King Crimson / On (and off) The Road / full details of 19-disc box set


A forensic examination of King Crimson in the 1980s…

King Crimson release On (and off) The Road next month, a new 19-disc box set that presents a complete overview of the 1980s incarnation of the band.

This collection is a mix of live and studio material. It includes stereo and 5.1 surround sound editions of the three albums issued in the eighties – Discipline (1981), Beat (1982) and The Three Of A Perfect Pair (1984). On (and off) The Road also includes the final concert from each of King Crimson’s tours of this era: Japan 1981 (new to CD), Germany 1982 (new mixes for this edition), Canada 1984 (issued as Absent Lovers in ’98 but remastered for this edition).

In addition this set includes additional studio recordings, include sessions for the abandoned third album and a ‘making of’ CD which features studio snippets and outtakes from across the studio recordings.

The surround sound and hi-res studio (new and original mixes) material is found on three DVD-As (region free, NTSC) and is repeated across a trio of blu-ray audio discs. Thanks to their generous capacity, the blu-rays add extensive additional video material, including Frejus live (Discipline), Alabama-Halle (Beat) (footage unseen since original 1982 broadcast), Japan 1984 (Three of a Perfect Pair) and additional hi-res audio options.

But there’s more… The Three Of A Perfect Pair blu-ray also features previously unseen footage from the final run of 1984 Japanese concerts plus two sets of ‘single camera footage’ recordings with shots focusing on each of the individual musicians. The same disc also includes the Absent Lovers concert in a new Surround Sound mix.

These 17 discs are presented in a 12-inch box with booklet, memorabilia, extensive sleeve notes and “eyewitness accounts of KC live”. This will be released on 21 October 2016.

Note: there has been some confusion about the number of discs (15, 17 etc.) and Amazon have it totally wrong at the moment. SDE have got all the details from the horses mouth, so to speak and it is accurate. Check out “track listings” below for full details including some additional items not mentioned above.

As well as the pre-order links above, this is available with three art prints from Burning Shed, the official store for KC label Panegyric.


All discs are CDs unless stated otherwise.

Disc 1: Discipline

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2011). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Disc 2: Live in Japan

Taken from an audience cassette recording at Kokusai Hall, Tokyo on December 18th, the final concert in 1981. Audio restored & newly mastered at DGM by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy 2016. (1)

Disc 3: Beat

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2016). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Disc 4: Live at Alabamahalle

Recorded September 29 in Munich, the final concert in 1982. Remastered and recompiled 2016 by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy with six tracks from new audio sources. (2)

Disc 5: Fragmented

Mostly recorded January 17-30, 1983 at C.V. Lloyd Music, Champaign, IL Recording Engineer: Gary Platt, Produced by Robert Fripp and David Singleton. Two new bonus tracks 2016. (3)

Disc 6: Three of a Perfect Pair

Mixed and produced from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp (2016). Mastered by Simon Heyworth and Robert Fripp (4)

Discs 7  & 8: Absent Lovers

Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, July 11th, the final concert of 1984. Mixed by David Singleton & Robert Fripp from the original multi-track tapes for the DGM release “Absent Lovers” (1998). As newly recompiled in high-resolution for inclusion on Disc 15

Disc 9: Are You Recording Gary?

An insight into the inner working of the band, and the familiar heard in an unfamiliar way. Edited & assembled by David Singleton from original album session tapes, with additional downmixes by Alex R. Mundy

Disc 10: DVD-A Discipline

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2011 mix & additional tracks in 24/96 and Album rough mixes in 24/48

Video content: Old Grey Whistle Test (4)


Disc 11: DVD-A Beat

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2016 mix & Alternate Album in 24/48

Video content: Heartbeat promo; two tracks live in Munich (4)

Disc 12: DVD-A Three of a Perfect Pair

Audio content: 5.1 surround mix; original mix; 2016 mix in 24/48

Video content: Sleepless promo (4)

Disc 13: BLU-RAY DISC Discipline

Contents as Disc 10 (audio 24/96) plus:

Video content:

Moles Club French TV interview
Live in Frejus 2016 audio & video transfers

Disc 14: BLU-RAY DISC  Beat

Contents as Disc 11 (audio 24/96) plus:

Video content:

Complete Alabamahalle TV broadcast (widescreen format).

