Killing Joke / The Singles Collection: 1979 – 2012 / 4LP coloured vinyl

First time on vinyl for this 33-track collection + album reissues

Killing Joke‘s 2013 compilation The Singles Collection: 1979 – 2012 is being issued on vinyl for the first time with black and coloured vinyl 4LP packages available.

The chronological collection of the band’s singles features 33 tracks, including ‘Wardance’, ‘Eighties’, ‘Love Like Blood’, ‘Millennium’ & ‘Pandemonium’.

The four-LP set is described as “a deluxe gatefold package” so this is not actually a box set, per se. Seven years ago this same collection was issued as a two-CD set, a three-CD package and a limited 33CD box.

In addition to The Singles Collection coming out again, Killing Joke (1980) and the Pandemonium (1994) albums are also being reissued on black and coloured vinyl. The latter on CD, too.

The classic debut album has gatefold artwork recreated by original designer Mike Coles, the sole addition being the use of silver pantone ‘spot’ colour on the sleeve. Pandemonium is Killing Joke’s biggest-selling album to date and the reissued double LP version features new cover artwork from designer Mike Coles and stays true to the original track-listing.

All of the above will be released on 11 December 2020, via Spinefarm Records.

The Singles Collection 1979 – 2012 4LP vinyl


1, Nervous System
2, Wardance
3, Requiem
4, Follow The Leaders


1, Empire Song
2, Chop-Chop
3, Birds of a Feather
4, Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances)
5, Me or You?


1, Eighties
2, A New Day
3, Love Like Blood
4, Kings and Queens


1, Adorations
2, Sanity
3, America
4, My Love Of This Land


1, The Beautiful Dead (Flexi-disc version)
2, Money Is Not Out God
3, Exorcism (Live in the King’s Chamber, Cairo, August 1993 Mix Edit) 4, Millennium (Cybersank Edit)


1, Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit)
2, Jana
3, Democracy (Album Mix)
4, Loose Canon


1, Seeing Red (Edit)
2, Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (Radio Edit)
3, In Excelsis
4,Fresh Fever From The Skies (Record Store Day Exclusive)


1, European Super State (Edit)
2, Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Dub Edit)
3, In Cythera (Edit)
4, Corporate Elect


Killing Joke vinyl LP


1, Requiem
2, Wardance
3, Tomorrow’s World
4, Bloodsport


1, The Wait
2, Complications,
3, S.O.36
4, Primitive

Pandemonium 2LP vinyl


1, Pandemonium Remix – Cybersank
2, Exorcism


1, Millennium Remix – Cybersank
2, Communion
3, Black Moon


1, Labyrinth
2, Jana
3, Whiteout


1, Pleasures Of The Flesh
2, Mathematics Of Chaos Remix – Greg Hunter, Youth

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Steve Woodhouse

And yet, bizarrely, you still can’t stream Pandemonium.

John Archbell

What a refreshing change!

Streaming rips the artists off.

matthew gamma

pandemonium is up for stream now on apple at least

Wax Monster X

I was also able to snag that box from Pledge. Had to fight them to get it too. There is definitely a special place in hell for the Pledge Music people. Thieving bastards. No wonder people hate the music busuness.

If the color pressing sounds good I might spring for that.


I wondered why “change” was missing so googled it. Apparently I’ve had the US version all this time. Would seem strange to me for it not to be on there now

Ed Neil

First a minor grumble.
A shame that Change, Are You Receiving and Almost Red have not been reissued and won’t be available. I felt the 2020 version of Turn To Red was a real misstep.

That aside, I’m in! These look great and will be a welcome addition to my vinyl collection. I do hope that Pandemonium and Night Time* become available to steam soon (*oddly the only unavailable album of the first seven). And I look forward to further releases.


Complete off topic: Eddie van Halen has died. Another brilliant musician who has gone way too early.


Thanks for this heads-up! Do you know if these will also be available on other Amazon stores, not just the UK & Germany ones?

Sten Sawicz

Wasn’t the singles box set from Pledge released as limited edition 7” vinyl set ?


Just as I am rediscovering their music. Haven’t listened to Killing Joke that much since the late Nineties. Perfect timming! Thanks for the info.


I was trying to find a decent copy of their eponymous album only last week – the version with the extra LP of mixes.

I’ll settle for this on black vinyl as it least it should be mint condition.

I only know their early singles (up to Love like Blood) so not sure about the Singles collection.
Surprised that Pandemonium is their biggest selling album – I would have guessed at Night Time.

P.S. Paul I’m slightly surprised you haven’t covered the upcoming Armed Forces SDE release as I think you mentioned it on here a short while back and I presume you are a fan.
By the way, that’s not meant in any way as a criticism – I guess you have a lot of other stuff to get through).


The KJ album is a classic and it’s hard to come by a good affordable copy of the original or 2008 repress so that is good news. The artwork on the gatefold is iconic – inspired by a Derry riot scene I believe. I like the look of the Singles collection – a good spread of their best across their career on vinyl. Surprised that “Pandemonium” is their highest selling album – as good as it is I would have thought “Night Time” from 1985 sold more off the back of the “Love Like Blood” chart success.

Simon Thornhill

Excellent News!!
This will come/serve as a small consellation after the pledge music , fiasco over the delux cd anthology boxset that seemed to disappear without trace.


a limited 33CD box? correct me but

i believe this box set was not released because someone run with the Money of the funding ….


No, the box set was released. It was a “deluxe limited” box with each single an individual CD with a bonus CD that included a bunch of rare tracks, demos, etc. It also included ephemera like a cigar case and soft cover book. The 3 CD set and regular 2 CD set came out the same time.

The album that *wasn’t* released was a fan-funded album called “Gems Of Power” around 2006. Supposedly “someone” stole the master tape and fans were never refunded the money.

Rare Glam

Such a pity Pledge went belly up before the wonderful looking complete albums LPs and CDs box sets managed to get released. These new LP editi0ns might be some compensation for vinyl fans I suppose. I’m lucky enough to have the 33 CD singles box (also a Pledge project) which is a lovely set. The three CD set is a great go to for the complete A sides though.

eric slangen

Paul, you have the 33 cd set or the withdrawn/never finished vinyl superdeluxe boxset??


Yes, a real shame that CD box set didn’t happen. It looked so fantastic. A completists dream.