Julian Cope / vinyl reissues

Universal Music is to release vinyl reissues of four Julian Cope albums, originally recorded for Island Records between 1987 and 1992.

Saint Julian (1987), My Nation Underground (1988) Peggy Suicide (1991) and Jevohkill (1992) will all be re-released on vinyl with original packaging replicated. That means that Saint Julian comes with the four-page booklet, the inner bag that houses My Nation Underground is as per the original, Peggy Suicide is a gatefold package and Jehovakill has the etched side four with the three ‘phases’ on sides one, two and three (this also has the CD booklet insert, as per the original).

The single World Shut Your Mouth shared its title with the first album but was actually from Saint Julian

After a hit-free tenure at Mercury Records, for whom Cope recorded 1984’s World Shut Your Mouth and Fried, he left the label and signed to Island in early 1986. The four albums, to varying degrees, were critical and/or commercial successes, and between them managed to deliver four top 40 hit singles: World Shut Your Mouth and Trampolene (from Saint Julian), Charlotte Anne (from My Nation Underground) and the Beautiful Love EP (from Peggy Suicide).

Julian Cope performs Charlotte Anne on UK TV’s ‘Wogan’

Despite the acclaim, for Peggy Suicide in particular, 1992’s Jehovahkill proved a little too niche and esoteric for Island Records who promptly dropped Julian Cope just after it was released.

Beautiful Love from Peggy Suicide

All four of these albums will be reissued on 180g vinyl on 19 February 2018.

Saint Julian

Side 1

  1. Trampolene
  2. Shot Down
  3. Eve’s Volcano (Covered In Sin)
  4. Spacehopper
  5. Planet Ride

Side 2

  1. World Shut Your Mouth
  2. Saint Julian
  3. Pulsar
  4. Screaming Secrets
  5. A Crack In The Clouds

My Nation Underground

Side 1

  1. 5 O’Clock World
  2. Vegetation
  3. Charlotte Anne
  4. My Nation Underground

Side 2

  1. China Doll
  2. Someone Like Me
  3. Easter Everywhere
  4. I’m Not Losing Sleep
  5. The Great White Hoax

Peggy Suicide (2LP)

Side 1

  1. Pristeen
  2. Double Vegetation
  3. East Easy Rider
  4. Promised Land
  5. Hanging Out & Hung Up On The Line

 Side 2

  1. Safesurfer
  2. If You Loved Me At All
  3. Drive, She Said

Side 3

  1. Soldier Blue
  2. You…
  3. Not Raving But Drowning
  4. Head
  5. Leperskin

 Side 4

  1. Beautiful Love
  2. Western Front 1992 CE
  3. Hung Up & Hanging Out To Dry
  4. The American Lite
  5. Las Vegas Basement


Phase 1

  1. Soul Desert
  2. No Hard Shoulder To Cry On
  3. Akhenaten
  4. The Mystery Trend
  5. Up-Wards At 45º
  6. Know (Cut My Friend Down)

Phase 2

  1. Necropolis
  2. Slow Rider
  3. Gimme Back My Flag
  4. Poet Is Priest…
  5. Julian H. Cope

Phase 3

  1. The Subtle Energies Commission
  2. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fine
  3. Fear Loves This Place
  4. The Tower
  5. Peggy Suicide Is Missing

Etched side 4

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Chris R

Just purchased the Peggy Suicide 2 LP reissue. It is one of my favourite albums from the 1990s.

Paul, do you know where the LPs were manufactured and who the mastering and/or cutting engineer was? Thanks.

Paul Wren

Yesp – three of the four albums ordered on vinyl.


The Jehovahkill 2CD wasn’t so much brickwalled as there is a nasty buzzing noise throughout the first disc (it’s more noticeable on headphone listening). Fried: OG vinyl is awful, the earlier UK and US CDs are best, the 2CD isn’t terrible but is brickwalled by comparison. World Shut Your Mouth 2CD is brickwalled as well, but does have a lot more clarity than the earlier UK CD. Death by a thousand cuts.

These vinyl releases don’t look so hot, probably cut from existing digital sources, and not new remasters.

