Take 29
6 Remember/Take 13
7 Love/Take 37
8 Well Well Well/Take 4 Extended
9 Look At Me/Take 9
10 God/Take 42
11 My Mummy’s Dead/Take 1
12 Give Peace A Chance/Take 4 Extended
13 Cold Turkey/Take 2
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)/Take 10
15 Mother/Take 91
16 I Found Out/Take 7
17 God/Take 1

1 Mother
2 Hold On
3 I Found Out
4 Working Class Hero
5 Isolation
6 Remember
7 Love
8 Well Well Well
9 Look At Me
10 God
11 My Mummy’s Dead

1 Johnny B. Goode (Jam)
2 Ain’t That A Shame (Jam)
3 Hold On (1) (Jam)
4 Hold On (2) (Jam)
5 Glad All Over (Jam)
6 Be Faithful To Me (Jam)
7 Send Me Some Lovin’ (Jam)
8 Get Back (Jam)
9 Lost John (1) (Jam)
10 Goodnight Irene (Jam)
11 You’ll Never Walk Alone (Parody) (Jam)
12 I Don’t Want To A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (1) (Jam)
13 It’ll Be Me (Jam)
14 Honey Don’t (Jam)
15 Elvis Parody (Don’t Be Cruel/Hound Dog/When I’m Over You) (Jam)
16 Matchbox (Jam)
17 I’ve Got A Feeling (Jam)
18 Mystery Train (Jam)
19 You’re So Square (Jam)
20 I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (2) (Jam)
21 Lost John (2) (Jam)
22 Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking For A Hand In The Snow) (Jam)
23 Mother (Home Demo)
24 Hold On (Studio Demo)
25 I Found Out (Home Demo)
26 Working Class Hero (Studio Demo)
27 Isolation (Studio Demo)
28 Remember (Studio Demo)
29 Love (Home Demo)
30 Well Well Well (Home Demo)
31 Look At Me (Home Demo)
32 God (Home Demo)
33 My Mummy’s Dead (Home Demo)

Blu-Ray 1: All tracks in Stereo 24/192, Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround Sound

The Ultimate Mixes Album And Singles
The Ultimate Mixes Outtakes
The Elements Mixes Album And Singles
The Demos Album And Singles

Blu-Ray 2: All tracks in Stereo 24/192, Dolby Atmos and 5.1 Surround Sound

The Raw Studio Mixes Album And Singles
The Raw Studio Mixes Outtakes
The Evolution Mixes Album And Singles
The Jams Live And Improvised
Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band The Live Sessions

  1. Why (Live Sessions)
  2. Why Not (Live Sessions)
  3. Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City (Live Sessions)
  4. Touch Me (Live Sessions)
  5. Paper Shoes (Live Sessions)
  6. Life (Live Sessions)
  7. Omae No Okaa We (Live Sessions)
  8. I Lost Myself Somewhere In The Sky (Live Sessions)
  9. Remember Love (Live Sessions)
  10. Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking For A Hand In The Snow) (Live Sessions)
  11. Who Has Seen The Wind? (Live Sessions)

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 2LP vinyl (half-speed mastered)

1 Mother
2 Hold On
3 I Found Out
4 Working Class Hero
5 Isolation

1 Remember
2 Love
3 Well Well Well
4 Look At Me
5 God
6 My Mummy’s Dead

1 Mother/Take 61
2 Hold On/Take 2
3 I Found Out/Take 1
4 Working Class Hero/Take 1
5 Isolation/Take 23

1 Remember/Rehearsal 1
2 Love/Take 8
3 Well Well Well/Take 2
4 Look At Me/Take 2
5 God/Take 27
6 My Mummy’s Dead/Take 2

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 2CD set

1 Mother
2 Hold On
3 I Found Out
4 Working Class Hero
5 Isolation
6 Remember
7 Love
8 Well Well Well
9 Look At Me
10 God
11 My Mummy’s Dead
12 Give Peace A Chance
13 Cold Turkey
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

