Kirsty MacColl / Days 1988-1991 / five-disc deluxe set coming in June

June will see the release of Days (1988 – 1991) a five-disc Kirsty MacColl box set that summarises her time with Virgin Records

This 4CD+DVD set effectively brings together new double-disc deluxe editions of Kite (1989) and Electric Landlady (1991). These are similar – but not identical – to the previous 2012 reissues and in total, Days delivers 33 non-album b-sides and 12-inch mixes. Both albums were produced by her husband Steve Lillywhite and delivered many great singles, although only Days from the former and Walking Down Madison from the latter were proper hits.

Kirsty always attracted great musicians and during this period she worked with the likes of Johnny Marr, David Gilmour, Mark Nevin, Pete Glenister, Elliott Randall and some great Latin musicians from New York.

A DVD completes this new set and includes the seven promo videos Kirsty made for the albums and an 18-minute EPK (electronic press kit) for the Electric Landlady album. This set is presented as a ‘media book’ package which includes credits, lyrics and biographical information by Alan Robinson.

Additionally, Kite will be issued as a clear vinyl pressing and Electric Landlady as a PINK vinyl LP.

All three physical releases are due to be released on 15 June 2018, via Edsel.

1. Innocence
2. Free World
3. Mother’s Ruin
4. Days
5. No Victims
6. Fifteen Minutes
7. Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim!
8. Tread Lightly
9. What Do Pretty Girls Do?
10. Dancing In Limbo
11. The End Of A Perfect Day
12. You And Me Baby

1. You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby
2. Closer To God?
3. La Forêt De Mimosas
4. The End Of A Perfect Day
[original demo version]
5. Please Help Me, I’m Falling
6. Still Life
7. Happy
8. El Paso
9. Innocence [7” Remix]
10. No Victims [Guitar Heroes Mix]
11. Innocence [The Guilt Mix]
12. Clubland
13. Don’t Run Away From Me Now
14. Other People’s Hearts
15. Complainte Pour Ste Catherine
16. Am I Right?
17. You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby
[She’s Having A Baby soundtrack version]


1. Walking Down Madison
2. All I Ever Wanted
3. Children Of The Revolution
4. Halloween
5. My Affair
6. Lying Down
7. He Never Mentioned Love
8. We’ll Never Pass This Way Again
9. The Hardest Word
10. Maybe It’s Imaginary
11. My Way Home
12. The One And Only

1. Walking Down Madison [7” mix]
2. Walking Down Madison [Urban Mix]
3. Walking Down Madison
[Ye Olde Originale Mix]
4. Walking Down Madison [Extended Urban Mix]
5. Walking Down Madison [Club Mix]
6. Walking Down Madison [6 am Ambient Mix]
7. One Good Thing
8. Darling Let’s Have Another Baby
[with Billy Bragg]
9. The Hardest Word [alternate take 3]
10. My Affair [Ladbroke Groove Mix]
11. My Affair [Bass Sexy Mix]
12. My Affair [Olive Groove Mix]
13. My Affair [single edit]
14. All The Tears That I Cried
15. Don’t Go Near The Water
16. All I Ever Wanted [re-recorded single version]

1. Free World
2. Days
3. Innocence
4. Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!
5. Walking Down Madison
6. My Affair
7. All I Ever Wanted

‘Electric Landlady’ EPK


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Finally recieved my copy of ‘Days’ last week – I haven’t even listened to it yet, but the shoddy packaging alone is dreadful! I hope it sounds better than it looks. Certainly not worth the £40 I paid for it. The current price is still too much.

David McCallum

This set of Kite and Electric Landlady alongside the 2012 Salvos is actually a bit interesting when it’s alongside the two similar Titanic Days from ZTT and 2012 Salvo. I’d be first in line for a seven or eight disc set of comprehensive Kirsty (RIP) – from Polydor, Virgin, ZTT and V2?

wayne klein

Hopefully mastered well. I really miss her and her wit.

[…] mentioned, when SDE told you about the new Kirsty MacColl Days 1988-1991 box set, the two albums Kirsty recorded for Virgin Records […]

Ryan Sinclair

Missing a trick not releasing this on vinyl.

