King Crimson / Meltdown (Live in Mexico City) / 3CD+blu-ray deluxe set

King Crimson / Meltdown (live in Mexico City)

3CD+blu-ray • 5.1 surround • deluxe packaging

King Crimson will next month issue Meltdown (Live in Mexico City), a new four-disc deluxe set next month that features over three and a half hours of material performed during the band’s five nights residency at Teatro Metropolitan, Mexico City in July 2017.

The audio is available across the three CDs but the blu-ray element features over two hours of multi-camera HD footage with an 24/48 LPCM hi-res stereo and 5.1 DTS HD-MA surround sound. This disc comes with a ‘picture off’ mode too, if those pesky visuals get in the way of a real lossless audio experience! The audio has been mixed by King Crimson member Bill Rieflin, from full multi track recordings.

The four discs come in two mini-LP CD vinyl replica-style gatefold wallets which reside in an outer slipcase. A booklet includes photos by Tony Levin and new sleeve notes is included.

Meltdown (Live in Mexico City) will be issued on 5 October 2018. Nice price in the UK.

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King Crimson

Meltdown Live in Mexico City - 3CD+blu-ray


CD 1
1. Walk On
2. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 1
3. Neurotica
4. Cirkus
5. Dawn Song
6. Last Skirmish
7. Prince Rupert’sLament
8. The Hell Hounds of Krim
9. Red
10. Fallen Angel
11. Islands
12. The Talking Drum
13. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 2

CD 2
1. Indiscipline
2. The ConstruKction of Light
3. Epitaph
4. Banshee Legs Bell Hassle
5. Easy Money
6. Interlud
7. The Letters
8. Sailor’s Tale
9. CatalytiKc No. 9
10. Meltdown
11. Radical Action II
12. Level Five
13. Starless

CD 3
1. Peace – An End
2. Pictures of a City
3. Devil Dogs of Tesselation Row
4. Fracture
5. The Court of the Crimson King
6. Heroes
7. 21st Century Schizoid Man
8. Discipline
9. Moonchild
10. Tony’s Cadenza
11. Jeremy’s Cadenza
12. Breathless
13. Cool Jam

Blu-Ray (audio/video)

Pictures of a City
Dawn Song
Last Skirmish
Prince Rupert’s Lament
Devil Dogs

Peace – An End
Easy Money
The Letters
The Sailors Tale
Catalytic No 9
Fallen Angel
The Talking Drum
Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part 2

The Hell Hounds of Krim
21st Century Schizoid Man

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Fran Kenney

Blue ray only would be nice.

Dr Magus

With the announcement of the Albert Hall Shows next June, we are all but guaranteed a bluray/cds box of the shows for this time next year, as well as another tour double cd. Hopefully some other 50th anniversary goodies as well. Can’t wait!


Received this set on Tuesday October 29th. Been watching the BluRay – I bought this set because I missed this lineup when they were on tour. Was thrilled to see that they performed Court of the Crimson King and Bowie’s Heroes on the set list.

Popped in the BluRay, video quality superb, DTS Master Audio well recorded, mixed and presented (as expected)… however, CotCK and Heroes not included in the filmed portion of the set, only available in the audio-only section. Huh? The cameras were rolling, the entire set was filmed, why omit these key tracks from the video?

Frustrating, and marred the experience of an otherwise exceptional presentation of KC music.

Neil Wilkes

Just saw The Crims again on Sunday in Bournemouth and this line up really, seriously is the best one yet for me – I sat there with my eyes closed the whole show & let the music flow over me. Glorious.


The date release is now 19/10…

Phil Morris

Now back up to £36.

Dr Magus

Thanks for that, Neil. Can’t wait for this!


Might check this one out. I’ve wanted to, but been unable to familiarise myself with their stuff because they’re one of those pesky bands with hardly any streaming services material.

By the way, all music vids have a screen off mode. You may also know it as the TV power button. ;)

Thomas Staudt

A must have for me obviously – saw them in Munich on the current tour – real magic.

Paul, if you’re taking requests, what I would absolutely love would be an article about the five or so to-be-rereleased KC Collector’s Club live albums (September 28th) – Ladies of the Road, Night Watch etc. and a guide about which recordings show up somewhere in the box sets.

I know at least some of them are hidden in there. I’d rather keep up with their new releases – and the 2018 Tour Box already hints at the next box set – than buy duplicates.



