King Crimson / 1969 box set

King Crimson / The 1969 Recordings

26-disc megabox celebrates ‘In The Court of the Crimson King’

King Crimson will release their long awaited ‘1969’ box set in October, which features a forensic examination of their live and studio activities in that year and includes 20 CDs, two DVDs and four blu-ray audio discs!

This complete audio history of the band’s debut features a vaguely ridiculous amount of content, including a new Dolby Atmos mix by Steven Wilson, six discs worth of session material on CD & Blu-Ray for the first time (fully mixed by David Singleton) and a further disc of newly compiled studio material.

The box also includes the original studio album, every alternate take known to exist, every mix known to exist, all live recordings known to exist and a selection of pre/Crimson 1968 recordings.

The set – as with the previous boxed seven sets in the series – comes packaged in a vinyl sized box complete with a booklet featuring an introduction by Robert Fripp, notes about the source tapes from David Singleton, sleeve-notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith, previously unseen photos from the recordings sessions, additional memorabilia & a protective outer sleeve.

All the blu-rays and DVDs are playable everywhere and the full track listing and other details are below. The Complete 1969 Recordings will be released on 6 November (was 30 October and previously 23 October). It is available to pre-order now from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

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King Crimson

King Crimson Complete 1969 Recordings (BOX/26 Disc/CD/BD/DVD-A)


Complete disc contents * : Blu-Rays NTSC, Zone ABC, playable on all BD players. DVD playable on all DVD players & drives. DVD-A playable on all DVD players**

CD 1: Live at Hyde Park, July 5th 1969
CD 2: Live at The Marquee, July 6th 1969
CD 3: Plumpton Festival, August 9th 1969
CD 4: Live at Chesterfield, September 9th 1969 (new master) disc 1
CD 5: Live at Chesterfield, September 9th 1969 (new master) disc 2
CD 6: Fillmore East, November 21st/22nd 1969
CD 7: Fillmore West, December 14th/15th 1969
CD 8: Original master edition expanded
CD 9: Alternate album expanded
CD 10: 2009 mix plus additional material
CD 11: 2019 mixes expanded
CD12: Let’s Make A Hit Waxing
CDs 13- 18: Complete Recording Sessions
DVD 19: Complete Recording Sessions, Let’s Make a Hit Waxing (24/48 stereo) Stormy Selections (16/48)
DVD-A 20: 2019 stereo, 5.1 & instrumental mixes. Original master edition album mix (24/48)
Blu-Ray 21: Complete Recording Sessions (24/96 stereo), Chesterfield, Giles, Giles & Fripp (24/192)
Blu-Ray 22: 2009 mixes in stereo & 5.1, Additional Material & alternate album (2009 stereo mixes) (24/96)
Blu-Ray 23: 2019 mixes in stereo, 5.1, original master edition, alt. album, additional material (24/96)
Blu-Ray 24: 2020 Dolby Atmos Mix by Steven Wilson, I Talk to The Wind (Duo version, Surround mix), Let’s Make a Hit Waxing (24/96)
CD 25: Giles, Giles & Fripp (new master)
CD 26: BBC Sessions, Trees

Discs 1-3, 6 & 7 have been audio restored at DGM to remove hiss & other noise from earlier editions but with original DGM mastering to optimise original sound sources. Discs 4 & 5 present the complete concert on disc in a new transfer & master from the original cassette source – at least one generation better than previously presented. All material on Discs 1- 7 originally taken from audience or band recordings.
Discs 12 – 18 are all new to disc & mixed from the original multi-track tapes.
Disc 25 is taken from a new transfer & newly mastered from the original tapes. Material on disc 19 is new to disc.
Material on discs 20 is new to DVD-A.
Material on discs 21,22 & 24 is new to Blu-Ray.
* resolution of material for DVD, DVD-A & Blu-Ray correct as at time of writing, resolution of remaining material to be determined at point of mastering.
**all material playable on DVD players. Lossless audio accessible only on DVD-A compatible players.

Complete Track listing
Discs 1 – 18, 25, 26 CD
Disc 19 DVD, Disc 20 DVD-A,
Discs 21 – 24 Blu-Ray

Disc 1

Live at Hyde Park
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 The Court of the Crimson King
3 Get Thy Bearings
4 Announcement (Incomplete)
5 Epitaph
6 Mantra
7 Travel Weary Capricorn
8 Mars
9 Band Reunion Meeting

Disc 2

Live at the Marquee
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 Drop In
3 Announcement (Incomplete)
4 I Talk To The Wind
5 Epitaph (Incomplete)
6 Travel Weary Capricorn
7 Improv (inc Nola and Etude No. 7)
8 Mars

