Kate Bush’s “Before The Dawn” live performance to be released in November

Before the Dawn audio to be issued in full on 3CD and 4LP

Now live! Quick links: 3CD UK Pre-order • 4LP UK Pre-order

Two years after Kate Bush stunned the world with Before The Dawn, her incredible 22-show run of live concerts in London’s Hammersmith Odeon, comes the announcement (finally) that the full audio (and more!) from the shows is being given an official release as 3CD and 4LP vinyl sets.

Let’s get the big disappointment out of the way first. Video of Before The Dawn (it was filmed) forms no part at all in this release – so no DVD and no Blu-ray. That’s a real shame, especially for the majority of Kate fans who couldn’t get to see her live in 2014. But on the positive side… a Kate Bush release of ANY KIND is a minor miracle, so let’s explore what we ARE getting!

The audio will be issued as a three-CD deluxe set with each disc representing one ‘act’ of the performance. The first disc contains the part of the show where Kate, sorry The KT Fellowship, performed a selection of songs (‘the hits’, loosely speaking) in a fairly conventional manner. This section of the show featured six songs, including Hounds Of Love, Running Up That Hill and King Of The Mountain. Interestingly, this audio release expands act one to include Sensual World album track Never Be Mine, which wasn’t played at all (at least not to a paying audience) back in 2014. The only conclusion is that this comes from one of the rehearsal performances.


Before The Dawn 3CD set (click to enlarge)

Act Two is on the second CD and this is where things get ‘theatrical’. This section opens with The Astronomer’s Call – the spoken word piece unique to the show – which sets the scene for a full performance of The Ninth Wave from 1985’s Hounds of Love.

The third and final CD comprises Act Three, which is a full performance of A Sky Of Honey from 2005’s Aerial (this is side/disc 2 of the album, which like Hounds of Love is split into two distinct sections). It’s worth pointing out that this will be the first official release of the ‘new’ Kate Bush song Tawny Moon, which was sung in the show by her son, Bertie. As far as we know, no studio version of this track exists.

The encore every night was Among Angels (from 20011’s 50 Words For Snow) and a joyous Cloudbusting. Those two tracks end the third disc and bring to a close the audio on this physical release.

Incidentally, these 29 performances, are “selected performances” which I read to mean it’s not one show in its entirety, rather Kate has picked the best performances of each song from the 22 dates and compiled what she perceives as the ‘best’ audio version of Before The Dawn. The album was produced by Kate Bush and Kate has stressed that nothing on the record was re-recorded or overdubbed.


Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl set (click to enlarge)

There will be a 4LP vinyl release of Before The Dawn too. Acts one and two comprise one vinyl record, and act three is split across two further LPs.

Before The Dawn will be released on 25 November 2016.



Before The Dawn 

CD 1 – Act One:
01 – Lily  (04:48)
02 – Hounds Of Love  (03:33)
03 – Joanni  (06:07)
04 – Top Of The City  (05:24)
05 – Never Be Mine  (05:55)
06 – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)  (05:40)
07 – King Of The Mountain  (08:05)

CD 2 – Act Two:
01 – Astronomer’s Call  (02:44)
02 – And Dream Of Sheep  (03:37)
03 – Under Ice (03:04)
04 – Waking The Witch  (06:38)
05 – Watching Them Without Her (01:57)
06 – Watching You Without Me  (04:23)
07 – Little Light  (02:08)
08 – Jig Of Life  (04:11)
09 – Hello Earth  (07:55)
10 – The Morning Fog  (05:23)

CD 3 – Act Three:
01 – Prelude  (01:55)
02 – Prologue  (10:10)
03 – An Architect’s Dream  (05:22)
04 – The Painter’s Link  (01:39)
05 – Sunset  (08:00)
06 – Aerial Tal  (01:30)
07 – Somewhere In Between (06:59)
08 – Tawny Moon  (06:08)
09 – Nocturn  (08:51)
10 – Aerial  (09:43)
11 – Among Angels  (05:48)
12 – Cloudbusting  (07:16)



Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Act One – Lily (Live)
2. Act One – Hounds Of Love (Live)
3. Act One – Joanni (Live)
4. Act One – Top Of The City (Live)

Side 2
1. Act One – Never Be Mine (Live)
2. Act One – Running Up That Hill (Live)
3. Act One – King Of The Mountain (Live)

