Kate Bush releases ‘The Other Sides’ compilation as standalone 4CD set

Rarities, remixes and B-sides on 4CDs • Well priced

Kate Bush will release her The Other Sides B-side compilation as a standalone 4CD set and has also officially made available the video for her 1991 cover of Elton John‘s Rocket Man and spoken about the making of the song and the video.

Although this four-disc package was available by itself on vinyl – as Remastered in Vinyl IV –  to acquire this excellent array of B-sides and 12-inch mixes on CD meant buying the second of the two CD boxes which also includes Aerial, Director’s Cut, 50 Words For Snow and Before The Dawn. Not any more, as in March a 4CD set of The Other Sides will be available for less than £20. Unlike Bowie’s ‘Re:Call’ compilations there was never any mention of this being exclusive to the box set, so I guess, that’s fair enough!

Speaking about ‘Rocket Man’ (which is track one on ‘covers’ disc In Others’ Words) Kate today issued the following statement:

I remember buying this when it came out as a single by Elton John. I couldn’t stop playing it – I loved it so much. Most artists in the mid seventies played guitar but Elton played piano and I dreamed of being able to play like him.

Years later in 1989, Elton and Bernie Taupin were putting together an album called Two Rooms, which was a collection of cover versions of their songs, each featuring a different singer. To my delight they asked me to be involved and I chose Rocket Man. They gave me complete creative control and although it was a bit daunting to be let loose on one of my favourite tracks ever, it was really exciting. I wanted to make it different from the original and thought it could be fun to turn it into a reggae version. It meant a great deal to me that they chose it to be the first single release from the album.

That meant I also had the chance to direct the video which I loved doing – making it a performance video, shot on black and white film, featuring all the musicians and… the Moon! 

Alan Murphy played guitars on the track. He was a truly special musician and a very dear friend. Tragically, he died just before we made the video so he wasn’t able to be there with us but you’ll see his guitar was placed on an empty chair to show he was there in spirit. 

 This is the first time this video has officially been released since its original TV broadcast.

The Other Sides will be released as a 4CD set on 8 March 2019.

Working on getting Amazon Australia on the widget, for now, here’s the link


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)
  3. Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix)
  4. Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)
  5. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)


  1. Walk Straight Down The Middle
  2. You Want Alchemy
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes
  4. Lyra
  5. Under The Ivy
  6. Experiment IV
  7. Ne T’Enfuis Pas
  8. Un Baiser D’Enfant
  9. Burning Bridge
  10. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix


  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’)


  1. Rocket Man
  2. Sexual Healing
  3. Mná na hÉireann
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream)
  7. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  8. Lord Of The Reedy River
  9. Candle In The Wind

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[…] Both of these songs ended up on a six-track Canadian mini-LP called Kate Bush which was issued in 1983 and widely imported on both cassette and vinyl. The two tracks in question were only issued on CD in 1990, when the This Woman’s Work box set was released, but reappeared on the format last year as part of the remastered The Other Sides rarities 4CD set which was initially only available with the second of the two CD boxes, but later released as a standalone product. […]

Sean O'Brien

I haven’t found Kate’s recent output as appealing so I skipped purchasing the second volume of remasters. I picked this up on sale @ Amazon $16/US. I would have paid twice that had the content been more complete. One CD with five tracks and the others with ten and nine leaves much of her output on the sidelines. Hopefully we won’t see a situation similar to David Bowie’s estate with a new release every few months trickling out and containing one or two tracks/mixes unavailable elsewhere. REM provided a Rarities digital release a few years ago for hundreds of hard to find EP songs, B-Sides and Rare Live Tracks for about $100/US. This might be a good approach for other established artists, satisfying revenue and fan needs.

[…] Will Be Magic Again’. All four songs are the 2018 remasters and all feature on the recent The Other Sides 4CD […]


My copy came in today! Woo hoo!


