Kim Wilde deluxe CDs & coloured vinyl

Kim Wilde‘s three albums for RAK Records will be reissued as significantly expanded three-discs sets and as coloured vinyl pressings, in January.

The start of Kim’s career produced five consecutive top 20 hit singles in the UK including ‘Kids in America’ (#2) , ‘Chequered Love’ (#4) and ‘Cambodia’ (#12). Despite some significant success later in the 1980s, with the Another Step and Close albums, she would never match that run again (although Close did deliver three top 10 singles in a row).

The three albums in question from this era – Kim Wilde (1981), Select (1982) and Catch As Catch Can (1983) – are each offered as 2CD+DVD sets, with newly remastered audio (via fresh transfers of the original analogue tapes) courtesy of Tom Parker.

The audio bonus content is a mixture of non-album tracks, rough mixes & demos and – deep breath –  ‘new mixes’. The DVDs in each set offer promo videos and TV appearances from the time, including Top of the Pops, Harty and Crackerjack!

These three records are being reissued on vinyl too, with each getting a limited edition coloured vinyl pressing (yellow, white and blue, respectively).

These are all approved by Kim herself and each package includes lyrics, rare photos and memorabilia plus new sleeve notes written by Marcel Rijs.

Kim Wilde, Select and Catch As Catch Can will be reissued on 31 January 2020.

Kim Wilde 2CD+DVD

CD 1
1. Water on Glass
2. Our Town
3. Everything We Know
4. Young Heroes
5. Kids in America
6. Chequered Love
7. 2-6-5-8-0
8. You’ll Never Be So Wrong
9. Falling Out
10. Tuning in Tuning on
11. Shane
12. Boys
13. Water on Glass [7″ Version]
14. Tuning in Tuning on [7″ Version]

CD 2
1. Kids in America [Luke Mornay Remix]
2. Chequered Love [Matt Pop Extended Version]
3. Water on Glass [Eddie Said & Luke Nutley Extended Version]
4. Kids in America [Popfidelity Allstars Remix]
5. Chequered Love [Matt Pop Alternative Mix]
6. Water on Glass [Project K: Project Kim]
7. Kids in America [Neutrophic Remix]
8. Kids in America [D-Bop’s Bright Lights Mix]
9. Kids in America[Popfidelity Allstars Instrumental]
10. Chequered Love [Matt Pop Instrumental]
11. Water on Glass [Eddie Said & Luke Nutley Instrumental]
12. Kids in America [Luke Mornay Instrumental]

1. Kids in America
2. Chequered Love
3. Kids in America [On Top of the Pops]
4. Chequered Love [On Top of the Pops]
5. Water on Glass [On Top of the Pops]
6. Kids in America [On Top of the Pops: Totp’s Christmas Party]
7. Chequered Love
8. [Unedited ‘Shower Version’]

Kim Wilde coloured vinyl LP

1. Water on Glass
2. Our Town
3. Everything We Know
4. Young Heroes
5. Kids in America
6. Chequered Love
7. 2-6-5-8-0
8. You’ll Never Be So Wrong
9. Falling Out
10. Tuning in Tuning on

Select 2CD+DVD

CD 1
1. Ego
2. Words Fell Down
3. Action City
4. View from a Bridge
5. Just a Feeling
6. Chaos at the Airport
7. Take Me Tonight
8. Can You Come Over
9. Wendy Sadd
10. Cambodia -Reprise
11. Child Come Away
12. Bitter Is Better
13. He Will Be There
14. Watching for Shapes
15. Just Another Guy
16. Bitter Is Better [Instrumental]

CD 2
1. Ego [Rough Mix]
2. Words Fell Down [Original Mix]
3. Action City [Instrumental Demo]
4. Just a Feeling[Rough Mix]
5. Chaos at the Airport [Rough Mix]
6. Take Me Tonight [Original Mix]
7. Cambodia [Matt Pop Extended Version]
8. View from a Bridge [Luke Mornay Remix]
9. Child Come Away[Matt Pop Remix]
10. Cambodia [Luke Mornay Urbantronik Mix]
11. View from a Bridge [Raw Remix]
12. Child Come Away [Matt Pop Instrumental]
13. Cambodia [Matt Pop Instrumental]
14. View from a Bridge [Luke Mornay Instrumental]
15. Cambodia [Luke Mornay Urbantronik Instrumental]