Side 3
1. Act Two – Astronomer’s Call (Live)
2. Act Two – And Dream Of Sheep (Live)
3. Act Two – Under Ice (Live)
4. Act Two – Waking The Witch (Live)
5. Act Two – Watching Them Without Her (Live)
6. Act Two – Watching You Without Me (Live)

Side 4
1. Act Two – Little Light (Live)
2. Act Two – Jig Of Life (Live)
3. Act Two – Hello Earth (Live)
4. Act Two – The Morning Fog (Live)

Side 5
1. Act Three – Prelude (Live)
2. Act Three – Prologue (Live)
3. Act Three – An Architect’s Dream (Live)
4. Act Three – The Painter’s Link (Live)

Side 6
1. Act Three – Sunset (Live)
2. Act Three – Aerial Tal (Live)
3. Act Three – Somewhere In Between (Live)
4. Act Three – Tawny Moon (Live)

Side 7
1. Act Three – Nocturn (Live)
2. Act Three – Aerial (Live)

Side 8
1. Act Three – Among Angels (Live)
2. Act Three – Cloudbusting (Live)

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suba me

PHJ5sa Very neat blog.Much thanks again. Fantastic.


So did a 24bit/96kHz version turn up for sale anywhere?


To put it bluntly, the sound quality on the first CD is atrocious.

[…] The Dawn is out now. Read Kate’s message thanking fans for the ‘extraordinary’ achievement of sending […]

Mic Smith

I wasn’t at the 2014 shows so am listening to this as a live album with little or no preconceptions. Personally I would have edited the album for CD release (assuming a DVD of the entire thing will happen eventually) and ditched the spoken word sections. I also thought the transition from King of the Mountain into The Ninth Wave weakened by the tracks occupying different discs. I think her rock voice isn’t that appealing these days but her softer delivery when it’s just her at piano is stunning. The music sounds brilliantly played and I couldn’t help thinking who else apart from Kate Bush would tackle something this challenging. So in the main I’m very pleased with the album but it’s not 10/10 throughout.


mine is still on the way, but wondering about the reviews so far in amazon (either .de or co.uk.)
Some saying the sound is quite poor and the worst and the other saying is the best Live record they ever have heard….
quite dissenting opinions

Darren Sumner

Just received the vinyl set and WOW! I was a bit dubious about paying £55 at first, but so glad I did. The set comes in a lovely box, the quality is superb. Anyone holding off on buying this, I recommend you just go for it. It’s a great reminder of a truly magical nite.


“Never Be Mine” is alright, but I agree with Kate’s notion (via David Rhodes) that the track is ‘a bit too downbeat’ for the live set. I do like the new prog rock feel of the track but towards the end it starts to drag quite a bit… More importantly, had they left out the track from this release as well, Acts I & II would have fitted on one CD (at 75.44 minutes) and the build from “King of the Mountain” into “The Ninth Wave” would have been preserved. That was actually one of the high moments in the whole show for me, suddenly realising that “King of the Mountain” with its ‘wind is whistling’ lines and storm noises acted as a prequel to the whole “The Ninth Wave” suite. All that is now lost.

Download versions don’t seem to have the transition intact either.

“Never Be Mine” could have been a B-side (to “And Dream of Sheep”), on a proper CD single release – or a download only bonus cut.


After the first spin: What a disappointment! Apart from a few tracks (e.g. KOTM) these “live” versions don’t really add a lot to the old studio recordings, a lot of the music is very obviously prerecorded/sampled. Guess the whole thing would make much more sense as an audio-visual experience!

Trevor Ridgway

As welcome and as fabulous as this CD is,as someone living in Australia who had no chance of ever seeing this live, I would have cherished a blu ray release of this show. Every so often the audience bursts into applause and I can only assume either something very good is happening onstage or they’re just pleased to see her.
Please release it on blu ray/DVD soon… not in 10 years time when people have moved on.


Listening to this.. I put it in the “you had to be there” category. Sound quality isn’t terribly good, and to pick two examples – Running Up That Hill doesn’t quite come together, and the background vocals aren’t helping, and Cloudbusting doesn’t have the majesty of the original. Kate’s voice is okay, but even that clearly isn’t what it was.

I’m sure the shows were great, but for me it hasn’t translated to CD very well.

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Simon F

Don’t expect a DVD of this any time soon if what Kate was saying yesterday on her BBC 6 Music interview is anything to go by… It may (just possibly) happen one day but not yet…..

