Kate Bush / remastered albums

Four vinyl box sets • Two CD box sets •  Remasters • Four discs of rarities

Kate Bush will release remastered versions of all her studio albums, along with selected rarities, on CD and vinyl, in a series of box sets next month.

In total there will be four vinyl box sets and two CD boxes. Initially, two vinyl boxes and the first of the two CD boxeswill be released on 16 November. These cover the albums The Kick Inside (1978), Lionheart (1978), Never For Ever (1980), The Dreaming (1982), Hounds of Love (1985), The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993).

Then, on 30 November, two further vinyl boxes and the second of the two CD boxes will be released. These complete the studio albums – Aerial (2005), Director’s Cut (2011), 50 Words For Snow (2011) – and bring together rarities including 12-inch mixes, B-sides and covers. In total, there are 18 vinyl records across the four vinyl box sets and 18 CDs across the two CD boxes

The first of two CD boxes contain Kate’s remastered catalogue

The only difference I can make out in the content is that the CD box sets contains the Before The Dawn live album, while that album is not included in any of the vinyl box sets. All the audio has been remastered by Kate and James Guthrie except for Before The Dawn which is the original mastering.

There are four discs of rarities (full track listing below): 12″ mixes, two discs of B-sides and covers. This does not look complete by any means, since there are extended mixes from The Red Shoes era missing, B-sides like ‘Not This Time’ and ‘Dreamtime’ are AWOL, there’s no instrumental of ‘Running Up That Hill’, no ‘video mix’ of ‘Cloudbusting’ and various other omissions. Full analysis will follow.

As stated above, the first two vinyl box sets and the first CD box are released on 16 November, with the remainder following on 30 November. The albums are also being released separately, but not the four rarities discs in the boxes (what did you expect?). If you are in the UK then HMV have some box sets listed with some bundle discounts.

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Kate Bush

CD box # 1 - 7CD The Kick Inside to The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

CD box # 2 - 11CD Aerial to Before The Dawn + rarities discs


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 1 - a kick inside, never for ever, lionheart, The dreaming


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 2 - Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 3 - Aerial, 50 Words For Snow, Director's Cut


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 4 - 12 inch mixes, The Other Side 1, The Other Side 2, In Others Words


Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 2

Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 3

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 4

12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

Kate Bush Remastered CD box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)
Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered: CD box 2

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)
Before The Dawn (2016)
12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

What’s in the rarities discs:


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)
  3. Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix)
  4. Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)
  5. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)


  1. Walk Straight Down The Middle
  2. You Want Alchemy
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes
  4. Lyra
  5. Under The Ivy
  6. Experiment IV
  7. Ne T’Enfuis Pas
  8. Un Baiser D’Enfant
  9. Burning Bridge
  10. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix


  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’)


  1. Rocket Man
  2. Sexual Healing
  3. Mná na hÉireann
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream)
  7. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  8. Lord Of The Reedy River
  9. Candle In The Wind

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[…] Kate Bush recognised there was a place for bonus albums, gathering B-sides and remixes, when she reissued her catalogue in 2018 and you really have to work hard to make Kate appear more engaged and interested in reissues than […]

Jussi Pukkila

More sonic issues reported at Discogs, quoting user ilkoreano:

“Just noticed something odd, in the remastered version of “Never For Ever”. From minute 2:20 of “Violin”, up to all “The Infant Kiss”, the left channel undergoes significant drops in volume. I have listened to both CD and vinyl, and I heard this issue on both. Here is a list of the moments when the problem is most highlighted:

Violin -> 2:20 – 2:28 – 2:38 – 2:52
The Infant Kiss -> 1:18 – 2:33

The same thing happen on “Kite” from “The Kick Inside”, at minute 1:10, and God knows where else. That’s absolutely unacceptable, for the price.”

I’ve just compared the “Never For Ever” 2018 CD, the 2018 LP and the 80’s CD. Both 2018 releases definitely have the dropouts, the 80s CD doesn’t.
“Violin”: clear dropouts (or shifts in balance) @ 2:20, 2:28, 2:37, 2:41, 2:44, 2:52.
Listen to the chorus starting @ 2:18: “Get that bow going, let it scream# to me. Violin*, violin, violin.” The dropout (or balance shift) is at * (2:22), it’s quite clear. At the next chorus, starting @ 2:35, another clear dropout can be heard at # (2:37).
“The Infant Kiss”: quite a clear dropout @ 1:16 (and more from that onwards).