1. Cambodia
2. View from a Bridge
3. Child Come Away
4. Cambodia [On Top of the Pops]
5. View from a Bridge [On Top of the Pops]
6. View from a Bridge [On Nationwide Special: The British Rock & Pop Awards]

Select coloured vinyl LP

1. Ego
2. Words Fell Down
3. Action City
4. View from a Bridge
5. Just a Feeling
6. Chaos at the Airport
7. Take Me Tonight
8. Can You Come Over
9. Wendy Sadd
10. Cambodia -Reprise

Catch As Catch Can 2CD+DVD

CD 1
1. House of Salome
2. Back Street Joe
3. Stay Awhile
4. Love Blonde
5. Dream Sequence
6. Dancing in the Dark
7. Shoot to Disable
8. Can You Hear It
9. Sparks
10. Sing It Out for Love
11. Rain on
12. Back Seat Driver
13. Love Blonde [7″ Version]
14. Dancing in the Dark [Rak Mix]
15. Can You Hear It [7″ Version]
16. Love Blonde [Extended Version]
17. Dancing in the Dark [Nile Rodgers Extended Version]
18. Dancing in the Dark [Instrumental]
19. Dancing in the Dark [Full Instrumental]

CD 2
1. House of Salome [Rough Mix]
2. Back Street Joe [Original Mix]
3. Stay Awhile [Rough Mix]
4. Dream Sequence [Instrumental Demo]
5. Dancing in the Dark [Rough Mix]
6. Shoot to Disable [Rough Mix]
7. Can You Hear It[Rough Mix]
8. Sparks [Rough Mix]
9. Sing It Out for Love [Rough Mix]
10. Sail On[Original Version]
11. Shoot to Disable [Original Mix]
12. House of Salome[Instrumental]
13. Dream Sequence[In Reverse]
14. Love Blonde [Popfidelity Allstars Special Re-Mix]
15. Sparks[Extended Edit]
16. Can You Hear It [Project K: Project Kim]
17. Love Blonde [Popfidelity Allstars Instrumental]

1. Love Blonde
2. Dancing in the Dark
3. Love Blonde [On Top of the Pops – 1st Performance]
4. Love Blonde (On Top of the Pops – 2nd Performance]
5. Dancing in the Dark [On Harty]
6. Dancing in the Dark [On Crackerjack]
7. TV Ad
8. The Very Best of Kim Wilde [1984 TV Advert]

Catch As Catch Can coloured vinyl LP

1. House of Salome
2. Back Street Joe
3. Stay Awhile
4. Love Blonde
5. Dream Sequence
6. Dancing in the Dark
7. Shoot to Disable
8. Can You Hear It
9. Sparks
10. Sing It Out for Love

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Anthony Grice

Paul, have you heard any rumours of further Kim Wilde albums getting the deluxe treatment?

Christopher Merritt

For any US based folks still on the fence on these, the quality is amazing and the DVDs play just fine on my Oppo (the discs said PAL only, but they seem to play without issue on my system). Great sets!


These reissues are really amazing. Just the fact that we get nearly an album’s worth of demos for each one is a treat! The new mixes are also great, and I’m glad they were able to include the videos. It’s obvious a lot of care went into these.

Henri Sneijers

I love Kim Wilde so i ordered all 3 new rereleases. The video content is minimal on the disc, could have been more. In the booklet of Select there is a mentioning of a documentairy First Time Out, why wasn’t that included i would love to see that, i have never seen it as i live in the Netherlands, maybe it is on Youtube, i have to search for it


Amazing reissues, extremely happy with these, very well done! The new mixes are excellent, very, very happy with all formats.


Regarding the videos, as far as I’m aware, they are region free but PAL format

Bill Thornton

Great packaging and mastering, but US buyers beware , the DVD ‘s are not region free . VERY disappointed. They really dropped ball on these otherwise magnificent releases


Have all three albums (Kim Wilde and Select from amazon.co.uk, Catch As Catch Can from Cherry Red) and while I haven’t listened to/seen everything, the sound seems really really good and the booklet etc is nicely presented. Very satisfied with this!


Has anybody who pre-ordered the deluxe CDs at Cherry Red Records, received anything yet? I haven’t.