[…] a digital-only single of the live version of And Dream Of Sheep as featured on the forthcoming Before The Dawn album. The song is very beautiful and is the first track on The Ninth Wave (side two of […]

[…] Read more about the 3CD and 4LP vinyl release of Before The Dawn. […]

[…] The album will be released as a three-CD edition and a 4LP vinyl set. Both have gone up in price in the UK in recent days, so hopefully you got your pre-orders in when SDE first told you about it! […]


Thrilled about this as was privileged to see this lady live in 2014.

Not as excited about the DVD as I thought I would be though but just wanted to get my hands on the live music…..finally!

Dan R

This is great news and I begun to doubt whether it would happen. To put it into context the last proper live release (the Hammersmith concerts) were a few weeks before I was born!

Jill Hunt

If I order the 4-LP vinyl set will I get a download code for digital copies of the songs?
The other day I pre-ordered two copies (1 for me, 1 for a gift) from AmazonUK, but then read somewhere that the code wouldn’t work in the US, so I deleted my order.
I’m surprised how difficult this has been to find out. It seems like it should be stated clearly in the product information.

Tom Elliot

Ta for the link Blackbird, lovely to read Kate’s notes. And thanks to SDE for the Kate-mail keeping us up to date! and while i’m here i’d like to offer my sincere appreciation for Paul’s widget, a portal to joy (and possibly my financial ruin).

It looks as if the USA gets a separate pressing from us lot then?! I couldn’t help myself (and frankly didn’t want to) and i’ve put in an order with Amazon.com. I can compare pressings like a true vinyl nerd.

November 25th seems impossibly far off…

Rob Puricelli

Paul, are you able to confirm whether the vinyl release will come with a digital download or not?

Rob Puricelli

Just noticed that Amazon UK have added Autorip to the vinyl set :-)

Blackbird Braille

Before The Dawn was the best concert I have experienced. Ever. I had been hoping KT would release a proper audio recording of it and she is! This is a wonderful ending to the year.

The US Amazon links are up. I’m assuming Concord Records will be pressing their own vinyl? Anyone have an opinion of how their vinyl sounds in general? I have heard good reports about the Paul McCartney vinyl Concord issues. However, I will most likely opt for a UK Fish People version. The US vinyl pressing for 50 Words For Snow via ANTI was extremely poor. Don’t need to repeat that experience.

Re: Never Be Mine. The song was not performed at the ‘Family & Friends’ rehearsal that I’m aware of.

“On the first disc the track, Never Be Mine, is the only take that exists, and was recorded when the show was being filmed without an audience. It was cut because the show was too long but is now back in its original position. Everything else runs as was, with only a few edits to help the flow of the music.” -KB

If you haven’t seen it here is the Concord Records press kit for BTD including liner notes, credits, et al: http://mediakits-showcase.concordmusicgroup.com/p/before-the-dawn/

Steve Foster

IMMEDIATELY PRE-ORDERED! SO Excited about this! At long, long last I’ll get to hear these unique concert performances!

[…] but for sheer buzz, nothing will beat Kate Bush‘s first album release in five years – the Before The Dawn live show – which was officially announced on Thursday (although SDE told you about it on […]


Act One does not resemble a “greatest hits” to me in any way.

I appreciate commentary from people who are big fans, who went to the show, and who give their honest, critical opinions.

I would have been disappointed if the concert appeared on DVD. Blu-ray or even better, 4K. Why not? This is 2016. Why use old formats to the exclusion of new? It would also elevate the publicity of this release, there being so few 4K titles to date.

I am glad that she is releasing all the songs played and even one that was only performed in rehearsal. That’s so much better than leaving songs out to keep it down to 2 CDs.

Kate, please don’t leave it to your estate to release stuff. Let us enjoy it before our time runs out too.


This is great news. I hope that they will release this also on DVD / Blue-ray. First I am going for the 3 cd.