1 Mother/Take 61
2 Hold On/Take 2
3 I Found Out/Take 1
4 Working Class Hero/Take 1
5 Isolation/Take 23
6 Remember/Rehearsal 1
7 Love/Take 8
8 Well Well Well/Take 2
9 Look At Me/Take 2
10 God/Take 27
11 My Mummy’s Dead/Take 2
12 Give Peace A Chance/Take 2
13 Cold Turkey Take 1
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)/Take 1

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band singleCD

1 Mother
2 Hold On
3 I Found Out
4 Working Class Hero
5 Isolation
6 Remember
7 Love
8 Well Well Well
9 Look At Me
10 God
11 My Mummy’s Dead
12 Give Peace A Chance
13 Cold Turkey
14 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

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John D

Technical question – what’s the best way to be able to listen to the blu ray content ? I have a pretty basic blu ray home theatre setup (2.1 channel stereo only) so I assume that won’t let me hear the blu ray content in it’s high quality ?


Pricing is no mistake it’s set against the profile of the purchasing public. Old people with loads of dosh will spend £42 on a double lp. People seem to have forgotten the heyday of budget priced vinyl reissues. I thought £30 for a reissue of Wh0 Sell Out was a fiver over what it should be. POB scoops the pot. Of course if people don’t buy it at list price then it will come down because they need to shift them. In the true spirit of Lennon, how many people have the balls and the devil in them to do that and take on the corporation’s pricing policy?? Gimme some truth indeed.

The FAQs

It irritates the hell out of me that they have chosen put Give Peace A Chance, Cold Turkey, and Instant Karma at the end of the original album. Great songs and consistent with the time period but why couldn’t they just have put them on the extra disc and left the album as it was originally released.

Kevin from Edinburgh

They could have maybe put the three singles first. They chronologically precede the album – they arguably lead up to it – but then the album opens with something that the previous singles don’t hint at (maybe Cold Turkey?).

Put the cd in the player, and hit either Play/Track 1, or Track 4, depending on your mood. Either way, it ends with the cry of pain for his lost mother. I agree , there is nothing that could/should follow that.

That would work for me. More difficult with vinyl, but cd? No problem.

Kevin from Edinburgh

But it’s an album nearly everyone who buys it will be very familiar with. The running-order is intact, either way (singles first or singles last). The studio album is there – either tracks 1-x or 4-y.

Put 10 seconds of silence before/after….or not. I can’t believe people are getting so worked up by something resolved by the push of a button on a remote control? Maybe I’m the one that’s lost all sense of perspective?


Agree, but they already did this with the 2000 remix and tacked on Do the Oz and Power to the People. It’s disrespectful to do this to one of the most perfect albums ever made. Then again I also find it upsetting to hear most of the remixes on GST, you wouldn’t want to look at the Mona Lisa through frosted glass. Some of those remixes on CD sounded like they were being played by a neighbour through an adjoining wall. Hopefully this set won’t be done that way.

Wayne Klein

Indeed or, at the very least, have a 2-3 minutes ofsilence between the end of the album and the bonus tracks.

Honestly, I’m only interested in the jams disc/Blu-ray because the album itself is pretty perfect and we got s(me outtakes on the Lennon Anthology set.


My question is why even have “Cold Turkey,” “Instant Karma,” and “Give Peace A Chance” tagged onto the POB deluxe box set? These songs were already included on the excellent “Gimme Some Truth” SDE as ultimate remixes. So not only is it redundant to have these three Lennon singles featured again, it also compromises the integrity and flow of the original album.


I agree. It was like when they placed Helen Wheels right after Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five on the CD of Band On The Run. That brief reprise of Band On The Run was the perfect ending to the album of the same name.

Or even Paperback Writer or Rain if they were tacked on to the end of Revolver. Putting stand alone singles on official albums – reissued or otherwise – is simply not a very Beatle thing to do, and it’s something they never did.


You could always just turn off your CD after “My Mummy’s Dead”, doesn’t strike me as such a major problem really.

John MC cann

If it’s got to be there,then Wayne’s solution is the best one I think!
Although 3 minutes of silence is too long , 45 secs job done!