I agree with so many of you, every missing recording should have been released and an ultimate DVD collection should be released too, we’ll all be dead soon enough, is it really too much to want everything from a favoured artist to enjoy before we drop off the planet? After Kate & all of us are gone how long before the sales stop? Give us everything now while we’re alive so we can enjoy it. Why is it so hard for people to get this? Fingers crossed someone does & our dreams can come true.

John W

It’s great to have all these tracks compiled, but as others have said, it’s a missed opportunity to bring together all of the non album tracks.
I’m glad of the release, but yet again, the artwork is more about Fish People and their logo than about Kate, and their style is turning out to be a rather one trick pony. It wouldn’t matter so much if Kate’s albums hadn’t had such a strong visual element. Just looks like an arty version of cheap and nasty.
I’m holding off on buying the two box sets as at some point the individual albums will no doubt be released, and the actual boxes they currently come in are awful- were I to buy them, I’d keep the individual albums but put the boxes in the recycling.

Kevin Henry

I’ve been a fan of Kate Bush since I heard Wuthering Heights as a new single back in 1978 as a 15-year-old and have bought all her albums since. The Hounds of Love is the masterwork, but The Kick Inside is my favourite.

I bought the Remasters volume 1 from HMV the day it came out but decided to wait to buy Remasters 2 until the price came down which it never seemed too. I was close to forking out when I read about Other Sides from this very boutique (bit of Python there). I then thought to myself that Aerial, Director’s Cut, 50 Words for Snow and especially Before the Dawn are still not that old and the earlier seven albums benefitted more from being remastered.

I bought Other Sides from HMV for superb £20 and will give Remasters 2 a miss. A week last Sunday I played The Kick Inside through The Red Shoes and what a collection of work. I was surprised when The Big Sky came on as it is different to the version on the 1997 EMI 100th anniversary, and I don’t think as good edition and is the version on The Whole Story (I have given my Bush CDs to a friend but will keep the 1997 Hounds of Love CD. Also, Walk Straight Down the Middle on my copy of The Sensual World is missing the remaster, but is included in Other Sides.

A shame that Kate didn’t use the Pet Shop Boys approach and issue 2 CD albums with the second containing the extras. There would have been little extras on the early albums but would have been great on the latter. I have nine of her CD singles and would have loved for all the tracks to have been remastered and included in the box sets especially as there is some great stuff missing from Other Sides, it would have been nice to have all the stuff together and I could have sold the CD singles to a true collector – and cheaply.

As for blu ray audios …. please.


Hey Paul
Thanx. I just watched the Rocket Man video and it is very cool. I have never bought I Kate CD before but I had a roommate that used to blast her stuff from his room 24/7.
A very creative video me thinks

Jussi Pukkila

There hasn’t been any official rationale for what is/isn’t included. It’s unfathomable why she chose to leave out 4 of the B-sides. Especially not now, as we are all looking back in time 30-40 years with this compilation. Those 4 tracks don’t stand out in her output as duds. Does she really think “Candle In The Wind” or “Sexual Healing” are better than them? Is the box markedly better without those 4 tracks? – No. Well, the track list isn’t chronological, so perhaps she likes these tracks the best and this sequence? Why were all “The Red Shoes” extended versions ignored? Baffling. Still, it would be totally unfair to box set buyers had they added those on this stand-alone issue!

Expecting comments from the Bush camp is obviously futile but personally I’m a bit miffed at the obvious actual failure there is in quality control of this set. There are dropouts, a volume drop in “Running Up That Hill” and the error in the cover art of “The Dreaming”.

AFAIK no extended versions were made of “The Dreaming” tracks. There were plans to make one of the title track but they were shelved when the single performed so poorly.

[…] The news yesterday of Kate Bush‘s The Other Sides four-CD set kicked off an interesting debate about transparency and what fans should and shouldn’t be told about future release schedules by record labels. Parlophone are accused of misleading fans ‘by omission’ – they knew (a reasonable assumption) that plans were in place to issue the four-CD rarities set as a standalone product this March, but failed to tell anyone when promoting the CD box sets, just four months earlier. […]

Wayne Olsen

I was getting really angry, and then I remembered it was Kate. all is forgiven.
Now how about that 50th Anniversary “Space Oddity” CD set?

