Kylie Minogue / Golden

Kylie Minogue is back with a new album, Golden, which is scheduled for release in April.

The album was apparently recorded in Nashville (!) and Kylie has worked with a number of producers on the 12-track album (the deluxe adds four bonus tracks) notably Sky Adams, who has also co-written four songs. I noticed Eg White’s name on the songwriting and production credits of one number, Raining Glitter. Eg has written loads of great songs for other artists (Will Young’s Leave Right Now comes to mind) but in the world of SDE he is ‘best known’ for the sublime Eg and Alice album 24 Years of Hunger.

Back to Kylie, and you can preview Dancing from the album above and head over to the official Kylie store to pre-order the format of your choice. There’s the aforementioned deluxe CD, and exclusive Golden vinyl picture disc and a super deluxe edition which gives you a 12 x 12 inch 30-page photo book with the deluxe CD and black vinyl (+download code). You can actually order the super deluxe edition from Amazon and HMV but Kylie’s store dangles an exclusive Dancing photo in front of your eyes as a special extra.

The Golden Super Deluxe Edition. The photo at the top is an official store exclusive.

The official store also has more bundles than you can shake a bundle of sticks at, including a super deluxe bundle which takes the ‘basic’ super deluxe edition and adds the vinyl picture disc, a cassette, a seven-inch single and another photograph. Phew! For a extra confusion HMV have a clear vinyl edition not on Amazon and not on the official store!

Golden is released on 6 April 2018 by BMG.

Order HMV clear vinyl version

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Kylie Minogue

Golden - super deluxe edition with Book, Black Vinyl, Deluxe CD


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Kylie Minogue

Golden - black vinyl LP


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Kylie Minogue

Golden - deluxe CD with enhanced packaging and 4 bonus tracks


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Golden - standard CD


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Kylie Minogue

Golden - cassette tape

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Amazon uk   29.99
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JPC de   10.99

1. Dancing
2. Stop Me From Falling
3. Golden
4. A Lifetime to Repair
5. Sincerely Yours
6. One Last Kiss
7. Live a Little
8. Shelby ’68
9. Radio On
10. Love
11. Raining Glitter
12. Music’s Too Sad Without You (with Jack Savoretti)
13. Lost Without You*
14. Every Little Part Of Me*
15. Rollin’*
16. Low Blow*

*Bonus tracks on the deluxe CD

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No mention of this release on here by SDE since it was released last week. 1,000 special signed editions of the cassette were released on Monday and sold out within an hour even though limited to 2 per customer. Guess where most of them are now being sold now? Not a hard question is it. Suppose they needed to shift some more cassettes after lack of pre-orders and it worked!


It was to ensure it made number one, but it was thousands ahead by the Friday still anyway so they didn’t need to bother doing it. But nice all the same.

Tony Orwell

Does anyone know if the 7″ single available via the kylie store is sold anywhere else and individually?

Paul Foster

The dancing vinyl single is on amazon.de for 5.99 Euro. Amazon uk currently unavailable.

Ronald van Veen

Lots of fans hated her two albums on Deconstruction. Turned out to be her finest albums to date!

Phillip Fogel

The verses are brilliant, love the song, I don’t get the hate. Can’t wait to hear the album. At this point in her career she can do anything. Do people really want the same dance sound from her?


Spot on Phillip.

Jonathan Partridge

I really like it because I think it is a clever mix of country and pop. It suits her IMO. I like the idea of the country influence infusing the whole album so I am hopeful for a cohesive piece of work. I am intrigued. However I DO think this song is too short (why do they do that?). Plus as a lead single the message of the song is extremely unimaginative (we know dance is your thing Kylie) so from that perspective it is beyond safe. Mixed feelings. Make or break? I think so!


I like the new single. Finally she sings in her proper voice and doesn’t sound like a chipmunk!

This shouldn’t be regarded as country just because it was recorded in Nashville. However storytelling is at the heart of country music and it is this facet Kylie was harnessing.

For me the heart of the song is key. When this is right production can add new life. For example White Diamond is a perfect ballad and uptempo pop track!

I do think Kylie has to be a little careful. History has shown the fans want pop/dance/disco and deviation hasn’t always been commercially successful. Yet an artist should be allowed to grow.

On another note, there are far to many formats and bundles for this album. I am sure this to to influence fans who are collectors to buy multiple copies but that is a little unfair.

For the recent A-ha album I bought 8 physical formats and for Sting 5 formats.

This is all getting out of control as there is very little value-add between formats. In the 90s a restriction was put on how many formats where eligible for the singles chart so maybe new restrictions are required to rein in record companies, or at least a law to protect consumers to ensure value is added.


I don’t see how putting out multiple formats of an album can be considered unfair. With all this digital and streaming, putting out interesting physical formats is a must IMO. In Kylie’s case she is putting out a standard and deluxe CD, like many other artists. Get the deluxe CD and you will have all the tracks announced for the album (at least so far) on one release. There is also a standard version of the vinyl, like most artists release today.

So what’s left: a vinyl picture disc, a cassette and a super deluxe edition that includes a book + the deluxe CD and the regular vinyl. There is also a ltd edition clear vinyl available in some territories.

