Kylie / Disco glow-in-the-dark vinyl

Available once more

Back in stock right now is the elusive Kylie Minogue glow in the dark 2LP vinyl of her Disco album.

This Amazon exclusive was available briefly last week and is now available again, listed as a ‘Black Friday’ exclusive.

The album went to number one in the UK album chart recently and has been available on a wide number of formats and vinyl editions.

The glow in the dark edition has been going for inflated prices on eBay, so here’s a chance to avoid the scalpers.

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Michael Roberts

I ordered my copy Amazon US on Monday and it was just delivered. I really should have ordered 2 copies, because I really don’t want to open this one.

It shipped from Great Britain and I got it in the US in FOUR days.

Meanwhile, I have been waiting on various shipments of other items being sent from Georgia and New York for over a month. LOL


I was lucky enough to grab this the first time it went on sale. It became my 18th physical copy of the album (6th vinyl version). It´s a fabulous album!

Alex D Falcone

Looks like it’s still available in Italy at regular price.

Gareth Pugh

Mine arrived early this morning from Amazon and I have to say, it’s very nicely done – 140gsm discs, gatefold with spot varnish effects, each disc is in a custom ‘star field’ die=cut inner sleeve, plus you get 2 x 12″ square inserts, one with all the lyrics and the other can work as a frame-able art print. Had been meaning to get one of the coloured vinyl copies at some point, glad I waited a bit ’til this one made itself known!

Paul A

It’s back to £22.84 this morning…

Unsurprisingly this version is currently ranked as #1 Best Seller in Vinyl.

Mark Harvey

And now back up to £69.99….that was quick!

Mark Harvey

I justed ordered this for £22.84 from Amazon UK tonight. But sure how long the price will hold.


i said i was NOT spending any more money on disco after having to spend a bazillion dollars on shipping for each special item (7″ vinyls, double cassette) instead of being sold as part of the original bundle (a la steps)

plus by that time they were all sold out everywhere but ebay so that was that.


back in stock and on SALE?

damn you paul!

(and thank you, paul!)


I got two of these last week in the hope to trade one off for the Deluxe Marbled Blue vinyl.
Here’s hoping there’s less of glow than blue.


Amazon in the U.S. now has only one copy of Kylie’s glow in the dark disco double album available from a third party vendor at $199.99 USD (£149.79), plus shipping cost!! Absurdly opportunistic and greedy. I think I’ll opt for the CD version and place some cheap glow-in-the-dark party sticks on top of my Oppo player instead :-/


Down to £22.04 – Wow what a bargain

Keith Slatter

And back down to £22.04 as of 18.51!


Now £22.04! Tuesday 13:30.


Thank you – would have missed this otherwise!

Michael Roberts

Just got my copy ordered from Amazon US for $43.45 total (including shipping & tax)

It says delivery between Dec 5th-9th which sounds really great.

Daniel Grant

Very disappointed that none of these special editions have been made available on Amazon Australia and we cannot get them shipped from the US or UK – Bad form Kylie – thought that being homegrown we would get something special too!

Karen Falle

I got mine from Amazon Australia ‍♀️

Andrew Abley

Cheers Paul, missed it twice and purchased today from Amazon at £26.99
Another album I was setting on the fenace for and after a couple of listen’s it half decent
Arriving Friday


Damn! This album better be good – Ive missed every special edition :(
I got all the SHD stone’s so I cant complain. I dont have any Stones (never listened) so Ill consider myself lucky the CDs are SHD.



So Amazon USA is selling at $189.00
I bought it, will sacrifice food for a while. LOL. These scalpers are horrible people.

Nathan Thomas

“ So Amazon USA is selling at $189.00” . Scalpers on Amazon USA are selling for $189.99 – not actually Amazon USA itself


Prices are falling on eBay for the Glow in the Dark version, its going for circa £40ish now, so these should just about kill off the scalpers. She signed so many copies of Disco, I’ve seen the signed CD and LP + Print go for less than original sale value. Schadenfreude..

John 79

I’m not a massive Kylie fan but the glow in the dark vinyl peaked my curiosity,so I went for it at that price, I’ve seen the scalpers trying to sell for £150, so thanks for the heads up Paul.


Thanks for the headsup. Grabbed one. This US fan is ecstatic. I’m a huge Kylie fan so I collect the different editions. This glow-in-the-dark double LP is my holy grail. And I don’t even have a turntable!


Can’t get enough of this album!!!!
It was actually available on Amazon Italy all last week.
Amazon USA would not send it to Canada, so I bought it from the UK.
Hopefully Amazon Canada will offer it.

Disco – That’s where the happy people go!



Missed the first time round & just got the SDE email alert so nabbed a copy, SDE definitely the fourth emergency service!


The re-list is saying WAS £79.99, now £26.99. How do they get away with this? It was never £79.99 either in the first batch up for sale or while it was out of stock!


Private Sellers!

When Amazon UK sold out, the Private Sellers took over the listing


Michel Banen

Well the cheapest option was for 79.99 via a reseller and now that Amazon has it again that means it’s now available for 55 Pounds cheaper. Scored a copy, thanks !!!!!

Keith Slatter

Kylie down in price again! Just ordered at £22.04!

Tiffany Gardiner

I missed it the first time so grabbed a copy now

Mike B

oh my god!
I literally bought 3 at inflated prices on ebay last week, sheesh!
How many more area available?

Timm Davison

Wait, you bought 3 copies at inflated prices? 3 copies? This is why the secondary market charges such ridiculous prices…the need to have 3 identical versions of the same item gives these scalpers precedent to sit on stock and not lower their pricing to accomodate a fan who might want, you know…just 1 copy at a decent-but-not-exhorbitant markup.


Even as a collector 3 copies doesn’t make a ton of sense… Hard to feel bad in this case – if that’s what you’re willing to spend and can do it 3 times over, then doesn’t seem to be much issue.

For the rest of us, glad we have alerts like this! :)

Mike B

I was willing to spend that because this was supposed to be a very limited run on an Amazon only Black Friday special, which made perfect sense until this new lot were released. Cheers!

Mike B

Yes, I bought 3. I collect everything Kylie but 2 are gifts for Christmas.
Fact is, I had no idea this ‘exclusive’ was going to turn out not to be so exclusive so I guess my 2 Christmas gifts are just a novelty really Ho hum.


Just happened to look at Kylie vinyl this morning, and was shocked that the US price was cheaper (although it has $10 shipping, but still…). Bought it instantly. Appreciate you keeping us all in the loop.


Shocked that the price was…ooh woah!
Shocked that the price was cheaper…

(sorry, I couldn’t resist)


Well played