Paul Brown

WOAH stop right there! Just reading through this thread to see an related post about a rerelease of Fiat Lux! Brilliant!! And on checking Amazon.co.uk I see that Fiat Lux are releasing a new album! Shame as I’m in Australia I can’t buy it from Amazon.co.uk. But hopefully I can at least get Hired History through Cherry Red. This has made my weekend and has helped me forget that I too bought the second Kate Bush box set only for the other sides cd’s. Meh, I’m ok with it, the box sets look good together on the shelf…

Tony O

I have to admit I think it is a bit sneaky to do what they have done here, and when I say they I don’t include Kate in that. Of course if you were to be generous then you could say that they never intended to release it separately but there would have been a number of people who complained that they have all the other cd’s and would not buy the box set because of this and they then changed their mind. My suspicion is that initial sales have started to slow down and maybe they are a lot longer of stock than they would want to be.
Being a completest I would want the box set and the separate releases but can understand the complaints for those who are all about the content. For us vinyl nuts these re-issues have been a god send


Kate thank you kindly . Held fire on box 2 ! Phew !!! Nice one ok !


Phew!! So glad I waited but then, after seeing the lack of imagination regarding the second CD boxset, it was a no-brainer for me. As someone here pointed out when Paul put up the unboxing video, The Other Sides had a barcode so…here we are! Cheers. This completes my collection. Hope, as the rest of it has, that this is released here in Australia.


It’s a shame that this news upsets some who bought the second box set just to get ‘The Other Sides’. If it hadn’t have been announced, then there would be no upset.

This standalone release now allows those who didn’t buy the box to get access to the cds, which to me can only be a good thing. I bought the box, good luck to those who can get the separate release.

On a positive unrelated note, The Unthanks – Lines Part One, Two, Three, is released via retailers today – it was available in December from their own shop. It’s another excellent themed set of discs. Fans of Kate Bush may well derive utter joy listening to The Unthanks. The Unthanks remind me of The Smiths in that their in-between main album projects are as good as those main albums ( musically they are somewhat different!).

The harmonies and brilliance of Rachel and Becky Unthanks voices are one of life’s great pleasures – they may well help those annoyed with Kate Bush’s new release overcome those frustrations!


Thanks Quante. What a great idea.

Kevin Sims

Anyone with ears should derive joy from listening to The Unthanks! Their Songs of Molly Drake concert in a tiny venue a couple of years ago was mind-blowing in its tender, melancholic intimacy.

I received Lines and the Kate Bush I and II sets for Christmas – it was a good Christmas!!


Why not release ALL of the 12 inch mixes, instrumentals and B-sides?!?!?! That would have made me buy this CD set AND the other 2 boxsets. Not on these terms which is just separate from the 2nd boxset.

Now I’ll keep my This Woman’s Work set from 1990 which gives me more (rare) music.


Finally a little sigh of wise after the worsiest remaster box set release that I’ve seen with too much material left aside.

Andrew Greenwood

I thought Aha! I can get this and box one as I have the current versions of all of box two, so I put it into my Amazon basket from the link here this afternoon. I went back just now to buy it and the price for Volume 1 had gone up from £48 to £60. Bah, Bah and Bah! so, just getting the rarities now (I had to add a cheap book to get free delivery) and will hang on for a better price on the big box.
somewhat annoyed as it was going to be my birthday present to me.


The price on the boxes changes every day, it seems. Up and down. Just give it a regular check and you’ll definately catch it at the prioce you’re after.

On the other hand – since there are no extras in the first box, no bonus tracks, and no booklet – you can buy the single CD releases for the price you want. You just won’t have the box itself, which frankly looks pretty bad, imo.


I don’t think it’s fair enough. I don’t have anything against this 4CD collection being release separately (and not being exclusive to the boxset) but fair enough would have been to let people know by the time the boxsets were announced about its future release so everyone could decide what to do.


If I remember correctly, Paul pointed out when it was released that there was a barcode on the CDs and so it was likely to be released separately.


