Joy Division & New Order / Total 2LP

First time on vinyl • Double album

New Order‘s 2011 compilation TOTAL from Joy Division to New Order will be issued on vinyl for the first time at the end of November.

The compilation features single versions of tracks – including ‘Blue Monday,’ ‘True Faith,’ ‘Regret,’ ‘World In Motion,’ ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart,’ ‘Transmission’ and ‘She’s Lost Control’ – by both groups and has been mastered for vinyl by Frank Arkwright from his 2011 remasters.

This 2LP vinyl edition of TOTAL from Joy Division to New Order will be released on 30 November 2018, via Rhino.

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New Order / Joy Division

total - 2LP vinyl edition


Side One
Love Will Tear Us Apart
She’s Lost Control

Side Two
Blue Monday

Side Three
Thieves Like Us
The Perfect Kiss
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith
Fine Time

Side Four
World In Motion

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Pleased to get this on vinyl, but as someone pointed out Substance should really be given a re-release along with the Singles Vinyl box, which went out of print pretty quickly. I have both, bought at the time, but would buy any re-release.

David Mc

I think the problem is one of opportunity cost. If there is only one NO reissue a year, then rereleasing another compilation of inferior 7″ single mixes is a tone deaf decision by the people who decide these things. Nothing wrong with this comp for those who want it, but it means a longer wait for those of us waiting patently for Substance. NO Substance is a compilation that deserves to be considered an album in its own right and it feels like we are still missing a key part of the discography.


I recall being slightly chuffed back in the day when I couldn’t get this on vinyl. So thanks to Rhino and New Order for fixing that. I’ve read all the comments and I think Jan got it right. The reveal on the inner gatefold art will be amazing. Hopefully Rhino will make it real glossy! As for the rest if we ever get to Mars they will be listening to this music on the trip. The important and emotional music of New Order and Joy Division is surely secure in this solar system and more..

Andrew Abley

Must have – price is great track listing is great

If you don’t rate them don’t stress it”s only a vinyl album

the real fun of SDE is we all have opinions, cheese and onion crisps NO THANKS – NO and JD YES PLEASE


Brilliant selection of classics….I’m having that!

Benjamin Adams


Where the heck is Substance?!


I’m still hopeful that the owners of the New Order back catalogue will wake up and release an expanded edition of Substance. Even if it went as far as the rest of the singles from the Factory era (TBTHOG, BM ’88, The singles from Technique and then World In Motion). That would make a nice four or five disc set that I believe would do well. If I had the money for the license I would organize this release myself :)

Stan Butler

And include omissions from the original Substance. The original 12″ version of Temptation. The full length version of Shellshock.


I always felt this compilation would have made more sense if the Joy Division songs were newer re-recordings by New Order.
If you like Joy Division, then you probably already have the whole lot.

David Mc

Argh! And still no NO Substance. Disappointing in the extreme. The JD Substance and NO singles recent rereleases makes this redundant.


I never liked the tracklist.

New Dawn Fades
She’s Lost Control

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Twenty Four Hours

Everything Gone’s Green
Blue Monday
The Perfect Kiss
Bizarre Love Triangle

True Faith
Fine Time
Crystal Palace


Crystal Palace?


Crystal Palace must be the result of autoscription on my smartphone. I appologize.


No need – I thought it might be a ‘Roy-mix’.

(And now I apologise.)


Well i consider myself an occasional fan but i own two new order collections and i gave zero clue who its members were/are but i can say that undoubtedly all their hits are sone of the best music to come out of the country. And in so over blue monday. Their other hits stand ok their own two feet.


I think this is the second time for hellbent to be on vinyl.
It was also on lost sirens.



Different mix on Total though.


Hmmmmmm… their output may be patchy st times but I adore Joy Division/New Order and I do believe that they indeed swerve their ‘godlike’ status amongst music fans. Also, Curtis is much more than a “dead former lead singer”. Come on, Daveid!



In defense of New Order, I think their God like status is because they were the best in combining rock and dance music. Especially in the 80s. That’s why they have that status.

