Kate Bush announces new lyric book called ‘How To Be Invisible’

Official Kate Bush book • Contains ‘selected lyrics’

Kate Bush is releasing a book of selected lyrics in December called How To Be Invisible.

The hardcover book is being published by Faber and Faber and measures 14.5 cm by 22.4 cm. It’s 208 pages in total.

With the usual lack of fanfare, this was the announcement via Kate’s website “We’re really pleased to announce the forthcoming release of How To Be Invisible. Kate’s book of selected Lyrics will be out on 6th December 2018 on Faber and Faber.”

It is understood that the book will include a comprehensive introduction from the novelist David Mitchell (he wrote the spoken word sections in the Before The Dawn shows in 2014.

How To Be Invisible, which takes its title from the song on 2005’s Aerial, will be released on 6 December 2018. It appears some kind of limited edition version is in the planning and Faber invite you to get on their mailing list to find out more.

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Bush, Kate

How To Be Invisible: Lyrics


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Richard Anderson

Paul. I have a query regarding the Limited Edition Book. Faber had set up website inviting people to sign up to the Faber Social mailing list and they would then provide information on the release of the Limited Edition. Did anyone get an e-mail from Faber to say that the book was going on sale on Waterstones on 22nd November as I got nothing from them. I find it annoying that Faber got people to sign up if they didn’t provide any info on the release date but maybe I just didn’t get their e-mail. I also find it strange that Faber didn’t sell this through their own website store. They have confirmed that they will not be selling any Limited Edition copies on 6th December.

Chris Squires

Never thought I would be so glad to see £150 disappear from my account.

Money has been taken…. It’s really happenin’ to ya!

Tom Elliot

After some shenanigans I managed to snag a posh copy signed by The Bush herself*

Eurgh, these things are always so stressful. Reliving the trauma of the great Before The Dawn ticket ordeal of 2014, the stress of which threatened to finish me off. Worst case of shaky-sweat-hands ever.

(*may be forged by assistant in case of diva pianist requiring non-crampy fingers for working on her new album that will definitely be arriving any day now)

Chris Squires

Well done Tom. It’s a horrible sensation isn’t it.

I can guarantee with 100% certainty exactly what was going through people’s heads.

I clicked, I know I clicked why hasn’t the page changed? Should I click again or wait? It’s been 15 seconds now….. I’ll click again….click…… nothing happened…. should I reload or just wait? …repeat as necessary…

As you say, sweaty palms doesn’t describe the half of it….. from about 9.50 I was a wreck…..

Pathetic. I know. It’s just a book. It’s just a book of lyrics. It’s just a signature. I really feel sorry for those people who don’t have at least one artist in their lives who makes them feel like that. Where you can’t take it or leave it. You can’t just let it go. Because it bloody well matters if I get this thing. It’s a privilege to have someone who can bring you to your sweaty palmed knees. I don’t care if she is seen, by some, as a distant millionaire. Kate Bush is somehow one of those artists who are, and always will be, greater than the sum of their parts.


The signed edition sold out within 15 minutes. I called the customer contact centre and was able to order one, though it has not been confirmed.


What a disaster. Had one in the basket from the first second but by the time i was entering my card details it had sold out. Nice one Waterstones.

Chris Squires

Well, that was a distinctly un-nerving 15 minutes of frozen screens and mass panic that I hadn’t experienced since trying to get tickets for Before the Dawn.

Eventually I managed to get one, it was such a drawn out process of about 5 screens, each one taking an absolute age to load. but I got the email confirming so hopefully all is good.

Only saw the email at about 9.40 this morning, but fortunately had a Waterstones account set up from three years ago when my daughter needed a copy of King Lear…God bless ‘er for that…

I hope others here got lucky too….


Chris, have you checked your actual orders page on your account? I snagged one as I had the e mail confirmation at 10.10 with my order number……. but looking on my account order history yesterday several times and again today…..
The order isn’t there………

Chris Squires

That’s interesting, just checked, it is there. Phew. It just says “Your Order is processing”. I just have this sinking feeling that somehow Waterstones will screw it all up somehow… even though I have an email and an order number.
Everything, and I do mean everything…crossed.