M Brown

A friend way back once told me there was – somewhere – a longer version of ‘Fifteen Minutes’ with a much extended jazzy outro beyond what is heard on Kite. I’ve never seen it referred to anywhere and I’m assuming it doesn’t exist (and you’d think it would finally be appearing on this release if it did). However, if anyone knows any different, I’d love to know more!

Larry Davis

Nice set but the price should be halved…I had “From Croydon To Cuba” but for all its amazingness, it was a tad flawed… not complete and they did release things later that filled in some of the holes, so I sold it…i may rebuy it later if necessary…and curious if this happened to anyone else?? My copy had a disc printing error…Disc 1 was printed as Disc 3 and vice versa…

Larry Davis

And I too would like to have a “Complete Polydor Years” set, as DC is a killer album, the period non-album singles and B-sides are on FCTC…fave “Queen Of The High Teas”… And the 5 killer synthy 1983 songs from that unreleased 2nd album “Real” makes me want to demand the whole thing be released…it must exist…instead of building up dust in a stupid vault!!


^My thoughts exactly, Francis. I got all excited seeing the headline, but the contents are a major let-down, imo. Surely there are more rarities that could be released instead of (basically) rehashing the two-disc sets? If the fifth disc had been previously-unheard material instead of a DVD, I *might* have considered springing for this…if it had been three discs’ worth of rarities, I would have already preordered it.


I’d be interested if they do a stellar remastering job. The original CD masterings are trebly, thin, lacking in bass. The remasters just lowered the dynamic range, upped the bass and retained the harsh sound.

Steven Roberts

Love Kirsty, but for the money they are asking I’d be expecting hi-res transfers on the DVD, or 5.1 mixes (at least on the included videos).

As things stand, there doesn’t seem to be enough new here to warrant the inflated price tag…..


Marshall Gooch

How about a comp with the alternate, US promo version of “There’s a Guy Works Down the Truck Stop Swears He’s Elvis”? I have that on a 45 but I’d like a better copy.

Marshall Gooch

Klear vinyl Kite? I’m in! Seems like a long album for a single LP, but have never had it on vinyl before so sign me up. Apparently innocence has passed me by a long, long time ago.


What I’d most like to see, is a collection of her Polydor recordings. “Desperate Character” got the 2012 treatment, but just the original 12 tracks. There are extra tracks – including a whole ‘second’ album – that could have been added. Some of those extra tracks have appeared on CD, but the ‘complete-ist’ (spelling?) in me would love to see something more comprehensive.


* a whole unreleased ‘second’ album…


Hmmm…torn on this…

I absolutely love Kirsty, but I already have the 2012 reissues plus the “From Croydon To Cuba” box set (and separate DVD) so I’ll have to see a price-drop before buying this.

And a question about the original (1991) CD copies of “Electric Landlady” – my copy only had the lyrics for 6 of the tracks, did I get a dud copy? Or was it meant to be like that? Admittedly I got my copy YEARS after it was released, but I bought it from a proper shop not secondhand charity/thrift/op-shop. My cassette copy had all the lyrics and photos, which is why I’m confused. I had a look at all the listings on Discogs, but most of them didn’t have photos of the inside-booklet pages. The ones that did, didn’t match my copy.


My copy (CD manufactured in Austria) has the lyrics to all the songs.


What are the differences from the 2012 double disc editions? Any tracks not included in those?


From what I can tell…

1. Walking Down Madison [7” mix]
2. Walking Down Madison [Urban Mix]
3. Walking Down Madison [Ye Olde Originale Mix]
5. Walking Down Madison [Club Mix]
13. My Affair [single edit]

…aren’t on the 2012’s

However, I’m only going by the tracklistings so some of the mixes/edits might have appeared under different names.

Plus if I recall correctly, there was an error with “…Earned It Yet, Baby” on the 2012 “Kite” – the same version appeared twice, instead of the different ‘original’ and ‘soundtrack’ versions that were listed.


On my version of 2012 Kite, the two versions of Earned It Yet Baby are different as stated.

CJ Feeney

Of course the “great Latin musicians” were assembled for David Byrne’s excellent Rei Momo album. Lilywhite, the producer of Rei Momo, seems to have organised a sneaky session with Kirsty when Byrne was out of the room. I wonder who was billed for the session?


Would have prefered a box set covering all her music from 1979 onwards featuring all her singles, b-sides and remixes. I will be sticking to the triple disc box set released in 2005 “From Croydon To Cuba… An Anthology”.