King Crimson / 1969-72 vinyl box

6LP vinyl box • First four albums • 2LPs of rarities • 200g vinyl

King Crimson 1969-1972 is a limited edition box set that presents the band’s celebrated quartet of studio albums from that period – In The Court Of The Crimson King, In The Wake Of Poseidon, Lizard, and Islands – along with a 2LP set of rarities.

The vinyl albums in the box feature the 40th anniversary mixes as mixed and produced by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp in 2009 and 2010. These are presented in their original sleeves.

The 2LP set of rarities is called ‘The Alternative Guide to King Crimson’. Many of the tracks on this set are mixed and produced by Steven Wilson and all are new to vinyl, with the exception of the single, ‘Catfood’. This rarities set is presented in the gatefold artwork originally used for the 1975 compilation The Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson and includes a full-sized replica of the original King Crimson timeline booklet which accompanied that compilation.

It should be noted that all albums in this box are cut from Steven Wilson’s original mixes and do not feature the Simon Heyworth mastering that features on the original CD and DVD-A packages. These are pressed on 200g heavyweight vinyl.

King Crimson 1969-1972 is released on 7 December 2018.

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King Crimson

1969 - 1972 (6LP box sey [VINYL]


In The Court Of The Crimson King

Side One

1. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Including ”Mirrors”)
2. I Talk To The Wind
3. Epitaph (Including ”March For No Reason” And ”Tomorrow And Tomorrow”)

Side Two

1. Moonchild (Including ”The Dream And ”The Illusion”)
2. The Court Of The Crimson King (Including ”The Return Of The Fire Witch” And ”The Dance Of The Puppets”)

In The Wake Of Poseidon

Side One

1. Peace – A Beginning (0:49)
2. Pictures Of A City (including 42nd At Treadmill) (8:03)
3. Cadence And Cascade (4:27)
4. In The Wake Of Poseidon (incl. Libra’s Theme) (7:56)

Side Two

1. Peace – A Theme (1:15)
2. Cat Food (4:54)
3. The Devil’s Triangle (11:39)

– a. Merday Morn
– b. Hand Of Sceiron
– c. Garden Of Worm

4. Peace – An End (1:53)


Side One

1) Cirkus (including Entry of the Chameleons)
2) Indoor Games
3) Happy Family
4) Lady of the Dancing Water

Side Two

1) Lizard:

a) Prince Rupert Awakes
b) Bolero – The Peacock’s Tale
c) The Battle of Glass Tears (including Dawn Song)
d) Last Skirmish
e) Prince Rupert’s Lament
f) Big Top


Side One

1. Formentera Lady
2. Sailor’s Tale
3. The Letters

Side Two

1. Ladies Of The Road
2. Prelude: Song Of The Gulls
3. Islands

The Alternative Guide to King Crimson

Side One

1 21st Century Schizoid Man (instrumental, trio version)
2 I Talk to the Wind (studio run through)
3 Epitaph (alt. instrumental version)

Side Two

1 Moonchild (take 1)
2 The Court of the Crimson King (take 3, instrumental)
3 I Talk to the Wind (duo version)
4 Cadence and Cascade (guide vocal, Greg Lake)*
5 Peace – An End (alt. mix)*

All tracks Mixed and Produced by Steven Wilson except

* Produced by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield

Side Three

1 Cat Food (single version)
2 Groon (2010 mix)
3 Indoor Games (alt. take)
4 Lady of the Dancing Water (alt. take)*
5 Prince Rupert Awakes (piano, Keith Tippett)
6 Prince Rupert’s Lament (alt take)

1 Produced by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield.
2, 4 Mixed and Produced by Steven Wilson 3 Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy 6 Produced by Jakko Jakszyk

Side Four

1 A Peacemaking Stint Unrolls
2 Sailor’s Tale (alt guitar takes)
3 Ladies of the Road (remix)
4 Prelude: Song of the Gulls (string section, take 2)
5 Islands (run through with oboe prominent)

1 Mixed and Produced by Steven Wilson 2 Mixed by Alex R Mundy
3 Produced and Mixed by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy
4, 5 Produced by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfield

All tracks/versions previously unreleased on vinyl except Side 3, Track 1

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gary oliver

general advice sought ! … if you buy a set of say, 6 vinyl discs in a lift off box set, the box seems made to lie flat in a cabinet, …. or do they still need to be stored vertically like single albums?


The vinyl should definitely be stored upright. It’s a major bother to me that the vinyl in Pink Floyd’s “Early Years” box is just piled flat at the bottom of the box.

gary oliver

ok thanks for your help !

Wayne Olsen

I’m done shopping in 2018. At least I hope so


An expensive way to get Fergus Hall’s artwork if you didn’t get the set back in 1975. Let’s hope it gets an individual release. As far as I know, the single version of “Groon” (not the remix), which was on the original double LP, is still not available elsewhere, and isn’t included here either. Except briefly in Japan in 1990, the “Guide” has never been on CD, but I guess this now makes it less likely that it ever will.


Are the vinyl sets digital or analog?


These are vinyl pressed from the Steven Wilson remixes, so they are sourced from the digital 24/96 masters available on the DVD-A and on the blurays in the boxsets (except for ITCOTCK which never was released on bluray audio)

Paul Haze Harrison

Now “This item is only available from third-party sellers” on Amazon UK

Electric Sydney

I feel like I maybe gave KC enough of my $ for the last bunch of box sets, I’ll have to pass for now.


None of this content is unreleased, if you have bought the box sets and the “elements” sets.
This is merely the Blu ray audio you can find in the box sets transferred to vinyl.
I am a King Crimson fan, and I have bought the DVD-a, boxsets and elements cds, downloaded tracks on dmglive, but this I will pass. Too much money for too few content. Definitely not what we are used to with KC.
Add to that that a new boxset covering the “post thrak” era is announced in the Elements 2018 leaflet… I save my money for this one!


Let’s hope for some nicely compiled super deluxe editions…starting in October: dgmlive says: “In The Court of the Crimson King Companion & Boxed Set

Oct: Released to coincide and celebrate the original release date of King Crimson’s debut album on 12th October 1969:

Limited edition expanded boxed set of “In The Court of the King Crimson” including all the live recordings, the expanded multitrack 1969 recording sessions, as well as a new 5.1 remix of the album.DGM Companion Vol 1, edited by Robert Fripp & David Singleton – Vinyl sized coffee table book covering the history of “In The Court of Crimson King”, with complete timeline, extensive photos, recollections and essays.”


I am interested!


Fantastic set, but mighty expensive. Gonna wait for that price to drop dramatically…

Gary Thompson

It’s meant to be limited, so it may not drop that much (if at all). I decided to take the plunge on both sets while I could.

Gary Thompson

Currently cheaper at Burning Sounds website (£120.00). Same price for next month 1972-1974 companion set.