Disc 3

Live at Plumpton Festival
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 Get Thy Bearings
3 Announcement
4 The Court Of The Crimson King
5 Mantra
6 Travel Weary Capricorn
7 Improv
8 Mars

Disc 4

Live at Chesterfield
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 Drop In
3 Announcement
4 Epitaph
5 Get Thy Bearings
6 Announcement
7 I Talk To The Wind

Disc 5

Live at Chesterfield
1 Announcement
2 The Court Of The Crimson King
3 Mantra
4 Travel Weary Capricorn
5 Improv
6 Mars

Disc 6

Live at the Fillmore East
1 The Court Of The Crimson King (Incomplete)
2 Announcement
3 A Man, A City
4 Announcement
5 Epitaph
6 Announcement
7 21st Century Schizoid Man
8 The Court Of The Crimson King (Incomplete)
9 Announcement
10 A Man, A City
11 Announcement
12 Epitaph
13 Announcement
14 21st Century Schizoid Man

Disc 7

Live at the Fillmore West
1 Mantra
2 Travel Weary Capricorn
3 Improv Travel Bleary Capricorn
4 Mars
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 Announcement
7 Drop In
8 A Man, A City
9 Announcement
10 Epitaph
11 Announcement
12 21st Century Schizoid Man
13 Announcement
14 Mars

Disc 8

Album – Original Master Edition – expanded
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 21st Century Schizoid Man
7 I Talk to the Wind
8 Epitaph
9 The Court of the Crimson King (Single A Side)
10 The Court of the Crimson King (Single B Side)

Disc 9

Alternate album – expanded
1 Wind Session
2 21st Century Schizoid Man (Morgan Studio Version with Overdubs)
3 I Talk To The Wind (Alt 2019 Mix)
4 I Talk To The Wind (Duo Version 2019 Mix)
5 Epitaph (Isolated Vocal 2019 Mix)
6 Epitaph (Alt Take 2019 Mix)
7 Moonchild (Take One 2019 Mix)
8 The Court of the Crimson King (Take 3 2019 Mix)
9 21st Century Schizoid Man (Trio Version 2019 Mix)

Disc 10

2009 Album Mixes – expanded
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 Moonchild [Full Version]
7 I Talk to the Wind [Duo Version]
8 I Talk to the Wind [Alternate Mix]
9 Epitaph [Backing Track]
10 Wind Session [21st Century Schizoid Man Intro]

Disc 11

2019 Album Mixes & Instrumental Mixes
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 I Talk to the Wind
3 Epitaph
4 Moonchild
5 The Court of the Crimson King
6 21st Century Schizoid Man
7 I Talk to the Wind
8 Epitaph
9 Moonchild (Edit)
10 The Court of the Crimson King

Disc 12

Let’s Make a Hit Waxing
1 Let’s Make a Hit Waxing

Disc 13

Sessions Disc 1
1 21st Century Schizoid Man (Morgan Studio Instrumental)
2 Epitaph Takes 1 to 3
3 Epitaph Takes 4 to 8
4 I Talk to the Wind Takes 1 to 4

Disc 14

Sessions Disc 2
1 I Talk to the Wind Takes 5 to 8
2 I Talk to the Wind Takes 9 to 12
3 The Court of the Crimson King Stereo Takes

Disc 15

Sessions Disc 3
1 The Court of the Crimson King Take 6
2 The Court of the Crimson King Take 1 and 2
3 The Court of the Crimson King Takes 3 to 7
4 The Court of the Crimson King Takes 8 to 10
5 The Court of the Crimson King Trailer Take 1

Disc 16

Sessions Disc 4
1 The Court of the Crimson King (Stormy Mix)
2 I Talk to the Wind Takes 3 to 6
3 I Talk to the Wind Takes 7 to 9
4 I Talk to the Wind Early Take
5 Drum Check
6 21st Century Schizoid Man Sax Sound Check
7 Ahh (Stormy Mix)
8 I Talk to the Wind (Stormy Mix)

Disc 17

Sessions Disc 5
1 Epitaph Takes 1 to 3
2 Epitaph Takes 5 – 11
3 Epitaph Take 2 (Stormy Mix)

Disc 18

Sessions Disc 6
1 Moonchild Takes 1 to 8
2 Moonchild Take 9 (complete)

3 Trailer Take and Take Overdubbed
4 Pipe Organ Takes
5 Wind Noise Takes
6 The Court of the Crimson King Takes

Disc 19

24/48 Complete Studio Sessions
24/48 Let’s Make a Hit Waxing
16/48 Stormy Selections

Disc 20

24/48 Original Master Edition
24/48 2019 album mixes in hi-res stereo and 5.1 Surround

