Kate Bush / Ne T’Enfuis Pas vinyl single

Kate Bush is showing an uncharacteristic desire to release physical product these days! In May, we had the ‘Cloudbusting‘ 12-inch picture disc and now France’s FNAC retailer seem to confirm that a physical vinyl reissue of Kate’s 1983 French-only single ‘Ne T’Enfuis Pas’ in September.

‘Ne T’en Fui Pas’ [it means ‘Don’t Run Away’] is a The Dreaming era song that ended up on the B-side of 1982 single ‘There Goes A Tenner’ and, in some territories, ‘Suspended In Gaffa’. But the track was remixed slightly and promoted to the A-side of a non-album single in France and Canada, in the summer of 1983. It was backed not with any of the tracks from The Dreaming, but with ‘Un Baiser D’Enfant’ which is a French language version of Never For Ever album track The Infant Kiss.

The Canadian ‘Kate Bush’ mini-LP

Both of these songs ended up on a six-track Canadian mini-LP called Kate Bush which was issued in 1983 and widely imported on both cassette and vinyl. The two tracks in question were only issued on CD in 1990, when the This Woman’s Work box set was released, but reappeared on the format last year as part of the remastered The Other Sides rarities 4CD set which was initially only available with the second of the two CD boxes, but later released as a standalone product.

‘Ne T’Enfuis Pas’ is being issued in September, presumably, as part of an ongoing marketing campaign to support Kate’s remastered albums. It is not clear at this stage whether this is a 12-inch vinyl or seven-inch single, although I’d guess the former. There is no mention of it being a picture disc, like ‘Cloudbusting’, but I suppose that can’t be ruled out completely.

We also don’t know whether this will remain a France-only exclusive (reasonably likely) or be available in other territories, however FNAC do ship internationally.

The Ne T’Enfuis Pas vinyl single will be released on 3 September 2019 and can be pre-order via FNAC. The two Kate Bush CD boxes are still massively cheap via Amazon UK.

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Gareth Pugh

HMV currently have this as part of a ‘virtual record fair’ vinyl promotion, £12.99 and seemingly in stock.


Found a copy of this in a HMV in a shopping mall outside Glasgow at the weekend. That was a nice surprise. Looks like it had been there a little while too.

[…] course SDE did tell you about this, but it seems both the record label and Kate thought they’d leave it to the exclusive French […]

Tony O

looks like this was available for sale and I must have missed it, anyone got any info?


This is available to preorder now as an HMV Exclusive Limited Edition on the HMV website, £12.99.


The Fnac site says it will be a maxi not a 7 inch but does not say a picture disc !


Just found a copy in a Wichita, KS record store of all places, $20 well spent!

Tony Armstrong

Sean, could you send me the name of the record store where you bought this 12″ single, or their contact info, including info. I tried to purchase from the fnac web site, my French was OK, but the USA was not a shipping option!?

Thanks in advance for responding…I’m a bit of a Kate Bush fanatic, I cab buy via Discogs – but close to $60!


I wonder whats happened here? I guess they probably put it on sale too early? seems odd that orders have been cancelled as well


Nor has mine!


… and I just received a beautiful 12″ single from France, pictures here:


My order was cancelled! Very disappointing!

Tony O

At what point is it wrong for “scalpers” to buy an item and sell it for a profit? Just because it might get in the way of people who are too lazy to get up early once a year or play the waiting game and get caught out why should people who do this for a living get vilified?
If i did not buy and sell records (and other items) at my age with my qualifications i would be another burden on society and am determined to never go down that road.
I pay british tax on my profits what little they are and would never talk about other people trying to make a living in that way. So for those who think “Scalpers” are the scum of the earth, I have a few tips for you. 1. get up early on record store day, 2. when you see a new release that you want pay for it up front to avoid disappointment and 3. if you see someone selling banksy originals for £5, dont buy them and put them on ebay.


Totally agree , I really don’t understand why people who want to make a profit get so vilified.do these same people not want to make a profit when they sell their house for example? For some people eBaying is there job and is there income .

Chris Squires

I know it’s late in the day and it won’t get read as it’s too far down the page now but I just wanted to throw in my two penneth.

It’s immensely hard to make any kind of significant profit by buying and selling records.
Anybody who thinks otherwise just hasn’t got a clue how risky and time consuming it is. I think some comments are almost like a Daily Mail Dog whistle…they can’t help themselves.