For what it’s worth, the following albums (mainly Collectors Club discs) (not including downloads) are included in the box sets:

King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King Discipline KCCBX 1
– Live In Hyde Park, July 5 1969
– Live At Fillmore East, November 22 1969
King Crimson Sailor’s Tales Discipline KCCBX 4
– Live At The Marquee, August 10 1971
– Live At Summit Studios, Denver, March 12 1972
– Live At Plymouth Guildhall, May 11 1971
– Live In Detroit MI, November 13 1971
– Ladies Of The Road
– Live At Jacksonville 1972
– Live In Orlando FL, February 27 1972
– Live In Denver CO, March 14 1972
King Crimson Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Discipline KCCBX 5
– Live At The Zoom Club, October 13 1972
– The Beat Club, Bremen 1972
– Live In Guildford, November 13 1972
King Crimson Starless Discipline KCCBX 6
– Live In Zurich, November 15 1973
– The Night Watch
– Live In Heidelberg, March 29 1974
– Live In Mainz, March 30 1974
– Live In Kassel, April 1 1974
– The Great Deceiver (split between this and the ‘Red’ box)
King Crimson The Road To Red Discipline KCCBX 7
– Live In Toronto, June 24 1974
– Live In Asbury Park NJ, June 28 1974
– Live In Central Park NYC, 07-01-74
King Crimson On (And Off) The Road Discipline KCCBX 8
– Kokusai Theatre, Tokyo Japan, December 18 1981
– Champaign-Urbana Sessions, January 17-30 1982
– Absent Lovers
– The Noise VHS/ Live In Japan (1984) laserdisc (Neal And Jack And Me DVD) – Live At Moles Club, Bath, April 30 1981
– Live In Philadeplia PA, July 30 1982
– Live At Cap D’Agde 1982
– Live In Munich, September 29, 1982
King Crimson THRAK BOX Discipline KCCBX 13
– On Broadway
– B’Boom
– Live In Japan (1995) laserdisc (deja VROOOM DVD)

also note that only most (i.e.not all) of ‘Nashville Rehearsals. SIR Studios 1997’ and ‘The VROOM Sessions’ were included in the ‘THRAK BOX.’

Thomas Staudt

Thanks a lot, greg.


Why say “mini-LP CD vinyl replica-style gatefold wallets” when you could just say “gatefold card sleeves”?

These are not “replicas.” The sleeves are not for 3” “mini”-CDs, the audio contents are not “mini-LPs,” nor indeed is there any “vinyl” involved in the release. And one of the discs is not a “CD.”

It’s a shame that even digital advocates like KC have to employ this kind of pointless puffery to sell their music, which is always beautifully packaged.

The Golden Age Of S.E. Box Sets

‘Kin Hell, get a life Olly.

I ordered this a few days ago, great musical quality & great value.

Philip Birtwistle

Suspect Mr. Fripp is trying to bankrupt fans of the current KC line up. If only they weren’t so good!!


Also, how awesome is that artwork? Looks like a simple photo, but it’s really pretty complex with all the band members appearing in the mirrors etc.


not all… Fripp, Mastelotto and Harrison are missing… anyway T-Lev is a great photographer (and one of the greatest bass player alive). :-)


No Maxx, take a good look. The images in the mirrors are not really mirror images. Fripp can be seen behind Rieflin in the mirror. Harrisons ear can be seen on the right mirror (note the beard on Jeremy Stacey, which is missing from his “mirror image”). Mastelleto in the center mirror on the right hand side.


David Ekstrand

Sounds like some frippery to me.

Dr Magus

I’m looking forward to this but would have liked to see two blu rays with the full track listing rather than a selection on one disc. Still, can’t complain at yet another great release from Fripp et al.


Has a blu-ray not enough storing capacity for the full concert in video and 5.1-audio?


To me it looks like the same format and concept like Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind. Here the bluray has the nive feature that you can play the whole concert without the video so you can just listen to the sorround sound.
As a real crimhead I will buy this in any case, though I am not sure that so many releases of the enduring tour (2014 to 2018 without studio album) are worth it (Orpheum, Japan, Chicago, Vienna and now Mexico). I saw them live three times in this tour, I could’t hear that great development in this band that it’s members always say there is. But it is alway a three hours pleasure with always different set lists.

Neil Wilkes

Hi Klaus.
The full concert is included in video & 5.1 as well as stereo, in all of it’s 2 hour 32 minute glory (152 minutes). I think you are confusing the 3:52 (232 minutes) of “extended audio only”, which is a bonus feature with extra songs and alternate takes again in full stereo & 5.1 – the thinking here is to give you, the valued listener, more music by adding songs that were not performed on the “magical show”.
2 discs not needed – we managed to fit everything onto one disc for your convenience and enjoyment (all 384 minutes of it in both stereo & surround) for a grand total of 768 minutes – over 12 hours of music.
You are all going to love this.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for clearing this. I, like Dr Magus was confused by the track listing in Paul’s post and disbelieving as well, because i was quite certain that the whole concert must fit on one blu-ray according to other BR-releases i own both from KC and from other artists.


I love King Crimson, but how I wish some of my all-time favorites would handle their output in such a classy (and value-for-money!) way. 4 discs in deluxe packaging for 25 pounds. Are you watching, Queen Productions?

Oscar Cosulich

I can’t wait!
I’ve been at two of their concert in Rome in the last 2 years (the septet in the 2016, the optet last july) and their more amazing than ever.


What’s an optet?


That would be an octet with glasses. ;-)

andrew R

The current incarnation of KC is phenomenal and the output and quality
of how they handle back and front catalogue is peerless.
Are you listening J.Page?