Mic Smith

Obviously where Kate Bush is concerned its easy to get excited over anything she releases and Before the Dawn is no exception. However given this has taken 2 years to appear for just mixing the tapes I have to say that is a long time to wait for just the audio release. I don’t buy the excuse that she had so many tapes to check etc…. 22 shows at 2.5 hours each should have taken no more than a month to review and whittle down the best performances to a definitive set for release. This could have appeared within 12 months of the final gig without really having to rush anything.
I was not able to attend the gigs in question (but have to say I was slightly disappointed when I saw the set list) so I was especially looking forward to seeing the film of the show rather than just hearing the music, but I’m certain to get it and I’m going to enjoy most of it too I’m sure.
But as someone who has followed Kate’s career since the first single I continue to feel short changed overall by her output – her prerogative for sure, and as others have said, she doesn’t owe us fans anything – its her career, her life etc…. But compared to more prolific artists I don’t believe she has made the most of her musical talent, particularly since Hounds of Love, which is a masterpiece. Her very best material will ALWAYS have a special place in my life, but I can take or leave much of the last 2 releases. I hope this live album detains me longer than Director’s Cut and 50 Words for Snow did and that one day she delivers up a really strong album of new material.

David M

I am sure she took a long break after the shows. Probably didn’t look at the tapes for a year or more.

Laurent Wright

Couldn’t agree more!
As Mic Smith, I have followed KB’s Career since the first single. I even waled from Hackney to the palladium in London to be (nearly 1st )in the queue for her palladium gig, which was awesome. As a far as I am concerned, her last great album was the far underated “The dreaming” as i felt that by Hounds, she had shot her bolt – Although that still has the magical line from one of my all time favourite film – Jacques Tourneur’s “The Demon” [“it’s in the trees, it’s coming!]

Anything after that showed rapidly diminishing returns, and her “comeback” Aerial simply continued that downward trend, only more so. I was also offered a ticket for one of the shows, but declined it, as I knew that it would this car-crash of the last 3 nu-KB LPs.
I won’t be buying this – I’ll spend my moolah on the Tori Amos re-releases and the upcomming vinyl version of ‘Confessions of a Romance Novelist’ – by The Anchoress.
Sorry, Kate, bu both of them wipe the floor with you.


Big fan of the Bush here, pre-ordered without a second thought!

Yes, I’m disappointed about no DVD/Blu-ray (especially as I had zero chance of getting to one of the shows) but I’ve followed her career long enough to know that any release from Kate is a rare momentous occasion and needs to be celebrated. I will cherish this CD.

By all accounts it was a very theatrical/visual show so I will feel like I’m not getting ‘the whole story’ (boom-tish) but ‘somewhere in between’ (boom-tish) is better than nothing at all.

If a DVD/B-r does eventuate that would be awesome, but if such a thing will ‘never be mine’ (boom-tish) so be it.

Fiore Dago

Lady Genius is back! “BTD” CD #3 and LP #4 Bestselling in Music on Amazon.it (here too *all* of their music category). She’d be on top if the selling was not split in two formats.
That’s only the beginning. When more people will listen to the show it’ll become one of those Classic everyone will want to add to their collection. It’s a bewitching beauty


I have always been a big Kate Bush fan. My favorite album being ‘Hounds Of Love’. I have yet to hear a really good remaster of that or ANY of her albums. It is disappointing. The more I like an artist the more annoying it is when they don’t reissue their albums properly. I’m not as excited for Live recording’s as much as listening to a perfect studio recording, but I will plan to buy this. I have been a bit annoyed with Kates Bush over the years for her lack of reissuing her brilliant albums in the best possible sound quality with bonus material. So what I do is buy up her album on the original vinyl pressing’s and transfer it to digital (CD or mp3) to make it convenient to listen to, and it works for me! It’s like Digitally Remastering it myself, that’s how amazing vinyl sounds.


#1 Best Seller in Music on Amazon UK. (Not a music genre. *All* of their music category.)


Wish I’d managed to get my act together and flown over from Oz, as one clever person above did from the US. And how heartbreaking it is to read the offhand, so-so comments from some of those who were lucky enough to make it to a show.


HOLY INCREDIBLE NEWS!!! just peed myself a little…
PLEASE if pressed in the US for us please be done by RTI..

and a repress of Aerial would be awesome too since I stupidly waited too long and missed it.


Wow, so many comments already. For me, although a HUGE KB fan I think I will let this one pass for now and wait for the BluRay version that will include the audio. If that doesn’t appear within 6 months I’ll eat my KB collection.


By the way, what happened to the Red Shoes reissue, I wonder?


I was in the front row and I can tell Alan she was singing live.

I’m very happy – it’s a new Kate Bush Album for flip’s sake and I’m sure the blue ray will come.