Hyde Park Film Snippet

Disc 21

24/192 Giles, Giles and Fripp – as per CD 25
24/96 Complete Studio Sessions
24/192 Live at Chesterfield Jazz Club

Disc 22

24/96 2009 Hi-Res Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixes
24/96 Additional audio and Alternate album from the 2009 mixes
24/48 Original 1969 vinyl needledrops of UK stereo & US Mono Promo LPs


Original 1969 Mono UK Single A and B Sides and US Promo Single A

Disc 23

24/96 2019 Mixes in Stereo, 5.1 Surround and Instrumental Mixes

24/96 Original Master Edition
24/96 2019 Alternate Album and Additional Material Mixes

Hyde Park Film Snippet (audio mono)

Disc 24

Atmos 2020 Dolby Atmos Mix
24/96 I Talk to the Wind (duo version) 5.1 Surround *

* audio through four channels only
24/96 Let’s Make a Hit Waxing

Disc 25

Selected Recordings 1968
Giles, Giles and Fripp
1 Tremelo Study in A Major (Spanish Suite)
2 Suite No. 1
3 Scrivens
4 Why Don't You Just Drop In (i)
5 I Talk to the Wind (i)
6 Plastic Pennies
7 Passages of Time
8 Under the Sky (ii)
9 I Talk to the Wind (ii)
10 Erudite Eyes
11 Make it Today (ii)
12 Wonderland
13 Why Don’t You Just Drop In (ii)
14 She is Loaded

Disc 26

BBC Sessions and Trees
1 21st Century Schizoid Man
2 Epitaph
3 The Court of the Crimson King
4 I Talk to the Wind
5 Get Thy Bearings
Live at Fairfield Hall, Croydon
6 Trees

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Woodsey Niles

At this moment Amazon USA is showing a Nov. 13 release date with a price of $235.00 USD. I ordered my copy directly from DGM a long time ago but, as usual for them, the DGM site doesn’t show a release date. I’m hoping to receive my copy by the end of November but it would be no surprise if I don’t.

Mark Gaines

This was the email from DGM sent to me on Tuesday in regards to my pre order of KC1969:

Hi Mark. We have been waiting for space on a plane to bring them in and the boxes are finally en route to us and we will being shipping upon receipt on Friday.


I pre-ordered this fucking thing as soon as it was announced and I find out via another website of the delays? That frustrates the hell out of me.


Paul, my post was written in the heat of the moment. My apologies. I pre-ordered from DGM the day it was announced. 23 October comes, no ship notice. No news, nothing, then on your (lovely) site I see news about delays. If I had the cash I would buy it from you and probably receive it before it ships from DGM. Their lack of updates for things of this nature are frustrating.

Phil Cohen

And I agree with you. I ordered from King Crimson’s U.S.A. store when they first started accepting preorders, and now, they’re unable to supply the set to anyone.
I’m unsure as to when I should cancel that order and look elsewhere. If I wait too long, there will be no more sets to be had. Situations like this are turning my once beloved music collecting hobby into a stressful thing. The manufacturer/supplier of the KC sets must find other possible carriers to transport the sets, and possibly drop ship them direct to the customers.

Woodsey Niles

I’m so glad this is FINALLY coming out. I was so disturbed this morning when I saw the viral video of Robert Fripp, tattooed from face to toes, playing Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” in a jail cell over and over while Toyah does a freeform dance outside the cell. I hope it was a Halloween prank. Has anybody else seen this? I haven’t been this shaken since Motorhead covered Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” at “Monsters of Rock” several years ago. I don’t think the song benefitted from the 12 minute drum solo but Lemmy did nail the vocal.

Phil Cohen

If reports of a further postponement (to Nov.13) is true, that would be the 3rd postponement. Luckily, the dealer that I ordered from didn’t change my credit card in advance Luckier still, I’ve already got the 40th anniversary box, so if “The Complete 1969 Recordings” doesn’t get released, I’ve got the main album tracks and rarities already.

Phil Cohen

King Crimson’s official U.S.A. mail order company Inner Knot has been unable to obtain the sets. They blame a shortage of flights from the UK to U.S.A.
I already have the 40th anniversary box and I find the 2009 stereo and surround mixes to be excellent. If I really want to hear the 2019 remixes, they can be had from the 2019 4-disc set. I’m not equiped for Dolby Atmos, and the outtakes and upgraded audience recordings on the CD’s will undoubtedly soon appear on illegal download sites.
At the end of the year,I’ll abandon my attempts to obtain “The Complete 1969 Recordings” from Inner Knot and look elsewhere.
I’ve had no problems receiving shipments from UK dealers laely, so I question Inner Knot’s excuses.

