King Crimson / Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind

The enduring and ever-evolving prog rock band King Crimson offer an immersive multimedia overview of their 2015 live performances via the Panegyric label.

In March, King Crimson issued a double-CD ‘official collectors’ bootleg’ special edition Live in Toronto, which was the first full concert release by the current line-up. At the same time they promised a comprehensive live special edition in autumn… and here it is, the niftily named Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind.

Formed way back in 1968, King Crimson currently comprises Robert Fripp (guitar and keyboards), Mel Collins (saxes and flute), Gavin Harrison (drums), Jakko Jakszyk (guitar and voice), Tony Levin (basses and stick), Pat Mastelotto (drums) and Bill Rieflin (drums and keyboards. Fripp describes Radical Action as “King Crimson… reimagined”, and, as the only member to have played with the band since its inception 38 years ago, he’s in a good spot to judge.

There are two different editions available and whichever one you choose, you’ll get three CDs. These are presented as individually themed ‘virtual studio albums’ with no audible audience. So if you shouted ‘woo!’ hoping to get on the official live album, you’re out of luck.  Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of crossover with the tracklist of Live in Toronto which was recorded during the same 2015 tour, but these three CDs instead take a representative example of every song/piece performed by King Crimson in the UK, Canada and Japan. A postcard featuring the, um, eye-catching ‘cyclops’ cover artwork is also included with both packages.

Go for the slightly cheaper option, and CDs and cyclops are accompanied by a Blu-Ray featuring a complete filmed concert performance in high-resolution stereo and 5.1 surround audio. The Blu-Ray offers ‘picture off’ mode, allowing the music to be heard independently in pristine, lossless audio (24/48khz as per original recordings). This set is presented in two mini-vinyl-style gatefold sleeves in an outer slipcase and comes with a 20-page booklet.

Pay a bit more for the limited edition, which is presented in two double digipaks in an outer case, and as well as the Blu-Ray mentioned above, you get two DVDs with a complete filmed concert performance in stereo and 5.1 surround, plus an expanded perfect-bound 36-page booklet with additional tour photos.

Footage from King Crimson’s 2015 tour is pretty hard to find on the internet, so fans will no doubt be looking forward to the audio-visual elements of this release. In the meantime, here’s the band waving in Toronto. Hurrah!

Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind is released on 2 September 2016. For pre-orders, head over to Burning Shed who are the official online store for King Crimson and Panegyric, or alternative links in the price comparison widget.


Audio/video performances include:

  • Threshold Soundscape,
  • Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part One
  • Pictures of a City, Peace
  • Radical Action (to Unseat The Hold of Monkey Mind)
  • Meltdown, Radical Action II
  • Level Five, Epitaph
  • The Hell Hounds of Krim
  • The ConstruKction of Light
  • Scarcity of Miracles
  • Red
  • Banshee Legs Bell Hassle
  • Easy Money, Interlude
  • The Letters, Sailor’s Tale
  • The Light of Day
  • The Talking Drum
  • Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part Two
  • Starless
  • Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row
  • In the Court of the Crimson King
  • 21st Century Schizoid Man
  • Suitable Grounds for the Blues
  • One More Red Nightmare

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Henk ten Holte

The King lives again!

Richard Errington

This is a great album, I was lucky enough to see my favourite boy-band in Birmingham last year and what a great gig that was. This 3cd has it all and more (i.e. all the stuff they they didn’t play that night). I was disappointed / delighted that on the bluray, during ‘Starless’, the lights didn’t go to the intense crimson during the good bit. Anyone who saw them lights will know!!

Steve long

My understanding of the two DVD set is one contains the audio from the CDs in high resolution stereo and surround formats (allowing for uninterrupted listening) and the other contains video of the Japanese concert. I can’t remember where I saw this now as I’ve tried back tracking and can’t find it.


Will there be a BlueRay only with the Concert Film as a single issue, because I see no needs for the other content in this BoxSet.

Burning Shed

Hi Andre,

As far as we know, there aren’t any plans for a standalone blu-ray version.

Rik K

Maybe a lot of households have a Blu-ray player in their main family viewing room. But perhaps the ProgMan of the house is relegated by circumstances to viewing his music on a computer with headphones, or an old DVD player in the “man-cave” in the basement. Picture the latest Crimson item arriving in the post:

Wife: “Ewww, is that some of your Progrock? Well, don’t make me and the kids suffer through that! Go off and watch it somewhere that we can’t hear it”.

Hence, one reason why DVDs might still be needed by some.

Wayne Klein

I’m sure it’s great music but I hate the cover. I know that sounds trivial but I’ve hated most of the KC covers lately.

Burning Shed

Rick wrote:

‘Can you find out why there is a Bluray packaged with the DVD’s.’

It was the format requested by the Japanese label. As such, it was always going to happen. It’s available globally so that fans don’t have to purchase expensive Japanese imports. This edition is also limited, whereas the 3cd/1blu-ray format isn’t.