“Kite” dropout is not as clear but it’s definitely there (compared 2018 CD, the 2018 LP and the 80’s CD).

Jussi Pukkila

Does anyone have CD Box I with a glossy box and glossy sleeves with a correct sleeve for “The Dreaming”, ie. the sleeve front that has the artist’s name in visible letters?

I’m wondering if the variants available are:
Glossy box, glossy sleeves, misprinted “The Dreaming”
Matte box, matte sleeves, corrected “The Dreaming”
– or are there others?

Jussi Pukkila

Re Paul: “Has anyone noticed that there is a drop out in sound on running up that hill on hounds of love cd at 3:22. The sound decreases in volume where infact it should increase.”

I don’t think there should be an increase there, but there is definitely a clear drop and it does sound like an error. It is apparently on all formats. I have checked vinyl, CD and hi-res download.

Pete Johnstone

Only bought CD box 1. It sounds amazing, so much better than the originals.
As for box 2, not arsed. Too dear, and pointless.
Box 1 is where it’s at.
Happy, happy, joy, joy :-)

Lewis-John Abbott


From what I can work out after checking the Discogs Website and various CD’s I have.

The Mix of “Eat The Music” used on the 2018 “The Red Shoes” Re-Mastered Album is the U.S Single Mix which also appeared on the European and Australian CD Singles.

All which is different is the fade intro part before the Band starts is edited and that’s it.

The Mix of “Eat The Music” used on the 2011 “The Red Shoes” Re-Mastered Album is the Standard Album Mix.


The mix of eat the music on TRD 2011 from DC is an alternate version. It has added backing vocals over chorus. (yeah… yeah, listen from 1:40.) On the new remaster there is an edited version of it.

Lewis-John Abbott

Thanks Pat, now i’m totally confused haha, I need to pay more attention to this song, how many mixes are there?! I gonna gather up my CD singles and the other copies of the Album and play each version to see what i’m missing.


Haven’t heard The Dreaming yet so I don’t know if the song sounds different but in the booklet of the remastered version Rolf Harris is no longer listed as playing ‘digeridu’.

Chris Squires

He’s still there, just earning himself a demerit on the credits as his name has been removed.

It’s still a difficult thing to get to grips with as the two key “celebrities” to be done in the UK were so ubiquitous in UK life for decades.

Yesterday, I was watching the episode of “The Good Life” that was shot in front of The Queen and even in the pre-amble to the recording starting, when the actors were being introduced to the studio audience it was a joke in passing that the cast had written to Jim’ll fix it and their wish of a Royal audience had been granted.

If one can’t bear to hear their names there is an awful lot of UK life for two or three decades that needs to be redacted. If that is the way one wishes to go……..

Jussi Pukkila

The 2018 remaster sets are titled a bit confusingly. Obviously “Remastered Part II” is not the same “Remastered In Vinyl II”. That the albums are split in 2 CD boxes but for vinyl the same tracks are in 4 boxes is still quite easy to grasp. IMO since “Vinyl” is mentioned in the vinyl box titles, why isn’t “CD” mentioned in the CD boxes? It’s like CD is some kind of ‘default’ format. Inconsistent and unpretty.

It gets confusing with the hi-res sets. They are titled “Remastered Pt. I” (I to IV). So there we have “Remastered Pt. II” – but it’s not the same as “Remastered Part II” on CD. Why not name these “Remastered in Hi-Res I” (I to IV)?


A pity some of the songs on the new remasters have been shortened: Eat The Music, Burning Bridge etc.

Tom M Hans

Help, please. I got both CD boxes his week and need to know if my 3 disc version of Director”s Cut has now been rendered obsolete?
Are the 2011 Remasters/Remixed used for Red Shoes and Sensual World in the 1st Box?
Thank you.


The 2018 remasters are different than the versions on Directors Cut.

The Red Shoes 2018 is the analog mastering from DC but sounds quieter and less muffled. Eat the Music is the alternate version but edited to 4:53.