andrew r

Paul the Kc BOX is showing sold out at a couple of
on line retailers .Is your supply limited ? Is the 6 th november date guaranteed
or still subject to change? Thanks

andrew r

In that case sold another one Paul .
Ordered .

andrew r

Sold another one then Paul ! Thanks for the heads up

Scott Meze

A Japanese version of the box has just gone up on the Amazon Japan site, really expensive (28,000 yen) and with a release date of December 23. It’s bound to go down in price appreciably, so I’m not pre-ordering especially since you’re locked out of cancelling after November 17. The title (“ザ・コンプリート1969レコーディングス 日本アセンブル・パッケージ (完全限定盤)”) translates as “The Complete 1969 Recordings Japan Assemble Package (Limited Edition)” which likely means it has some or all of the contents reproduced in Japanese. There’s no sign yet of the English version on Amazon Japan.

Electric Sydney

I see Amazon US is offering KC 1969 now.


It (now) finally seems to be available on Amazon UK for those interested at £135.60.

Paul Flynn

Hi There, could you post the link to this please? Thanks!

Wolfgang Mintrop

If there is still no hint: JPC Germany is now offering the box for a price of 169.99 EUR.

Link: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/king-crimson-in-the-court-of-the-crimson-king/hnum/10294055

PS: currently wrong title there, but must me this box, doesn’t it?

Jason M

I am not a big Crimson fan at all, but dug the John Wetton era. Prince fans can look at this and only wonder. Michael Howe, the guy put in charge, is not a true fan, as his mistakes in interviews about the material are pretty shocking. He does not have the passion for the importance of the material, does not even have full knowledge of the different configurations of Prince’s Sign “O” The Times, and has no idea that a 26 disc set of Prince’s best album would actually sell to the die hards. Somebody put Howe in touch with Robert Frip. Heads or Tails Howe even knows who Fripp is. I do, and he cares about his material. For Prince, Multiple outtakes important to the era were left off. Sure 8 cd, 1 dvd is better than nothing. But Howe has never even heard of Blu Ray. There has not been a single Blu Ray issued, and probably never will. And somehow, a lot is right with the world, as Tears For Fears The Seeds Of Love is finally coming! I know Paul has interviewed Michael Howe, so my apologies, but as someone who lived this material, it’s a shame we can’t get what Tears For Fears fans got. TFF were the exact opposite of Prince when it came to being prolific, and still, TFF has great boxes, thanks Paul! And I am jealous of King Crimson fans. All this for such a great price?


King Crimson/DGM certainly know how to out together a deluxe edition boxset and this one seems highly desirable and given the amount of physical media and content the price would seem to be good value.

Having purchased a couple of King Crimson boxsets over the last few years enjoying mostly the 5.1 surround mixes. I’m somewhat reluctant to go ahead with this purchase however given the problems associated with the King Crimson Heaven & Earth boxset in 2019 that I along with many others experienced. On this boxset some of the content on the BluRay and DVDa discs had been mastered incorrectly that resulted in some of this content playing back at the wrong pitch and tempo.

King Crimson/DGM ‘rectified’ this problem by offering the incorrectly mastered content as a download rather than replacing the physical media. The download offer came about some 4 months after the error had been highlighted and reported. There were many complaints from those that had like myself pre-ordered the boxset and along with my request to return the goods for a full refund such complaints and requests were duly ignored.

So whats the point in a physical media boxset that when faulty on purchase the only correction offered is download files? David Singleton’s response on the DGM website to the error and the complaints was somewhat dismissive which didn’t really fill me with confidence for future releases.

As such I’m now wary about all future King Crimson/DGM boxsets. Whilst DGM stated that a third party was responsible for the matering error they didn’t take on full responsibility for their release of a faulty deluxe edition boxset.

King Crimson/DGM should look at the example set by their 5.1 remixer of choice Mr Steve Wilson. Pre-ordered the Porcpine Tree – In Absentia boxset last year which when it landed there was content missing that was promised on the Blu-Ray 5.1 disc. A repacement disc was sent out within a couple of weeks.


Now this is box set…

Wayne C

You have to take your hat off to Crimson this is so comprehensive, it’s how box sets for important albums should be done. Although I’m a casual fan I can appreciate the thinking behind releasing such massive projects. It really does put every other group to shame in that way. Imagine if Pink Floyd did the same with Dark Side of the Moon!, releasing all known takes and live recordings it would be tremendous!, the price point they pitch this at isn’t excessive. Will I be buying it?, no but I really think this approach has to be admired. Well done Crimson.

Kevin Wollenweber

Wow! I wonder if Robert Fripp is going to do this for his solo material, including EXPOSURE, LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN and GOD SAVE THE KING, both in their original forms), or was he satisfied with how they are represented now?