Just got the debut album Kim Wilde (1981). Although I wasn’t interested in the modern remixes (covering the entire second disc), I’m very fond of the design and packaging of this 2CD+DVD set. Excellent liner notes, all the lyrics and above all a very good sound quality. And there is the DVD covering the three singles. With the very cute unedited Chequered Love version. Select (1982) and Catch As Catch Can (1983) are on their way. Very well done.

California Soul

Holy smokes! Just listened to the first album 2020 remaster and the sound is ridiculously good. The previous 2009/2010 CD remaster was a great improvement over the 1980s CD pressings, and this new 2020 remaster takes “another step” forward. Expanded soundstage, more guts in the bass, enhanced separation of vocal harmonies, previously unheard instrumental flourishes on keyboards and guitar, powerful precision on the live drum parts…just bloody fantastic sound. So much depth and detail. Thanks to all involved, and thank you Paul for spreading the word! I never would have heard about these in the States if it weren’t for the always fab SDE!

Richard S

I got the first two on pre-order, as the singles from those are the ones that I liked the most. I don’t have any of the original albums or re-issues, so these are perfect for me. I know people moan about DVDs, but I never went to blu-ray, so again these are perfect for me.


Price drops for pre-orders:

Amazon (UK) prices for both “Kim Wilde” & “Select” (2CD/DVD *and* coloured Vinyl editions) now £19.99. Amazon also offering AutoRip on both of the “Select” formats.

“Catch As Catch Can” still at £31.80 for 2CD/DVD & £27.99 for Vinyl.

Cherry Red site has all three of the 2CD/DVD sets at £19.99, & all three Vinyl editions at £17.99 (each with [the same] free postcard with pre-orders while stocks last).


When Lisa Stansfield reissued her albums as expanded 2 CD + DVD sets, as Kim Wilde is now, it was possible to buy them all in a collection box, which also included the remix anthology. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy Kim Wilde’s expanded 2 CD + DVD sets in a collection box too or do you have to buy them individual?

Phil Cohen

I’m shocked by amazon.co.uk setting the preorder prices for the 3-disc sets at £12 beyond the manufacturer’s RRP. I guess I’ll have to buy directly from Cherry Red’s website, though their shipping charges are very very high, they charge your credit card (or PayPal account) immediately upon ordering and they don’t subtract the VAT when selling to people in the U.S.A.


Never considered her an 80’s act, stuff was written and produced by her dad who tried to make her Music 80ish but failed imo


Dear Thomas,
12 “UK Top 20” singles, of which 7 were within the Top 10, 10 “German Top 20” singles, of which 7 were within the Top 10 & 1 “US Top 1” single, is not exactly a fail…


Not exactly. Kim’s younger brother Ricky was her main songwriter and producer.

Steven Roberts

I can see the attraction of these titles from a vinyl perspective, but weren’t these titles given a definitive CD release a decade or so ago (ie the remastered album, b-sides and period remixes all in one place)?

Aren’t all the new remixes simply that – NEW remixes, intended to pad out the packages?

Steve Thorpe

I project managed the original Cherry Pop Kim Wilde reissues for Cherry Red / Captain Oi! back in 2009 and 2010. Even then it was a struggle to find every master tape for her first 5 albums (a few of the bonus tracks I mean), and this was despite asking Universal (in the UK, Germany, US) as well as Kim & Ricky personally! I probably still have the original Universal spreadsheet in my archive with a list of Kim’s available tracks from their archive (this would have been just after the US fire).

I’m thrilled that Marcel Rijs has been able to work with Cherry Red on these deluxe versions now, and the mastering by Tom Parker from new analogue transfers should be fantastic! Plus the DVDs sound like they will be a real treat. I assume that Teases & Dares and Another Step won’t be reissued as deluxe sets owing to them still being owned by Universal instead of Cherry Red…this is a real shame if true, but I am still very proud of the 2 disc versions that we released back in 2010 for these superb albums :-)

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi steve, is it possible for you to find this list and can you offer us the track list or is that
still a secret thing ?

Steve Thorpe

I took a look earlier today to see if I still had the list, but unfortunately it’s not in any of the 2 or 3 places I expected it to be. Therefore it’s likely lost to time over the last 10 years, but I do remember that we released everything they had available at that point (and a few tracks we had to hunt for, especially for the Teases & Dares and Another Step reissues).