The cardboard cases for the 3cd/1blu-ray version won’t be cheap. The discs will be housed in high quality Japanese vinyl replica style packages (very probably with protective inner bags).


Big thanks to Burning Shed for dropping in and clarifying things.

While I personally prefer blu-rays, we live in a mixed-up shook-up world where many people still remain committed to DVDs for their video entertainment, and these guys need to be included. And I’m so glad the blu-ray was not seen as some deluxe extra, but as a part of the standard release, as I believe it should be.


Is there a vinyl version to expected?

[…] Read more at superdeluxeedition.com […]

Burning Shed

Corrected and added to:

Sorry about the confusion regarding this release, but we’ve written up all the concrete information that we’ve been provided with so far.

Our understanding is that the blu-ray and two dvds contain the same concert. As others have suggested, the reason why the dvds are included in the deluxe package is so that people who don’t have blu-ray players don’t feel excluded. Both the dvds and the blu-ray feature the film of the complete concert, but the blu-ray has the option of ‘picture off’.

More detailed information regarding content will be forthcoming and will be on the Burning Shed site as soon as we receive it.

The lack of images of the package is entirely due to the fact that neither set has been made up yet (both are in the process of being manufactured and the final formats were only agreed on this week). However, as all Panegyric reissues are beautifully put together, we’re sure this won’t be an exception.

In answer to the question about the Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair CD/DVD-A reissues, they’re both currently on pre-order for 14th October release: https://www.burningshed.com/store/kingcrimson/collection/362/

A super deluxe box set including all the 1980s albums (plus much more) will also be announced soon.

As for King Crimson vinyl, here is what is currently available (other titles will be released over time): https://www.burningshed.com/store/kingcrimson/collection/489/

Burning Shed


Mr Burning Shed

Can you find out why there is a Bluray packaged with the DVD’s. As a customer, you either want DVD or you want Bluray. Having both formats in a more expensive package than just the Bluray is really odd and financially penalises people who want the DVD. Where is the logic here? Also, why does the dual format package seemingly have better packaging over the Bluray only option?

I hate discs being forced into these cheap cardboard cases we are getting, they scuff the discs, does nobody who designs them see this problem. Put discs on a spindle. Most of my recently bought ‘deluxe’ media is sat in blank jewel cases I have had to buy.


There is a 3xCD+DVD version for the Japanese apparently, as mentioned further, see for instance here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/IEZP-107

Lou levesque

Why King Crimson never release their music on vinyl.



Why would they release an old format that I for one cannot understand why people are going back to, not when you can have this fantastic music in surround sound, which is much more interesting and you don’t have to treat it kindly to keep it in good condition.
I don’t get this vinyl revival at all.

Burning Shed

Sorry about the confusion regarding this, but we’ve written up all the concrete information that we’ve been provided with so far.

Our understanding is that the blu-ray and two dvds contain the same the same concert. As others have suggested, the reason why the dvds are included in the package is so that people who don’t have blu-rays don’t feel excluded.

More detailed information regarding content will be forthcoming and will be on the Burning Shed site as soon as it’s received.

The lack of images of the package is entirely due to the fact that neither set has been made up yet (both are in the process of being manufactured and the final formats were only agreed on this week). However, as all Panegyric reissues are beautifully put together, we’re sure this won’t be an exception.

Burning Shed


Again, the above is exactly why this site is so special.
Not only do we have Paul, but people actually involved with the products leaving comments.
So, thank you Burning Shed, your input is most welcome.

K. Hannan

Thanks for clarifying. This article really helped me.

Barrie Sillars

The two DVD’s contain the same performance as the blu-ray, just spread over the two discs. The options seem odd. The deluxe should have been the package with blu-ray and the standard edition just the DVD’s. If you have blu-ray, then no need for DVD surely.


I guess these package options were put together by monkey mind, hence the radical action required to unseat him. Once he is gone we might get some better info regarding what is actually on offer here.

I would like to see a few more photos of the actual packaging of both sets and a full overview of what every disc contains before pre-ordering, due to the current lack of clarity.

Dr Magus

Isn’t the bluray a three hour collection of every song they played on the tour, taken from various shows, rather than a single complete concert?


The way I read it is that the CDs feature tracks taken from the whole tour and the DVDs will match the CDs but with the video and 5.1 sound. The Blu-Ray will be an “in concert” presentation with tracks just taken from the Japanese dates.

Below is from dgmlive.com posted 14th July by Sis Smith. This is slightly different to the info on Burning Shed.

One Blu-Ray featuring a complete set-list drawn from Japanese concert performances – almost 3 hours of music – in high-resolution stereo & 5.1 surround audio complete with “picture off” mode allowing the music to be heard independently in pristine, lossless audio. (24/48khz as per original recordings)

Audio: Three themed CDs of material recorded in 2015, each forming a separate discrete
performance with audio selected from a variety of shows and fully mixed from multi-track tapes by Chris Porter, Robert Fripp and David Singleton. As no audience is audible between tracks, this allows for a “virtual studio album” effect. (The current King Crimson line-up was deliberately conceived as a performing band rather than as a band concerned with making full studio recordings).

