Killing Eve / Coloured vinyl soundtracks

The soundtracks to both seasons of Killing Eve, the acclaimed British spy thriller TV series, will be released as limited edition ‘splatter’ coloured vinyl in December.

Fresh from her success from Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge was the lead writer for the first series which introduced us to British intelligence agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) who becomes dangerously obsessed with assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

The music was an important ingredient and DJ turned film composer David Holmes worked with music supervisor Catherine Grieves to develop a mixture of songs from his band Unloved together with a pick ‘n’ mix selection of suitable pop songs. The approach was explained to BBC 6 Music, below:

Both soundtracks come as limited gatefold vinyl packages with series one pressed on clear vinyl/red splatter and series two on red vinyl with black splatter. These are available on CD with Amazon in the UK offering an exclusive 2CD edition with both series.

CD and vinyl formats are available direct from the PIAS online store as well from the usual channels detailed in the SDE the widget below.

Both Killing Eve soundtracks will be released on 13 December 2019

Series One

1  (Sigh) /  Unloved
2  Roller Girl / Anna Karina
3 After Dinner / Unloved
4 Killer Shangri-Lah / Pshycotic Beats & Pati Amor
5 This Is The Time /  Unloved
6 Devils Angels / Unloved
7 Evil Woman / The Troggs
8 Cry Baby Cry /  Unloved
9 K. / Cigarettes After Sex
10 Bill / Unloved
11 Girl in the Room / Cat’s Eyes
12  Fail We May Sail We Must / Unloved
13  Danger / Unloved feat. Barry Woolnough
14  Xpectations / Unloved
15  Sombre (Killing Eve) / Unloved
16  Voodoo Voodoo / Etienne Daho
17  When A Women Is Around / Unloved
18 Contact / Brigitte Bardot
19 Crash Boom Bang / Unloved
20  Unloved 7 / Unloved
21  We Are Unloved / Unloved
22  If / Unloved

Series two

1  It’s Not You, It’s Me / Unloved
2 I’m Gonna Haunt You / Fabienne Delsol
3  Damned / Unloved
4  Where Evil Grows / The Poppy Family
5  Remember / Unloved
6 She’s My Witch (Edit) / The Fireflies
7 Tell Mama (Killing Eve) /  Unloved
8 Born to Lie / Le Volume Courbe
9 I Could Tell You But I’d Have To Kill /  Unloved
10 Her (Killing Eve) / Unloved
11 Lee /  Unloved
12 Modern Kosmology / Jane Weaver
13 Vai Tu Sei Libero / Dalida
14 Dangerous Charms / The Delmonas
15 Screw You / Ramases
16 La Plus Belle Chanson / Jacqueline Taïeb
17 Vlinder Van Een Zomer (Angel Of The Morning) / Willeke Alberti
18 Comment ça se danse / Bertrand Belin
19 Opera House /  Cigarettes After Sex

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Rare Glam

Pity Jeanne-Marie Sens ‎– ‘Tape Tape Tape’ from her 1974 Jeu De Mots LP (used in series 2) is not on this comp. The LP itself has never been reissued as far as I know. Here the song on Youtube

Gareth Jones

Can’t remember the last time I really wanted to buy a soundtrack album. But this is certainly an exception. Shame Tim Abbott finds the music “incredibly irritating”, but I’d say that’s still better than having background music that’s so bland and unobtrusive that it completely passes you by. That often seems to be the case in TV series (less so in movies). I guess I’ve always been a lover of foreground music, rather than background music (Sparks, Cardiacs and They Might Be Giants are amongst my fave bands!). So I much prefer songs that really stick out and get your attention, for better or for worse. I guess it can be a bit distracting from the action while you’re watching Killing Eve, but it certainly stands up as music I’d want to listen to outside of the programme.

Tim Abbott

Trust me, Sparks and Cardiacs are two of my faves too, but as I wrote that comment below, I started wondering why it was irritating; could it be that it was just too obtrusive? I remember it seeming really loud whenever there was a musical moment. Can’t say I’m gonna try and find out though.

And just to fight my corner a bit, there’s plenty of good ‘background’ library music that’s great to listen to away from its natural home; Trunk Records have just put out a pink 7″ single with a bunch of beds for adverts that are very listenable on their own, and there’s plenty of other releases like that!

Stuart Ansell

Hey, isn’t it lovely to have 2 cardiacs shout outs in the same comments page? Now THERE’S a band that deserve some deluxe versions, as and when Tim is up to it….

No need to fight your corner – taste is ephemeral and if the music annoys you there could be any number of reasons, not always rational and you don’t have to rationalise or justify it! Everyone has their little hill on which to die (don’t mention Eddie Vedder’s voice to me… I have no rational justification, Pearl Jam are a great band but his voice makes me want to chew my own arm off)

You weren’t being disparaging about anyone else for liking it, merely expressing an opinion. Which is fine.

I’m going to listen to All That Glitters Is A Mare’s Nest. Enjoy your day everyone!

Tim Abbott

Nice looking records, and have been a fan of David Holmes since This Film’s Crap Let’s Slash The Seats came out, but the soundtrack to Killing Eve made me want to put a boot through my telly. I really enjoyed it otherwise, but there was something incredibly irritating about the music. So, it’s a pass from me. I’m sure everyone will be heartbroken…

Peter Muscutt

No Jodie Comer picture disc? That’s get pride of place on my shelf…lol

David Bly

This is great soundtrack music for a great series, and while I don’t generally buy soundtrack albums, this is an exception.

I’ll also just note that “Killing Eve” introduced me to a great artist, Fabienne Delsol, whose “I’m Gonna Haunt You” is a great track, and led me to buy the album that song is on, and one of her others (so far).

She follows in the style of the French “Yeh-Yeh” girls, but the performances are totally modern. Well, worth checking into

David M

Subtle! (Great music though)

Ashley Plath

2 CD version ordered.
Many thanks, Paul, for this and a thousand others.

David Regan

That’s an £8 pound saving on Amazon Prime UK..if you just want the CDs..£12 pound great price better than paying £20 for both of the Single CD versions

Auntie Sabrina

There’s also an Amazon Exclusive Season One and Two Double CD edition for £12:-


David Regan

That’s an £8 pound saving on Amazon Prime UK..if you just want the CDs..£12 pound great price better than paying £20 for both of the Single CD versions