Ouch, just ordered both Kate Bush boxes, mostly for ‘The Other Sides’.
I should have waited one more week despite the amazon.de 3 for 2 offer last week….


Having not bought the box sets and having all the original albums this is great news.
The box sets are remastered though and in case I wanted to buy them one day in the future can someone tell me if they are a vast improvement or should I just stick to the originals?


Not vast as the originals are pretty good (apart from some volume discrepancies between songs on the debut) – but they are very definitely worth getting if you have a good hi-fi system. As remasters go, these are very very good.

Chris Squires

Diminishing returns. The earlier the album the greater the difference. The quieter and more acoustic / piano based the track the greater the difference. Purely going on vinyl some of the tracks in the first box are utterly sublime with TKI benefitting hugely from this long overdue overhaul also the soundscape of Never For Ever is so clear it can take the breath away.

Kevin Sims

Also, just noticed that the Part II vinyl set has hit its lowest price on amazon.co.uk – £47.02 (it actually dropped £0.03 between starting to write this and double-checking, so by the time I press ‘send’ it could be down to £40 or back up to £60+!!!).

Yves Vandezande

now that is good news. glad I didn’t spend money on the 2nd big box.

The Golden Age Of Breakaways

Good things come to those who wait.

I always thought this would be released, good on Ms. Bush.

I have all the albums on CD & LP and was therefore reluctant to buy any of the 2018 remastered releases, that is except for `The Dreaming`, my favourite KB LP, on vinyl.

Michael McA

Am bloody FURIOUS about this.
Only bought 2nd box (already having the rest) to get the extras.
No point in saying anymore.
Won’t waste my time.


What, No Ken?

My biggest gripe about the boxes was precisely this – no-one should have had to buy the second box just for the extras. This issue has now been resolved. :) I’m glad I held out, even though I think I have most of this stuff already (and some additions, it seems), it’ll be a nice set at a reasonable price.

I can understand those who bought the second box for the extras might feel a little miffed – but then they could have opted for my stance, and simply not bought it in protest.

Pre-order in.

Henry Watson

No one had a gun at anyone’s head to buy the box sets!

Cosmo Castanza

Not purchased any music in 2019 but………. less than 20 quid .

That is very hard to resist.

Would not all artists sell so much more music with this type of price .


Having not bought the box sets .

I couldn’t afford and shell out for the more recent CDs because they sound great anyway . So I was pretty peed off not to get the rarities CDs …

I will be buying the rarities… on the other hand if I’d bought the second Boxset I would be sooo annoyed



Was cursing Amazon.de on Monday for ending their 3 for 2 sale early as the second KB set was in my cart ready to go, mostly for the rarities set so like a few others now I am pleased to be able to get this solo without having to re-buy albums I didn’t want to.


Procrastination is King

Not only is it $10+ cheaper to ship this to the USA from amazon.co.uk, but there is a difference in issue dates. March 8 in the UK and March 22 in the USA

Inertia rules

Glenn Roger

Once again, love my Kate Bush, but what another missed opportunity. Could it have been possible to add some additional remixes to the remix cd? That would have been something additional the box set did not have and something that could have rectified not having enough remixes in the first place. I understand the remixes Kate chose were from her most popular period, however, there were lots of other remixes that were overlooked. Or instrumental only mixes of some of her songs. I just think that more could have been done to tweak this release and it was just either not taken seriously or not looked at.


I’m especially bothered that the extended and alternate versions from The Red Shoes were completely left off. They were almost all quite good (not a huge fan of “Shoe Dance”), and would have fit in as a piece with the other remixes as they were basic extended versions, not misguided 90’s attempts at turning nuanced songs into Ibiza floor bangers.

Would have also loved to have had the alternate single mix of “Sat in Your Lap” included, plus I do believe there were extended remixes completed for some of the other Dreaming tracks that were shelved and never released. The remixes disc was the biggest missed opportunity of the campaign, in my opinion, especially since it was all material that had already been released on This Woman’s Work.