Video: Among the problems most associated with filming live performance, perhaps the key problems are those of the film-makers’ cameras intruding on the audience’s capacity to enjoy the show without interruption and the intrusion of the cameras on the band’s performance. In effect, both performance and audience response must be misrepresented to approximate a live show for later consumption. In order to record the performances more accurately, a series of Japanese concerts was captured via a number of discreet cameras in a “video vérité” style – with neither band nor audience disturbed by filming – by Trevor Wilkins who also edited and assembled the footage.

Audio/Video: Two DVD discs featuring the complete concert performances. Blu-Ray features the concert film in high-resolution [24/48] stereo and 5.1 surround sound with additional ‘video off’ mode allowing for high-resolution audio only playback in stereo and surround sound.

In essence the music can be experienced in a number of different ways – as continuous uninterrupted audio on CD, as a viewable concert performance in stereo or 5.1 surround on the DVDs and Blu-Ray, or in high-resolution, lossless audio stereo or 5.1 surround without pictures on the Blu-Ray.


1968 = 48 years ago ;-)


Thanks for this. Good overview. I caught the second concert of the tour and have been waiting for a blu-ray of a 2015 concert, feeling sure it must come.

Bob, it’s my expectation that the DVD music will be the same concert as the blu-ray. I have other releases that have done that, 2 DVDs + 1 blu-ray – I guess they’re trying to please both markets in the one release. Anyway, we’ll find out soon enough, I expect.


There is nothing on the DVD’s that isn’t on the blu-ray.


I’m not really over the moon about this particular lineup, perhaps because there’s little new material to sink my teeth (ears?) into.

However, I thought this was a good package covering the tour and have bought the CD/Blu-ray version.

And I like the idea of a live album without the audience noise.

Michael Grivich

I originally thought the same thing but the more i listen to this band the more I’m convinced its my favorite incarnation of Krim. New material lacking? Yes. But listen to what they do with the old!

David C

Still no word on the Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair CD/DVD-A releases!?


Both are scheduled for October 14th release. Details are available on the Burning Shed site. There will also be a larger 80’s box containing both as well as lots of additional material. Details of the big box have yet to be announced.

Robert M

From everything I’ve read, both contain the same content…the pricer one includes the blu-ray content on DVD and slightly different packaging…

Jay Kranz

my understanding is that the DVD is the same show as the Blu ray. and it is one show spread over 2 dvds due to dvds lack of storage compared to a blu ray. DGM tend to include dvds because of the strange market of people who will pay hundreds of dollars for a boxset of king crimson live but won’t pay less than that for a blu ray player.


Shout “woo!” at a King Crimson concert? You do not, sir, you do not.

SDE Hall of Fame

Haha, yeah, didn’t think that happened :)


I really wish more companies would offer ‘picture off’ mode on the BD’s, although like proper subtitles for picture, its all a bit hit and miss.

Michael Leek

Ended up ordering the x3 CD plus BluRay, really not sure if the DVDs had additional material?
Confusion will be my Epitaph?

CJ Feeney

I thought it was the same concert on DVD and BluRay from the Burning Shed descriptions.

This appeared on CD Japan a few weeks ago as 2CD+DVD and 2CD+BluRay packages. They have since been changed to 3CD+DVD or 3CD+BluRay which makes more sense than the Delucxe package offered here.

Incidentaly, I was not a King Crimson fan before I started visiting this site. I’ve now got about a dozen of their albums either in CD+DVD-A form or the live collectors sets.

Michel D.

Can’t wait for this; also availble there for people in North America: http://shop.schizoidshop.com/featured-items-c12.aspx


I tried to make sense of the two packages on Burning Shed yesterday but they didn’t really explain what was on offer. Your explanation is better but I’m still a bit unsure.

So in terms of content there are essentially two extra concerts, one on each DVD in the limited edition pack? The limited edition also has slightly improved packaging, digipack presumably with tray and spindle as opposed to mini vinyl cardboard sleeve in the cheaper set, also with additional info/photos?

Seems odd to use Bluray for one concert then DVD for others if that is the case.

Hans Jörg

I would say that the 3 cd, blu ray and 2 DVD version has on the DVDs the concert which is also on the bluray.


Bit confusing, yes. I understood that the 2 DVD includes ONE concert (part I and part II, maybe…?). Only hope that it will be a DIFFERENT concert than the one included in the Bluray. Oddly enough, there is a possibility that would be the very same concert, but in DVD, for your convenience (I’ll let my fingers crossed for someone to confirm I’m wrong!)


This is what confuses me, is the Bluary concert just repeated in two parts on the DVD’s? If so, why is that package better presented in terms of additional info/photos and digipacks over cardboard sleeves?