Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge / Radio Series vinyl box set

Complete 1992 radio series as a 3LP coloured vinyl box set

A-ha! (No, not that one). It’s the time of year when we sing about putting ‘A Partridge in a pear tree’ so why not put A Partridge on your pre-order list with this new Knowing Me Knowing You 3LP vinyl record set, which features broadcaster Alan Partridge hosting his very first radio chat show.

Broadcast back in 1992, the BBC radio series saw the profile of the On The Hour sports reporter hit the chatosphere as he spoke to some distinguished guests, including France’s second best racing driving Michel Lambert (“you’re nearly at the top of your profession…”), showbiz cockney Shirley Dee, who is devoted to her boxing-club running uncle (“you say ‘nice’ but your uncle Dennis did commit murder”) and child prodigy Simon Fisher (“I’m sure Frankenstein’s parents found it within their hearts, to love him”).

Alan chats to Shirley Dee

Alan would later make the transition to television with the same show, but ruined his chances of a second series largely down to a shambolic 1995 Christmas special (Knowing Me, Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge). After some years in the wilderness (when he lived in Linton Travel Tavern and then a static caravan) he bounced back as the host of North Norfolk Digital’s Mid Morning Matters and an unlikely return to the BBC is coming in 2019, with This Time with Alan Partridge.

On that bombshell… it just remains for me to tell you that this new vinyl box set of the original 1992 radio series includes all six half-hour episodes and is pressed on ‘sports casual’ coloured 180g vinyl. It is released on 25 January 2019 via Demon Records.

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Alan Partridge

Knowing Me Knowing You - The Complete Radio Series [VINYL]


Knowing Me Knowing You – The Complete Radio Series 3LP coloured vinyl


Side 1
1st December 1992: Alan Partridge interviews Lawrence Camley, Ally Tennant, ‘Linda’, ‘Peter’, Adam Wells

Side 2
8th December 1992: Alan Partridge interviews Simon & John Fisher, Janey Katz, Nick Ford

LP 2

Side 1
15th December 1992: Alan Partridge interviews Michel Lambert, Shirley Dee, Chris Lester, Phil Collins

Side 2
2nd December 1992: Alan Partridge interviews the Duchess of Stranraer, Steve Thompson, Sandra Peaks MP, Craig & Matt Bradley

LP 3

Side 1
29th December 1992: Alan Partridge and Kendall Ball interview Sally Hoff, Conrad Knight, Bernie Rosen, Jack ‘the Black Cat’ Calson

Side 2
5th January 1993: Alan Partridge interviews Tony Hayers, Trudy Sky, Yvonne Boyd, Lord Morgan of Glossop

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Adam Rowland

Sonia, that was classic intercourse

vinyl listener

is this sponsored by lexus ?
will there be a new cd version ?
i find comedy is better served on small silver discs that big slabs of vinyl.
send it to the boffins at abbey road for some half-speed remastering


Ive pre ordered the deluxe edition with a ‘hand signed’ Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Paul Taylor

I’m sorry but that’s just a noise

Gary C

You might find some superficial damage to the box, but the recording is perfectly playable

Martin Dudley

Has anybody asked Shakin’ Stevens what he thinks about this?

Dr Magus


Gareth Jones

Shame it doesn’t come with anything else, like the League Of Gentlemen set did. Perhaps a signed art print, a net, or a piece of cheese to smell!

Steven W

“Thank goodness it’s radio! I never thought I’d say that”


I loved all the televsion comedy series featuring the sad, pathetic, daft world of Alan Partridge but listening to him over and over on vinyl, no thanks.

Rich P


Derek Langsford

I left the UK in 1985 and have never heard of this. And I am so out of touch that I recognize few of the individual listed in the programs. Must be one of those sesquicentennial British phenomena that doesn’t translate well overseas.

Paul Taylor

The individuals are fictitious characters played by a core group of actors in the show, Derek. It’s completely logical that you don’t recognise them!

Derek Langsford

So was it really Phil Collins, someone impersonating him, or someone completely unrelated to him (that was the name I recognized)?

Dr Volume

It’s just the Character is called Phil Collins, appropro of nothing (I have a basic grasp of Latin).