Disc 15: BLU-RAY DISC Three of a Perfect Pair

Contents as Disc 12 (audio 24/96) plus:

Video content: Three of a Perfect Pair – Live in Japan (Widescreen format).

Japan April 29th 1984 Part Show;

Japan April 29th 1984 (single camera);

Japan April 30th 1984 (single camera).

Audio content: Absent Lovers

High resolution and surround sound


Bonus Disc 16: Live at Moles Club

Taken from an audience cassette recording of April 30, 1981, the very first performance by Belew, Fripp, Bruford & Levin, while still called “Discipline”. Remastered and recompiled 2016. (2)

Bonus Disc 17: Europe 1982

A newly discovered unreleased live album. Mixed by Brad Davis & Robert Fripp in 1983. Taken from the concert in The Arena, Frejus, August 27th 1982. Plus four bonus tracks from the remainder of the concert

Bonus Disc 18: DVD More Neal and Jack and Me 

Video content: The Noise – Live in Frejus as previously released on the DGM DVD Neal and Jack and Me (2002). Plus Three of a Perfect Pair – Live in Japan – re-assembled from newly discovered master reels with previously unseen footage. Both in their original 4:3 standard definition format.

Bonus Disc 19: DVD The Town and the City

Audio content: Live in Philadelphia, Asbury Park, Cap D’Agde, Frejus 24/48 high-resolution stereo, Europe1982, previously unreleased live album 24/96 high-resolution stereo

Video content:

Alabamahalle TV broadcast in its original

4:3 standard definition format

Also includes:

40-page album-sized booklet with

previously unpublished photos by Tony Levin, and sleevenotes incorporating Robert Fripp’s diaries, new interview material with all band members written by Sid Smith and David Singleton

2 concert posters, concert programme, setlist, concert tickets, press releases, promo photo and other memorabilia


1) Previously available as a download only from www.dgmlive.com

2) Released in an earlier format in King Crimson Collectors’ Club.

3) Partly released in earlier format in King Crimson Collectors’ Club.

4) Available in King Crimson 40th Anniversary Series

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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April 8th 2017 price is £108.10 at Amazon UK….and 129.99$ US Amazon.com….much less than Amazon.ca 215 $ cad


Wow. UPS informed me, that the King Crimson box I ordered at amazon.it is sent from the UK to Germany. So this is the Amazon empire, next time I will order at burningshed, thats to the weak british pound.
@AndyP: The Steve Hillage Box is on my coffe table, this is really a labour of love and worth the money.

Philip Cohen

Arrived from DGM today. I’m playing disc 2 (a Tokyo, Japan audience recording) as I type this. What a vast archive of music, especially the Blu-ray discs that each contain huge amounts of material! By the way, when the “Three of a Perfect Pair-Live in Japan” video appears in this boxed set, it is the complete version, previously exclusive to a (now rare) Japanese Laserdisc.
I’m going to try to listen to and watch 4 to 5 hours of the King Crimson material per day. By the time that I complete playing all of the discs in full and reading all the printed materials……… it will be time for the Pink Floyd box to arrive, or the Dylan 36-CD box or The Who “My Generation” box. This is a festival of music.
The craftsmanship of the King Crimson box (in mastering, research & manufacturing) is outstanding.

Andy P

Thanks for the update, sounds very promising and given time I may give in and purchase.
I notice you don’t list the Steve Hillage box in your list of upcoming purchases, must admit that one is also tempting.

Thomas Staudt^

Will be in my mailbox today … well, rather at the side of my mailbox …
I haven’t been that excited about a re-release in years.

Jim C

Got mine today in the US from Burning Shed. They are shipping!