Yep I’ve got ‘order processing’ as well. …. fingers crossed indeed


OK guys, you can stop whining now, the remastered albums are on their way, including vinyl. There’s not much in the way of bonus tracks, however,.. so on second thought, you can beging whining again. ;)


I loved her live show in 2014, I went there four years ago today. The only thing that spoilt the whole show was her useless son – he was crap.

John Gregory

Well said Paul

Rob Tucker

well said Paul


If people are that desperate to sing along using the correct lyrics, they could always look them up online.

Mr A.Mazing

I suspect that the mastermind behind this project is her son… what’s his name… Qwerty or Bertie. He probably likes to read his mum’s precious lyrics while being taken to university or wherever he goes…. by helicopter, naturally. Another explanation for the book might be that Kate herself had a brainwave while hanging out with her old pals David Gilmour and Peter Gabriel. The following dialogue might have taken place (on Gilmour’s house boat):
KB: Guys, I haven’t had a good song idea for decades.
PG: Don’t give up, cause you have us as friends. Having said that, I haven’t released an album of newly composed music for 15 years.
DG: I am happy to report that Polly is going to take over as composer in the future as well.
KB: I am so bored!
DG: Actually, I feel a little bored as well.
PG: No wonder, you came up with A Momentary Lapse Of Reason.
KB: Someone said to me once that I should concentrate on what I feel.
PG: Boredom?
DG: What’s the most boring thing you can think of, Cathy?
KB: My lyrics. Oh, wow… I am so excited, I am going to release a lyrics book!
PG: What a boring idea!
KB: An artist has to express what he feels, guys.
PG: Even if it’s pretentious as fuck?
KB: Oh, Pete, that is so me.


hahaha ! no Miss Bush I won’t buy this useless book. thank you for this big laugh :)))

Michael McA

I have adored her for over 40 years. Would never have a word said against her. And if she never released another record then that is her perogative – what she has already given us is astonishing – but – no bluray of BTD? – Disgraceful.
I’m assuming she’s vetoed this book? No point of it without hearing her singing the words.
It is unbelievable today that there has been no special editions (bar HOL) of her back catalogue and it is her – no one else – who is stopping these from being released. Why? Bugger only knows! I read once she said she was embarrassed to listen to her early stuff – and I get that – but she must have the wit to realise her reluctance to allow these special editions just appears precious and petulant.
BUT – she could surprise us yet.


Yes, what I wanna see new release about Kate is her new video stuff , live concert on bluray or cd/LP boxset. but don’t care about lyric book.

Mr A.Mazing

Kate Bush announces something and the hysteria is in full swing. That’s what she likes, because that’s what she’s become accustomed to. Image, Kate Bush announcing something and nobody would give a shit. What would she do? Either be offended or rush-releasing the seemingly long awaited remasters/box-sets. You’re a naughty one, Kate!


I’ve zero interest in this. Love her music, and all her lyrics are available on the albums, so… I’d actually be glad with a complete singles compilation, with an accompanying Blu-ray or DVD with all her videos. Deluxe editions of her albums including extra tracks would be great, but I’m definitely not holding my breath…

Mark Levy

Would have made a good title for an updated best of album which could have included the original hit version of Wuthering Heights for the first time.


We need reissues/boxes Kate….


“How To Be Invisible” is quite the appropriate title for Ms. Bush, she’s really living that title. To merely repeat others, I wish she would release the video of her Before The Dawn Concert


The publication of this book was just now featured in today’s edition of The World At One (BBC Radio 4). As you’d expect, Kate Bush herself wasn’t interviewed. It was mostly somebody from Faber & Faber discussing the justification and merits of publishing books of song lyrics alongside poetry books.


Could someone very close say to her : your devoted fans are waiting for remastered deluxe editions (like the nice and affordable Crowded House ones by instance) of every album until The Red Shoes included ! We love you Kate, we know you live in present times, and if going back to your glorious years is a problem for you, please give all the work to someone who could do a great job making your music fresh and awesome again ( + bonus tracks of course).


Cannot believe all the negative moaning comments about this book. It is Kate Bush, just buy it. I have preordered it and signed-up for information. Can’t have too much Kate Bush. I don’t care if the lyrics were in the albums, this is a book. Thanks Paul for this information, without which I might not have found out about this book.