Has anyone else lost sleep over wondering who Wendy Sadd is? lol

Definitely want the CDs, but the price is all over the shop, and why is Catch so much cheaper than the other two? Will hold off on ordering and see if the price goes down. Great to get my Kim fix for 2020!! Love this lady.

Marcel Rijs

A number of people on this page have commented about the ‘lack’ of ‘Cambodia’ on ‘Select’ on this release. Don’t be fooled. ‘Cambodia’ (the song) will be track 10 on the CD, ‘Reprise’ (the instrumental) will be track 11. Thus creating a version that will please everyone. Remember, the “single version” of ‘Cambodia’ is identical to the “album version”, except that it is followed by the Reprise. On the earlier (licensed) Cherry Pop version of ‘Select’ ‘Cambodia’ was repeated without the reprise, but this constitutes a less enjoyable track sequence. Not to mention that it’s using four minutes that can now be devoted to other tracks.

Dean O

Just my quick opinion: I find the cost of these really holding me off and I personally have no use for a dvd with TOTP appearances and videos on it…I can watch those on YouTube. I’m more into the sound side of things and sound quality is of #1 importance. So if these were available as 2 cd sets at about a third of their cost I would be much more inclined to buy them.

I’m from Canada and Kim Wilde didn’t get any promotion over here. I remember seeing the first album and almost buying it – it looked very new wave, reminded me of Blondie and I loved Kids in America which made me think they were from…..the States…so I never purchased it. Since seeing the sets on here I’ve doing a bit of investigating and can honestly say these albums are really good….I know I could go with releases already available for less than half the price but I’m hesitating because I’m a remix/dance/elektro nut too and know that Matt Pop has done some really amazing remixes and mash ups on YouTube (ie Bad Connection to Orleans: Yazoo/OMD)….Cherry Red are getting pretty crafty…..but I will wait because there is a pretty good New Year approaching – new Pet Shop Boys, Erasure/Chorus!!!!! 3 disc set, Associates/Perhaps 2 disc set (has the entire Take Me to the Girl e.p. – a jewel in itself) and The Beloved’s Where It Is finally as a 2 cd set!!!!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hello Dean O, the thing is that only the list of the 3 disc “chorus” set is aleady 100% disappointing. in my opnion erasure did and does not a good job with all the album re-issues. cd 1: only the album – over 37 minutes space for b-sides and demos.
cd 2: 5 b-side tracks, only 2 era-remixes, 4 new remixes and a few tracks from “buried treasure II” and “from moscow to mars”. again a complete failure. after the “mars” box set i hoped that the guys digging deeper in the faults. i can’t believe that they has no alternate versions left. no unreleased songs from “chorus”. no unreleased remixes ? no instrumentals? erasure should learn from simple minds, howard jones or here from kim wilde. “catch as catch can” seems to be for me a 98% perfect re-issue for a 2cd set.

Gareth Pugh

Daniel, bear in mind that – as Vince Clarke himself has said (and this was confirmed by Greg, the guy who ran their official EIS information service for them back in late 2000s, when he was compiling the second Buried Treasure CD), Erasure have rarely been a band for making lots of demo and work-in-progress versions that are left in the vaults – there simply isn’t much stuff that hasn’t been released already. Unlike, aa you point our, Howard Jones, whose Cherry Red reissues have blown me away with just how much unreleased demo and early-mix versions have been hidden away until now. But with Erasure – in fairness, I don’t think there is much left to dig out. The Chorus set, whilst not perfect, is a big improvement on the 2019 Wild! reissue, which was pretty slim pickings indeed (5 unreleased tracks only, two of them live and taken from the soundtrack of the already-released Live at the Docklands Arena DVD from the ‘…Mars’ set.


I hope it’s true that Cambodia and Reprise are separated tracks. I mailed Cherry Red a few weeks ago about this issue. They never answered, but they separated the tracklist. 10. Cambodia + Reprise became 10./11. Cambodia + Reprise on their website. It looks like most of the webshops copied the inital tracklist. But I’m not sure which one is correct? Can Paul sort this out for us?

Steve Thorpe

Excellent idea Marcel – so the Cambodia Reprise will run on from the main song as before, but it’s also possible to ‘just’ listen to either of them separately as well! Why didn’t I think of that before when planning the previous ‘Select’ reissue on Cherry Pop?! ;-)

Marcel Rijs

Hindsight is bliss Steve. ;-)


Colinthebruce and Mark Vick, I’m quite sure Cambodia is there. It’s just that the vocal track and the reprise are segued and were listed as one track “Cambodia – Reprise” (7:12 minutes) on the original album.