The talk of the Cope and Teardrop Explodes box sets are far more interesting, especially as the expanded Teardrops CD sets go for crazy money used.


PJ Harvey and Tom Waits reissues please from the Island label Universal!, not these as they are available cheaply and plentiful on original pressings.

Paul Fraser

I’ve got a light blue cover for the Jehovahkill LP, which was a printing mistake. It was a reject from the designer, Rob Carter. Anyone interested in it, leave a message. I’ve also got the art layouts from the studio ready for the printer too.


I’ll take it off your hands if you’re wanting to get shut of it.

Robert Schaad

How about a Floored Genius box set encompassing all of them? On yellowy/gold opaque vinyl, with a splendid LP sized booklet.

Nass Khan

Back in the day when I was spolit for choice in music I thought Julian Cope was Ok and there was the whole story of Island dropping him because of the Jehovah Kill lp.

I bought Floored Genius enjoyed that then a week later bought the JK lp on cd as it was going for a good price.

From that moment I became a comitted fan and to this day cannot understand why Island dropped him thus sabotaging an artist with a David Bowie like work potential & musical aspirations similar but not sounding like the Thin White Duke.

Poor distribution & promotion denied people 20 Mothers & Interpreter. The most underrated albums of the 90s that were so good it made the previous 15 year career seem insignificant. A real shame.

John Darko

Wonder if Jehovahkill is pressed from the same master that begat the Deluxe Edition a few years back? If so, it’s brickwalled so hard you can hear it clip in places; go listen for yourself on Spotify before dropping £25 on the new 2LP set.


Any news of ‘Floored Genius’ getting a release ?


Great news, I have Fried on vinyl and the Cope remasters (kept the originals as they sound better) but really wanted these four newly minted on vinyl. But I really want the TTE reissues to come out on vinyl, hope what was mentioned is true on that front.


My understanding is that there are box sets of both Julian Cope and Teardrop Explodes on the way this year. I thought the JC one would be last year as his first meeting about it at Universal was Q3 2016.
If they both have a decent amount of stuff that hasn’t already appeared on deluxe reissues of albums then they will be very much worth having. We’ll have to wait and see though I guess.

The mooted Soft Cell anthology however I can say with certainty is going to be well worth having. Lots of rare / unreleased stuff and surprises in that. It will make the Human League blush with shame at how uninspired their anthology was!

martin farnworth

A Soft Cell anthology. Didn’t know about that. It’s obvious there listening to their fans. I imagine the League didn’t have much to do with theirs. Whilst I got it at “only” £40 one disc of rarities was nowhere near enough.

Rare Glam

Well I got both ‘Fried’ and ‘Saint Julian’ 2 x CD editions on Caroline Interantional (I think) a year or two back when they were reissued with bonus material. Glad to have them but I didn’t think much of the sound quality, I thought they sounded like tarted up needle drops but maybe that’s just me. I have 1988 CD of ‘My Nation Underground’ which is a good album I think (even without Frank Ifield!) and the sound quality on that is better than the two recent 2 x cd reissues already mentioned.

In the round, it’s great vinyl is on the up again, though it is becoming something of a merry- go- round for anyone with a back catalogue or rights to exploit. You only have to look at the deals pointed up on this site to see that they are nearly always vinyl box sets, cheaper within a couple of months of issue.

And while we’re at it, did anyone else here grab the Rage Against The Machine S/T super deluxe @ £25 which was pointed up here (thanks Paul)? I only wanted it for the 2 x CD and 2 x DVD content and the book. so at that price I was fine with it. However, I did notice the brand new LP had scuffs and finger marks all over it. Like someone going to fast to sleeve it and not holding it correctly. I haven’t tried playing it as I don’t really need to but it seems indicative of how rushed the remaining vinyl pressing plant(s?) must be. If I’d paid full retail on this it would have gone strait back to Amazon.


Based on the first responses, it seems most want CD reissues and can’t cope with vinyl.


Peggy Suicide and JehovahKill can fetch high prices on the 2nd hard market so there’s a case for a repress there entirely outside of any format fetishism (not so much the other two, which can be acquired with not much of a problem).