This is my favorite Beatles solo album of all. I’m up for the lot on this one. Deluxe and Vinyl.
I’m sure the mixes will be great and really looking forward to hearing those out takes and jam sessions. I wonder if George is anywhere in there? I know he recorded “Its Johnny’s Birthday” on All Things Must Pass for John’s 30th when they were both recording their solo albums around the same time and I assume they were both in Abbey Road etc.
Is the hardback book inside just a smaller version of the bigger book that has already been released before Xmas? I hope its has additional or unseen material etc.
I like how the cover shot is more lush green and those “primal” Apple labels look great too!!
Its a shame there wasn’t the companion Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band to go with this, so they both got a release “as nature intended” but I guess that’s because the rights are with Secretly Canadian (??).
Anyways this will be a great addition and compliment to the Imagine and Gimme Some Truth box sets and bring on the rest too!!. I hear Mind Games is next up and cant wait to see Walls And Bridges and Rock N Roll get similar treatments. Sometime In New York City always gets a bagging, but I have been listening to that a bit lately and its got some great tracks on it, a remix would work wonders on the hidden gems in there!
Lots of comments/comparison to the McCartney archives; I agree I like the consistent sizing on the Lennon boxes to date, while McCartney archive releases are tending to become more lush in presentation with each release which is a little confusing. Surely McCartney will want to go back and revisit Band On The Run for a super doooper lush 50th archive now !! (LOL) Regardless I love all the the McCartney archive releases too. As McCartney said once on reviewing the White Album “Its great, its sold, its the bloody McCartney Archive series” Shut Up !” Hee hee.
I hope Georges All Things Must Pass deluxe is not too far away in 2021 now.
How about some Ringo deluxe, I hear there is enough C & W stuff in the can from the Beaucoups Of Blues sessions; a 27 min version of Coochy Coochy ! LOL and add in the singles It Don’t Come Easy, Back Off Boogaloo and B-sides etc.
I’m sure something wonderful could be done to refresh “Ringo” or perhaps it could be a double up as a Ringo/Goodnight Vienna release of his LA/Sunset Recorders/Capitol Tower period! I would be up for it !

thomas murphy

Any ideas as to why this is not available on Amazon Italy or Germany?

thomas murphy

i see it’s up now on amazon.de €118!!!


It is available on Amazon Germany now:

Plastic Ono Band (Ltd.Dlx.6cd+2br Audio Box) https://amzn.to/3kUpcY0

Things last a little longer in Germany these days…


Paul, it looks like you have a typo in the track listing for the 6CD box. Under Disc 2, “THE OUTTAKES” is listed as Track 1 rather than as part of the disc title, bumping all the other tracks down one number. Pretty sure it is actually a 14-track disc, not a 15-track (identical to disc 2 of the 2-disc edition.)

Matthew Mutch

Great news as this is my favourite album fall time! I will buy the 2CD set. Just one concern – hearing all the “new”stuff on CD2 will be awesome but, I really would prefer to have NO extras on CD1. To me, this is a masterpiece that ends (appropriately I think) with My Mummy’s Dead. I will find it irritating to hear anything extra added at the end. Anyone else feel like this?- just curious.
Thanks for posting this Paul- I had no idea this release was coming!

Jarmo Keranen

Burn your own version of it without bonuses or just listen old version of the disc. Problem solved!


Or just press the “stop” button on your remote…

James A. Atkins

That’s sounds perfectly mundane and boring! Bring on the special editions of everything! As a die-hard Beatle’s fan I have them all, and can’t get enough. But if your solution makes you happy, then so be it. “PROBLEM SOLVED”!

Bird Lives

Yeah, I agree with your sequencing comment, Matthew. It was an intentional album, profound and poignant, with more gravitas than anything recorded by any of the post-Beatles, John included. Ending on that soft note made it even more so and exquisitely capped the intimate arc of the record for listeners. If those other three songs were available/intended for this album at the time, it seems likely they would have appeared before that final song.

