Kate Bush remasters for those who don’t want the box sets & wish to pick ‘n’ mix

With today’s news of the forthcoming Kate Bush box sets and remasters, I thought it would be worth highlighting that all the albums (except the four rarities discs) can be bought separately, so if you are only interested in getting that elusive vinyl copy of Aerial, or perhaps the remaster of The Dreaming or Hounds of Love, you can do just that. Links to pre-order the individual albums can be found below, as well as what SDE recommends as the essential albums.

The albums below are the ‘must-haves’ from Kate’s catalogue…

Hounds of Love (1985)
First off, Kate’s masterpiece, Hounds of Love. This was actually remastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray back in 2010 for the Analogue Fidelity vinyl reissue and Chris Blair for the 1997 EMI100 reissue (the only Kate reissue to include bonus tracks). When Kate put the album out again for her Fish People reissue back in 2011 she switched the album version of ‘The Big Sky’ for the single mix. She has chosen to keep this in place for the new remaster, which I find a little disappointing. The second side of this album, ‘The Ninth Wave’, is made for 5.1 surround, so let’s hope that is being considered as part of an ongoing campaign.

The Dreaming (1982)
Kate’s other masterpiece. This album is really in need of remastering, arguably remixing, because it’s very dense in places. Can’t wait to hear what Kate and James Guthrie have done with this one.

Aerial (2005)
I’d say this is a near-masterpiece and just slightly short of the creative giddy heights achieved by the two records above. This album is incredibly expensive to get hold of on vinyl… £100 minimum, and the relatively recent 50 Words For Snow on the same format isn’t far behind. Suddenly the £90 being asked for the Remastered vinyl box set #3 (which includes both of those and Director’s Cut, sounds like a bargain!

The Kick Inside (1978)
Where it all started. Still a fabulous album and even though Never For Ever was Kate’s first UK number one album, The Kick Inside outsold it by a country mile. Quite ‘thin’ sounding on CD so looking forward to some more bottom end.

Go to the main post to order the box sets, or chose individual albums below. These are all issued sometime in November (it varies).

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Kevin Sims

Now that the vinyl box sets are out, can anyone advise if there is anything that makes them worth buying over the individual albums? I’m putting together my Christmas list and would be far more likely to get two £18 albums than an £89 box set.

I’m happy to collect the albums one at a time over the next few years (like hunting for cassettes of Beatles albums in the old days!) but would reconsider if the box sets have added value.

I write as a fan who wants to listen, incidentally, rather than a collector.



I should be very happy about this but three months ago I shelled out 300 Australian dollars for a copy of Aerial on vinyl, so this hit me like a bucket of ice.


That is a cold remark…Paul.
Alex…hold on to your Aerial l.p. First editions often hold their value. It might still be the case. Then if you want to you can sell the first pressing on Ebay.
It is chilly in here. Hopefully that warms things a little.


It’s a gamble whether this first edition will appreciate. I expect it will lose a little value but not all since it is still an EMI first edition vs. a Rhino reissue. I also bought The Red Shoes for $130.00 but I want to keep it because it’s a single disc edition. I’d like to think this will all even out because about five years ago I managed to get eveyrthing from The Kick Inside to The Sensual World lot (with The Whole Story and some singles) for about $65.


Hi .Looks as if UMG have finally got round to Kate’s wonderful catalogue (I rather think there was a lot of detailed negotiations and heel digging by Kate until she was happy, ie individual albums available as well).Regretfully I will not be buying this particular reissue as, with other Artists most recently yet another Rolling Stones vinyl box reissue ,I suspect that when the profit targets has been exceeded ,it will be readied ( likely in 4 or 5 years admittedly )for reissueing again as half speed remasters .Universal are very clever at squeezing blood out of a stone


Looks like Aerial may retain the value for those who want the original version featuring Rolf Harris. I’ve read collector’s very pleased about the vocal replacement resulting in the original holding it’s value.

Mike Ellis

Hold on to it. It will retain its value as a collectors item because Kate has removed Rolf Harris’ speaking and singing part on the new remaster!