Let’s have a look at a bit of the detail.
For every….. shall we say David Bowie Five Years Vinyl Box set? There is something like the Bon Jovi Box Set. It’s a real skill and an immense gamble these days to know what to buy.Then there is the question of when to buy. That’s part of the gamble. Pre-order or wait a few months get it from Bricks and mortar or eBay or Amazon. Wait, it might drop and you get a decent price or it might be gone and you won’t see it again.

So you have spent time, thought and money, your own money with absolutely no guarantees it will be a profitable item or a complete effing Dud that you can’t give away. You would have to be remarkable to make every one of your purchases turn a profit.

So where do you sell it, well it has to be eBay. Have any of you written a decent eBay advert recently?Or spent time photographing and uploading and so on. It’s not a 3 minute job if you want to do it properly. It’s not quick even if you are shoddy. It is a genuine hassle selling on eBay. Dealing with ridiculously low offers is just one of the tiresome questions. Then there are costs. I sold something the other day for £640, sounds nice, but with eBay charges, paypal charges and the inevitable postage losses where it’s very hard to even break even with postage. Costs of proper packaging, bubble wrap, tape, boxes, time dealing with getting the bloomin’ thing picked up it turned out to be £552 not including time spent doing the whole process. So profit was down to under £200 minus time spent. Which sounds fantastic. But it was one of my nicest items, I don’t imagine for a second anything else will make that much. So even the best item in a collection is not a fantastic money spinner. So to take something like a typical 12″ record like Cloudbusting Picture disc. It cost me £23 getting this from jpc.de and I don’t know how a “scalper” will get it much cheaper, even getting it from a shop involves petrol, parking and time. Some lucky souls managed to sell for £49 but in general it is £35 to £40 and most new sales are at £under £30. Minus costs of selling that would be a profit of somewhere just under £10 if you got £40 as a headline price. If you spent that on the Blondie Heart of Glass 12″, which on the face of it might seem like a decent punt, you would be licking your wounds….

That’s the whole problem in a nutshell. People see a headline price, don’t bother to check to see if any actually sold at that price and can’t imagine the rigmarole involved in selling something. Let alone damage, moronic delivery companies and shysters who try it on.

Paul will attest to how time consuming it all is, just the postage aspect is a nightmare itself. Try carefully wrapping a record in bubble wrap and getting it into a box, it’s painful. Just selling this one item has made me remember how bloody awful it was to sell part of my collection 15 years or so ago. So if someone buys a Bowie LP for £30 and sells it for £60 the following day it ain’t all roses. Most people will be lucky enough to have something else to do to earn £20. If you don’t have something else to do then it’s hard work to turn that record into the kind of profit that you can live on or do anything meaningful with.

Plus plus plus of course, I forgot this, without the people who do do this for a living the good people around the world wouldn’t ever get access to some nice items that helpful companies without websites or who don’t ship abroad are selling.


@Tony O:
‘Just because it might get in the way of people who are too lazy to get up early once a year’ and ‘I have a few tips for you. 1. get up early on record store day.’

I’m clearly lazy…. or rather the nerves in my spine are because they just point blank refuse to grow properly, and so they leave me with crippling agony that prevents me from standing for the lengths of time that RSD requires. (And all other the other confected days like HMV’s vinyl things and Black Friday.) I’m also getting increasingly concerned the high volume jostling crowds will hit the problem area in my back and make the problem even worse.

‘2. when you see a new release that you want pay for it up front to avoid disappointment’. I may work but not currently at a high income (fingers crossed it improves). Goes with being disabled. Sometimes I have to wait until I can afford (called ‘budgeting’) – I’ve noticed very few online or offline shops take IOUs.

‘If i did not buy and sell records (and other items) at my age with my qualifications i would be another burden on society and am determined to never go down that road. I pay british tax on my profits what little they are and would never talk about other people trying to make a living in that way.’

Presumably when I was solely claiming disability benefits – before treatment changes – I WAS part of that burden on society, and shamelessly going down ‘that road’, because I was just too lazy – like all the disabled. You would never talk about people trying to make a living as ‘scum of the earth’ but, by inference, you’re happy to pass a very clear and derogatory judgement about those who do require the aid of State benefits. But they’re a ‘burden on society’, not proud enough to avoid ‘that road’, don’t pay ‘British tax’….. and so on….

