King Crimson / Earthbound deluxe

King Crimsons 1972 live album Earthbound will be reissued in November as a CD+DVD deluxe edition, with an interesting array of content.

Full details have yet to be confirmed, but the CD element will feature an expanded 12-track version of the original 5-track album.

The DVD will include this same expanded edition in hi-res stereo (24/96) and a quadraphonic mix of the 1972 Summit Studios (in Denver, Colorado) performance. This is apparently the only surviving multi-track from that tour. A hi-res stereo is also included.

Additionally, the album length Schizoid Men sequence of edits of 21st Century Schizoid Men taken from the Ladies of The Road live album, and a transfer of the original vinyl album.

This reissue comes in a slipcased double digipak and features notes by Sid Smith along with rare photos and archive material.

Earthbound is reissued on 3 November 2017.

• CD features an expanded 12 track version of the original 5 track album.

• DVD features the 12 track expanded album in 24/96 hi-res stereo audio.

• DVD also features the Summit Studios performance in a new stereo mix and in quadraphonic. This is the only surviving multi-track performance from the 1972 tour.

• DVD features the album length “Schizoid Men” sequence of edits of 21st Century Schizoid Men taken from the Ladies of The Road live album and a transfer of the original vinyl album.

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@John D Maybe the schizoid shop in the US (Crimson’s other official outlet for these boxes) charges less for shipping to Australia. Might be worth checking.


Not too confident about a clean up of the sound. The original was recorded onto cassette. Not a lot that can be done with that source. I love the album though, so will be investigating the release for the bonus material. Still have my original vinyl, along with the replica CD issue.

[…] you buy this, you obviously don’t need the expanded Earthbound release. Various pre-order links can be found below. Burning Shed, I believe, have this exclusively […]


There are more King Crimson releases in the coming weeks to look forward to:

On September 27th will be released a Japan only 3xCD set titled “Live in Vienna 2015 + Live in Japan 2015”.

On October 10th will be released a 2xCD set titled “Official Bootleg: Live in Chicago, June 28th, 2017”.


vienna 2016. I was there. twice ^^

Noah Cross

In my experience DGM has always been very accurate and honest about sound recording quality. I recently listened to the most recent version of Earthbound and found that, while it was crudely recorded, it wasn’t as horrible as legend has it. I’m looking forward to the Sailor’s Tales box set.

Wayne Klein

The sound quality sucks but there are some good performances. Always sounded like an audience tape in terms of quality and a not very good one at that.

Agreed. While the sound quality sucks, it is, indeed, not as sucky as its reputation but the performances are pretty good and, until the Kc live radio broadcast release from Summit a Studios, it was the only documentation of this version of the band. Sounds interesting but I’ve got the Summit and the previous CD edition so I’m good.


@John D I love burning shed and their philosophy but their postage charge are tremendous even for delievery on the continent. If you are not after special releases (bundles with t-shirt eg.) you will get the box at any amazon shop around the world. Otherwise the KC boxes are really value for money and a real labour of love.
I would not complain about the bad audio quality of Earthbound which I guess will not be improved substantially. Even now there there are so many good live recording avialable from King Crimsons Collectors Club from this tour that we can expect a lot from the new box. So take Earthbound as a historic document from a incredible live band (at least up to 1974).


Apologies for being tangential to the topic, but I’d love to see a comprehensive compilation of John Wetton’s solo studio work, particularly Battle Lines and Arkangel.

I’ve been tempted to get the two-disc John Wetton The Studio Recordings Anthology, but as there’s a three-disc live box I’ve noticed, and given all these impressive King Crimson re-releases, I was wondering about the chances that a three-, four- or five-disc Wetton solo studio compilation, or even just an “Original Album Classics” type box, might surface?

John D

I hadn’t heard about the box so went from here to Burning Shed (from whom I have bought the other Crimson monoliths).
They want 93 pounds to ship it to Australia!

In case you missed that I’ll type it again:
They want 93 pounds to ship it to Australia!

