Labi Siffre / My Song 9CD signed box

500-only signed by Labi Siffre • 9CD box set

In September, Edsel will issue, My Song, a 50th anniversary Labi Siffre nine-CD box set which features all of his albums and a generous selection of bonus tracks. 500 copies come with a ph0to personally SIGNED by Labi Siffre!

Siffre is probably best known for penning ‘It Must Be Love’ (covered by Madness in 1981) and for his powerful anti-apartheid anthem ‘(Something Inside) So Strong’, which peaked at number four in the UK singles chart in 1987.

The box features the following nine albums: Labi Siffre (1970) The Singer and The Song (1971) Crying Laughing Loving Lying (1972) For The Children (1973) Remember My Song (1975) Happy (1975) So Strong (1988) Man of Reason (1991) and The Last Songs (1998). They all come packaged in vinyl replica card wallets, and are accompanied by a 32-page booklet in which Labi speaks candidly about his career.

In total, there are 146 recordings in this collection with 44 bonus tracks. Labi’s last album, The Last Songs has been remastered in 2020 especially for this set and contains two newly recorded bonus tracks.

My Song  is released on 4 September 2020.

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Labi Siffre

My Song - exclusive signed edition

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CD 1
1. Too Late
2. Words
3. Something On My Mind
4. Maybe Tomorrow
5. You And I Should Be Together
6. I Don’t Know What’s Happened To The Kids Today
7. I Love You
8. Make My Day
9. A Little More Line
10. Maybe
11. River
12. Love Song For Someone
13. I Just Couldn’t Live Without Her
14. Maybe When We Dance
15. Ask Me To Stay
16. Here We Are

CD: 2
1. There’s Nothing In The World Like Love
2. You’re Lovely
3. A Number Of Words
4. Who Do You See?
5. Not So Long Ago
6. The Shadow Of Our Love
7. When I’m On My Own You Are On My Mind
8. Rocking Chair
9. Interlude
10. Thank Your Lucky Star
11. Talkabout
12. Relax
13. Bless The Telephone
14. Summer Is Coming
15. Goodbye
16. When You Find You Need A Friend
17. Get To The Country
18. A Feeling I Got
19. Till Night Time Comes Along
20. Fallin’ For You
21. Oh What A Day
22. Just A Face
23. Seasons Come, Seasons Go

CD 3
1. Saved
2. Cannock Chase
3. Fool Me A Goodnight
4. It Must Be Love
5. Gimme Some More
6. Blue Lady
7. Love Oh Love Oh Love
8. Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying
9. Hotel Room Song
10. My Song
11. Till Forever
12. Come On Michael
13. To Find Love
14. Watch Me
15. Why Did You Go, Why Did You Leave Me?
16. You Make It Easy
17. Good Old Days
18. Pristine Verses
19. You’ll Let Me Know
20. For The Lovin’

CD 4
1. Somesay
2. Children Of Children
3. Entertainment Value
4. Odds And Ends
5. Prayer
6. Let’s Pretend
7. Someday
8. If You Have Faith
9. For The Children
10. Give Love
11. So What
12. Oh Me Oh My Mr City Goodbye
13. Last Night Tonight

CD 5
1. I Got The
2. Another Year
3. Down
4. Old Time Song
5. The Vulture 6. Dreamer
6. Sadie And The Devil
7. Turn On Your Love
8. Remember My Song
9. Run To Him
10. The Love Thing
11. Nightmare

CD 6
1. Love-A-Love-A-Love-A-Love-A-Love
2. You Hurt Me
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Second Time Around
5. Would You Dance?
6. Supaluvva
7. Staride To Nowhere
8. You’ve Done Something To My Heart
9. Sally Came To Stay
10. La-De-Da-De-Da (Lost Without Your Love)
11. You’ve Got A Hold On Me
12. Do The Best You Can
13. Hot And Dirty In The City
14. Solid Love
15. One World Song [by Labi & Jackie]
16. We Got Love [by Labi & Jackie]

CD 7
1. Listen To The Voices
2. Nothin’s Gonna Change
3. I Will Always Love You
4. All I Wanna Do
5. And The Wind Blows
6. (Something Inside) So Strong
7. Lovers
8. Hard Road
9. I’m Alright
10. When You’re Lonely
11. The Secret
12. Never Let You Down
13. Tragical History Tour
14. (Something Inside) So Strong [live at The Prince’s Trust Concert]
15. Listen To The Voices [piano version]
16. Nothin’s Gonna Change [long version]
17. (Something Inside) So Strong [complete version US promo]

CD 8
1. City Of Dreams
2. Most People Sleep Alone
3. A Matter Of Love…
4. Lovers In Arms
5. All Fall Down
6. Reason
7. When Lights Are On
8. Sensible Betrayal In The City
9. Wash Away Your Troubles In Love
10. Schooldays
11. City Of Dreams [new version]
12. Reason [live version]
13. City Of Dreams [new version – extended 12″ version]

CD 9
1. Samaritans
2. The Dead Don’t Matter
3. Everything
4. Little Boy Baby Blue
5. Lose Myself In You
6. Why Isn’t Love Enough?
7. Sparrow In The Storm
8. Face To Face (A Paper Regret)
9. The Life I Got
10. Rainbow Moon
11. This Is It
12. Clinging To The Ledge
13. A Kiss In The Mirror
14. The Song To Sing
15. Everything [the OlaZayZoss(TM) remix]
16. (Love Is Love Is Love) Why Isn’t Love Enough?

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