The Sensual World 2018 is a new mastering. (The DC Version is the old mastering from 1989, not remastered.) I don’t hear a big difference to the 1989 version.

Directors Cut 2018 sounds very similar to the 2011 Version.

Tom M Hans

Thank you very much. This helps a lot. I will keep my DC three disc version then.
Happy Holidays.

Larry Davis

Yesterday I bought the Part 2 box at Newbury Comics… Wanted to see what they charged and I’m happy I did that as it was the cheapest I saw… $79.99US…a few thoughts…it’s ironically smaller than Part 1 even with more discs…I guess cuz Part 2 has multidisc packages (Before the Dawn + The Other Sides) while Part 1 was all separate digipacks….all discs were not scratched, and being The Other Sides is a CD book with not tight pockets, the discs are protected but the thing is cheap, just held in place with 1 or 2 center staples…happy with Aerial, more sturdy than the original Columbia/Sony US 2CD set…interesting that 50 Words For Snow is in an identical CD book…as for Directors Cut, I too remember there being a taller multidisc book package and this was the single disc… Am I missing anything essential from the Deluxe??…happy Before The Dawn 3CD is included because i never had a copy and happy the discs were protected with those unique holders…as for the 4CD The Other Sides, I am really disappointed that each disc is only just over a half hour long each, with so much open space KB coulda filled up with in-demand tracks, it’s not like the set was lacking in space!! But I have an idea, we can gather the missing tracks together and back em up as CDR compilations and throw em in the box ourselves…no need to tell anyone…shhhhhh…or perhaps KB will be releasing future rarities collections?? Overall, as maddening as some of the choices were, the pro’s weigh over the con’s because, ya know what, KB is an eccentric unique artist, and people like her have their own kind of logic or thought processes and some of them don’t make much sense to the rest of us, but you just have to accept and go with the flow…just happy these sets exist… At all!!

Filippo Rostoni

Erik, I got the Remastered box part 2 and all 4 cds are present in the “Other Sides” digipack and NOT scratched at all like another customer mentioned (in his copy). BUT unfortunately my copy of that digipack is very poorly produced and only 1 of 2 clippings attaching the cd holder to the main digipack cover were originally present (evident manufacturing defect) hence the cd holder came badly detached and partly damaged on sides too. unacceptable. I will immediately send it back to Amazon free of charge as defective copy for a new copy (already shipped by them).

Looks like this set is quite doomed, ain’t it Paul ??


It’s sad that we are having issues with Part 2 of the box set, My 4 CD Set scratched, others missing discs and another has the packaging detached.

Even though my discs are scratched it is only 1 scratch across each of the discs in the same pattern actually, not deep and they play perfect no issues whatsoever.

I won’t return it I bought it in store at HMV as I could end up with a worse copy.

I will probably buy an extra set at some point.

Lewis-John Abbott


When it comes to Box Sets there will always be Tracks missing for various reasons, It can be anything from the Master being in bad shape and doesn’t transfer well or simply the Artist thinks the Track doesn’t fit within the selected Tracks or just a simple thing like the Artist does not like the Track and wanted to exclude it.

But yes people will always complain about something, Yes I personally would have like to see: The Empty Bullring, Not This Time, Ken and the Extended Mixes from The Red Shoes era included especially as there is plenty of space for all to be included, So I really do think that there are reasons why they weren’t included.

But I am enjoying it for what it is and I am especially enjoying the In Others Words Disc some I have not heard before.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

Woodsey Niles

Just received Volume 2 box and have a question that may already been answered. I was assuming this set would have the deluxe 3 CD version of “Director’s Cut” but it is the single cd version. Regarding the revised, remixed, remastered (or whatever they did) versions of the complete “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes” CDs in the deluxe Director’s Cut, which versions are in the Volume 1 box, and if different, why wasn’t the 3 CD version of “Director’s Cut” included in Volume 2? In any event, I will be replacing “Director’s Cut” in the Volume 2 box with my 3 CD version for the sake of completion. Thank you for any info.

David A

ok so she did actually change the voice for Architect’s Dream, and the whole track for Painter’s Link, is that it?