Philip Cohen

Today(Oct.26) DGM started to ship the “On and Off the Road” boxed sets to customers.

Tom M

Overstock tells me mine has shipped.

Tom M

You might give Overstock a try, still listed at USD $98.15.


Thanks for the tip, Tom! Got mine for that price, site says it shipped today, and the price has since been bumped up by almost $50!

Philip Cohen

The bottom line is this: no dealer anywhere in the world has actually been able to obtain this King Crimson box. My previous attempt at posting apparently offended you.

Barry WW

ImportCDs just reneged on their USD$91 claiming it was a mistake and “Tough Shite to you”.

Tom M

Same here. Makes me think twice about doing business with them again.

Philip Cohen

There’s now an unboxing video on YouTube. It’s an actual unboxing by a human being (not a simulated, computer-generated graphics “unboxing” like the video for “Pink Floyd-The Early Years”) .Seeing an actual unboxing of the King Crimson box makes it even more frustrating that neither King Crimson’s UK dealer(“Burning Shed”) or their U.S.A. dealer(DGM/Inner Knot) have shipped the set to anyone.
I ordered from DGM back in August and have, long ago been charged for the set. Not surprisingly, the YouTube unboxing video has been locked so that viewers can’t leave comments. King Crimson doesn’t want feedback from frustrated customers.
Oh well, this is the last time I’ll have to go through a situation like this for King Crimson product. The only King Crimson touring line-up that has yet to be the subject of a mega-boxed set is the 1972 Robert Fripp/Boz Burrell/Ian Wallace/Mel Collins line-up, and such a box is unlikely. There’s no video material by that line-up, and many of the concert audio recordings are distorted soundboard-to-cassette efforts.

Tom M

It appears the new ship date is October 28th.

Dr Magus

I got all my box sets through Amazon. Burning Shed had RTR box for £150 – i got it through Amazon for £120. Only paid £80 for Larks, £90 for Thrak and £60 for TCOTCK.


I tend to believe that when they say “limited”, they do mean it. What that number is, I wouldn’t know. If you go to the DGM site, you’ll find those earlier boxes sold out. Burning Shed has some of them still.

Obviously you might find them used and at a higher price on Amazon, eBay, etc. But I think I’ve learned that it’s best to get them when they come out because getting them later is either going to be more expensive, or possibly impossible to get at any price.


Jake, I learned that the hard way by waiting on Steve Wilson’s “Insurgentes” deluxe book from 2009 or whenever that was. SW was new to me then, and I was just getting into him and PT, so I thought “there will be plenty later down the road when I can afford it,” but alas, that day never came. If one shows up on eBay (it’s very, very rare when it does), it’s usually in sub-standard condition, egregiously expensive, or being sold from a country of questionable post office reliability.

Now I don’t think twice about picking up his remix or individual efforts brand new when they come out.


Another great boxset courtesy of Mr. Fripp! :D

Too bad I am skint at the moment….

Besides, I have a question. I have heard those boxsets are limited editions. How “limited” are they?
I have not been able to buy any of them except ITCOTCK (which is way less expensive), not I have been able to buy the Floyd’s Immersion ones.

Since when something is out of print, its price usually goes up through the roof (as did Mike Oldfield’s Crises boxset…) I am anxiously wondering…

Anywyay, this is a great site to get very useful info on funky Deluxe Editions! ;)

CJ Feeney

They don’t always state the number in the print run. Burning Shed says Larks Tongues was a run of 7000 and they still have copies of that, and all he box sets apart from Court of The Crimson King. Some of the sets are 5 years old. I think print runs in the thousands are overkill as “limited editions” for what are cult albums and very highly priced sets. Look at how often Pink Floyd’s Immersion Editions pop on deal alerts, and they are built around way more popular albums.

CJ Feeney

This is good complement to the recent Monkey Mind set, as the current line up of Crimson are ignoring this period in favour of the 1969-1974 period, (with a bit of little bit of Thrak /ProjeKcts thrown in).