I would say this is giving lovers of physical formats options. Some of these (the cassette, picture disc vinyl) are probably mostly geared towards her fanbase that like to own something special and collectible. I see nothing wrong with that. People always have a choice of what to buy and in this day and age where some albums are not even released on physical formats I for one welcome artists that understand that they have a fanbase that wants to buy their releases on multiple formats.


Not bad at all. I mean, I’m not a massive Kylie fan, but have always found her music pleasant enough. If you’re an old-school Kylie fan ans consider the likes of ‘I should Be So Lucky’ as classic, I really can’t see how anyone could look down their nose at this!


The first 20 seconds of dancing are a xerox copy of Sheryl Crow’s Detours…this is all pretty basic and a desperate attempt at doing some sort of style crossover (which she has been trying already for 10 years) and it aint gonna work out. Sad.


Gotta say, on some level this concerns me; the producer of the track sad it was the most “quintessential Kylie” moment on the while album. That’s worries me as far as what we’re gonna get with the rest of the album.


One can only hope Golden will be better than the more miss than hit Kiss Me Once although from the sound of Dancing, it looks set to be more of the same. Shame really.


Both Kiss Me Once and X were a mish mash of musical styles, but I enjoyed both for the most part.


X was brilliant, so many great tracks. Aside from the perfection of Light Years, her best album for me. Hopefully 2020 will bring an amazing 20th Anniversary SDE of Light Years. Til then looking forward to hearing what Golden has to offer.


Light Years is hands down my favorite Kylie album, followed closely by X and Body Language(which is highly undervalued in my mind). Aphrodite, despite it’s musical cohesiveness and the excellent one-two singles punch of All the Lovers and Get Outta My Way, is probably my least favorite of her Parlophone albums(though I still enjoy it).


From a Kylie fan…. I’ve heard it all now…. Kylie Goes Country and Western! Awful! This will end her career

Larry Davis

Likely not…closedminded hardcore purists like you will go by the wayside…pop adapters like me will stick around and she will guaranteed garner a whole new audience…Nashville…don’t be surprised is she moves there…and she is like a cat, 9 lives and the ability to reinvent and adapt to new surroundings…plus new record deal…


You are absolutely right. Trying to cancel my preorder.

Mr David Barker

The first time I listened to it, I thought exactly the same terrible production the sound is horrible Kylie what have you done ????

Larry Davis

Sign of success…if this didn’t work as well as it does, you wouldn’t have reacted in pure horror!! I actually like it…looking forward to hearing the whole record…


New single – in a word: dreadful. Like a slowed down Pinky and Perky number..


It’s great! I love it!

Larry Davis

Success!! Pinky and Perky is a GOOD thing…sugar IS a good thing…the bubblegummier the better and a bit of Nashville flavouring is a nice spice too…


It’s…pleasant enough, I guess, but thinking back, the only Kylie trailer single that wowed me less was 2 Hearts(still think The One should’ve been X’s first single, but alas). I don’t know, her singles choices over the last couple albums have been hit-or-miss for me; this one leans closer to “miss” on the dial.


These vinyl editions are all very well, but it’s about time we had a vinyl issue of Light Years, some of her very best songs (Butterfly, Disco Down, I’m So High, the title track) are on that.

Larry Davis

Well, I find the song to be kinda cute…an unexpected pop/country/dance hybrid (recorded in Nashville?? Didn’t expect that)…yeah, like Miley’s new record (which IS quite good), to 90s Shania Twain to Dolly’s 1980’s KILLER country/disco hybrid singles like “Potential New Boyfriend”…it IS a drop short…a longer remix could be great…but the 4-note chorus is quite catchy…surprised this is on BMG…thought she was still with Parlophone/Warners, but I guess “Kiss Me Once” and the Christmas album were her final albums in her deal/contract?? I’ll buy this definitely, and the SDE version has an unexpectedly nice price too…who knows?? She could be embraced by the country community, like they just did NY pop vixen Bebe Rexha, a #1 country single in her duet/collab with Florida Georgia Line…stranger things have happened, so don’t be surprised with this…Miley Kinogue?? HA!!

Kevin Galliford

She must surely be in the last chance saloon with this.If this flops I can’t see her being given another major label release.


The song is GREAT!

Marcus André

She remind me a Brazilian singer called Wanessa Camargo, in her album “Meu Momento”, and that’s not good at all. I hope that the other songs were not so bad as the first single.


Her best single since All The Lovers in my humble opinion. Hoping the album is more consistent and memorable than Kiss Me Once. Aside from the title track and Into The Blue, that was a completely forgettable album sadly. Here’s hoping!!


I still listen to Kiss Me Once. Played it 2 days ago


Glad you still enjoy it Patrick. For me, it was her weakest album since Let’s Get To It. Personal choice though. I wish her well with Golden and hope it is a big success for her.


I love that sleeve art!!


Same here! She is voluptuous!

Matt Ganoe

Any indications of what might be on the b-side of the “Dancing” 7-inch single? I’m dying to know? Will there be a Japanese bonus track as per usual?