Lewis-John Abbott

The version of “The Painter’s Link” with Bertie’s voice is directly from the “Before The Dawn” CD and mixed into the studio version of the following track, It says in the Aerial Booklet.

Also Bertie’s voice narrates the dialogue for Architect’s Dream then it gets mixed in with the studio version.

It sounds superb, I really love Albert’s voice, it fits perfectly!

Kevin from Edinburgh

A right dog’s dinner as far as presentation across the two cd boxes go. Uniform presentation in box 1 not carried across to box 2. Why not? There’s not even consistency within box 2, with Aerial being similar to the packaging used for the albums in box 1, but the others being held in hardback books. Of course, this has zero effect on the sound quality, or the music itself, but given the wait of decades for this reissue campaign, is this the best that people could come up with? Really poor show.

And while I’m here, the remixed/new vocal version of Wuthering Heights still sounds as though it was recorded in a large, empty, bathroom. An exercise in pointlessness, that one…

Michael Colford

plus the extra 34 tracks that are not listed on the cds of both boxsets. Keep those cds on play to hear demos of entire hounds of love, never for ever and a future yet to be announced production.

Larry Davis

What unlisted bonus tracks?? Which discs are they on?? Not The Other Sides!!

David A

I was wrong, they didn’t use the BtD version for Architect’s Dream, but I’m pretty sure something is different… am I wrong?

David A

very happy about the original packagings being preserved in the 2nd cd boxset – why of why didn’t they make digibooks in the first one, like the nice one they did for 4-cd one with all the non-album tracks. Now it seems that there’s no real continuity between the two boxsets, it’s a bit weird

very happy about Humming, and about just learning now that the version used for Experiment IV is new on cd (thank you James Pigg for pointing that out!) and about all the b-sides/rarities in general

pretty bummed that she used the whole before the dawn version for painter’s link on aerial (surely she still has the masters and could have replaced just the voice), I find it weird that they used the cover image three times in total for the last 4-cd, and that the boxet has the same picture on both sides – at least the first one, even if we don’t like the ‘fish people’ visuals much, had 4 different pictures. BTW the visuals on the first boxset do make sense, a guy with a fish head, and one with a bird head on the second boxset, mirroring the two Before the Dawn parts

Mostly I’m so bummed, even if I knew it, that they had so much space left (even on vinyls) and still left out the very important tracks Empty Bullring, Not This Time and Ken, and The Confrontation too (more minor, but it can’t be seen as more minor than One Last Look…), and that they didn’t add at least some Red Shoes era mixes, like the extended mixes of Rubberband Girl, Eat the Music and ‘ShoeDance’
Of course in an ideal world I would have also loved the various instrumentals (Sensual World, Dreamtime, Running Up That Hill, Candle in the Wind, Moments of Pleasure), single or us mixes (This Woman’s Work, Love and Anger, Eat the Music, Rubberband Girl). I also think that there’s an extended mix of Hounds of Love that’s different from the famous alternative mix that is in the boxset. And as someone said, it would have been a great opportunity to finally release The Magician of Lublin, it’s an official studio track and it could have fitted on the covers cd (while I understand that she’s still reluctant about all the piano demos, or may want to use them later)

But regardless, I’m still very happy about the boxsets


Received my “Remastered Part II” CD box set this morning, but the 10th CD (“The Other Side 2” is missing from it. I contacted my Norwegian seller regarding a replacement but was just notified that several others have since reported the same problem and that they are now awaiting instructions from their dealer. Apparently there might be a production error. Has anyone else had a problem with a missing CD from the second box set?


No my set has the “The Other Side 2”, but I must say that all 4 of the CD’s in “The Other Sides” set are Scratched. Disappointing, it’s the way the CD’s housed within the wallets.

James Pigg

For anyone who is interested the version of Experiment IV on the second box is the “video mix” which is previously unreleased on CD/vinyl and runs to 4:46. There’s an extra section with a violin solo just after the line “But their dream is your enemy. It’s never been officially released as an audio track just as a part of the video.


Thanks James , very helpful information.


Remastered In Vinyl 4 arrived today, one day early!

On the plus side – excellent sounding heavy vinyl. Humming.

On the negative side – really basic packaging. No sleeve notes or booklet, not even a digital download card :( Humming to high heaven.