Yes, they’ve confirmed a box set for the Fripp 1979-1981 stuff is in preparation, as is also a Sunday All Over The World box.

No word yet on a League Of Crafty Guitarists box set, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Woodsey Niles

Great news. The Fripp box should be very interesting. His contributions to and collaborations with Daryl Hall, Blondie, Peter Gabriel and The Roches would be worth it alone. Even without a functioning King Crimson at the time, it was always great to hear Fripp’s guitar in unexpected or even incongruous situations. I think this was one of Fripp’s most creative periods, culminating in his “Exposure” album.

How about a box set for Fripp/Eno? Although I already have the deluxe versions of “No Pussyfooting” and “Live in Paris” but I would love to hear what other as yet unheard recordings are in the vault from that era. I saw a circa 1980 Frippertronics show in Rockford, Illinois. The audience response was mixed at best. I think my friends and I were the only ones present who weren’t expecting to hear ITCOTCK. That’s the price of always being 10 years ahead of the times.


This seems to be all that’s left.

I think I should just give King Crimson my credit card.


Reply to Ken Smith:
“I don’t mean to be the voice of cynicism but could this be nothing to do with appeasing the fans and more to do with the 50 user copyright law?”
Most of this material has been released in one form or another during the last fifty years, so the copyright law you cited would not apply, except for the sessions recordings on disc 13 to 18 (and hi-res), which were released on 31/12/2019 by DGM as downloads, to ensure the copyright did not expire.
I am out of storage space, got the 2019 mini-box, got the sessions downloads, don’t have surround or atmos, and have all the previous releases, so I will pass on this box as having very little extra to reward me for a £145 outlay.

Old Bailey

Remember also the songwriter(s) gets the full term of copyright protection of life plus 70 years. ‘Cliff’s law’ only applies to sound recordings.


I think you’re being overly cynical. KC don’t own those audience recordings, for example. So copyright doesn’t apply. This set is an entry in a long running series of box set releases that account for the long and illustrious history of a band that has more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel.

The debut album did recently have a release in a cut down version of this box – but tbf, they announced this set at the same time as that was released, and the cut down version is in line with they did with the other sets. In addition, hardcore fans of the band will be all over this – it’s something they want (although that doesn’t mean you should want it too).

Of course, this may simply be too much for some, and that’s fine. But these sets have been put together so lovingly, and they’re so exhaustive, that it’s cynical to suggest they’re about copyright expiration. if that was their concern, there are far easier paths to take.

Pete Stevens

One of the very few albums that you can say are essential…even the cover screams WTF do we have here.I think if you don’t get this box its one you’ll regret and probably end up paying a fortune for when its ”unavailable”


If you love this album . Heaven ! But even so maybe 70% of this will only be played once or twice . me thinks .?


Going by how often I’ve played the material from the 2009(?) box… only the main album has gotten more than one play. I still might buy this. LOL.

Ian McJannet

We are all only too well aware that “Deluxe” editions should be as comprehensive and
complete as possible but even true King Crimson fans must be thinking this is taking the piss !!

Christopher Wilson

Not at all. And if they did this for each subsequent KC year it would be a dream!

Stuart Ansell

“true” King Crimson fans (whatever that means, are casual and non obsessive fans “false”? Of course not, they just aren’t as sad as I am, and probably healthier for it) absolutely do not think this is “taking the pi*s”. They’ve (we’ve) been waiting for it impatiently, have probably already ordered it by now, and are now counting the days until release.

Phil Cohen

Nice to see this boxed set happening after a year of being in uncertain limbo. I ordered from the group’s website on the first day of preordering.
Speaking of lengthy limbo, if only “Yes-The Early Years” could finally be released, but you can’t have everything.

Bruce Kelso

phil is there any info of what maybe included in the yes box ?

Andy Haines

Take heed Pink Floyd! This is how you do a box set AND more importantly note the price charged!!


Thanks for saving me from having to post this comment !!!

John Peace

The problem with Pink Floyd is the live recordings circulating are for the most part not the best recordings. Maybe Brighton, Rainbow and Hollywood Bowl, but most of the rest are lousy sounding. The worst part is the better the show the worse the tape. Boblingen would be a stellar release if there were a vault recording of it, but the sources we have I don’t call releasable.

As brilliant as the Floyd are, they were complete idiots when it came to archiving. They never thought to record or film all the groundbreaking things they did, and later scrambled to collect what others managed to archive, even reaching out to the bootleggers to help with research and source recordings for their box sets. Black Sabbath has this same problem. As a fan it’s frustrating. A professional recording of a Barrett show, an Animals show, a 75 WYWH show (Ivor Wynne or Boston would be nice) and films of them all would be great but DAMN YOU PINK FLOYD you just didn’t think of it. EPIC D’oh!

