Kiki Dee / The Fontana & Motown Years

Signed 3CD set limited to 500 units

Having last year released an anthology of Kiki Dee‘s time on Rocket Records, Edsel now turn their gaze to the 1960s with The Fontana and Motown Years, a new three-CD set available in limited quantities (500 units) with a signed print.

Dee was signed to the Fontana label aged just 16, and released her first single, ‘Early Night’, (penned by Mitch Murray) in May 1963. Many singles followed along with an album I’m Kiki Dee. CD 1 in The Fontana and Motown Years collects this content together and indeed presents all twelve album tracks in stereo on CD for first time.

More singles for Fontana followed including ten European singles were a game Dee sings in Italian, French, German and Spanish! These are presented on the second disc and seven of these ten tracks are new to CD.

The Fontana and Motown Years comes in ‘media book’ packaging (500 copies including a signed print)

Finally, CD 3 features her recordings for Motown. The album Great Expectations features covers of classics like ‘For Once In My Life’, ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’, and ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart’. Nine bonus tracks are appended, with two on CD for the first time and one mix (‘Walk On By’) previously unreleased.

The 28-page book features new notes by Alan Robinson (based on a 2020 interview with Kiki, as well as rare photos from Dee’s own collection.

The Fontana and Motown Years will be released on 16 October 2020.

Kiki signing the prints!

CD 1


1. Early Night
2. Lucky High Heels
3. Don’t Put Your Heart In His Hands
4. I Was Only Kidding
5. Miracles
6. That’s Right, Walk On By
7. (You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am
8. Baby I Don’t Care
9. Runnin’ Out Of Fools
10. There He Goes


11. Excuse Me
12. Sunshine
13. Patterns
14. With A Kiss
15. When We Get There
16. Why Don’t I Run Away From You?
17. I
18. We’ve Got Everything Going For Us
19. I Dig You Baby
20. Stop And Think
21. Don’t Destroy Me
22. I’m Going Out (The Same Way I Came In)

CD 2


1. Small Town
2. Doctor In Clover
3. Take A Look At Me
4. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
5. Hungry Heart
6. Now The Flowers Cry
7. On A Magic Carpet Ride


8. Aspetta Domani
9. SenzaTe[Baby I Don’t Care]
10. Come TiAmo [(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am]
11. Favole [Miracles]
12. WarteBisMorgen [Aspetta Domani]
13. Johnny’s Kuss[With A Kiss]
14. Nein, IchWeiss NichtMehrWas IchTu’! [Why Don’t I Run Away From You]
15. Je VaisPartirLoin De Toi [Why Don’t I Run Away From You]
16. C’estBien Mieux, Baby [I Dig You Baby]
17. EsperaA Manana [Aspetta Domani]

CD 3


1. The Day Will Come Between Sunday And Monday
2. Johnny Raven
3. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
4. Jimmy
5. I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You
6. More Today Than Yesterday
7. Love Makes The World Go Round
8. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
9. Love Is A Warm Kind Of Sorrow
10. For Once In My Life
11. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)
12. I Second That Emotion


13. Oh Be My Love
14. I’ll Try Something New
15. Walk On By
16. Mr Loneliness
17. I’ll Have You, You’ll Have Me
18. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
19. While They Watch
20. You’re My World
21. Walk On By [mix 2]

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Hi, I bought the signed version and have a query, is the signed print inside the book factory sealed or is it separate, I have bought this for my mum for Xmas and don’t want to open the seal, I have asked Edsel but have not had a reply.

Robert Lett

Amazon UK is now taking orders from the US for the signed edition, I just ordered. Not sure what changed but good news for US buyers.

Mark McKendrick

It doesn’t ship to North America because of the limited number of copies.
Find some English people, make friends, then aske then to forward a copy.

Larry Davis

At first, the Richard & Linda Thompson box was unavailable to be shipped to the US, big bummer, then a deal popped up & it became available…same with the Gene…so perhaps, if this KD set #2 is slow selling, then a deal may pop up here & they decide to ship to the US…or?? Maybe you have to combine it with something else because of the shipping costs?? I hope they realize the US demand on this…why sit on it in the UK when they could sell all 500 to US buyers??

john bull

Very happy this is coming out. Very unhappy that I can’t purchase it. I bought last year’s set with no problem, now suddenly can’t get shipments from Amazon UK to the U.S. I even purchased the last Doctor Who blu ray from Amazon UK but now can’t get the next one. I have things on preorder on Amazon UK but for some reason it doesn’t like this one. Very unfortunate, now i’m not sure how i’ll ever get this set. Big thumbs DOWN.

Robert Lett

No U.S. Shipping, ugh.

CHris Stinson

Disappointing for us in the US.

Larry Davis

Bummer how they can’t ship this to the US…was just on a chat with some UK peeps and they can’t go around this block either…what to do??


I don’t understand the deal with Amazon UK not shipping to North America (or at least Canada). All the other Amazons do from what I can see. Of course shipping costs have gone way up from there anyway, so I was already limiting my purchases from there. Items such as this are unavailable anywhere else unfortunately.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

It’s the same for us in the UK, Amazon US won’t ship to the UK.

Ray Oakley

Having purchased The Rocket Years collection last year, it was a no brainer for me to order this even before I read the track listing! Nice to have such care and attention paid to the early career of one of the UK’s most underrated vocalists.


There’s not a lot on it that I don’t have but it looks like a nice package for a decent price. Somehow I prefer her 60s recordings to her Rocket releases. A signed print is always a bonus so ordered!


I’m not sure about this box, I’ll check, but I know the person who mastered the last box, and he told me Kiki attended the mastering. She was apparently very nice. Lovely to hear.

Derek Torrance

Nice. I wish Marianne Faithfull’s ’60s catalogue would receive this level of attention. Can’t help noticing, though, that this set doesn’t make RPM’s Kiki Dee Fontana Years set redundant as it contains three radio session tracks not included here.