Whilst the audio is terrific, it would have been really nice to have made a little effort in the presentation of a vinyl set.


Not sure why people are complaining about the cost ? The 2 cd box sets in Australia will be $325 AUD but we where lucky with the “this womans work” box set to have 3 addition CDs instead of this woman’s work cd 1 and cd2

I’m still getting these two though now the Amazon US block has been lifted to Australian customers.


Finally weakened and bought these. Kept trying to convince myself that I needed them and it worked!!!

peter thomas

i personally find the original ‘Aeriel’ to be unlistenable due to the presence of the convicted paedophile Rolf Harris. i would have liked a remixed version with his voice replaced or edited out (as i have done on a cdr).

peter thomas

great- i didn’t know!

Calico Moonchild

I am mildly excited by the prospect of “Humming” being included in the second box set (surely the same version she brought into that old radio show interview, decades ago).

As it is merely one of the tracks from the old “Cathy’s Home Demos” fan bootleg collection that used to be in circulation, I am quietly hoping she (eventually) sees fit to release digitally remastered first generation masters of them all (“Atlantis” has always been a personal favourite of mine).

I once heard years ago that 12” Versions were created (but ultimately not formatted) for “The Dreaming” Singles. It would have been a nice touch (if they do exist), if they one day see the light of day!

Likewise, all that wasted space on the 5 track remix disc is frustrating, as I feel it should really have “Rubberband Girl (Extended)”, “Shoedance (The Red Shoes Dance Mix”), “Eat The Music (U.S. 12” Mix)”, & “Rubberband Girl (U.S. Mix)”, tacked on as well.

I find it most odd that she (rightly) views many of the “Hounds Of Love” era mixes (plus “Experiment IV”) as being important but (wrongly) views “The Red Shoes” Era Remixes, of no significance whatsoever!


Some parts of the Kick Inside sound really ropey. I suspect this basically means we are back to the true quality of the equipment that originally recorded it. There’s plenty of tape hiss etc…

Listened to first 5 now, and I can’t see a huge difference. Bass is a bit more extended (Breathing, for example), and a little bit clearer on t’s and s’s, but it’s not hugely different.

Would have been a more compelling set with plenty of mixes, and extras – as many have commented.


To contradict my last message, just doing some comparative listens to the old CD copy of Sat in your Lap and There Goes a Tenner – actually, it’s more noticeable that I give my first listening ears credit for. Darn it.

Perhaps I’m just getting old, or perhaps I didn’t think I’d been listening to poor copies for all these years. In my head, they were perfect.

It has to be said, Never For Ever is purely delicious after all these years. One thing reissues do is make you sit down and properly re-listen from scratch.


Oh, right. It is the 16th. (Long week…)


The first sets are already available in store here (Seattle). Both the first vinyl and CD boxes in the series.


Somebody in one of the editing groups I follow posted a photo with a typo on the spine of The Kick Inside: “THE KICK INSDE”…

Arvind Mohindra

Paul is there any talk of replacement sleeve with correct spellings or we end up with a sleeve dedicated to SDE :-)


So HOL duly purchased. Packaging all good (not mad keen on the Fish People graphics – looks more than a bit naff). Have played it on my mid-level set-up and honestly not that impressed – maybe the spoken vocals in ‘The Ninth Wave’ a tad clearer and higher in the mix. Don’t expect a huge difference between your 85 vinyl and this heavyweight. Have more that a few 180s and in most cases the sound is crisper, there’s added depth and bass, but HOL is subtle to the point of little difference. Quite possibly I need a new hi-fi to truly appreciate the nuances, but for us with a casual set-up I’d advise caution. Just a little bit blah. Saying that, if you don’t own it or have worn out your original then all good; obviously a truly great album.


Has anyone noticed that there is a drop out in sound on running up that hill on hounds of love cd at 3:22. The sound decreases in volume where infact it should increase.

Simon Long

That point on the disc sounds identical in volume on the new remaster to my original remastered CD version from 1997 – can’t hear any difference in the dynamics. Might be worth giving your disc a clean!



Enjoy the music, stop looking for errors.


