Joy Division / Closer reissued on clear vinyl for its 40th anniversary

Second LP reissued along with non-album 12-inch singles

Joy Division‘s second studio album Closer will be reissued as a limited edition ‘crystal clear’ vinyl LP in July, for its 40th anniversary.

Closer was of course the band’s last album. It was issued two months after Ian Curtis’ suicide (he died on 18 May 1980).

There were no singles from Closer, but three non-album singles – ‘Transmission’, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ – are also being reissued at the same time as the album, with ‘2020 remastered audio’. These are pressed on 180g vinyl and feature original artwork (‘Transmission’ has an embossed sleeve). The Closer album isn’t remastered and uses the same mastering as on the 2015 vinyl reissues (which is from 2007).

Closer and the 12-inch singles will be reissued on 18 July 2020. Townsend Music have a special four-record bundle of album and the three 12-inch records for £54.

Closer vinyl LP

Side A
Atrocity Exhibition
A Means To An End

Side B

Heart And Soul
Twenty Four Hours
The Eternal

Transmission 12-inch

A: Transmission
B: Novelty

Love Will Tear Us Apart 12-inch

A: Love Will Tear Us Apart
B: These Days

Atmosphere 12-inch

A: Atmosphere
B: She’s Lost Control

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The official New Order store cancelled my pre-order for no reason!? Now the bundle costs GBP 5 more! Will therefore not place a new order.

Thanks for nothing…

Spiral Scar

I was up all night playing Joy Division, until I should have been eating breakfast. Even though every bit of their studio work is now perhaps overly-familiar, I never tire of it. I was into New Order first (likely due to my age and exposure to them during high school in the 80s.) I hadn’t even heard LWTUA (or any JD songs) when I confidently bought the (JD) LP of “Substance” based on all I had read about them. Despite being a little too avid of a New Order fan, I have to be honest; I absorbed the Joy Division material more deeply.
I caught Peter Hook and the Light in NYC two years ago (how I miss that life already…) and they played both NO and JD “Substance” albums in full. Maybe some might feel that would be sacrilegious, but I’d never seen either band before and it was as close as I was ever going to get. The JD set was the second set, and it was spectacular. The already amped-up audience nearly doubled its enthusiasm and energy. I was also thrilled to realize that this packed venue was full of fans who knew this wonderful music. It still holds up all these years later.
I hope Ian Curtis is at peace. He gave us something special.


Today is the 40th anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis. John Peel announced on the 19th that he had heard that Ian Curtis had died. I think it was the next day when he played both Joy Division sessions in full, I dug out a C60 and recorded them both. It was only after he was gone that many of us looked at the lyrics in a different light.
LWTUA, Closer and Atmosphere(on 12″) were all posthumous releases. Although Closer is very dark George Michael described side 2 of closer as a beautiful piece of music, and it is and beautiful music endures.


Paul…thank you for including the information about the mastering. That’s extremely helpful!
Keep up the good work.


As this is my all time favourite album, I too bought the bundle which had gone up by a fiver on the NO store but it’s still a good deal as I need to replace the worn out singles! Shame you don’t get the free flexi Komikano with the album!


Ordered from New Order Store. Thanks for the tip! i still remember the first time i heard Unknown Pleasures in a store in Antwerp, Belgium. It changed my life forever. i was 14 at the time. Now my son (19) turns the red vinyl almost every day. He will get his next 4 Joy Division records as a present after his exams. i just bought new copies for myself too.

Steven Campbell

Note to anybody buying this great set, you get the whole lot ie the album plus the 3 12″ singles for £45 including postage at a special discounted rate from New Order’s website.


I ordered it for my german address.
Incl registerded p&p for less than GBP 47!
Very nice from the guys!


£45 but shipping is additional £4.79 from the New Order website (orders below £50)

John 79

Good to know that the New Order / Joy Division webstore isn’t ripping off their fans,I’ve just purchased the full bundle 1xLp (clear vinyl) & 3 X 12″ all for £44.75 including postage costs in the UK,I think that is quite good personally !,I don’t think I’ve seen it any cheaper…

Steven Campbell

Yep thats where I got it from as Amazon hadn’t published their prices at that point but even at that they’re still dearer if you factor in the album at £21.99 and the 12″ singles at £9.99 each.


I don’t like Joy Division, but I do hope New Order conti ue this aort of reissue campaign to get more into their pop years.

Matthew McKinnon

They will.


Retirement fund.

Noel Fitzsimons

Cheers Darren – £39.99 for the bundle including the LP + 3 x 12″ singles from Warner Music UK. You can still order them there. Clear vinyl is my preference to black coloured or the dreaded picture disc – so I was thrilled when Closer was going to get this treatment – although last years UP red vinyl with the white sleeve was a real treat.

The big question is….what delights will be done with Still? A replication of that hessian cloth cover with the white satin ribbon? I wonder.

Michael Kelly

I can find it in warners uk shop


I had this, and one of the hessian covers I got from a rep in the record shop I worked in in the early 80s. Some bastard nicked them on me, along with most of the rest of my record collection.


As I remember factory pressings were pretty poor, Factory spent all the money on the sleeves! Apart from a proper replica of A Factory Sample and Licht und Blindheit. I’d like to see a re release of Live At The Electric Circus 10″ on blue vinyl


I hope the 12’s of Blue Monday (with original sleeve) and Confusion eventually follow the reissues of Ceremony, Everything’s Gone Green and Temptation. My 83 Blue Monday is pretty knackered now…


There are some copies of the reissues of Blue Monday & Confusion 12″s already out in the wild, ie on Discogs. It was due to a distributor mix up in Hungary over release dates when the Power Corruption & Lies box set was postponed. And yes, you’ll be glad to know Blue Monday is in a die cut sleeve.


