Kitchens of Distinction / Strange Free World and other vinyl reissues

Vinyl reissue • Get in quick for great pre-order prices

British alternative rock band Kitchens of Distinction‘s second album, 1990’s Strange Free World, will be issued on vinyl LP later this year.

This album (produced by Hugh Jones) is being released alongside other KOD albums including Love Is Hell and  The Death Of Cool. All are under £9 right now if you wish to pre-order these reissues.

Strange Free World, Love Is Hell and The Death Of Cool will be released on 1 December 2017.

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Kitchens Of Distinction

Strange Free World [VINYL]


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Kitchens Of Distinction

Love Is Hell [VINYL]


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Kitchens Of Distinction

The Death of Cool [VINYL]


Strange Free World

Quick As Rainbows
He Holds Her, He Needs Her
Gorgeous Love
Drive That Fast
Within The Daze Of Passion
Under The Sky, Inside The Sea

Love Is Hell

In A Cave
Time To Groan
The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule
Her Last Day In Bed
Courage, Mother
Mainly Mornings

The Death Of Cool

What Happens Now?
4 Men
On Tooting Broadway Station
Breathing Fear
Gone World Gone
When In Heaven
Mad As Snow
Blue Pedal
Can’t Trust The Waves

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Update: After sending a few emails, the download cards are now active!! OLI Shop was very nice and helpful.


I received mine (finally) today. All 3 look great…but they come with a download card that has no files attached. Bummer because I wanted to hear the remastered tracks in the car. I wrote the dropcards download site and One Little Indian about it but have gotten no response.


Yeah, very frustrating. I’ve asked Amazon several times now and they don’t seem to know either :(


I ordered all three of these reissues back in August as well and they finally arrived today.
No prior email from Amazon saying they were back in stock and would be dispatched and, in fact, they still are showing as out of stock until 3 January.


How do they sound Eddie? I’m still waiting for mine, but they are on their way at last.


what’s going on with these? i pre-ordered strange free world months ago when i saw this and it’s just saying out of stock ..can’t see it being sold anywhere else either and it isn’t listed on discogs was this all a mistake? disappointing if so!


Didn’t like their last album but the above three are classics, first two in particular. Along with The Chameleons, KOD were masters of epic, euphoric guitar pop and criminally neglected in their respective heydays. If you need to instantly convert a friend to their peerless output just play them “Drive That Fast” and watch them rush off to buy their entire back catalogue.



One of my favorite bands!! All three ordered and shipped to the US for 27.52 GBP total…wow!!!! Thanks for the heads up, Paul!!!


Great albums but given how badly they ballsed up that box set I wouldn’t trust one little Indian to get these right! Did they ever respond to all the errors on the box set?


Any idea where I can get details of these errors/issues?


Fantastic price. Thanks for spreading the word!


I’ve been a Fan since Love Is Hell. These were previous CD only, so I’m really looking forward to having them on Vinyl. Pre-Ordered, Thanks Paul.

Tom of FIN

Cheers Paul indeed, wonderful pick for an astonishing price. Fresh from the press for 9 pounds is truely a mind-boggling bargain.

Never seen any re-issue LPs for that low cost during my miserable digital life! Pre-orderer’s advantage only or not.


Great records, particularly ‘Love is Hell’, but having recently bought the CD box set, plus already having ‘LIH’ on original CD and vinyl, I’ll pass just now.

I’ll wholeheartedly endorse that others get stuck in, though!