The news item on her website has the Prologue from CD3 available for listening. http://katebush.com/news/kate-release-live-album-dawn


I think the DVD will come out eventually. Don’t forget it will be a different soundtrack to this one. This albums tracks were picked from 22 shows, only 4 shows were filmed, two on the audience nights and two shows were filmed in a dark theatre for affects etc
Therefore Kate has less recordings to choose from for the DVD, so of course this record will not be an exact soundtrack of the DVD.
This could explain the delay, Kate has been working on two different projects for this one project (if that makes sense)


Heads up Paul: Amazon U.S. link for the CD goes to the mp3 page.


Can’t. Wait. Will get this as soon as possible :D
Now, it should be just four or five more years ’till we get the video (if we’re lucky)…


Guessing Never Be Mine will be the Director’s Cut version, not The Sensual World one.


Just listening to the sound clip of Prologue on Kate’s site. Hairs on my arms are literally standing up as I do! It takes me right back to the gig and I’m so glad she’s left the audience reaction on. I’m sure the DVD will come eventually but for now let’s stop moaning and just celebrate this early Christmas present from KB!


“No re-recordings or overdubs” – well, I suppose these aren’t needed as the music at least was mostly the original recordings! I wasn’t totally sure if her singing was live either!!

Can’t help thinking this puts the kybosh on a DVD or blu-ray release. Would make sense to release it all together, unless it’s still in the pipeline and they want to make sure people buy both!

Chris Squires

“the music at least was mostly the original recordings! I wasn’t totally sure if her singing was live either!!”
Are you saying Kate was miming? Why say something that patently just isn’t true?


I’m in two minds about this release as to me the whole point of this kind of show was to stage the songs and play on the visual side of the material. A live album of Before the Dawn is by and large irrelevant. How many times do you actually listen to a live album really, twice? Having attended one of the concerts back in August 2014, it was a joy to hear all those songs performed on a stage for the first time (for the major part of them) but what really stood out was the actual show and particularly the Ninth Wave. The Sky of Honey section was inferior as the story itself wears quite thin and honestly the songs are not that great. But at least the visuals improved the experience of those lesser songs. The start of the show was more akeen to a normal pop concert even though I thought the performance of Running Up that Hill that night (and other nights judging by the bootlegs I heard) was extremely unsubtle compared to the recorded version. A feeling that can be applied to most of the songs performed through the Hammersmith Odeon/Eventim run… Probably the worst was Cloudbusting. So beautiful on record yet little more than a stomping march live, quite awful really! Once thing that definitely doesn’t work as just a recording is the parts that are narrated and acted and there is quite a bit of that during the Ninth Wave… I think I’ll just wait for the DVD release instead :)

David M

I thought hearing Running Up That Hill would be the greatest live moment of my life (if she played it), it didn’t quite live up to that, but Cloudbusting was beautiful and moving. Thought the rest of the 1st set was great too.


Would be good if she has written notes about playing the shows for the release as the essay in the programme was superb on the planning and rehearsals

Gregg P.

Somehow, someway, this Florida boy (USA) was able to snag two tickets and flew to the UK to indulge in the show. Then the one person who was supposed to go with me decided not to go and everyone in my party was “arguing” over who HAD to go with me, leaving me boiling. I almost sold the extra ticket to someone who would have died to have gone. Be that as it may, no one was going to ruin this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me! I, too, like someone had mentioned, had tears streaming down my face during the entire performance, especially ‘The Ninth Wave,’ where it had become uncontrollable. I have been mesmerized with ‘Hounds Of Love’ since its release in 1985. BRILLIANT show and performance. I’m happy to see these being released and hope that, one day, it will get a DVD release of it’s own, as well.

Thanks for this fantastic news. Hope there’s one performance from my September 9, 2014 included. Just wanted to share my little story.


I hope it is the night I went, although any night would be fantastic. Very pleased to hear this is being released, very exciting.

David M

IF she doesn’t someone will work it out. I think versions of all or most shows are “out there”

Inge Bratset

Bob: I guess I’m just guessing, but following Kate since 1978, it’s the most likely outcome.


Pulled the trigger on the CD version, and looking forward to it very much! Many thanks for the info, Paul! Delivered to my door for under a whisker under US$20. As folks say on your side of the pond, Result!


Any new Kate release is great news,it’s just strange that she never capitalized at the time and released at least an expanded ‘Whole Story’ which obviously it isn’t.God bless you Kate for doing things your way.


Is there any word of a high-res release? With a live show, I’d much rather hear this in 192/24.