Chris Squires

with just a touch of skimmed milk to keep you interested.
It’s equal parts frustrating and rewarding being into Kate.
As Neil Gaiman says you won’t hear anything from her for years then there is a new album, she won’t say anything until it is ready. No eight month lead in with pre-orders so far in advance that you forget it’s on it’s way.

I am hopeful of something new in 2019, it’ll be 5 years since BtD. We will hear 3 weeks before release and then it’ll be upon us.
Of course if you do not care for Kate you will think we are all mad.
New album first but if you felt like revisiting any of your albums you are also most welcome to do so….
An SDE of The Kick Inside, 2LP, 3cd and DVD and 100 page hard back book purlease.


Fabulous analogy! :D

Neville Godwin

To be honest don’t care. What is really needed as has been mentioned is the Before The Dawn Concert DVD/Blu-ray.

David M

Time to let that one go I think. I would prefer a new album anyway.


It brings me back to the 80’s when No.1 Magazine used to print the lyrics of the musical giants of then, such as Sonia and Hazell Dean, those were the days!! I wonder will she include a disc of remixes as an extra for the book – lot of artists have done that…….here is hoping so – Matt Pop Remixes???

Casper Janssen

Are you insane, comparing Kate Bush with Sonia and Hazell Dean (with all respect)?

Matt Spindles

No.1 was inferior to Smash Hits in every way, including the presentation of lyrics!


Chart Songwords. That was the one for lyrics!


Anyone old enough to remember Disco45 or Popswop??


Oh yeah! (repeat till fade) ;-)


My current Kate wishlist:

1. Before The Dawn DVD/BR (this just needs to happen ASAP)
2. New album
3. Discography vinyl/CD box (or even just a series of single album editions)

Come on guys :-/

Benjamin Adams

That’s really nice, Kate. Now, can you please please please get on to catalog vinyl reissues?


I don’t see the value in getting this. I’ll hold out for a new album.


Cruel, cruel, cruel: when I opened the page, the only thing I saw at first was “Kate Bush announces new”

I am bashing my head against the keyboard now. I was hoping this was an album. Silly, silly me.

I’ll probably buy this anyway.


Yes, Jarvis’ one, ‘Mother Brother Lover’ had an introductory essay about lyric-writing, a re-print of a short-story (the re-telling of a dream) which had previously been published in Time-Out and a ‘key’ at the back of the book for the British references in the songs which overseas/foreign readers may not have understood.
It was interesting and some new bits and bobs were learned but explaining more of how the song lyrics came about and what they were inspired by would have been great – Jarvis is quite forthcoming in interviews and has spoken about various songs and their creation to journalists before – often too in his song introductions when performing on-stage, so I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t more of this kind of thing contained in his book. I guess as someone has mentioned, any songwriter likes to keep some mystique. ”I can’t give everything away” as a wise man sung near the end…

I didn’t bother getting the Scott Walker one – there was an introductory essay from Eimear McBride, a modern novelist, but no input from Walker it seems apart from picking the songs selected. Actually I think he mentioned in an interview that he didn’t see the need/demand for it but Jarvis (with whom he has collaborated) told him that lots of singers were doing it now!


Definitely interested if a signed limited edition is on the cards. Speaking of which, any news on the Yoko signed edition being sold through SDE Paul?


I don’t think I’ll bother with this. Surely in this day and age, if you’re not sure of certain lines, you just google the lyrics? Her albums did include lyrics, but often backing vocal lines weren’t included. These too can now be googled.

There’s two tracks – Show a Little Devotion and You Want Alchemy – that were early 90s b-sides and therefore no lyrics published. These both have high vocals in places and are difficult to de-cipher the lyrics. If these are included, it might make it remotely interesting.

I’ve got her previous lyric book – Kate Bush Complete from 1987 – which, although now four albums out-of-date, is good enough.


Money grab rip off, just like the Scott Walker book.
All Kate Bush lyrics are in the booklets anyway.
Strange how some artists spend their time just doing nothing or releasing mediocre material but get higher praises every year; the Kate Bush live album did not live up to expectations (and the actual event) mainly because of terrible production/mix.


