Kiki Dee / The Rocket Years

5CD set • Bonus tracks • Signed sets sold out

In March, Edsel are issuing The Rocket Years a new Kiki Dee five-CD deluxe set that covers her years with Elton John’s Rocket Records label.

After periods with Fontana and Motown Elton signed Kiki Dee her in 1973 and produced her first album on the label, Loving And Free, utilising his own band and a various well known session musicians. Four further albums followed although 1975’s Cage The Songbird was shelved at the time and didn’t see release until over 30 years later. That album takes its chronological place in this new deluxe set, along with I’ve Got The Music In Me (1974), Kiki Dee (1977) and Stay With Me (1978).

Of course in the middle of this period her best known song, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, (a duet with Elton John), was a massive transatlantic number one single.

This set also features ten bonus tracks, including ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, and its B-side ‘Snow Queen’ (on CD for the first time outside Australia, apparently).

The Rocket Years is comes as a ‘media book package’ and is illustrated with photos and ephemera from Kiki’s own collection, and includes notes by Alan Robinson (based on a brand new interview). It is released on 29 March 2019.

Kiki Dee / The Rocket Years 5CD deluxe set

CD 1 – Loving and Free
1. Loving And Free
2. If It Rains
3. Lonnie And Josie
4. Travelling In Style
5. You Put Something Better Inside Of Me
6. Supercool
7. Rest My Head
8. Amoureuse
9. Song For Adam
10. Sugar On The Floor

Bonus Tracks
11. The Last Good Man In My Life
12. Six Days On The Road*

CD 2 – I’ve Got The Music In Me
1. I’ve Got The Music In Me
2. Someone To Me
3. Step By Step
4. Water
5. Out Of My Head
6. Do It Right
7. Little Frozen One
8. Heart And Soul
9. You Need Help

Bonus Tracks
10. Hard Luck Story
11. Everyone Should Have Their Way
12. Simple Melody
13. How Glad I Am
14. Peter

CD 3 – Cage The Songbird
1. Cage The Songbird
2. Uphill Peace Of Mind
3. Prince Of Fools
4. Once A Fool
5. Bright Medallion
6. Chicago [original version]
7. Man After My Own Heart
8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Me Baby
9. First Thing In The Morning [original version]
10. Cry Like A Baby
11. A Change Is Gonna Come

Bonus Tracks
12. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
13. Snow Queen

CD 4 – Kiki Dee
1. How Much Fun
2. Sweet Creation
3. Into Eternity
4. Standing Room Only
5. Bad Day Child
6. Chicago
7. Night Hours
8. Keep Right On
9. In Return
10. Walking
11. First Thing In The Morning

Bonus Track
12. The Man Who Loved To Dance

CD 5 – Stay With Me
1. One Step
2. Talk To Me
3. Don’t Stop Loving Me
4. Dark Side Of Your Soul
5. Stay With Me
6. One Jump Ahead Of The Storm
7. You’re Holding Me Too Tight
8. Love Is A Crazy Feeling
9. Safe Harbor

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I can confirm the autographed edition is sealed. The card with the autograph is in the package.
The sound is great and very detailed. Don’t know if they used the original masters, but sound wise they did a very good job.
However, the packaging is not that good. Someone had the idea to use thin glossy paper. I guess because this looks like a 70s pop magazine. However, this kind of paper doesn’t hold the cds too well and it looks like it’s all glued together.
They should have used more solid cardboard-like paper, which is usually used in digi-books.

Steve Foster

Received my copy last week. There are no issues sound-wise on any of the CD’s. If anything, the sound quality is absolutely outstanding.

The autographed photo card was included, which was a nice touch.

Presentation-wise, it’s a mixed bag. The pages are glossy and the typeface is attractive. The inserts that hold the 5 CD’s are cleverly designed and it was easy to extract all 5 without needing the strength of 10 men to do so!

Where the set falls down, is in the following:

– One album has lyrics to every song, the other four don’t.
– Musician credits are detailed in some places, absent in others (James Newton-Howard is credited on one track as playing organ but no-one is credited as playing Piano on it. There’s lots of Piano on the track! It was probably James but it’s not mentioned. I forget the name of the song).

Other than the above ( which is a bit iritating as it shows a lack of consistancy), the Box Set is an absolute joy to listen to! There’re many tracks I’d never heard before and absolutely love now that I have! Many beautiful photo’s are included and are very evocative.

And yes, “Snow Queen” (B Side of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart) is there in all its glory.