Arvind Mohindra

your copy is still special as it is earlier [original] version as it came out. New one has Rof Harris removed so your still retains value


Paul, what’s your view on the sets? Are you going to buy either format and if so, are you gonna get boxsets or individual releases? Tempting it is, even if one has almost full collection on vinyl and all the cd-albums (in different pressings)..have to think of this one and see how it goes.


Ok, cool. Thanks for the reply. Do you have any insight or heard anything about the actual mastering? I think I will also order all the sets..


Yep, Guthrie on board should be good and he did those 2011 Pink Floyd remasters, which are great on cd and 2016 vinyl issues aswell. Those are my go-to preferred versions on both formats and I really like them. So, this might be great.


Kate, I beg you, surround mixes, please!

Giles Kendrick

Not necessarily surround, but I’d love to hear them on blu ray audio in high bitrate stereo. You could release the original mix, new mix, needle drop etc all on one disc and in superior quality.

When you compare Kate’s extremely spartan reissues to the four Floyd box sets or comparable works by Marillion or Jethro Tull, it’s frankly embarassing.


I wanted to get hold of KB discography for ages now, so this looks like the right chance for me. More or less like with Bowie’s ongoing campaign I’ll get the CDs, and then my favourites on vinyl too. That means ‘The Kick Inside’ and ‘Hounds of Love’.

josef l.

must agree, the kick inside and hounds of love are great. but my favorite album is THE DREAMING.


On HOL, in theory I don’t mind the single version of Big Sky being slotted in (it’s not that different.) But the sound quality on my Fish People CD from a few years back was like going from FM to AM, as if they’d done a bad needle drop on an old 7″. Hopefully the remastering will have addressed this. And hopefully all the LPs will have been cut from the original tapes where available, though I wouldn’t bet on it.


I’m sure that would be a deam come true for you, Paul!! I’m also convinced it would be THE best interview with Kate EVER!


Any one know of a reason the vinyl box set is more expensive than buying the albums individually? Is there any extras in the box such as booklets etc?


Walk Straight Down the Middle won’t be on the album now?! If so, that’s a damn shame…


Sorry if this has been answered eelsewhere but does anyone know if when buying all 4 vinyl box sets, they will come housed in a slipcase as with the CD’s?

Also, are the boxsets limited edition?
If not then I’ll wait for the prices to come down before purchasing.

(second attempt at posting as the first one seems to have disappeared).

CJ Feeney

Eagerly awaiting/hoping for a CD Japan alert with some exclusive version. I’m still amazed the Springsteen 2 box has not been released outside Japan.

Paul Wren

The “Hounds Of Love” Audo Fidelity Hoffman/Gray remasters of 2010 and 2014 (reissue) are definitely the ones to go for if absolute sound quality is your thing:

Andy Haines

Good to see they are being released individually. I’m still keeping my original sealed copy of Aerial though. I did buy it to play, but got the CD version at the same time so never got around to playing it. I have 50 Words bought for my birthday when it came out. Never expected that to end up being sold for silly money either. Missed the Red Shoes on vinyl so as these are being released individually I’ll save some money cherry picking what I want. Here’s hoping HoL sounds brilliant otherwise I’ll just invest in an original copy.

Jimi Fletcher

Hi Paul, when you say that The Dreaming is in need of remastering, are you referring to how previous CDs have sounded, or simply the sound of the original album? I do have this (superb) album on LP and CD but have never really compared the mastering differences, if any. Do you think there really is a possibility that Bush and Guthrie (or Buthrie as no one is likely to be calling them any day soon) could end up going so far as remixing the album? It wouldn’t be the first time, I suppose, given her tinkering with The Red Shoes a few years back…


Good news. Thanks, Paul. All I really want is Hounds Of Love and The Sensual World, anyway.



Just to clarify, Hounds Of Love album, song The Big Sky, re-released in 2011 on Fish Label is the singles mix. 4:38

I have the 1997 Hounds Of Love which says “digitally remastered now features 6 bonus tracks”
on EMI label. Running time on The Big Sky is 4:41. Is this the album version, which has been replaced by the one above on the new box set.

If the 1997 album I have got, has the album version of the Big Sky, I’ll be hanging on to it

Roberto Spiga

2010 AF version is very bad in sound quality. The original 1985 version is superb! Don’t waste money for AF unless you are a completist.

