Julian Cope / Autogeddon reissue

Remastered • LP+12-inch+7-inch box • 2CD bookset • Exclusive blue vinyl

Julian Cope‘s 1994 album Autogeddon will be reissued in June for its 25th anniversary. It will be available again as a 2CD bookset or triple vinyl package.

This reissue of Cope’s 11th solo album comes with bonus material and a newly written book which offers some context around the album and recordings.

The vinyl package offers a remastered Autogeddon album in a gatefold sleeve, remastered Paranormal In The West Country as a 12-inch EP and Conspiracy Blues/Highway Blues seven-inch single. The latter is available on blue vinyl exclusively via the official store (if you order by 1 April).

This package includes a 24-page book with photos and notes from longterm Cope publicist Mick Houghton, as well as three postcards. Everything is gathered in a clothbound box with sliver-blocked lettering.

The same content is covered in a two-CD set with the remastered album on CD 1 and the remastered EPs on the second disc. The notes and photos are form part of the 32-page ‘casebound book’ design.

Autogeddon is released on 28 June 2019. The blue vinyl is exclusive to the official store. If you buy from Amazon etc. it’s black vinyl. Having said that, check out the Amazon UK price for the vinyl box!

CD 1 
1. Autogeddon Blues
2. Madmax
3. Don’t Call Me Mark Chapman
4. I Gotta Walk
5. Ain’t No Gettin’ Round Gettin’ Round
6. Paranormal In The West Country (Medley)
iv) Paranormal Pt. 1
v) Archdrude’s Roadtrip
vi) Kar-Ma-Kanik
7. Ain’t But The One Way
8. s.t.a.r.c.a.r

CD 2
Paranormal In The West Country EP:
1. With The Leone Quartet
2. Avebury
3. Krankenhausmusik
4. Original
5. Conspiracist Blues
6. Highway Blues


Autogeddon LP+12-inch+seven-inch vinyl box

Autogeddon LP

Side A:
1. Autogeddon Blues
2. Madmax
3. Don’t Call Me Mark Chapman
4. I Gotta Walk
5. Ain’t No Gettin’ Round Gettin’ Round

Side B:
1. Paranormal In The West Country (Medley)
i) Paranormal Pt. 1
ii) Archdrude’s Roadtrip
iii) Kar-Ma-Kanik
2. Ain’t But The One Way
3. s.t.a.r.c.a.r

Paranormal In The West Country 12”

Side A:
1. With The Leone Quartet
2. Avebury
Side B:
1. Krankenhausmusik
2. Original

‘Blues’ 7”

A. Conspiracist Blues
B. Highway Blues



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Everyone else get a £5 voucher as ‘compensation ‘? Fair play to Amazon for that.


First an email saying that delivery would be delayed by a few weeks. Now the cancellation. This looks different from the usual misprice. Disappointing all the same – I actually thought that £30-odd was a reasonable price for this package, so not tempted by the full price…


My Autogeddon vinyl box order has just been cancelled by Amazon …”we are no longer able to obtain stock from our supplier.” I thought the deal (£31.49) was a little too good to be true. Annoying to say the least!


Did anyone get their Autogeddon box set from Amazon at the deal price? Sadly i got the dreaded Email of ‘we can’t get it from our suppliers’ routine. Well done if anyone did get the box? They got a bargain if they did. :-)

The Entertainist

I guess we’ve all received the emails from Amazon today (4th July aka Galaxie 500 Day) telling us they’ve cancelled our orders? The SDE too good to be true deal alert for a £31.49 pre-order has turned out to be exactly that. They say “We’ve had to cancel AUTOGEDDON (25TH ANNIVERSARY BOXES) [VINYL] from your order as we are no longer able to obtain stock from our supplier” but it seems more likely they realised that price was unrealistic and this is not the first time it has happened to me. Happily I have everything in this release including the full set of postcards from the old mailing list so I’m not entirely gutted, just disappointed that they’ve taken orders for records they have no intention of selling.

gianluca morelli

Amazon.co.uk did not honour the discounted price at which it was first sold on grounds that they were no longer able to obtain stock from their supplier, very unprofessional to say the least



It’s happened before with their deals.
No doubt it will happen again.
They don’t care if they don’t honour the deal,
they have enough customers either way.


Rough Trade is the best price for the CD pre-order I can find at £12.99 – (you can collect in one of their stores for nout or 2nd class post is £1.48) – cheaper than the ‘official’ store, especially when you factor in Townsend Music’s rip off P&P prices!