So my Box Set 1 arrived today. very nice and its great they kept the original gatefold sleeves. Only slight grump is my Kick Inside cover is very, very dark. If I could take a snap of my original and this to show, the contrast is stark! (or should that be dark!)


24bit/44.1 kHz Versions of the remasters have started to appear on HD Tracks!

Kevin Mcnamara

Do we know if the vinyl comes with a download code??


The Kate Bush Remastered box sets are a real unexpected surprise! I’m certain that James Guthrie and Rhino Records will not disappoint KB fans seeking improved sound quality.

When I listened to my first Kate Bush record back in the early 80’s, my initial impression was, “Is this what it would sound like if Mary Poppins sipped magic mushroom tea”? I was fascinated then, and still fascinated today at Kate Bush’s unique talent of stirring spooky moods into sweetness, and deep abstraction into simplicity; her constructs for making songs that sound like a soundtrack for a discomforting dream. Never boring, Kate Bush’s music is a potent potion that seems to reveal something new each time you listen. I’m adding these box sets to my ever growing Christmas list :-)


Hey Paul and everyone else here.
I’ve been thinking of what to do, been listening to my lp and cd-editions in the last few days and now I have reached the decision to order both formats.
These will be fine releases and with Kate accepting this release-campaign and also James Guthrie on board (his Pink Floyd remasters were great and my go-to versions actually on both cd and vinyl), so this is one project Im really looking forward now.
Just put the both vinyl-boxsets and cd-boxset on order and I will order the last ones closer to the release-date.
Im really hopeful that the outcome will be great so this will be one fine remaster-campaign.


And of course I forgot to mention, that I asked your opinion on this remastering somewhere here earlier.
Thanks for the reply and comments you gave me. And Im pretty confident that we can both enjoy these new releases. I can’t even wait to hear the first few albums, oh that will be nice.
Thanks for the wonderful page and I’ve been reading/following this for many years.
Anyways, take care Paul and have nice day there!


My boxsets have now been dispatched and I will be receiving them tomorrow. Definitely waiting and looking forward and isn’t it just a great way to start the weekend? Enjoying some great remasters and other new releases..
Paul, which album shall I play first? Im also not sure whether I should listen to vinyl or cd editions..I guess I go with vinyl first.

John Whelan

Hi Paul will the 12” mixes rarities and b-sides be available as individual albums or are they box set only

Mikael S.

So, which format shall it be then? Will the cd really sound that good compared to what we already got available? But seriously, I think it might be new immaculate vinyl-editions that interests me more. Or should I get both? Tempting..
What would you recommend me to do here?

Kevin from Edinburgh

Price is likely to be a consideration, amongst other factors. I wanted to vinyl albums, originally, but have decided to go with the first cd box (which I snagged for £43 delivered, from Amazon Italy, using their €10 off code last week) rather than pay around three to four times that price for the records. Of course, I may come to regret that….

Kevin from Edinburgh

I let myself down, as I knew I would. Bought the first three from Fopp on the way home tonight. 10% off, so £54 for the three. More than I’m paying for the cd box contains 7 albums…..still, they sound great, and the records appear to be perfectly pressed, and the covers are nicely reproduced.

Paul, will Kate be making an appearance tomorrow on SDE Saturday?
(Not in person, obviously….)

Gavin Jackson

Will these be made available digitally on Friday? There’s nothing on Apple Music yet…..


Do we know anything about U.S. release dates for the individual titles? Earlier titles show on Amazon US, but later ones do not yet….


Paul, do you have insight or anything on how the Kate Bush remasters sound?
I have all the albums on cd and vinyl (but not anything after Hounds Of Love unfornately).
Would it be overkill to get both formats or would it be better to wait and see the initial reviews and comments. Kate released some of the albums (The Sensual World and The Red Shoes) already earlier in 2011, when she released Director’s Cut-album. Having heard DC only from cd, I think it had somewhat bassy sound. At that time in 2011, I bought her rest cd:s (plus The Whole Story) what were then sold as new cd on the stores but I also bought the This Woman’s Work cd-boxset from ebay. I still haven’t even tried and tested if I hear anything out of ordinary or better sonics by these two editions on cd that I have.

Gareth Pugh

Just had a shipment e-mail from HMV that vinyl box 1 (of the 4) has shipped. They mail 2nd class in the UK usually so it’ll likely be arriving on-around Friday’s release date I would guess.