I’m more interested in Mojo’s reports of truly comprehensive CD sets that I mention above; 9 CDs were mooted for The Teardrop Explodes and 13 for Cope solo (!).

Robert Schaad

Cope with vinyl (pun intended)?

Chris Squires

Whilst it is tiresome to basically hear “I don’t have a turntable so all Vinyl is pointless” on every Vinyl re-issue thread, I do get that many standard Vanilla re-issues are, in the large part, a complete waste of time.
At worst it is pointless and at best it is a missed opportunity. People who do enjoy the thrill of vinyl generally want something more than an identical release of something owned 30 to 40 years ago unless it is particularly difficult to get hold of and not an “Oxfam Special”. I have been enjoying the Thompson Twins 2LP releases, then moving on up to the blistering beauty that is Heaven on Earth 4 LP set. Most of us who have either kept our vinyl since day one or re-found the love in the last few years have the single LP releases that we want, particularly if you have a decent record cleaner and a good local second hand shop.

So whilst any physical release is good, and there are just as many pointless CD releases as Vinyl ones, a bit more imagination would be welcome. Every single LP should have a second LP of B-sides, period remixes or alternates as a bare minimum or at least make it “interesting” or else the revival will falter and companies don’t need many excuses to kill of ALL physical releases.

Martin Power

Many of the record co’s see ‘interesting’ as coloured vinyl and a premium of a £10-15 for the privilege! The thought of them using every re-release as a vehicle for a second disc to flog for a further £15-20 would be a true opportunity to flog the proverbial dead horse. The recent Altered Images and Thompson Twins releases are good exceptions. Similarly the recent Pet Shop Boys releases of great examples at very reasonable costs.

Chris Squires

Agreed but Single release LPs are generally, what, £16 to £20 and I picked up all the Altered Imaged and Thompson Twins 2LP sets for between £14 and £24 each, admittedly the £14 was a flash sale. So I wouldn’t really mind the extra few quid if say the Alison Moyet re-releases had all been like Quick Step & Sidekick with 40 minutes of extra material.

I am trying to think of a 2LP with bonus material that was pointless and I can’t off the top of my head. I know it’s only opinion but it is better value to me. I would love Nik Kershaw, Paul Young and Howard Jones to have this type of Double LP release too. £20 to £25, possibly Limited to 500 or 1000 numbered with low early numbers coloured, like Music on Vinyl do. They would sell, they wouldn’t sell many Bog standard copies of Human Racing or No Parlez and it is “interesting”…to me anyway to have 5 or 6 remixes on the second LP.

Chris Squires

Damn the no-edit functionality…

I think you are right Martin. Universal and the like are quite poor at thinking outside the box and coloured Vinyl is not that interesting per se, you may or may not be referring to the McCartney coloured issues and that is just effing scandalous. £26 for a single coloured LP – shoo wid ya.

But I imagine smaller and more forward thinking companies like Salvo, Vinyl 180, Music on Vinyl and other good re-issue companies would give a much more interesting output and much better value, if they can get the rights.

Benjamin Adams

Nah. I have no interest in bonus vinyl. I just want the album as it was released. Even if it’s an artist I collect, I’d rather have the bonus material digitally.

From the sales on the new Paul McCartney reissues, it appears a lot of people feel the same way, as people who held off on the 2LP deluxe versions are now buying the 1LP versions.

Martin Townshend

My Nation Underground on CD with the associated b-sides would interest me. Can’t be bothered with the vinyl, alas.


Peggy Suicide doesn’t have the track “Uptight”, as per the original vinyl?


Well spotted. That would be a huge mistake if they followed the CD edition rather than the original vinyl master….

David M

This is vital. Have pre-ordered, but will cancel if it turns out this track is indeed missing.


Ho0w about a reissue of My Nation Underground on CD the only one that hasn’t been done yet. Is it just me who is getting sick to the back teeth of these vinyl reissues ?


There were reports of multi-disc box sets for Cope and The Teardrop Explodes being prepared…one wonders if these are a prelude (or if the market is being tested…).