Rik K

Hands up everybody who has a Dolby Atmos system at home.


Fantastic looking release. I just wish they would do a release like this for some of my favorite groups instead of a group I care nothing about.

Bruce Kelso

it would be interesting to see what groups that you are interested in> thanks……

James Dawson

Can’t figure out the logic of Disc 25, which appears to include some (but definitely not all) of the tracks from the single Giles, Giles & Fripp CD “The Brondesbury Tapes” (which means all of the tracks obviously could have fit on the box set’s disc), and nothing from “The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp.” Weird.

Christopher Wilson

I guess the tracks included are those that point forwards towards KC, the more whimsical tracks left off. Seems reasonable.

Eugene Reingold

Cheerful Insanity should be licensed from Decca. I doubt Fripp wanted to do that. Demos are owned by Peter or Mike Giles so it was easier.

Ken Smith

I don’t mean to be the voice of cynicism but could this be nothing to do with appeasing the fans and more to do with the 50 user copyright law?



No, this has mostly to do with securing Robert Fripp’s pension… ;-)

Stuart Ansell

No. As a massive fan, I can assure you,no. The fan forums are full of people who wanted this, have been waiting for this, and will buy this the day it comes out. I’m stoked for it myself, and will devour every single morsel of every single disc. Because, ultimately, that’s how sad I am.


Your ending had me laughing. Thank you.


I admire KC very much and have an awful lot of material including the original Collectors’ Club releases which ,I assume,will be the basis of much of the live stuff.

This will be beautiful and thanks to David Singleton will sound as good as possible..

Probably too much repetition for me and I have little interest in multi mixes of the same album. Will I save my limited cash for the mooted Close To
The Edge box? Don’t know!

Thanks for the information Paul!

Kevin from Edinburgh

The people that put this together will know that almost everyone that buys it will already have one or more versions of the original album, and quite possibly some of the extras (e.g., the 40th Anniversary set(s), the ‘Epitaph’ boxes from years back).

I’m swithering. On the one hand, it looks to be comprehensive, will doubtless be executed to the high standards of the other boxes, and is reasonably priced. On the other hand, it’s one album’s worth of content – pretty much – played out numerous times; There’s at least three different mixes of the album itself (and I already own two of them).

Pleasantly Immersive vs Too much of a good thing?

It’s finely-balanced. Which way the pendulum will swing might depend on how much wine I’ve consumed prior to making my decision.

But bottom line: this is a fabulous item, for those with the inclination and fortitude to bear its contents.

Bruce Kelso

can some one help me? i would like to get the 2009 remix and the 2019 remix separately. . i am having a hard time finding the exact copy. checked discogs and was very confused. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks


@Bruce Kelso:

I feel your pain :-))

KC release politics are a nightmare in itself but this album especially because it was regularly re-issued, re-mastered, re-mixed and every other re- that you can imagine.

So it’s not that easy to answer your question but i’ll try anyway.

As i don’t know which format you prefer i list vinyl, cd and surround with links:

40th anniversary mix on vinyl:


50th anniversary mix on vinyl:


There seems to be no single vinyl edition of the 50th anniversary mix so far, this double album also includes additional tracks from the time on the second vinyl record.

As for cds both mixes aren’t available as 1-cd-releases yet, so if you’re into surround as well this would be the choice for the 40th anniversary mix:


and this for the 50th anniversary mix:


If you only want cds then you can get the
40th anniversary mix on here (but only as a 2cd with the original mix as a bonus plus several additional tracks):


The 50th anniversary mix is so far only available on cd as part of either the previously linked 3 cd + blu-ray set or in the upcoming 1969-box,
both surround mixes are as yet not available on stand-alone releases.

You can of course also wait four more years and hope that they then will do a 5-cd-box with the original mono mix, the 35th anniversary remaster, the 40th anniversary mix, the 50th anniversary mix AND a then newly made 55th anniversary mix…

P.S.: Maybe someone from DGM or KC is reading this and can confirm or deny the truth of my ramblings…


Hi Bruce.

The 2009 remix was on both the 5CD/1DVD box set, and more easily and cheaply on the 40th anniversary series release of the album, which comes as a two disc thing – CD/DVD – for less than £15.00, dependent on the retailer.


As to the 2019 remix, the original release was intended to be the big box under discussion, originally due last year, but after that was postponed it come out as part of a 3CD/1Blue-Ray release, still easily available if the big box is not your thing for £25.00-£30.00.


It’s not clear to me that either of these mixes are available on vinyl if that’s your chose poison.