Saar Freedman

I wonder why no- one Bemoaned the non- inclusion of the demo for “why Should I love You” that Paul did a bit on a while back …
I liked that one. should be added to the list somewhere between the Dreamtime instrumental (sad, missed opportunity) and the Frutopia bits ( Fat Chance of this ever being released officially)


Is Amazon UK still price-matching HMV? I put all six boxes into a basket on Sunday morning in the USA, and didn’t get the lower price? Or is there a trick this colonial doesn’t know? Thanks.

Mike Melody

No the promotion has ended and I found out the hard way. Cancelled my standard order to re-order as I since got a free trial for prime. Isn’t it ironic?
Oh well, might hold out to see if there’s black friday deal.

Kevin Henry

I wonder which version of December Will Be Magic Again is included? I don’t know which version I prefer


Amazon UK are now “price-matching” the HMV bundle discounts (i.e. all four vinyl boxes for £324.99, both CD boxes for £139.99). If you’ve already pre-ordered items it’s worth checking if the discount is applied (for example, mine wasn’t as I had the two CD sets in separate pre-orders).

Richard Cosgrove

There seems to be a big disparity between the prices of the two boxes. Those extra tracks must be something else :-)


As Paul has explained somewhere below, the first CD set has 7 discs and the second set has 11 which sort of justifies the price difference.
The second set still seems overpriced though (in the UK at least – price differences seem to vary a lot between countries) since most buyers will presumably already have the 3-disc Before The Dawn. Without this, an 8 disc set could presumably have been priced closed to the first set.

Hans lindskog

Hello, regarding purchasing of the cd sets from Amazon Canada , what Will the vat and eventuellt other tax cost? Best regards Hans

Wes Headley

Paul, do you have any idea who pressed these remasters? Hoping it was not GZ Media or some other shoddy operation. Hoping they were pressed at Pallas or Optimal, who sit on the other side of the quality spectrum from GZ. If you could find out that would be great. I would also like to recommend that you provide the presser information if you can get it on future SDE’s. This usually makes a huge difference to the final quality of the product.


Anyone know where the sets are manufactured? In other words, will I get exactly the same physical items no matter which Amazon I order from? Or will ordering thru Amazon USA get me USA-made discs and boxes? (Meh.) Would ordering from Canada bring the same Euro-made (better quality) sets as ordering from Amazon UK? Thanks.


You can’t touch the music…
…but the artwork is appalling!


How is it appalling?

Chris Squires

For me, the Vinyl is fine, they have gone with a main cover for the slip case and the album covers seem to adhere to the originals, we shall see.
The CD discs (as has been covered below) all seem to have a generic Fish People logo on and if you notice, the Vinyl discs have all been arranged so that you cannot see the labels, my guess is that they will all be similar generic Fish People logos. I think the labels are dull and boring, Kate is seemingly going for a branding exercise and doesn’t see fit to use any artwork that was current to the time of release. This is a shame, there must be a lot of unused artwork and images that could have adorned the CD / vinyl / box real estate. The fish headed people sitting on chairs means nothing to me. It also means nothing to the music, I know Kate doesn’t want to appear on stuff any more now but there is old material available for the older stuff and artwork available right up to 50 words that does feature her lovely face. So it could have been handled differently. The Fish People branding does nothing for this collection at all. Thank goodness the music speaks for itself.

I just don’t get the whole “Fish People” thing I really don’t. It doesn’t even chime with ANY piece of music Kate has ever made. If it had been Lion People, Dog People or Kite People then yes. I guess at a stretch it has something to do with the Ninth Wave and the Sea… but it doesn’t register on any emotional level with me and I’ve been immersed in her world since the 1970s.

So “Appalling” is an opinion, but maybe too strong. I would go for “Inappropriate”, it’s not “Random” in the sense that we know Kate has been pushing the Fish People thing for 7 years now but it is a missed opportunity, IMHO.


So that’s why Analog Spark didn’t release the Red Shoes LP…
I’ll buy the vinyl box sets, but I can’t imagine how they could top the Hounds of Love and The Sensual World reissues by Audio Fidelity (sadly defunct).