Couldn’t agree more.
A lyric book. Wow! – you can get her lyrics on the interweb for free. talk about fleecing her ‘fans’
She peaked at the Dreaming ”Hounds’ had started to show her slide into self indulgent mediocrity which is till going to this day
I saw her on the Tour of life in 79 at the palladium and she was superb. Good memories. 22 concerts at Hammy Odeon does NOT a tour make. ‘OH NO, I don’t travel; let the fans come to ME! Very Marie Antoinette – and we knowwhat happened there.
Didn’t even bother trying to get a ticket.
So, sorry kate, count me out of the fleecing. Give me Tori Amos any day!


Odd – Now unavailable to order at Amazon UK.

Kate’s nobbled it!!


Give us a box set Kate, not this nonsense!


Given the fact that Kate’s own brother John Carder released a book in 2016 on Kate and she didn’t sign it, I’m not too optimistic that this book will be hand signed by Kate.


All Kates albums included the lyrics. So no interest here.

Justin Bright

The Faber & Faber selected lyrics series already includes the aforementioned Scott Walker & Jarvis Cocker HCs, also Billy Bragg and Van Morrison volumes. The Kate Bush and Neil Tennant books look to be the same format.

Alan Fenwick

The Neil Tennant signed Limited Edition version on Faber and Faber was listed at £75, the details of that were as follows:

Limited to only 500 copies
Each copy numbered and signed by Neil Tennant
Hand sewn, with white gloss paper-covered boards
Reflective silver paper endpapers
Silver/grey h&t bands
Silver/grey ribbon
Rigid reflective silver slipcase

It might be a good indicator for what the Kate Bush one will be like.


It must be much more interesting to remaster her albums and add all the era material of each one such as videos (promo, documentaries, top of the pops, live stuffs), b-sides, alternative version, remixes and out-takes then to put out a lyrics book instead. Mrs Kate Bush should think about it.
Her back catalogue never had a proper reissue programe!

Alan Blevin

Steven Wilson has already gone on record as saying he would love to do it.The Kate Bush albums reissue in the same format as the Tull ones would be wonderful.Of course it will never happen in her lifetime.

Auntie Sabrina

One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem by Neil Tenant is also out in November


Looks similar to the Scott Walker ‘Sundog’ release earlier this year, probably a similar plan of standard paperback, signed ltd hardback in slipcase with a deluxe signed leather edition in a solander box all of which were nicely done but at £125 & £500 for the 2 signed editions it’s a lot of cash for little content.


About as exciting as Paul McCartney’s Blackbird Singing…
As much as I love Kate, I can’t imagine her lyrics without her incredible music and arrangements.
There could have been so many more releases : a Hounds of Love super deluxe edition (maybe in 2020 for the 35th anniversary ?), a blu-ray/dvd of Before The Dawn, and of course new masterings of her entire EMI catalogue with bonus tracks.
Even the Red Shoes vinyl reissue by Analogue Spark was ultimately cancelled.


Looks awfully like Neil Tennants too. Is it a series?

Peter Muscutt

I wasn’t sure it was a series Jan, but as the more people who post suggest, perhaps it is. I thought Jarvis Cocker’s book was something to do with him being guest curator/commissioner for a while at Faber & Faber, so therefore a one off, but maybe they are approaching revered lyricists and collating a number of favourite songs into published works.

Saying that, I’m not holding out for one by Black Lace. Although that would be amazing, just to see a high-brow, cloth-bound collection of lyrics presented entirely with tongue NOT in cheek, celebrating the likes of ‘Agadoo’.

Craig Hedges

This is similar to the book Neil Tennant is releasing. Even the font on the cover is the same. I’m guessing this is going to be a series of books with lyrics by different song writers.

Peter Muscutt

Looks like this will be similar to F&F’s ‘Brother, Lover, Mother’ (or a similar such title) featuring lyrics by Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker. That had several songs of his and explanatory text (although keeping some mystique about them – I fully expect Kate to do the same!!) and was very well done (although nothing the hardcore Pulp fan didn’t really know already) so this ought to be worth picking up.

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

It`s archive material we want Kate, music, video and more music!!!

Phil Cohen

She’s as likely to permit the release of archive material as is Kraftwerk. Ditto for an album of new songs. Forget about it.

David M

No it’s new music we want.