Have these on order, KW my favorite solo female vocalist. Here’s hoping Love Moves & Love IS will receive deluxe treatment sooner than later.


Will be buying in vinyl my originals very thin vinyl and crackly. Shame about lack of Cambodia and I wish they’d done this with a box set sleeve. Hoping that eventually we get all the others on vinyl. Let’s not forget the recent albums Come out and Play and Snapshots long overdue vinyl release.

Mark Vick

How can they leave off Cambodia? Insane oversight. Re-press!!!!

Auntie Sabrina

Cambodia is on the Select release, it’s track 10 Cambodia – Reprise. It’s a longer version.


Cherry Red now owns Kim’s three EMI albums. Her MCA material is owned by Universal. We were very lucky to get Teases & Dares and Another Step. Since then their rights to reissue those two albums has ended and Universal has denied access to any of her MCA material. This probably will not change unless Cherry Red or Kim herself buys back the rights to those albums which seems very unlikely. I don’t know why Universal has such a tight grip on her material but it is what it is.

Mike the Fish

She is on a list of artists with material potentially lost in the Universal fire.


Mike the Fish

It would seem strange for KW’s mastertapes to be shipped over there…


UMG is being cagey as hell about what was lost and what wasn’t. They’ve given zero reasons to be trusted regarding that issue.


That was a fire in the US. Her masters are stored in England. The only thing potentially in that fire was copies of masters for Teases & Dares, Another Step and Close.


These are really good albums. They remind me of the Bananarama early albums. Not musically but the fact that they are so underrated and were even out of print for years until Cherry Red reissued them in 2009 (the early Bananarama albums were out of print until Collectables reissued them in 2004, then Rhino and then Edsel).
There are very few period remixes of KW’s early material so if you want to reissue these albums with bonus material, it’s not illogical to commission some new remixes done in 80’s style. We all prefer the original remixes but if they’re not there, nothing wrong with creating them as long as they are in 80’s style without additional production.
I will get these for sure as they are excellent albums and I am excited about the remixes. The price is a different issue. I get the argument that Cherry Red wants their investment back and that without their involvement, we would have nothing at all but $30 for a 2cd/dvd is crazy. I picked up The Bananarama Edsel 2cd/dvd for about $13 or less. Of course these didn’t have newly commissioned remixes. If anyone has heard the new remixes, please post a review. Im assuming they are in 80’s style without additional production but if anyone can confirm, it would be helpful to many.

Craig Hedges

Matt Pop is a Dutch DJ, producer and mixer. I started listening to his remixes on You Tube about ten years ago. He did mash up of Take on me and Alphavilles Big in Japan which I loved. He has done his own remixes of 80s tracks and is well known for the remixes he has done of ABBA tracks. Unfortunately Universal are constants getting them taken down :(
He has done his mixes with a lot of love and it’s a shame ABBA don’t approach him to do a remix album. I can’t wait to hear his remixea of the new ABBA tracks.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i hope that the new 80’s style extended mix of “view from a bridge” is what i missed so much in 1982 when i was 16. for me one of the strongest kim wilde tracks ever. sadly there is no backing vocals or instrumental version on the deluxe edition of “select”. only from the lists i think “catch as catch can” seems to be the most interesting part. i’m sure there will come in the near future the next 3 albums. hopefully on “close” will be some demos incl. the duet with nathan moore ( brother beyond ) and some instrumental versions of the tony swain ( imagination ) produced tracks. for me “teases and dares” and “close” are the best kim wilde albums to date.


I can’t understand why Cherry don’t concentrate efforts to acquire “Love moves” “Love is” and “Now and forever”. These album deserve to be remastered.

Darren Howard

I believe they have tried and been told no.


Don’t know why they are so expensive, the Cherry Red website has them for 20 quid each. So happy to see Sparks remix on there, and Dancing In The Dark video.


there’s something wrong with Amazon UK pricing. Both these and the Howard Jones sets are much cheaper on cherry red. Usually this is not the case. I actually like the idea of ‘new’ remixes for these. May go for the catch as catch can album. Because I like the cover. And ‘dancing in the dark’ Better than Bruce Springsteen’s song with the same title around the same time :).