I’ve e-mailed asking if there is some mistake. No reply as yet. I hope there is because they are good to deal with. Otherwise they have just lost a nice sale (and a long-time customer).

Thomas Staudt^

Talking about downloadable content:

It’s dreadful if it’s actual B-sides or fully developed stuff that comes as downloads.

In this case I guess it’s more “and there’s additional stuff where the sound quality is so dreadful we really don’t want to put it on CD, but we still want you to be able to get it”.
I’m OK with that.


KC have included some bonus download only audio on several of their sets before….and they are literally only for completions sake. If it follows those examples they border on unlistenable – not just bootleg less than ideal quality but barely decipherable and recognizable sound. Including them as download allows for completion of the era while not fooling people into something that less than 1% of the buyers would ever finish listening to once.


Hi-res stereo ? I’ve loved these releases, but isn’t the audio on this one meant to be very rough?

I’m with DaveM and will wait for the reviews. Wouldn’t it be great if they’d somehow miraculously polished up the audio!


Here’s a link to see the 27-disk set list of what’s in it (no specific track list yet – but quite a list of goodies): http://shop.schizoidshop.com/king-crimson—sailors-tales-1970–1972—limited-edition-27-disc-boxed-set-p1699.aspx

$190 bucks for all of that and the McCartney FITD deluxe edition well over $100 — for shame

David Fisher

Looks great but talking of Macca’s FITD, I see there’s audio you have to download on this one too. A bad development in these box sets. I don’t mind forking out a little more for another CD.

Philip Cohen

Please note that in the only previous instance where a King Crimson boxed set contained a download-only concert, it is because the concert in question was a very poor audience recording that was deemed sonicly unworthy of being included as a CD. The download was only offered for the sake of completeness…. for avid fans. In no way can this be compared to the shenanigans that McCartney did with the “Flowers in The Dirt” box.

And King Crimson’s download system is highly reliable. McCartney’s download system is highly unreliable. I had the coupons from McCartney’s “Tug of War” & “Pipes of Peace” boxed sets, but ultimately obtained the Hi-Rez downloads unofficially, when McCartney’s download system froze, and customer service was unavailable.(McCartney’s website generated an error message saying that my message to customer service couldn’t be sent). Though I bought all previous McCartney Archives boxes except “Wings Over America”,I didn’t buy McCartney’s “Flowers in The Dirt” box because it was poor value. I suspect that there will be no more McCartney boxed sets. I’ve been a Beatles fan since February 1964, but I’m through collecting McCartney solo music. Mr. McCartney listens more to manager Scott Rodger than to the fans…or his heart.

Charles Christopher

As I understand it, the additional downloadable content is of concert material of such poor quality the box compilers felt it was ridiculous to put on a disc and/or charge money for. They’re just making it available for those who still want it anyway, which if you’re shelling out that much cash for 27 discs you’re more likely to.


I’ll wait for the Japanese mini-LP edition. All of previous KC’s CD+DVD-A reissues came out in Japan in mini-LP format, with two replica covers, and two obi strips. So I expect this title to get the same treatment.

And further, I expect a Disk Union box to be released too, since, to date, DU created individual boxes (yes, individual, a rare treat) for each of the aforementioned mini-LPs CD+DVD-A sets!

Electric Sydney

I would love to see a track list.


As I’m not getting the big box coming up I’m happy they still decided on a separate release for this.


Avoided this album thus far as always been lead to believe the sound quality is dreadful. I will wait for the reviews on this version before I decide whether to buy.


According to Burning Shed, the entire contents of the Earthbound CD+DVD will be included on the forthcoming Sailor’s Tales big box…

CJ Feeney

All the content from this set will also appear in the “Sailors Tales” 27 disc box set.

But your probably typing that at the same time as me!

Colin Harper

If only the former members of the Mahavishnu Orchestra would take a leaf out of Robert Fripp’s catalogue curatorial book.