Barney had a lot of good Electronic tracks (even B-sides which I also love), but I am convinced that his best work was with New Order.


Substance (the Joy Division one) was reissued as a 2LP back in 2015 – obviously I was fully expecting Substance (the New Order one) to follow swiftly on its heels…nope – nothing. I realise Substance (the New Order one) finishes at 1987, but it could easily of been expanded or something instead of – well, this.


@daveid76. Sorry but you are talking crap. Joy Division were on the cusp of great things, I am sure they would of broken America if they got there. Transmission, She’s Lost Control and Love Will Tear Us Apart, to name a few are classic tracks. The two albums are timeless.

To say New Order only made it because of Curtis’ suicide is abloulte rubbish. A patchy first album, but when Temptation came alone they found their way. PCL onwards they were brilliant and gave a lot of influence to dance music and other bands. Their last album Music Complete is another great album and shows that they still can make great records.

As for The Smiths, I did like all their records, but found Mortissey too arrogant, too much up his own butt.

You are obviously intitled to you opinion, but to say that they made it because of a death is really disrespectful


That has an obvious and lovely colour vinyl potential.


The Most overrated group in UK pop history, which is not to say they’re atrocious but they don’t deserve their God like status. Sorry guys but it takes more than having a dead former lead singer, an innovative dance hit 35 years ago and generally being Northern to be good. I know being Northern is a prerequisite for being cool but in your case nup. The Smiths were genuinely cool and brilliant and the best work Barnie did was with Johnny in Electronic. I do LOVE a handful of NO stuff especially Blue Monday, Thieves, Vanishing Point, Regret, Tutti Frutti but it’s not enough to claim God like status. I’ll shut up now before I realise I’m talking bollocks.


My view is the same

Gary Fowles

Isn’t it lucky that music is subjective, otherwise I’d feel the need to correct you.


I have to disagree with them being “the most overrated group” but for me it all ended with the dreadful ‘World in Motion’. That’s definitely when they jumped the shark…should have called it a day after the superb ‘Technique’.

Chris Squires

Do you really think New Order have God like status? It’s a point of view…. but you could say that about just about anybody. The Police are just a singles band and Sting hasn’t done anything even half decent since 1985, ABBA are just a singles band and only have one decent album, Kate Bush only has one decent album and hasn’t been relevant since 1986, Mike Oldfield one half finished idea leads to a 45 year career and don’t get me started on Leonard Cohen…. and so on and so on. (I do NOT believe any of the above by the way – but I am sure it has all been said.)

Groups / artists are of their time and what they mean to people can’t really be assessed by someone who doesn’t care for them. The cold light of impartial analysis wouldn’t fare well for most artists. Personally I must be the only person on the planet who prefers Paul Young’s version of Love Will Tear us Apart.

It’s an interesting argument but nothing that can be solved on these pages as everybody has their Over-rated artist…me? probably Rod Stewart…. but there are people who would happily put me 6 feet under for just thinking it. What do I know of someone who lived Rod’s early 1970s output that saw their first relationship and that “perfect Summer”.

But it would certainly make an interesting Poll, most over-rated……. At least you framed your post without the usual boorish “They’re Shite” which some see as an insightful comment.


Sounds like a good idea. Who do SDE readers consider the most over-rated artist/artiste of all time? Perhaps Paul you could start this off with your nomination?

Stan Butler

Kate Bush, only one decent album! Now that’s taking iconoclasm beyond the limit.


Wow mate I hope your wearing a tin hat !!!!!

Stephen dC

Ha ha! It only took you to the end before you realised you were talking b’locks?

I would say the Smiths fulfil the most overrated band ever slot….

kate bush typo's

it reminds of the kind of bolloz where people vote ok computer in the top 5 albums ever..that really fkn annoys me

Stan Butler

To use your own words, you are definitely talking bollox.


You started “talking bollocks” at the start.


Name one band post 1980 that is better in heart, soul and influence than Joy Division.


Calling something ‘overrated’ really just means lots of other people like it but you don’t.

(I thought their last album was great, so maybe I’m just wrong.)