Tony, I’m sure you didn’t intend to imply all that but as soon as someone starts setting a comparison with other people being ‘another burden on society’ the language becomes so loaded that this is precisely what they end up meaning; when they talk about being ‘determined to never go down that road’ they’re saying ‘I’m too proud to claim benefits… unlike some’.

I am sick of feeling I constantly have to be on the defensive just for being disabled: there’s the constant attack (sometimes physical) – you’re always a lazy ‘benefit scrounger’ or a ‘fraud/ faker’ – ‘if Stephen Hawking can solve the mysteries of the universe with the blink of his eyes why can’t you?’, ‘if Johnnie Peacock can run 100 metres in whatever with one leg, why can’t you?’….. to which, surely, the answer is: ‘you’re fully able-bodied – why can’t you run as fast as Usain Bolt or discover the next Higgs Boson?’.

I went off and got a couple of degrees of which I fully intended to make full and good use: having a stroke 15 feet up a ladder and breaking my fall with my spine, at the age of 35, was hardly in the plan…..

@Paul Sinclair:
Sorry for the rant but the implications of some of what Tony O said were very ‘Daily Mail dogwhistle’.

As for turning a profit, I can see both sides and it’s hard to begrudge people a living, yet for me, on an extremely limited budget, I get one chance to buy things (nothing I’m after ever goes down in price! Waaaaaah! Boo. Hoo. ;) and that’s on first release…. so it’s extremely frustrating to see well-organised teams of ‘for eBay’ buyers hoovering up every last copy. And I have seen organised teams: one year I saw five people who bought ALL of both (my then) local stores’ stocks of several titles on RSD. Given the fancy limited items are intended to entice NEW customers back into the record stores, if the fancy items aren’t there any curious potential new customers are going to say ‘what’s the point’ and ‘Amazon doesn’t have this problem’, rendering the whole exercise rather pointless.

Peter Verkooijen

Any new music coming up?


Not sure why anyone is complaining about ebay scalpers for the cloudbusting release. if you actually look at the prices they are going for pretty much exactly what they were charged at originally £20 – 30 seems to be the going rate at the moment. Because there are clearly so many copies of this I dont think other than a few people who jumped early and charged about £40-50 anyone is making much money from that release. if you still dont have a copy then Im sure you could get one from ebay at a reasonable price. I imagine this release will probably be similar and there will be plenty of copies


Can anyone please tell me what to look for if I’m trying to tell the difference between the remix and the original version of Ne T’Enfuis Pas? I assume when Paul says “remixed slightly” it’s not going to be obvious.


The vocals are cleaner and more forward in the mix than on the version that was released in late 1982.


Thanks Mark :)


Yes, it’s very obvious if you listen to both (the 1982 mix is on YouTube). It’s a different vocal take (I’m pretty sure) and it’s much more “muddier” than the vocals on the 1983 remix. I have it via The Single File boxed set.


Hey Paul – since we’re on Kate Bush – any idea on when ALL of the “2018 remasters” will make it onto spotify (in the US)? The only 2018 remasters currently on Spotify are:
Never For Ever
Kick Inside
Hounds of Love
Directors Cut

Happen to know?


If it’s a 12” single, they could have added the original b-side mix of Ne T’Enfuis Pas, as it was only ever available in the 1982 b-sides and The Single File boxed set. It’s never been made available since (though can be found on YouTube).

Paul Kent

She may just be hiding her kick inside!

Ba-dom, tshhhh! I’m here all week, try the veal.


This might yet be available outside France. FNAC have it listed as “Exclusivité Fnac” – but their listing for the Cloudbusting picture disc said the same and that was/is also available in several other countries.

Auntie Sabrina

A pity no one can stop those ebay scalpers ftom re-selling at extortionate prices.


It seems you can’t pre-order this 12″ single at this time. When you follow the FNAC pre-order link, the status of the item is “Indisponible en ligne”and “Indisponible en magasin” (unavailable online and also in Fnac stores).


I just noticed it was priced €11 and when you google it, you have a link taking you to the french Ebay and some seller already has it in his store on pre-order and he’s selling it for €39 !!! I guess that’s why it’s no longer available. As it was a limited edition, some seized the opportunity, bought as many copies as they could in order to sell them at a higher price on ebay or discogs…

Tony O

says not available, is it the correct link? it does however say maxi so i think it will be 12″


Maybe they’re changing the cover art as Kate clearly looked as though she’d rather be in the frozen food section down her local Tesco on the day they did that shoot.