There is a demo of Leave It Open with clean vocals available on YT and there were/are 12″ mixes of Sat In Your Lap, The Abo Song/Dreaming (!) and There Goes A Tenner in the vaults but so far these remain taboo. I know there were plans to release 12″ singles but due to sales these were withdrawn.

Dean O

I have to admit when I read over the track listing of these sets I found them meager… I guess I expected ‘unreleased’ material.

The Dreaming is my favourite KB album….I wasn’t aware of those extended mixes, etc……they would have been so great as part of this set!!!!! Has anyone heard any of this ?

I’ve bought so much ‘remastered’ music over the years, very often with very little if any difference other than increased volume. So I’m hesitant to buy this series of remasters even though it is Kate. I’ve been reading different things regarding the sound quality on these releases so I’m just sitting on the fence for now.

Nigel Day

Well if it any help but I played the Lionheart and Never For Ever CDs through a nice pair of Senheissers last night and it was a trip. I’ve never heard these great albums sound better. I thoroughly recommend buying them


Bargain!!! Think I’ll be paying amazon’s site a visit later today…


(Said before but…) Sadly no Not This Time or The Empty Bullring which is a shame considering how she marvelled at them during her fan club years. A few other missing in action tracks such as 12″ of Rubberband Girl. A shame considering the atrocity that is Candle in the Wind which is included.


Good. Ordered!

(When I say “good” I mean it’s good for me. This is what I wanted and I didn’t trouble myself about the box sets as they weren’t what I wanted.)


This annoys me to no end. I just bought the Remastered Part 2 box in the German 3 for 2 last weekend only for this CD. And now it is released separately without a heads up to fans. Look, Kate can do what she wants, it’s her music but if she would announce, like Bowie did, that it will be released separately, or not, then you can plan for that. Now everyone buys the rather weak box part 2 (box part 1 is much better) for primarily this cd and then she releases it separately without any advance announcements. Not cool. Not only may I have skipped the Box Part 2 if I had known this, it also makes that box a lot less valuable.


I’d say: return the box to amazon ;-)


I don’t get why it’s resale value should matter. If you bought it then you must be a fan and wouldn’t want to sell it. And if you did have to sell it one day then you surely wouldn’t want other KB fans – perhaps those who couldn’t afford it last October but who later had the funds, or those who weren’t around in 2018 – to have to pay a premium for it?

Prices change all of the time, you got it on a good deal so why get annoyed the others get a small part of what you just got on an even better one?


Stevie, I don’t mind that others pay a lot less for sth than I did (good for them!) and I do mind if a box set I buy loses it’s value. It’s like the trade-in value for a car. You hope it’s higher rather than lower.

Marshall Gooch

But this IS an advance announcement. Just not far enough in advance for some.

adam shaw

I’m so pleased I resisted buying that box set as I had everything in it except the rareties .


excellent news!

will buy this for the extended mixes alone but great price and a good idea to release this material as a standalone release


All of this is already available as one set on Qobuz as a 24bit download as “Remastered IV”. It came out at the same time as the other boxes.

Stephen Carson

So, £94.99 spent last year to purchase the 2nd box set purely for the other sides and now it’s available for less than £20. The annoying thing is the return window on Amazon closed for that purchase 31st January. This is testing the patience of even the most loyal fans!


kind of thought was was going to happen, as it had it’s own barcode inside the box. :)

Kevin Galliford

I like it & I’ll buy it but I’m not in a rush to hear the Elton John stuff.

Mark Bumgardner

Good news indeed. I’ll be getting this as it was the only part of the box sets that I need. Thanks, Paul.


Just picked up the two box sets last weekend on cd via the Amazon Germany offer so that’s a bit of a wounder!

Hope the remastered sound makes a difference otherwise I’ll be crying in my beer


The good news is that the remastered sound on the first box makes a huge difference.

The mmm news is that the benefits decrease as you work through the second box (Aerial and 50 Words always sounded great), albeit Directors Cut is a notable improvement.

Ben Williams

Great news!