But here we are, here is this fabulously extensive package, and here is our ability to pause after track 11, give thanks for having had this man, his music, and his mates in our lives…and then crank the volume on 12-14.


Absolutely agree Matthew, the original album should be presented as it always was, it’s like when John I’m Only Dancing came after Rock n Roll Suicide on Ziggy Stardust in the 90’s, it doesn’t work no matter how great the additional music is

Derek Langsford

I have the Gimme Some Truth box but this is way too much Lennon for me. Looks to be a fantastic set though. And to have everything in Dolby Atmos – wow!

This is how a single album boxed set should be done. If any of my favourite albums got this treatment it would be an instant pre-order.

Artie Lee

Thanks Paul. Looking forward to this one. In middle age I return more to this album than any other Lennon solo offering.

Todd G

This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. I still remember the morning in 1970 when I got up, turned on FM radio and heard Well, Well, Well for the first time. It blew me away. I ran into the kitchen where my mother was eating breakfast and yelled “Lennon has a new album and it sounds incredible.” Can’t wait to get this box set!

Kevin Henry

I’ll be popping into HMV Sheffield on 16 April (hopefully re-opening on the 12th) to purchase this amazing looking boxset. It is such a great album.


My favourite album of all time. Must admit though, I was pretty horrified at most of the Ultimate mixes on the Gimme Some Truth set across the board, with only a few being acceptable to me. From POB, Working Class Hero’s ‘join’ was particularly jarring.
I am buying this box for the extras and have little faith that the main album will bare repeat listens with booming bass and little top end along with the atrocious mixes of Cold Turkey and Instant Karma, if they are the same ones.

Tony Wolkowski

FAR far to much yoko screaming/ wailing nonsense on this lot.
Would have much prefared a rock n roll and / or Mind games reissue. Hope to see it one day.


There’s hardly any Yoko on this box. She’s mostly been left off the CDs and put on the Blu Rays. People need to get past the idea that all she did was scream. She made some fantastic solo albums in the 70s some with the screaming some without but all equally amazing records.


they don’t wanna hear it, man. She’s also a record producer. She did more than Spector on this album, in fact. Watch the Classic Albums on this one.

Richard Harris

Interesting that Badlands are saying that both the vinyl and the deluxe box set are “extremely limited pressings” and are limiting the number of copies that can be ordered from them.


That old one!!
As for myself not a massive Lennon solo fan but some classics on here and probably go for the 2 disc version…


It’s only a small gripe, but why can’t they do two versions, one with the large format book, which is excellent, and one in this smaller format – so much of the book in this is the same as the large book.

I know that the answer is that idiots like me will buy both, but the point stands

Kevin from Edinburgh

Presumably, partly because they wouldn’t have a clue as to how many of each type to manufacture. Do you know how many people would want Version A and how many would want Version B?

Noel Fitzsimons

Anybody else having difficulties with the Amazon UK link?


This will almost certainly go down half value in price in the next few months as it is quite expensive I feel. I bet it’s because of the book. Oh Yoko…..


Well I can’t find any copies for sale of the last one (Gimme Some Truth) on cd from any “brand new” sellers (on eBay there is only one for sale and the starting price is £85 + p&p), so I missed out on this hoping for a price drop…


That is not true. I just checked Amazon.de and JPC.de. Everything is available – the cd is available (12 Euros), the Deluxe-CD-Box-Set is available, the vinyl is available, everything is available.


I also couldn’t find it for sale anywhere at a sensible price so in the end I bought the Gimme Some Truth (2cd + blu ray) deluxe version last week from Groovesland in Germany via Discogs for £52. It arrived this week, brand new still sealed inside its original mailing box and smothered in protective bubble-wrap. They are still selling them on Discogs today.


A book, 6 CD’s and 2 Blu Rays with surround sound for $103 (France). Paul McCartney, watch and learn.
This is a definite buy. Brilliantly put together. Any album that is reissued with this much love, must be purchased no matter what. I can’t wait to get it.

sergio falcone

A Masterpiece.