I’m glad they bundled three albums in to one set. I didn’t think the Thrak album was enough to support a big box. Maybe a ProjeKcts/Construction of Light/Power to Believe box will follow.

And maybe Fripp and friends will get around to recording a new King Crimson album. By my reckoning it’s 13 yrs since the last “proper” album.


Ok Paul, thank you very much once more !!!
I’ll wait patiently for the Seeds Of Love deluxe box set. I’m sure there’s planty of previouly unavailable session material to make Tears For Fears die hard fans all over the world eager to listen to. It’s worth the waiting !!


Alright !!
Ok Paul, thank you very much. Now it’s clear !!
That’s why I always stay tune in SDE. Here we know all the information about box set news and take the doubts off. That’s Great !!!

By the way I’m anxious for Seeds Of Love (Tears For Fears) deluxe box set…. 2016 ???


I feel I must say it again.


That is all.


Hi Nick, or anyone help me please !!
The statement above:


What it means ?
There will be another KC box set with more material from The 80s in a near future which include ON (AND OFF) THE ROAD altogether in the same package ?

Can you or anyone explain it better !! ??
I really love to know it as clear as possible.


Preorded it two weeks ago – like every KC release. For euro-pean Countries: amazon.it is much cheaper than Inner Knot or Burning shed (even if you have a Schizoid Club discount). For the crimhead there is little really new, but I am very curious to hear the 5.1. (for Discipline StW already has done a great job) and other remixes especially the Montreal (Ladies of the Road) and the Japan gigs.


I have a standard blu Ray player, receiver and 2 speakers. Will either dvd-A or blu Ray Audio play on my system and if so what is the difference in terms of listening experience?

Jay Kranz

thanks for clearing up all the confusion. I ordered it immediately cause I have all the other boxes so know this will be of high quality but good to know exactly what I am getting! seems funny that they do not word their press releases better if they showed everything that was actually included they would probably get a few more sales!


I need a clarification. Are the “Three Of A Perfect Pair” 40th Anniversary CD/DVD & “Beat” 40th Anniversary CD/DVD that are currently on preorder also included in this massive box set?


Hi Royce. To quote mixer Steven Wilson when describing those individual sets:


(caps are his)

Royce Mangubat

Thank you very much, Nick! I’ll cancel my order for these two standalone releases and just order the box set.


You really reap the rewards when a band is serious about archiving its history in sound, in video, in print, and in photo. I am so looking forward to this release.

Philip Cohen

I ordered the forthcoming box from King Crimson’s DGM website. I bought most of King Crimson’s previous boxed sets(“In The Court of The Crimson King”, “Lark’s Tongue in Aspic”, “The Road to Red” & “Starless”), and found them all to contain an abundance of archival content, assembled with superb attention to detail.
I wish that more groups would assemble sets that are this comprehensive.

Tom of FIN

Mr. Fripp really does make King Crimson fans pay for our loyalty! Not in any streaming services either.


ImportCDs.com currently has it listed at $91.55.

Tom M


Adam shaw

I love Discipline, can’t wait !


Pre-ordered this the moment I saw it a couple of weeks ago, even though I already own the Discipline re-issue.

Classic prog fans (Pink Floyd, Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull, UK, etc) are going to have to take out a second mortgage to keep up with all the incredible stuff we’re getting these days.

Matthias Hafemann

Ahhhh….fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this box set for a long time! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I already have the THRAK box and I am still amazed about the sheer amount of content!


Holy Hell, just brilliant huh


Another cracking King Crimson box set to add to my collection. Content and price always stack up well.

I predict there will be a lot of disgruntled Pink Floyd fans at the end of the year when they weigh up exactly what they got for their £375.


I agree with you, but there is quite a bit of audience recordings included here and not the same rarities as the flow box includes.
Totally agree the price comparison is really the big difference.


Flow should read – Floyd

Eric Thiessen

Burning Shed is $121.95 (+ $27.30 freight to US)