Chris Squires

What? You are kidding, right? I guess it is personal experience. I have three AF copies on coloured vinyl and they are absolutely immense. Superb in every aspect.


Although Kate Bush is nowhere near as bad as Morrissey for revising albums I can understand why it might bother some fans that Hounds of Love still has the single mix of The Big Sky and now The Sensual World appears to be without Walk Straight Down The Middle. The latter could easily have stayed on the CD and made more room for another track on the ‘B-sides’ CDs in the second box set. Presumably this was to make the tracklists of the CD and vinyl of TSW identical. I guess if the remastered sound proves to be a decent improvement then this might be less of an issue. I’ll be buying Hounds of Love to find out.


I’ll get The Dreaming on vinyl & cd but gutted no Dreamtime b-side and Red Shoes era 12’/remixes.


Currently the Red Shoes, Director’s Cut and 50 Words For Snow are priced as double CDs which reportedly is due to an error with the dealer price from the record company – only the vinyl versions of these titles are two discs. Hopefully these CDs will drop in price soon.

Phil H.

In response to Chris Squires (who doesn’t have a reply button?) it is pretty clear what the song is about and its deeper meanings, it’s just that it’s hard to forgive this:

Slooshy sloshy slooshy sloshy
Get that dirty shirty clean
Slooshy sloshy slooshy sloshy
Make those cuffs and collars gleam


a nice idea, badly executed for me.

Bill D

Phil H., I agree. A lot of the lyrics on Aerial are…disappointing. (Understatement.)

Chris Squires

Hey Phil, yeah I know everybody who is a fan gets what it’s about it was more a dig at the journalists at the time of release who would say it was a song about a washing machine and domestic chores, when it clearly isn’t.

I can forgive Kate any words, it’s an old joke about reading the ‘phone book isn’t it? Kate really can recite Pi to 100 places and make is sexy as hell. So she can slooshy sloshy in my ear any time she darn well likes.


I love the dirty shirty!


Sorry. It’s a fail. The rarities is where it’s at. Without them, I’ll stick with the originals.

Mikko Suhonen

I would like to know the following, but I gather we’ll get the information later:
-What kind of case these cd’s will be housed in, jewel case, digipack or what?
-What is there inside the case? Just the booklet with lyrics and same pictures as the original releases or is there any additional info, essay or images in it?
-Does the Kick inside have the full album version of Wuthering heights or is it the abridged one (fade out before the guitar solo) that is currently the only version available on Spotify?

I would be most interested in the remaster of the first three albums, as they are my favourites. I kind of lost track after Red Shoes. Althoug everyone keeps praising Aerial as her second masterpiece, I’ve never grasped the genius in it though i’ve tried. Sensual world and even the Red shoes have better songs in them in my opinion. 50 word of show has never opened to me either.

CJ Feeney

Look at the photos of the CD sets in the other KB post. The CDs are all in six panel digi packs. The Aerial interior is the same photo (washing line) as my original CD pack.

andrew R

Commentators about the value of original copies of Aerial going down in value should consider, that it is the first press engineered and pressed as Kate bush envisaged it in 2005
In vinyl terms first press will always command a premium as these remasters are also reissues
one is assuming they will be better than the originals. That is not always the case.

elliott buckingham

i wonder if she is keeping rolf harris contribution on ariel or with some clever jiggery pokery use the same person who featured on the live cut


Umm if the albums are cheaper individually what else is in the box(es) to justify the extra 10-12 quid? Seems like a McCartney-esque faux pas to me. I would expect people to go for the individual albums, leaving presumably a lot of cut price boxes for someone to hoover up, especially the last one….

Benjamin Adams

This is the way it always oughtta be done.


I think Snow is one of her best and one I listen to almost more than the others, never been a fan of the pre Hounds Of Love material, too squeaky!
Annoying that the rarities aren’t available separately since don’t see much need for remastering for the Hounds and onwards material.