Rob O

I’m surprised to see that some of these tracks had over 50 takes. Granted, I’ve no idea what constitutes a ‘take’ but I’d always thought the album was tracked much quicker and nothing was labored over for long. Shatters some myths and should make lesser musicians think twice about settling on one or two takes of a tune with some notable flaws.


Michael L


(why thank you)


Is there some sort of greenish pvc dustjacket in the single disc versions? Looks really cool!
I might actually buy this, “Love” is one of the best songs E-V-E-R even though I’m referring to Shirley Bassey’s version.

Brian Burhans

I would have included Yoko’s Plastic Ono Band album (as well as the b-sides). As it stands, it’s the 2 CD version (shm-cd) for me; don’t need all the bells & whistles of the box.


Amazon Canada is selling the Box set and the LP edition but not the 2 cd set
Anybody know why not = seems Amazon Canada is being picky about what they are selling.
Another case in point – The Who sell out deluxe edition – only avail thru Amazon.com




Johan H

Such welcome news! And looks like it’s been done with the love and care it deserves. Possibly my favourite album of all-time, certainly the most influential. And great to see Yoko’s tracks, I’ve always thought of songs like “Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City” as providing the DNA for the likes of Public Image Ltd…

Phil Cohen

By the way, there may be a contractual reason why the Yojo Ono numbers are included on the Blu-Ray discs, but not on the CD’s. Ms.Ono’s back catalog is presently under license (for CD & L.P. reissue) to a label called “Secretly Canadian”, though that reissue series has (Seemingly) been abandoned half-completed. With only one exception, the bonis tracks on the “Secretly Canadian” CD’s are exactly the same as those on the 1990’s Rykodisc CD’s.
On the positive side, the Yoko tracks that will be included on the forthcoming “Plastic Ono Band” box will be the complete unedited versions, running twice the length (or longer) versus the edited versions released in 1970.


I doubt that that is true. Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band was one piece of music. The released album was constructed from a series of edits from this (except A.O.S). I would imagine (see what I did there) that she wanted the unedited jam in one piece, and that would be far too long for a cd and dividing it in half to play over two cds rather misses the entire point.

Jeff D

Yea, I’m in on this.
Still, standalone CD set, standalone vinyl set but no standalone Blu Ray. This always baffles me.

Paul Taylor

I’m mainly a vinyl buyer but I’m a bit perturbed about the fact that they’re looking for >£40 for a double album. This seems to be a Beatle-centric problem as I’m sure the Flaming Pie double wasn’t far off that price too. The big box has far more value for the money in common with most (Ultravox, Tears For Fears) and is a much more tempting prospect. It’s not an album I’m overly familiar with but exploring the unreleased stuff is a big part of the fun.


Btw Paul, Amazon Canada now has it up for $149.70


This is how a box set should be released. I am ready to rate it 5 stars without even hearing it

Dean Taylor

Have to agree with Bill Z….Yoko’s great…


The Plastic Ono Band release is fantastic news!! Good Lord, I’m going to be broke before Christmas with all these great SDE box sets coming out so early this year.

I am wondering, since there is some Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band live session included in this deluxe package (which I’m excited to hear), does that mean there is no hope for a dedicated Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band SDE?

Bill Z

I’m surprised and delighted to see all the kind words for Yoko in the comments. Yoko Ono/POB is a great, great album, and yeah, it deserves it’s own SDE.

Charlie Keating

Ageed. Ultimate Infimate Universe was a great album as well.
A great artist that got so disrespected.
Who has seen the wind, Renember Love, Listen the snow is falling and on and on. :)

Joe Donato

This is an instant buy for me. The Imagine and Gimme Some Truth boxes are the finest, most comprehensive box sets I own. Not only is the content on those boxes phenomenal, the books are well organized with great pictures and text/documentation. I am really intrigued by the Disc 6 Jams as well as the Yoko POB sessions on the BluRay. They could be revelatory or trainwrecks, but excited to find out soon either way.


