David Bowie / Labyrinth 30th anniversary special editions


Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth, which stars David Bowie, is being reissued as a 30th anniversary edition in September and will be available in 4K Ultra HD and is being issued in a number of special editions…

The musical fantasy adventure, which also features a young Jennifer Connelly, was initially a commercial disappointment at the box office, although it has garnered something of a cult following over the years and its charms are still apparent three decades later, despite Bowie’s ‘frightwig’ and some general silliness.

A 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray combo will be available, and in the UK, a slightly more expensive ‘steelbook’ edition of the same format. If you’re not bothered about all this 4K malarkey, then you can opt for a standard blu-ray edition (digibook packaging in the UK) which is only £10.99 at present.

In America they’ve ‘super-sized’ Labyrinth, with this improbable 4K+blu-ray ‘gift set’ which features figurines of David and Jennifer in a model of that 3D maze thing!



All blu-ray/4K formats feature Dolby Atmos / DolbyTrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit) compatible soundtracks, which means Underground, Magic Dance and As The World Falls Down will have never sounded so good!

There is also a bunch of new bonus features on these releases, including “Reordering Time: Looking Back at Labyrinth” (Jennifer Connelly and the Henson Family reflect on the film), and “Remembering the Goblin King” (Remembering David Bowie with co-star Jennifer Connelly, and Jim Henson’s children Brian Henson and Cheryl Henson). The full list is below.

This 30th anniversary reissue of Labyrinth will be released on 19 September 2016.

Special Features
4K Ultra HD

· Feature film in 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR)

· Dolby Atmos soundtrack (Dolby TrueHD 7.1 compatible) *

· Also includes the film and special features on high-def Blu-ray

Blu-ray Bonus Features Include:

· 4K Restoration & Dolby Atmos soundtrack (Dolby TrueHD 7.1 compatible) *

· ALL-NEW: “The Henson Legacy” Featurette

o Jennifer Connelly and the Henson family talk about the art of puppetry and the magic of Jim Henson, along with a visit to the “Center for Puppetry Arts” featuring The Jim Henson Collection and over 100 puppets from Labyrinth.

· ALL-NEW: Labyrinth Anniversary Q&A

o Hosted by Mythbuster’s Adam Savage with participants Brian Henson, David Goelz and Karen Prell, and surprise guest
Sheri Weiser.

· ALL-NEW: “The Goblin King” Featurette

o Remembering David Bowie with co-star Jennifer Connelly, and Jim Henson’s children Brian Henson and Cheryl Henson.

· The Storytellers (Picture-in-Picture)

· Commentary by Conceptual Designer Brian Froud

· Original Making of Documentary “Inside The Labyrinth”

· “Journey Through the Labyrinth: Kingdom of Characters” Documentary

· “Journey Through the Labyrinth: The Quest for Goblin City” Documentary

· Theatrical Trailer



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Auntie Sabrina

A great film, less so the soundtrack. He had a magnificent part in the film…

alan hansen

is it fair of me to vote for a remaster/reissue of the OST?

alan hansen

on cd, to be specific.


I loved this film and Jennifer is so great. I am really excited to get the gift pack.
This is a film I will buy and still watch when it comes on tv.
It is a fun film and that is all it was meant to be. No need to be critical.
I am really looking forward to this : )

elliott buckingham

has the bluray been remastered to look better than my bluray copy I have at the moment

Scott G

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually scanned/remastered onto 8K (currently known as 8K UHD) then downscaled from there.
8K is available in Japan but the TVs tend to be very big – 98″ – and are very expensive £20/30K starting point.
8K may not be released on commercial disk though and will probably be streamed instead assuming you have big enough internet bandwidth or you download the film to a capable PC.

elliott buckingham

I’m assuming that the 4k is playable on non 4k bluray and tv sets

Carlton Fisher

The 4K is NOT playable on regular Blu Ray players. You need a dedicated 4K player (which is backward compatible to play “old” Blu Ray technology) plus a television capable of 4K display. It’s another one of those “leaps forward” that asks you to reinvest everything you spent already while throwing out what you already have.

Matthew McKinnon

No you don’t. It’s fully back-compatible with blu-ray and DVD. Like 1080HD, it’s one of those leaps forward that is a shock at first, but after a few years becomes the norm.


Classic film!!, loved it when it came out and going to introduce my little daughter to it next as well, brilliant soundtrack as well, if you don’t like this film you’re childhood was rubbish!!!

Randy Metro

My childhood was the yearly airings of The Wizard of Oz on our black & white TV, pre-cable in the 1960’s!!!!! I didn’t know **Spoiler Alert** that the movie went from B&W to color midway until the early 1980’s.

I did catch Labyrinth on cable in the late ’90’s. Movie Bowie not caught on for me. Video Bowie was fascinating.

Randy Metro

[edit] I did catch Labyrinth on cable in the late 1980’s.


Sorry, me again.

* I was referring to the ‘TMWFTE’ bonus features, not ‘Labyrinth’.


Typical! I finally get enough money together to upgrade to a fancy Blu-Ray system, only to hear about a new 4K kid in town! As far as I’m concerned, it can just 4K off! : (

But seriously, how far can technology possibly go? When will we reach the point where the only better audio/video quality would be watching it being filmed right in front of our eyes? And then some twit will probably come along and create something that requires us to up-grade our eyeballs!

According to the DB website, another film “The Man Who Fell To Earth” is also getting a 40th Anniversary 4K spit-and-polish: http://www.davidbowie.com/news/tmwfte-40th-anniversary-4k-restoration-55976

I hope the bonus features are better than the ones on the 2011 Blu-Ray I recently bought. Over 2 hours of interviews (none with Bowie). I normally don’t mind interviews, but TWO HOURS!!!!! All that talky-talky just did my head in!


Just a couple ‘second thoughts’ to my post…..

*…in front of our eyes, with the actors shouting right in our faces?
*…up-grade our eyeballs and ears!

Scott G

The cynic in me says this is just more exploitation of Bowies back catalogue of material.

I think it will be interesting to see the quality of this given that HD (1080) cameras did not exist in 1986 never mind UHD 4K.
Also how many people have actually invested in 4K players? Don’t know about the US or Japan but I am not aware of a big take up here in the UK yet.


Bowie might have been in it but it’s just a crap fantasy film.


Wow, I hope for the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper next year we get a 3D self assembly set of figurines as featured on the cover. If they throw in a maze as well I won’t be able to resist!

Simon F

Caught this on TV one Sunday afternoon a few weeks back. It has not aged well. And what the hell is 4K?

Carlton Fisher

4K is the new “ultra-high definition” format. It is a clearer, crisper picture, but to be honest (at least in my opinion) it actually takes great looking movies and makes them look a bit fake, almost low-budget, because there’s something about the starkness of the detail that actually looks more like what you’re used to in low-budget films shot on DV. I made the jump to a 4K TV, and I’m still not liking it after almost a year. Many times, I find myself watching movies on my old TV that I moved into the game room.


See David’s meat ‘n’ two veg in hi-def!

Kevin Farrow

Think I’ll wait for the 5k version

Boaz Halachmi

Next up is 8K… ;-)


This is a real “you had to see it back in the day” movie, imo.

Still, really cool to see it coming out in 4K.

elliott buckingham

been better lumping the soundtrack with it remastered and expanded


Definitely! The soundtrack with all work in progress demos needs to be released!