Anyone knows if the single remix of “The Man With The Child In His Eyes” is included on “The Kick Inside” album, as the single remix of “The Big Sky” seems to have replaced the album version on the new remaster of “Hounds Of Love”

Patrick Gleeson

Paul, is there any news of any album getting a HQ 24 bit / 96 kHz release ? The download of 50 Words For Snow on Kate’s official website is the only album to get this treatment – and it sounds amazing :-)

Patrick Gleeson

Thanks Paul

Jeff B

Interesting. I just received an email from Amazon that the first box set (the only one i can order at the moment) is delayed. Arrival to the US is expected late November. No other info. Was provided about the delay, including, the new release day. Wonder if this was to announce the single editions…..any Use as to why the single discs were not announced at the same time as the box sets? Could there be another product announced in the next couple of days?


I got the same email; it’s because Amazon originally and wrongly listed the issue dat of vol 1 as 2/11, when Kate’s site notes 16/11


Will the hi-res audio files (24/96 or 24/192) be also available for purchase?

Roberto R

I consider The Red Shoes her weakest album but with Aerial the rarest so its a must buy


Sensual World doesn’t get other other masterpiece status?

Phil H.

Only half of Aerial is a masterpiece – the half without the swishy swoshy washing machine in it ;-) :-D

Phil Heeks

Hi Paul.

I can honestly take or leave CD1 (some of it is plain awful to me, which I hate to say as a Kate worshipper).
the entirety of CD2 on the other hand is right up in the top regions of my faves list. Total masterpiece.

There’s very little i can find to dislike about The Sensual World though. Extremely underrated in the wake of Hounds of Love.

The Sensual World, Love and Anger, The Fog, Reaching Out, Never Be Mine, This Woman’s Work, all among her absolute best work

Heads We’re Dancing is arguably the ropiest moment but not awful.

Deeper Understanding, Between a Man and a Woman, Rocket’s Tail, Walk Straight Down the Middle all very respectable.

David M

An extremely profound song about the death of a partner.

Chris Squires

Mrs. Bartolozzi is a beautiful song. Once you work out what it is actually about (and it isn’t washing machines as the lazy journos keep on saying) it can bring a tear to your eye. Particularly if you have a partner whom you can’t imagine life without….


Even at the time of the album’s release, she was distancing herself from Heads We’re Dancing, saying it had been written two years ago (1987) and that she probably wouldn’t write a song like that now (1989). She was anxious not to offend anyone with it. She could have made it more ambiguous, removing the Hitler and ‘39 references.

The Sensual World was better than The Red Shoes, but was the first album that I thought was slightly weak in places.

Stevie B

As I only have vinyl copies of the contents of the first box set, I’ll happily go for the ‘early’ period CD box set. Never expected this when I woke up this morning! Yay!!!


Hey Paul, is there a reason why The Red Shoes is not included in the widget list? Or am I just blind? That would be one titel I am very intersted im buying seperately.

Jason Schafer

I guess this means the material in box set 4 is exclusive to that particular set?

Tim in Miami

Are these going to be available in the US? I don’t see them on Amazon yet?


Oh, so I guess I can cancel my UK pre-order then…

Tim in Miami

I love 50 Words for Snow, actually. I thought it intriguing. Gorgeous pianoscapes and her singing was fine to my ear. Don’t get the hate.

Auntie Sabrina

Can I just say, Lionheart is a fantastic album and doesn’t get the credit it deserves? Thank you very much

Nigel D Day

Yes I agree. I prefer TKI but Lionheart is still very good.
Shame about The Big Sky issue on HOL so I won’t be buying that.
I might get the first 4 albums but that’s it. Still disappointed that The Empty Bullring has been ‘forgotten’


Well, Paul
In my opinion they are all essentials except Snow and Director…
Hope the remastered cds sound great !

David B

Phew . .cancelled box set and ordered individually .. I already have “The red shoes” remastered and only wanted three others .. very glad that the single cds are coming out at the same time as the box-set .. thanks for the early notification Paul . .cheers .. should be incredible ..


Couldn’t agree more about The Dreaming!
Will you be reviewing these?


Really hope The Dreaming gets done right!


The Spotify version of the album uses the single edit of The Dreaming’s title track.
Hopefully they don’t start mucking about with swapping versions too much as they have also done with The Big Sky.

Marcel F G Rijs

‘The’ Kick Inside…


Glad that they’ve done this, and in some cases considerably undercutting the initial price of the vinyl box sets for all of the same content.


Yes. Sensible marketing for once. (But how come there’s not a Japanese Flexi-disc??) :-)