Hope that helps…

Eric Thiessen

$192 usd (£145.00 )+ freight is a pretty heavy lift – out of the 26 discs, I can realistically only foresee listening to 10 of them more than once. As much as I love the band, this is more archival than essential.

Steven Roberts

So am I correct in thinking the Atmos mix of the album is exclusive to this set?

Woodsey Niles

Amazon USA has this item listed for $474.99 with deliveries from Sept 9 – Sept 14. It also has used copies selling for ~$250.00. Who has used copies to sell if it hasn’t been released yet?

Rodolfo Martin

In Amazon Marketplace, I have ordered records and books that were supposed to be second hand and they came brand new with cellophane and all. I can’t figured out why someone , a person or a store, list something as used when it is new? Can anybody explain?

Woodsey Niles

I was mistaken. This Amazon listing is for the 2010 box set. The newer version is not listed on Amazon USA.

Woodsey Niles

When I bought the Pink Floyd “Discovery” box set from Amazon Marketplace my copy was officially listed as “very good”. The only thing keeping it from being “new” was a tear in the shrink wrap that did not affect the condition of the box. Thanks to this vendor’s honesty I saved some money and was able to verify that my copy was not a Chinese bootleg. Some other vendors refused to tell me whether or not they were selling bootleg versions. Naturally I took my business elsewhere. I’ve found that different vendors have different definitions of “very good, “near mint” or “used.

Elizabeth Hirst

It’s very comprehensive, but as I already have the previous ITCOTCK set I question my need for this. With the fantastic Ace of Spades set (as notified elsewhere on this site) coming out in the saqme month, I think this is one KC set too far.


I’ve been on a King Crimson odyssey the past 18 months after they finally just “clicked”. I bought the 2019 In The Court… box last year which is a distillation of this box (discs 9, 10, 11 & 23, I think). That’s a great little box and is thoroughly recommended if this seems like too much. However these mega boxes are very enjoyable, I got my first in July (the Heaven & Earth one) and there’s hours of deep diving. Once you get into KC they are do keep you entertained.


I love KC but to listen to the same live songs or the same takes many many times that’s too much to me. It’s an overdose !!!! I’m out !!!!


I have the earlier KC “In the Court of the Crimson King” 4-disc super deluxe box set, which I’m still quite impressed with, especially the 5.1 mix on the DVD-A. Even though I’m a KC fan, and this new KC box set is more comprehensive (to say the least) than the first one, I don’t want my ‘Epitaph’ to read —

“Here rests Michael, who spent the rest of his life trying to listen to all 26 discs from the King Crimson box set” :-/


Wow, that’s right. I couldn’t say better !!!!

wayne hill

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David Bly


I too have the ”…Court…” box set, which was the beginning of this looooooooooong odyssey of the Island years rereleases. I have bought all the giant sets since then, and there is one thing I must applaud. That is that once Blu-rays came out, Fripp could’ve done something that other artists have done – just put those unique mixes and videos only on Blu-ray – or release separate sets.

For those of use that still don’t have Blu-ray, that can be very annoying. When they released the Bruce Springsteen box ”The Promise” (containing ”Darkness On The Edge Of Town”) with CDs and video content, a store that was going out of business had it really cheap, and I bought it right away, only to find that after I opened it, it was the Blu-ray version, not the DVD one. Still haven’t seen the videos yet.

So that Fripp includes all the video content and the unique mixes on both DVD and Blu-ray is great. I’ve watched/listened to much of the DVDs, and when I ultilmately get a Blu-ray player, I can watch/listen to them again, and I guess they’ll be better.

Todd G

Awesome! I have been waiting patiently for this box set since it’s announcement last year. I have the previous 7 boxes and they are excellent – audience recordings and all. I saw King Crimson last year in Chicago and they blew me away!


Wow, I didn’t think this would ever get released! This is fantastic!

Paul, do you know if this will be a “limited edition” like the previous “Court” anniversary editions or will Fripp produce more once the initial run sells out?

Jarmo Keranen

I’m satisfied with the boxset that was released 2009. Concert recordings from that era are almost unlistenable no matter what technology they use to make them better!


If McCartney released something like this, pro rata, you would have to sell a kidney to afford it. Know nothing about the band but seems a very reasonable price for number of discs/content

David Mortimer

I love Crimso, especially the decade from ITCOTCK, but this is way OTT – I’m out!


Wow, only 125. For 26 discs? Paul Mccartney please take note.


Less than a fiver a disc, there are a lot of artists that could learn from this pricing!


28 King Crimson – For show or play ?

As the would be proud owner of the Bob Mould 24 disker with autograph secured at the mighty impressive price of $90 the thought now crosses my mind, how on earth am I going to find the time to play so many discs ?