Just so you know, both Blue Monday & Confusion 12″ reissues were blocked from the discogs marketplace due to a legal notice received by Discogs from the rights holder…


The pressing of the Unknown Pleasures fortieth anniversary is excellent so hopefully this will be the same. Nice that they have re-pressed the singles also, both Closer and my factory singles have seen better days, so very welcome, is very good value.


You give me hope. I had no idea that clear live television video existed, beyond the 3 or 4 videos we’ve all seen before. The sight of him disjointedly flailing his arms on stage, along with his stream of consciousness lyrics is unlike anything back in 1979, to now in 2020.

Brent G

Any idea who has done the “remastering”?

Steve F

If this is the same as the 2015 vinyl, it’ll be Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road. He’s good.


This is a great set and well priced, ordered.


Ordered from the Warner Music site in Canada. Got the album and the three singles set for $69.99 CDN. I thought it was a pretty good deal, many others must have as it is now sold out.


Be nice to replace my original 12’s. I still have the 12′ of Atmosphere that was pressed in the very dark red clear vinyl.

It would also be great if – finally – an official DVD featuring JD’s appearances on Granada Reports, Something Else, What’s On and any other TV stuff was included as a bonus disc.

Erik Verzijl

Not really exciting…I d rather see a nicely packaged COMPLETE PAradiso concert on CD/LP. I mean this was their longest 2 setter gig ever….

Christopher Merritt

THIS. I’d love to have a legitimate Paradiso on vinyl. I purchased the Unknown Pleasures in white sleeve repress last year, and it is fine – but I’m always going to go with my original pressings for quality. I wish they’d give us something new – there’s a lot of material out there…


MASSIVE bundle saving if you buy from the band’s own store. £39.99 plus shipping all in. Twenty quid cheaper than Record Store…

Gareth Pugh

Thanks for the tip Darren – as you say, £20 saved right there!


That’s what I went for, and added in the LWTUA t-shirt so that i got “free” shipping ;-)


thanks Darren, ordered, I precise for the others it’s on New Order’s webshop ;-)

Fernando Silva

Hi, It will be interesting if SDE could sell it all as a bundle.


Any idea whether these will be available beyond the 2 initial stores listed?

Davey Sussex

Would have been nice to have these all bundled together in a box (Or at least the 12″s as a set) I can’t see myself purchasing them all individually.

Steve F

Does the repress of Love Will Tear Us Apart not include the Pennine version as track B2?

My wife and I were watching Normal People and Nerina Pallot’s version of LWTUA came up on the soundtrack. Which was nice.


On the NO/JD online forum, a guy who’s involved with the reissue programme has confirmed that the Pennine version of LWTUA is included on the b-side, despite not being listing anywhere yet.

Steve F

You can see the B-side label on the Amazon view, and it shows “The” above “Love Will”


Excellent news on the 12″ reissues, I’d been hoping they’d do the same as they had for the NO singles. My copy of LWTUA is rather tatty & the prices for the other two (no pun intended) have been rather prohibitive to my wallet.


The band’s music retains a timeless, transcendental quality but these depressingly all too regular cash ins offering nothing new but different coloured/heavier (so what?) pressings are tiresome and pointless. The exact antipathy of the music, in fact.


The timeless and transcendental surviving members of JD/NO lost every penny they made from those records on keeping the Haçienda afloat, so I think anything they make now is a just reward. They have bills to pay like the rest of us mere mortals.


Love the use of the word ‘Limited’ once again, just like UP it’ll be limited to how ever many they can shift

Rick Marino

Will this see a US release as well?


Been expecting it, but clear vinyl is not really a huge selling point (compared to the inverted sleeve red vinyl UP last year). Thought they might have reinstated the rounded corner inners and the matte textured sleeve of the original, but from the pictures it seems not. Can’t see this being a massive seller given that the the excellent 180gm 2015 vinyl remaster is still widely available at a better price. As they are using that 2015 master, literally the only difference is that this one has clear (and no dount inferior sounding) vinyl

Gareth Pugh

Not sure (i don’t really have audiophile quality hearing!) how true this is but it has been held that clear vinyl – if done right – offers better sound quality than black as it has no pigment and fewer impurities in it as a result. Legend had it the reason why Ultravox singles in the 80s often had a limited run of clear vinyl copies was because the band themselves insisted on it [not simply the label’s marketing department] as they felt it offered a chance to hear their output in superior quality.


Vinyl is naturally clear(ish). The additives used to turn it into black vinyl are supposed to improve the audio quality &, crucially, the longevity of a record. If those clear Ultravox copies really were better quality, that quality would quickly have degraded.

Supposedly, the quality & robustness of clear vinyl these days is much improved from the ’80s. I recently bought a clear Cosi Fan Tutti LP & it certainly sounds okay. However, I’m not planning on playing it very often, just in case (it came with a digital copy).


‚Time To Tell‘? I was planning to purchase this one day, but „okay“ rather sounds like a reason not to. I‘ve got the cassette and the deluxe CD with book already. Should I better stick to those? Thanks


Hi Stefan

Yes, it is ‘Time To Tell’. I mainly bought it because I wanted the LP booklet. I don’t think that the vinyl is anything special. Also, there are a couple of tracks which have been shortened to fit on (although you get them digitally). If I already had the CD with the book, I wouldn’t have bothered with the LP.


I am SO in for all these.

Ron Marrs

This looks like a nice set and it’s reasonably priced. Probably going to pick this up! Thanks for the head’s up!