Lee Anderson

It’s Rollin’. Which is also a track on the Deluxe CD version


Oh, wow! The new song is hot as she is! Whoop! Whoop!


The singles not bad, hoping it will grow on me as I love her dearly. I guess we can safely say that any long-held fan hopes of an edgy reinvention a la Slow or Head aren’t coming true any time soon though…


I’m also not very enamored with the imagery, at all. Just a little too basic overall, giving me Kiss Me Once vibes in terms of its lack of iconic themes and generic feel.


Dancing is a bit boring to be honest. A shame really.

Martin Soultstew

Oh it’s not really a good song, is it? A Four-Note-Hook that doesn’t really stick. It IS catchy – but in a wrong way. Like too much sugar. Then again, my favourite is “Confide in Me” with “Spinnin’ around” a close second.


its too short,isnt it? not bad but nothing special…

Matt NYC

this new single is Into The Blue by way of Dolly Parton. i can hear the Steve Anderson Remix already.

Paul saunders

I totally agree with your comment Matt , the intro is very close to Dolly Partons voicing. A nice catchy first listening but not that memorable .


So it’s already sold out? I’ve tried buying the Super Deluxe but there is no way to make it happen. Why are you all even bothering to report about this?! They obviously have no intention of selling it to the general public if you can’t purchase anymore the day it is announced. How asinine.

Kevin S

The Super Deluxe bundle still available on her own site and the Super Deluxe with book etc. is still available on Amazon UK as of 7.00pm


This single cries out for about 6 or 7 remixes.

Make it twice as fast move it away from the barn floor and onto the dance floor.


Catchy country in a Shania Twain vain

Bruno MacDonald

That might be my favourite Kylie song since Love At First Sight. It’s very Miley (Mylie Kinogue), but Malibu and Younger Now are splendid, so that’s no bad thing…


The first single from a new Kylie album is always a bit
Rubbish IMO (from “X” onwards) 2 hearts/all the lovers/into the blue… all a bit dreary and forgettable


I like all “2 Hearts” and “Into The Blue”, although neither is among her strongest singles. But I have to strongly disagree with you on “All The Lovers” – that was a fantastic intro single to launch the album.


Wasn’t All the Lovers her biggest hit since the Fever album?


Check out the Visage ‘Fade To Grey’ / Kylie ‘All The Lovers’ mashup. Stunning…..


I really like the album cover. On first listen I quite like the song but will need to hear it a couple more times.


Ok Dancing is not bad but it’s not my cup of tea and her usual’s one… I have to listen to it more then once…


Sorry but the album cover is not her stabdards’! Still have to listen to the new single… She’s a disco queen not a country one…Please do not disappoint us!


The chorus of ‘Dancing’ sounds just like ‘Day we caught the train’ by Ocean colour scene ?

Magnetic Ham Sandwich

The best package on the Kylie website was the Super Deluxe Bundle. You got the album on black vinyl, the album on picture disc vinyl, the album on black vinyl in the deluxe 30 page hardback book packaging, the album on cassette, the album on deluxe expanded CD with 4 bonus tracks, two photographic prints, a bonus third photographic print genuinely signed by Kylie, the single ‘Dancing’ on 7″ vinyl, and download cards for the album. All limited to 100 copies, priced at £100. Went live on Thursday midnight on the Kylie store, sold out before breakfast on Friday morning.

Matt NYC

GAH! I’m in the US and missed this. Huge fan here so I really want the works, esp the signed photo. Any ideas? Thanks.


Come on! Are you kidding me?! Make some more damn it! Jesus! What is this?


I think the track is a nice direction for Kylie to be trying. I wouldn’t count on it necessarily being indicative of the direction for the full album just because it was recorded in Nashville–much of the music production in the US seems to be centralizing in Nashville now–not just country. It’s a cute song–not an immediate one for me like CGYOOMH or some of her other lead singles, but I like the style of it.

So far digital only pre-orders on Amazon US–hoping the physical pre-order is coming soon.


That Eg and Alice album is great.
You remember Sophie and Peter Johntson too? Two albums that need a reissue.


This site is what got me into Eg and Alice when Paul posted one of the songs for New Years Day a couple years back. I agree that it is really a lost classic and that it definitely deserves a proper SDE.

Peter Nicholas

Is she meant to sound like a poor mans Dolly Parton, how the mighty have fallen.

Also with all the options available to purchase is this because the record company dont have much hope about the album doing well?

Howard Trigg

I love Kylie, but I do not like this track at all.


I quite like the new song, Dancing. May be tempted to get the album!


Ordered this on seven formats this morning + the 7″ single of “Dancing”. Now I just need the clear vinyl version and any foreign versions if they include bonus material (hello Japan, hopefully).


Vinyl Tap have the ltd ed clear vinyl on their page – I just placed an order.


Dancing is her worst single i think….


OH MY GOD! Fred – I have to agree with you! I just listened to it and I thought everything about it – especially the production – were TERRIBLE! Sad day!


Are u kidding??? Dancing is so catchy and it took me after 2 listens to get into the hook!!