Phil Cohen

Cherry Red’s interest in doing expanded editions of these 3 Kim Wilde albums is very simple: Cherry Red now owns Kim’s RAK Records albums. They were puchased in a “divestiture” sale from Warner Music, that included Mel & Kim’s catalogue, the WEA catalog of Howard Jones, the Atlantic recordings by Chris Squire, The Warner Bros. catalog of Curved Air and the EMI/Harvest catalogs of Be Bop Deluxe & Barclay James Harvest.


Select is my favorite album by Kim Wilde. Have already the original Vinyl and it sounds amazing, so I’ll pass the LP reissue. But the CD/DVD edition has been already preordered ;-)


Rights are an issue, naturally, but it’s a shame the DVDs are a little underwhelming, especially for ‘Select’. Kim was a genuine video-star, with a deeply melancholic presence worthy of Garbo, that made the music thrilling.

Let’s face it, it was all about the sad eyes and the pout. These DVDs need more pout.

Not quite in the A-class of Kate or ABBA when it came to miming on TV appearances (very few are), but Kim’s work in this neglected area of the pop-world was wonderful. It would have been great to collect many of the European TV clips of the era in better quality compared to youtube..

Here’s an example – ‘Child Come Away’ from Razzmatazz – where Kim works the camera as a master. The sad-dog eyes, the hand in the pocket, the Max Factor – the deep melancholy of a song about sexual assault – while surrounded by arm-waving 10 year olds and industrial smoke-machines working overtime…



great clip, thanks for sharing


Stumbled across these on the Cherry red website when I stopped by to order a copy of ‘Close to the Noise Floor.’
Decided to pick up the CDs as I already have the vinyl (bought second hand quite cheaply).
Select in particular is a great SynthPop album. I’m quite interested to hear what the new mixes sound like as they are supposed to be 80s-style extended versions. The recent Dollar remixes work very well so hopefully these will be as effective.

Peter dB

My want vs need is currently debating in my brain : ) …I have the previous re-issues on CD but my original vinyl copies are not the best. So I’m thinking at least the vinyl will get a new home – but I am also a sucker for remixes – and though they could be bad….. they may just be totally fun. And hey – having options for buying stuff you don’t need is better than no options at all. Oh dear.


Cherry Red Records should do “Teases & Dares” and “Another Step” albums they first reissued in 2010 that way as well!
“Close” is another matter as it was reissued by Universal Music for the 25th anniversary back in 2013.
The DVDs of these new reissues of the first three studio albums will be done in the original 4:3 aspect ratio and in the PAL format, FYI.


It’s kind of ironic that Amazon Germany sells the CD/DVD version as “Expanded Wallet Editions” since an expanded wallet is exactly what you need to buy these.


Looks like the big majority of the mixes are new. Paul you are being generous in your description hehehehe.
I’m a fan of Matt Pop usually, but I would have preferred to have all the original era mixes available. Surely they’re not all there are they?


All original mixes are included, there simply aren’t that many. They already were on the 1 CD remasters from 2010 or so.

Robert Laversuch

Got mine directly from Cherry Red for 20 quid each so 60 plus five for shipping to Deutschland unless the other prices come down before release date.
Thank you for heads up on Ms Wilde.


Great news! Vinyl and CDs are way overpriced (as usual), but when the prices come down, I’ll be all in on these.


The Enid are the uncredited musicians on the debut LP. It would have been interesting to hear Kim Wilde sing on one of their albums. I saw her at The Brighton Dome on her first tour, she was very good. It was a pity she didn’t play live more in the 80’s.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

I hope the CD/DVD sets come down in price in the UK


The sets are rather expensive and the second disc isn’t worth that amount of money. All the regular bonus matzrial is on the first disc, except the 7″ version of Cambodia. Strange, because it was a bonus track on the previous Cherry Red reissue of Select. Why is it record companies can’t do a proper job? They put on every other 7″ version, but we’re stuck with the Cambodia Reprise version. I’m intetested in the videos, lyrics, liner notes and repackaging though. Maybe waiting for the prices dropping.

Inge Kjetil Bratset

Totally agree with you. The first thing I looked for was the single version of Cambodia. Why is it so difficult for the record companies to get this things correct.

joel ivins

i love these kind of sets…although i have never been a big fan of multiple remixes of the same song, it is still cool to have for the liner notes, and videos