Lee Taylor

Still looking for “Not This Time”… Still not finding it…


Just ordered mine. Agree with others that it must be pretty annoying if you bought the box for these tracks. But great for everyone else!

Has there been any official rationale for what is/isn’t included? Would love it to have been exhaustive (if only for ‘Ken’), but if it’s presented as ‘Kate’s faves’, then fair enough?

Also, how long does disc 1 run for?

Stuart Russell

On one hand I’m glad that this is being released separately so that others, who maybe couldn’t afford the box, have the opportunity to own this CD.

On the other hand however i’m a bit annoyed as this was pretty much the only reason I bought box 2 as, to be honest, none of the other post 2005 studio CDs really needed remastered and I already owned Before The Dawn.

Oh well, ‘them’s the breaks’ as they say and to be fair it was never listed as exclusive to the box.

ps I agree with Chris above/below in that hopefully this is the ‘unplugging of the dam’ regarding future releases


Wondering if the rerelease schedule will now move on to a remastered (& updated) The Whole Story, or perhaps an entirely fresh look at a full career-spanning greatest hits (with BluRay audio please!)


It’s worth it for December Will Be Magic Again alone ! Superb track

Henrik Kirkegaard

What is the quality of this materiel.
Anyone in here WHO will do a review of the songs.

Mark Lavallee

Not really a 12″ mix fan but they’re all well done, not your usual ‘let’s loop bits to the point of annoyance’ mixes. Very listenable. I’ve always preferred the alternate mix of Hounds Of Love. The disc is just painfully short and incomplete.

The B sides are often just as great as the A sides and leave you wondering how they didn’t make the cut for the albums. Great, great stuff. Shame about the missing tracks, can’t anyone ever get it right?

The covers? A mixed bag. Worth hearing but not essential in my opinion though there are some gems.


I won’t review all the songs, but I will say Be Kind To My Mistakes, Under The Ivy, Ne T’Enfuis Pas, My Lagan Love, The Handsome Cabin Boy, and Lord Of The Reedy River are all essential songs from her discography.

Some things are still missing – there was an instrumental of Sensual World, a silly song called Ken (about Ken Livingston!), and of course all the demo’s from Kick Inside – but this set is a good starter. Given the low cost, and the quality of the aforementioned songs – songs that better what’s on some of the albums at the time – I’d say this pretty much a no brainer.

Sheldon Cole

Spot on, Gerbrand.

Wirey Bush

The single mix of Sat in Your Lap the vocals are quieter and the percussion dominates, the LP version the percussion is muted more and the vocals bought forward, as Kate didn’t like the single version released a year before the LP.

Then there is the 1982 version of Ne t’enfuis pas from There Goes A Tenner EP (Ne T’en Fui Pas), the 83 single (Ne t’enfuis pas) is a remix that is featured on This Woman’s Work.

Another missed op to included the US single version of Wuthering Heights that fades out just on the start of the guitar solo (HA). Also the single version of Army Dreamers would of been nice as it’s longer than the LP. Also the travesty that is the single mix of Man With The Child in His Eyes. Also missed the single mix of The Breathing.

The list is endless.

It’s a real shame no vault 12”s or other b-sides are included as well, oh well will stick with my own fan made collection.

Wirey Bush

It is a real shame the Bongo mix is not included, this could of been a one stop shop for everything in one go, and then Kate can sit back and never have to worry with the likes of her back catalogue every again.

There was a missed op, as several posters have commented on, with this standalone release, wouldn’t it of hurt to listen to fan reaction over last 4 months and expanded the disc with more material????

Wirey Bush

Oh I must point out the single mix of Sat in Your lap is slightly faster compared to the slower tempo of the LP version, but then that could be the 45 vs 33 1/3 comparison.

Overall the vocals on the single are muddy than the LP version. I’ll shut up now…..

Mark Yon

Brilliant. Thank you Paul: as it’s my birthday today, this is a wonderful birthday present. Very pleased that I held out without buying the new box sets. And a prompt release date, too: a couple of weeks!