Which leads to the general question about how many have to have SDEs sit unopened, or partially played ? Especially as there is always another must have box set just around the corner.

Waiting anxiously for Richard and Linda Thompson and Mr Mould. And Bob Boot 16 and all the other goodies coming our way


What is both annoying and nice is that all these boxsets tend to be released at the same time, around Christmas time each year.
So the annoying thing is that you need a 2000€ budget each year if you really want “That really limited boxset” (I should write these, as my wishlist is already 10 titles long today) .
The nice thing is you have 8 to 10 months to listen to the content before the next “batch” gets released..
I undertook the task to listen every disc from every KC boxset, alternating discs from each box to avoid redundancy. I did not want these boxes to be just a nice addition to my collection, on the shelf. I have something like to 3 discs per box left to go, and now there is this one.. The road to red seems to never end..


“how many have to have SDEs sit unopened”

Zero. Some are partially played at any given time, but I always try listen to the whole thing within a month of receiving it. Both the Bananarama and Donna Summer 33-disc monsters were no problem. I can listen to music while I work sometimes, though, so it’s not so bad.

The hard part is the video content. It took me forever to get through the Blu-rays in PF’s Early Years box. And one of the few times I let the Amazon return window lapse, and it turned out the DVD with my Alphaville “Forever Young” SDE malfunctioned, and the company never offered a refund (or if they did, I couldn’t find out how), so I missed out on that. (I can watch the music videos, which is the important thing to me – the interview bails out about halfway through.)

Dave H

“how many have to have SDEs sit unopened”

None left unopened but have I listened to everything I own, no there’s still certain CD’s I haven’t got round to listening to yet. The older I get, the less chance I have of listening to everything I own.

The other problem is having taste that gets broader with age. Music I wouldn’t necessarily listen to as a teenager, I am now listening as an adult.

I need to stop buying more CD’s and play catch up with what I have but you know that’s never going to happen especially with more SDE’s being released!


Guilty. Each time I get round to even looking at some of my latest purchases another one comes. Tears for Fears, Prince, Black Sabbath (Paranoid 50), 9LP Tom Petty, Motorhead super deluxe all inbound soon…


That face on the cover is the look people do when told they have to listen to all of this in one sitting!

andrew r

Paul any idea whether this is a limited edition or not?

andrew r

Don’t know as some of the others in the series are still
easily available .I wondered if your supply was set at a certain figure?
i would like to buy this set, just not at the moment.Thanks

Phil Cohen

King Crimson’s website says that it will be limited, however, last year they did manufacture another thousand or two of some previous boxed sets.


Of course I’m in for this one. I have the earlier box, but this is so much more. Admittedly, you have to be committed to get through all the content, but that’s the point really. It’s immersive, exhaustive, and contains so much more than the music. It’s a trip to another time, an audio documentary of a time and place, and the creative process.

Just great. And no, it’s certainly not for everyone – this isn’t something that’s released for a mass audience, it’s a treasure.


I love this album, but I’d honestly love a better treatment of “in the Wake of Poseidon”.


I’ll pass on this one.
I’ll keep my money until next year’s 52th anniversary box set of this album.


Too deep a dive for me, but I’m sure many will be delighted. Personally, I’m waiting/hoping for a CD+BD release of the 2019 tour, which I was privileged to see here in Boston.


Some of my favourite box sets are King Crimson ones, but there’s so much here that I would never play more than once, & most of the stuff that I would replay, I already have. I don’t even have to struggle not to press ‘buy’ on this one.

Johnny H

Wow, what a box. I’m in for this (and I have all the previous versions). Yes, it is a lot of money but consider the sheer volume of music contained within it (alright, a lot of it duplicated from other releases, some oop) but consider all the hours collectively putting the actual box (plus booklets, essays, 5.1 mixes, etc) together. And you get 26 discs for the price which works out at less than £6 per disc (including the Blu-rays). This, the Tears for Fears box, The Replacements Pleased to Meet Me deluxe set, I can hardly wait!


I’m actually mad this time, because I already have 4 different “exhaustive” boxes AND 4 different vinyl versions for this album!!! :( 3 of each just from the past few years!! How much have we spent on it all? I don’t think I want to know.


No vinyl, marbles, scarfs, art prints, giant boxes, guitar picks, t-shirts, pins, etc., just lots of music on CDs and HD media. No downloading necessary. Reasonable price. Although King Crimson is not my favorite bands I bought all of these sets and will buy this one. I only wish all of my favorite artists and bands would have made sets like this one and its predecessors. This is how to treat your fans. Compare this to the Flaming Pie collectors edition which was 3 times the price. This makes many other artists look like money grabbers who lacked the desire to give their fans what fans want, a comprehensive SDE.