9/10 from me.

David Bly

Hello Paul,

I just got my copy of the set today (Wed 3 Apr) and I don’t think I got the autographed edition.
The set is shrink-wrapped with a sticker on it that does not mention the autograph.
I am semi-leery to open it cause I would like to return it if it’s not autographed.

I ordered it from Amazon UK, and it DID say it was autographed at the time I ordered it. Since it said that I would hope they would honour that and not use an excuse that “we ran out”

Problem is I’m in the US and don’t know how to go forward. Can you give me any info?
I note that no-one here has mentioned this, so am I the only.

Let me know what you can find, and thanks as always.

music collector

Isn’t there a 5-CD Original Album Series little box that sells for about $15?

Mike Williamsm

Crystal Gayle’s version of Cage The Songbird is also very good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mulJvnHMaE

Steve F

DaveM – you’re absolutely right! :-O I must have mixed it up with “Sugar On The Floor”.

Apologies to one and all for the mis-information.

@PaulSinclair – could you delete that comment please. Ta :-)

Steve F

Re: the B Side “Snow Queen”, it was released on CD on “Elton John – RARE MASTERS” in the US in 1992 and in the UK in 1993. At the time, this was a very exciting release for long time Elton John fans like myself especially as it included the “Friends” soundtrack in its entirety as well as several rare Demo’s and B Sides. Elton John’s Solo Version of “Snow Queen” is gorgeous and although omitted from RARE MASTERS, can be heard on YouTube:


The final, released B Side version with Kiki’s vocals added is certainly a nice inclusion on THE ROCKET YEARS.


Steve, Snow Queen is not on rare masters. You may be thinking of ‘Sugar on the Floor’.


DaveM. As a side note, Sugar on the floor was the bonus track on the US release of the Gus Dudgeon classic years remaster of Rock Of The Westies whereas in Europe it was Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.


@paulg, wow, didn’t know that. Both versions should have had both songs IMHO.


The song ‘Snow Queen’ was written by Bernie Taupin about Cher.


Larry Davis

Pre-ordered…always enjoyed her solo stuff, the little I have heard in the US…want to delve further and this set looks great and the way to do it…I have no prob with Edsel/Demon…

Michael Roberts

I’m a fan of Kiki and I have all of her albums up to her most recent stuff, but I will be passing on this one. Looks like a really nice set, but I already have Cage The Songbird as well as the other four albums from the previous Edsel 2-on-1 sets. I’m pretty sure they will just use the same sources as they did from those sets.

Definitely a great set to pick up if you don’t already have the previous releases, but the inclusion of Snow Queen is not enough of a draw for me as all the other bonus tracks appeared on the previous releases.


Preordered. I really like these albums and the inclusion of Snow Queen is the ultimate bonus for me.

Steve F

Thanks Paul. Definately something I’d like to purchase as Kiki is absolutely lovely and so underrated as an artist. “Star” is (rather predictably) my favourite song of hers but this release will give me a chance to really discover some hidden treasures from her back catalog. Pre-order placed today.

Nick Love

If Rocket is opening their vaults I’d love to see a late 70’s Colin Blunstone collection come out

Peter Sims

I’ve Got The Music In Me is one of my favourite albums. I hope it is remastered.


Sorry but I read “Edsel” and immediately lose interest. I’m sure they mean well and they do their best, but often (should we say usually?) they don’t have access to the actual tapes (for reasons beyond their will), and when this is the case they master from the digital files they can find.


They should get the artists involved in their releases. Record companies can not refuse an artist the use of the masters. At least, that’s the way it is over here, in the Netherlands.

Randy Metro

Elton released his version of Cage the Songbird on his 1976 Blue Moves album. That would have made a great follow-up duet for Elton & Kiki.


Odered – Thanks (AGAIN) Paul :)


Ordered! Thanks. Paul.

Wasn’t familiar with her solo career all that much but I see some carry over between her and Elton’s albums from the same time

Excited to explore it


What do you mean by carry over?


In addition to he actual duets, Songs like sugar in the floor. Cage the songbird. Hard luck story. All have Elton solo recordings circa the same timeframe

Andrea Grasso

Actually Snow Queen was released in several compilations in Europe.

Douglas Pike

True. I recall it being included in a Reader’s Digest Christmas set. It would seem that someone simply saw the word ‘Snow’ in the title and thought ‘That’ll do – let’s include it!’ Those who know the lyric and the background story will know it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.