Juliana Hatfield covers Olivia Newton-John on forthcoming album

Juliana Hatfield offers a tips-of-the-hat to childhood hero Olivia Newton-John with a new album Juliana Hatfield sings Olivia Newton-John.

The album features 14 songs including familiar tracks like Physical, Hopelessly Devoted to You and Xanadu. Hatfield states in the booklet for the album that she has “never not loved Olivia Newton-John,” adding, “her music has brought me so much pure joy throughout my life. I loved her when I was a child and I love her still. Her voice and her positive energy and her melodies have stood the test of time and they give me as much pleasure now as they ever did.”

As well as the pre-order options below, American Laundromat’s website offers coloured vinyl, bonus seven-inch singles and other bundles. Cargo Records in the UK are offering the album too, although they want a rather ridiculous £34 for the coloured vinyl pressing, which is only $20 (£14) in the USA. Shipping and import duty doesn’t add £20 to a £14 product, so that price is really unacceptable.

A nice touch is that one dollar from the sale of every album will be donated to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre (ONJ Centre), a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing patients with cancer access to leading medical treatment, breakthrough research, and the best in wellness and supportive care.

Juliana Hatfield sings Olivia Newton-John will be released on 13 April 2018.

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Juliana Hatfield

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Juliana Hatfield

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1. I Honestly Love You
2. Suspended in Time
3. Have You Never Been Mellow
4. A Little More Love
5. Magic
6. Physical
7. Totally Hot
8. Don’t Stop Believin’
9. Please Mr. Please
10. Hopelessly Devoted to You
11. Xanadu
12. Dancin’ ‘Round and ‘Round
13. Make a Move on Me
14. I Honestly Love You (Reprise)

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Where are the Olivia Super Deluxe Editions?


Favorite is missing. :( Carried Away from the Physical album.


Great to see ONJ getting much-deserved recognition. Olivia’s music shaped pop music in the 70’s and 80’s without it there would possibly not be a Taylor Swift or Madonna. Looking forward to this release.

Andrew B

Love your blog PaulT


I agree with CJ; I haven’t listened to Juliana in years and this might reignite my interest. She wouldn’t be doing this if she really didn’t love those songs.


Why on earth…

Andrew B

Damn, no Sam? ONJ finest track ever


Looking forward to hearing these songs. As far as i’m concerned, juliana can do anything she likes; she remains a most interesting artist. Does anyone know if she has any plans to tour in the UK? Been many years, decades even, since i saw her.

Sid Ceaser

I CAN’T CLICK THE PRE-ORDER BUTTON FAST ENOUGH!!! My universes are all crashing together!


Way back when VH1 did their 100 Greatest Women Of Rock & Roll Olivia was among the 100. During her segment Julianna was one of the women pledging her love for ONJ. She spoke with true affection, so this sounds like an interesting & inspired listen. Looking forward. Influence comes from every corner.

Frenchy Eric

On the AL website :
32 dollars for the orange lp and bonus 7 inch single
BUT 23 dollars for shipping
Sorry but i do not feel like buying then


Unfortunately $23 is the standard going rate for shipping an LP from the US to UK.


Nothing against ONJ, but how strange for Juliana Hatfield to want to re-do these songs. I could perhaps see Juliana making something like a power-pop interpretation of Dusty Springfield’s hits, complete with occasional guitar feedback. But, Olivia Newton John? Is Miss Hatfield going to put on leotards and start jumping through exercise routines on stage while singing “Physical?” Sorry, but this seems a far cry from the Blake Babies and Juliana’s solo material.


From one Michael to another, there was a helluva lot more to Olivia than exercise routines and leotards. Her 70s era was pretty damn prolific, and all performed by an un-autotuned voice. Physical was only one year and only 2 songs from that album have been reworked here.

Larry Davis

Ummmm Michael, why is that strange?? In a way, if it makes you feel that way, good!! Julianna comes from punk as well as classic pop, and this ONJ covers album comes from both angles. Punk is doing the unexpected, against the status quo and what people want and think they want…and Julianna doing a Dusty Springfield covers album would be more obvious…ie NOT punk. Covering ONJ IS more punk simply because it makes people like you scratch your head and go “Huh, What??!!??” At the same time, being classic pop/powerpop and growing up with ONJ’s recordings…as I did, as she & I are basically the same age…ONJ covers fit that double bill as well. Did you know that powerpop geniuses Jellyfish covered live “Have You Never Been Mellow??” as well?? Thought not. If Jellyfish did it too, that proves how genius pop/powerpop that song and many other ONJ hits really are. That this childhood love of her music is true and pure…her best collection is the 2CD “Gold”…but yes, a reissue campaign of her original albums would be most welcome. Nice touch, her cover of “Make A Move On Me”…always loved that song, and “A Little More Love” is another fave and the original hit has a powerpop flavour…


Nicely put Larry. She was by my side right through the 70s (almost literally as I lived 2 doors away from her father, stepmother, stepbrother and stepsister) and she made it all better. Still keep a collection of favourites on my pod. That voice moves me today as it did 20, 30, and 40 years ago. Looking forward to hearing this, especially her takes on Have You Never Been Mellow? and Dancin’ ‘Round & ‘Round, a personal favourite.


Larry, thank you for your response. I respect your opinion, and ‘yes’ Juliana Hatfield, like any recording artist, is free to cover any songs that resonate with them. ONJ was a superstar and compassionate woman. Aside from ONJ’s very popular musical output in the 1970s and 1980s, her establishing the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre was a great gift she gave to those in need. In my opinion, Olivia’s music was very much of that moment in time, although her work to help people with cancer goes way beyond that and creates an even greater legacy. Is Juliana being ‘punk’ by covering ONJ’s songs to garner attention, or is she just being nostalgic for a singer/performer she admired? Only Juliana knows the answer to this question. Otherwise our little debate only comes down to your’s and my music preference. I’m glad to know Juliana will be donating some proceeds from the sale of her album to ONJCWC.

Sid Ceaser

I dunno . . . her cover of “Every Breath You Take” that was on the Greatest Hits has a similar feel, as well as “Table for One” on the same hits album. And I feel like half the songs that were on “Only Everything” and “Become What You Are” feel similar.

I think it’s great. I love ONJ. I love Juliana. This is fantastic. Can’t wait. Got my vinyl and cd already pre-ordered.


Her last album Pussycat was excellent. Her collaboration with Paul Westerberg wasn’t. I’ll give this a go though.


What’s the betting on Hatfield and Evan Dando covering the Grease soundtrack if this sells!?


The only Hatfield album I still own is 1990’s ‘Sunburn’ by Blake Babies. A 5 star classic, it was a 2 Deutsche Mark bargin bin punt back in 1994.

alan hansen

i’m intrigued.
although not much of a song writer, ONJ has composed a handful of very nice pieces;
and i would like to have heard at least one of those here.


I haven’t followed Hatfield for years, but this might bring me back on board. When you posted the preview of releases for the year, I was thinking that there ought to be something in the way of a reissue campaign for ONJ’s albums. She has a billion hits compilations, but I don’t think there’s even been a basic reissue of any of her albums, has there?