Nice cover image. Personally my favourite box set format is the 10″. Feels like you’ve got a special item but does not take up too much room and everything will fit CD wise plus the odd 7″.
I think aesthetically it really enhances boxes like the Bobbie Gentry & the Dylan Bootleg series (which are a little smaller) also have that heft & vibe. Much as I love the King Crimson & Tangerine Dream boxes I think the 10″ size would have been even better, that fatter heft for me would balance out the loss of picture size.
Book design has been exceptional over the last 20yrs and a little more of that invention and then stick to that format for that artists releases would be welcome. The excellent Prince and REM boxes are format wise all over the place but I prefer that to following a format then changing it for one or two.
Surely aesthetics are one of the reasons we still buy physical formats.

Rob (Toronto)

Expensive or not, I’m definitely in (already pre-ordered). For years POB was my favourite rock album of all time, and while that distinction has since shifted between Joy Division’s ‘Closer’ and ‘The Beatles’ (white album), I still regard POB as the best thing by far that Lennon ever released. It wasn’t so much the songs themselves – when you get right down to it they were mostly fairly straightforward – as the atmosphere. Sometime early in ’71 I wandered into a house party peaking on acid. I found my way into a room where this was on the turntable, and everyone in the room was sitting in silence with less than rapturous looks on their faces. How can I put this? The record made me feel vaguely seasick and decidedly unnerved. Powerful stuff. In the later light of postpunk ca 1980 or so the whole feel of the record seemed to make even more sense than it had on its release, while losing none of its power. I’ve been waiting for this one…


What I’d really love is if they followed this with a 2-disc reissue of Yoko’s POB and included those live sessions of hers as the second disc.

Ronald B.

Really would like to have this, but the price is just too much for me right now. Hope I can find it later with lower price on Amazon USA.

Tony Wolkowski

Over 40 quid for a double vinyl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is yoko desperate for the dosh. Smacks of sheer greed sadly.

The Ragman

Looks good value but I was hoping the single mix of “Love” might be in the box – no fade in on the piano introduction – I know that was released in 1982 as promo for the John Lennon Collection but apparently Love had been under consideration for release as a single in 1970… after all the Lennon compilations its a shame there is no digital version of the “Love” single so far.

Tim Abbott

Unsurprisingly, Yoko Ono doesn’t spend her waking hours deciding on price points for her late husband’s reissues. There’s an entire department in a record company that is responsible for that. And surprise, surprise, they are banking on people buying a John Lennon album.


Amazon US are up to @ $136.00 …. grrrr

Happy Man

Will the SDE shop be selling this, Paul? I always appreciate your packaging.

Chris Squires

“John undertook Arthur Janov’s ‘Primal Therapy’ earlier in 1970”

The very thing that saved / ruined * Mike Oldfield’s career eight years later.

* delete as applicable

(Tom Newman, on the BBC documentary of a few years ago, said as much – happiness can ruin a career)


I think that Mike Oldfield underwent Exegesis, which was the more arduous forerunner of Landmark training, which is still available today.

Your point is a good one, though. Personal happiness can come at the expense of creativity – Billy Connolly is another example of an entertainer whose personal gain was our loss.

Ben in Colorado

Slightly off-topic but the Gimme Some Truth double CD / Blu-ray has been unavailable on Amazon US and UK, etc. for months. And it is listed as “backordered“ on a lot of other sites. In fact I think it would be hard to try to find a copy now.

So I’m purchasing this now because I don’t want to miss the boat. Even though I know the Imagine super deluxe is still available.


I think I might buy it just for cd 6!
Wish that was a stand alone release.

Rich E

I’d have liked to see this tackled as more of a Lennon/Ono set to reflect the synergy of the original releases. I was hoping the vinyl set would include both original albums.


Great idea. I’d be likely to buy it had they taken that approach.

Stephen Hance

16th April is my birthday – think I know what I want!


The iconic cover image seems to be more lush, even three dimensional.Hopefully there will be a nice old school shellac applied. Thanks for getting this information out so fast Paul!


My god. The double half speed vinyl for 50gbp. Its very expensive, Very sad they are pushing prices up so hard.

John MacLeod

Thank you, Paul, I cannot wait!