$84 for an LP, 12”, and a 7” in a box is madness. No mention of mastering or sourcing, or of Cope’s involvement. Also, this record label apparently has no other releases beyond this? Probably just licensed digital files. At least the CD isn’t crazily priced. Paul, can you find us information on mastering/sourcing? Reissues of Cope have a bad track record. Jehovahkill was/is a disaster, and Fried and World Shut Your Mouth CD sets were fairly heavily compressed…poor dynamic range, bordering on brickwalling.


• For this release the original 2” multitrack masters were digitally transferred to hi-res audio files, using a sampling frequency of 192khz at 24 bit and lacquers cut at Finyl Tweek Studios.

James Batsford

Hey, the label have added information about the mastering process on the product page:
• For this release the original 2” multitrack masters were digitally transferred to hi-res audio files, using a sampling frequency of 192khz at 24 bit and lacquers cut at Finyl Tweek Studios.


David Mc

I am intrested to hear this again. At the time I was quite disapointed by the lack of ambition and tunes having been so spoilt by Peggy Suicide and Jehovakill. I seem to recall this being consideted as the third part of a trilogy with those two albums.


Wow. I’m shocked. Never thought I’d see this.

This album is fantastic from start to finish. Wow.


I have a couple of his albums but I’ve never been into his music that much but his two biographies, particularly the first one, Head On, are well worth a read. He’s put out a few other books over the years about Krautrock, Japanese rock, Ancient sites in Britain and Europe… Waffles on a bit sometimes but very readable nonetheless.

andrew R

Why this particular example of his back catalogue? Real weirdness is jehovahkill
Fried was were things started to “alternate” . If i remember correctly it wasn’t that well received
and Copey never struck me as a member of the “hallowed box set school” Strange.


andrew R: Jehovahkill and Fried have both received expanded reissues. They were done prior to the massive vinyl resurgence, and remain compact-disc only.


Jehovahkill has been reissued on vinyl. Sadly, my friend said it’s the same terrible mastering as the deluxe CD version.


I have the original vinyl issue of Jehovahkill as well as the CD version. I also saw Cope play this tour at Bradford University. Still have the t-shirt although the little buggers moths have had a munch at it! I also have Peggy Suicide on original vinyl and CD. Both albums a a great listen!

Andrew Taylor

High time we got a reissue of The Teardrops ‘Everybody Wants to Shag The Teardrop Explodes.’ Three of the tracks appeared on the reissue of the band’s ‘Wilder’ which had been remastered, allegedly.

Seth Hollander

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Been waiting with baited breath for more 90s-era JC expanded re-issues!
Hope the remastering is not as brickwalled as Jehovakill… but I don’t really care this time ’cause I have never had the Paranormal EP! oooh boy!

Hope to see 20 Mothers (with the Try Try Try EP and what?) and Interpreter (with all the EPs!) before 2022!

The run from Peggy Suicide through Interpreter is like Revolver through Abby Roads in my estimation! Truly a stunning run of greatness!

Tom from FIN

Not even a die-hard Brexiteer could agree more with that, Seth. Worth more expanded deals from the 90’s. One of the mightiest living Englishmen in popsphere, a true independent and highly literate.

Hardly ever heard for over 20 years now after the proper marketing and distributing power of major labels! Still a genius tunesmith via his own Head Heritage company.


75 euros for the vinyl box set as described is not a good price ! i would have bought it for 55 euros considering what is inside…


I presume this album was inspired by Autogeddon by Heathcote Williams.


Bit thin on content for such a compulsively creative artist. But I guess the additional material is all that’s conceptually linked to the main album.

Great album. “s.t.a.r.c.a.r” wangs on a bit but the songs are ace.


First album release on the ECHO label. A 25 year old album about how cars are not very good for the environment.

Here is JC performing I Gotta Walk on TOTP……………

Wearing what can only be described as an old sack.

Pretty much the only time I have ever spoken to anyone famous was when I queued up at a signing in HMV Brighton and mentioned to Julian that I’d past by the garage on the front of Autogeddon. “Yeah, weird place isn’t it” he said.

Gordon Hill

Crivens £65!

Is that where we are at now for a single vinyl put in a box with a 12″ and 7″ single? Love the album, but why not a decent standard vinyl release at £15-20 or so?

Paul Fraser

The postcards look to be the same ones you would get if you were on the ArchDrude’s mailing list back in the day.

Rare Glam

No sign of this rumoured Island era box set then?