Partridge is a spoof sports reporter turned chat show host. Kind of an amalgam of Terry Wogan, Richard Madeley, David Coleman, Simon Bates, Richard Whitely etc. Very very funny and the radio series still stands up, give it a try probably up on YouTube somewhere

Stuart Ansell

‘What if your arm bursts?’

‘Sorry, I’ve heard of a nosebleed, but in my 14 years of professional broadcasting, including 3 years as a hospital radio disc jockey, I’ve never had anyone come up to me and say “My arm’s just burst. Could you play a dedication?”‘


Ah ha


Jurassic Park!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

from the title i thought first : oh wow “knowing me knowing you” a 3 vinyl set
with unreleased ABBA tracks. but it will be not…
sadly the new ABBA songs will not released in december this year… it was now announced for
no earlier than march 2019: “happy new year”


It does – like the HHGTTG sets – show the amazing value for money of the League of Gentlemen box set.
It was (pre-launch) circa double the cost of Partidge 50% more than the Hitchiker one for 4 x as much content (plus extra 7”, signed print etc).


Just realised Tony Le Mesmer was on the tv show. It was Janey Katz on the radio show ( “with a set of pins that’d hypnotise any bloke”). The Lord Morgan one was funny too.


Had some of these on cassette. Far better than the the tv show. Simon Fisher boy genius and Tony Le Mesmer (“smelly Alan Fartridge”) are personal favourites.


Wonder if the comments about Uncle Dennis will stay in? Those boys at the boxing club.will do anything for him….

Conrad Knight Socks


Demon/BBC must have been happy with sales of the League of Gentlemen vinyl set.

Michael Chapman

Enough of this obscure crap already!!
Where’s Grace Jones “Living My Life” deluxe ???
I’m frickin’ 62 and am sick to death ( not quite but you get my drift) of all this strange and dare I say “fringe” stuff being dressed up and thrust our way while real music treasures remain some sort of……Eldorado in the hands of the BIG music companies.
In short,….grrrrrr.

Stuart Ansell

Obscure? Partridge? The man is synonymous with a style he likes to call ‘sports casual’…

Stuart Ansell

I quite agree Paul.

However, in a fight to the death, my money is on Grace every day.


Stuart Ansell, YES! Grace knows how to handle chat show hosts…


Peter Muscutt

“Lovely stuff!” – If they are releasing the Partridge series, I’d love to see them release ‘On the Hour’ also, featuring Chris Morris’ mischievous, satirical genius: “This is On The Hour – I’m Chris Morris. You’re not.” :-)


Is that the series where he managed to get the lead singer of 2 Unlimited to sing “No, no, na, na, na, na, no, no, Douglas Bader” ?

Morris had told him it was Douglas Bader day and as a tribute to a British legless test pilot, it would be great if he could sing something. The 2 Unlimited guy was utterly bemused, but didn’t want to be rude, so he did it.
I remember I was moving house at the time and the radio was on in the background. I just stopped working and listened to it in hysterics.
It was a forgotten classic moment of comedy.


This was from Chris Morris’ Radio 1 shows where he interviewed various unsuspecting celebrities as Radio 1 DJ Wayne Carr
The backstory was that Douglas Bader’s biography was called Reach For The Sky… so it would only be apt to honor him thus…


Warp Records did an unedited On The Hour set several years ago albeit on CD (this was a follow-up of sorts to the “Blue Jam” CD)

Andrew Greenwood

at least it looks as though these are in the correct order unlike the CD sets I bought a very long time ago.


Back of the net!

Chris Squires

Excellent, Love a bit of Partridge and they really should look at making some of his best ideas into TV shows, Monkey Tennis anybody?
Spookily enough I watched Packet of Three at the weekend, in which an uncredited Steve Coogan makes only his second TV performance. I don’t know why imdb doesn’t list Coogan but hey-ho. Truly awful early 1990s comedy.
Partridge is pure Gold though and as he intimates in “Running up that Hill – The Kate Bush Story” he really was responsible or getting Kate back up on stage (he wasn’t).

It’s just a shame they couldn’t get Steve to sign the first 500 as a nice 12 x 12 print.

Paul Spurgeon

Seems your love of partridge rivals my own.
I’ll be getting this!

I’m smiling like the bicycle of Amsterdam…..