Lana Del Rey / Chemtrails Over The Country Club

New studio album • Coloured vinyl exclusives • CD box

Lana Del Rey / Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Lana Del Rey will release a new album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, in March.

SDE is a big fan of Lana Del Rey’s 2019 album Norman Fucking Rockwell (it was in our ‘best new albums‘ list for 2019) and therefore thought this was worth a mention.

It’s an 11-track album and is available as an Amazon-exclusive BEIGE-coloured vinyl (available in different regions), or an indie-exclusive YELLOW vinyl. There’s a standard CD in a jewel case but also a CD box set edition which looks a bit rubbish since it only contains a few artcards a 12-page booklet and a print – and costs a whopping £45!

CD box set is ludicrously overpriced and offers very little

Del Rey’s shop is full of bundles and not a lot else. There’s no version of the album that includes any extra audio, so coloured vinyl or standard CD is probably the way to go here.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club is released on 19 March 2021.

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Lana Del Rey

Chemtrails Over The Country Club - amazon beige vinyl exclusive


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Lana Del Rey

Chemtrails Over The Country Club - black vinyl


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Lana Del Rey

Chemtrails Over The Country Club - CD edition


1. White Dress
2. Chemtrails Over The Country Club
3. Tulsa Jesus Freak
4. Let Me Love You Like A Woman
5. Wild At Heart
6. Dark But Just A Game
7. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
8. Yosemite
9. Breaking Up Slowly
10. Dance Till We Die
11. For Free

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Signed bundles now available from UK official website. UK only.


The Sound Of Vinyl (thesoundofvinyl.com) have just announced an ‘exclusive picture disc’ – yet another to collect!!!


Signed bundles now available from UK official website. UK only.


The Sound Of Vinyl (thesoundofvinyl.com) have just announced an ‘exclusive picture disc’ – yet another to collect!!!

Brian Leahy

I notice HHV in Berlin are advertising 2 different DOUBLE LP versions – black & colour. Ayone know what these are? Haven’t seen the 2LP version mooted so far …………….

Russ T

Absolutely in love with the new single, and the video is utterly fantastic.
The official cover is really naff, I like the alternative hmv one far more.
For anyone tempted by the Urban Outfitters green edition – beware – it’s £30 postage. Plus import charges / legalised theft fees. Ouch.


Urban Outfitters is light Green viny for Chemtrail Over Country Club.


The “box set” is agreeably way overpriced. So Disappointed as I spent most days since the first single song originally promoted release date, ( only to be angered it was just a cheap “sale” of her previously released stuff ) on her website. Then when it is finally released, the links to buy this were NOT on her website but under the You Tube video release. Then to make matters even worse, she offered no signed copies, as many artists have elected to do during this pandemic.
Even though her last release (FNR) signed copies were restricted to European countries only, and still not to the US.


she has released signed copies, but only for a limited time. I was able to purchase one with no problem.


she has released signed copies, but only for a limited time. I was able to purchase one with no problem.

Philippe DS

Hello, fnac.com in France has red vinyl and cd with alternative artwork


Thanks! Just ordered it for a ridiculous 25 € incl. shipping to Germany. Maybe I should order some more and resell them for even more ridiculous prices on ebay?


“therefore thought this was worth a mention”
of course we need information about contemporary artists and releases.
specialy from artists like ms Del Ray who has “clasic” look and sound.
i think you know paul that you are our one line magazine.
Any plans for the future for physical issue of a SDE montly magazine?
Come on,make the move!


So, there’s: black vinyl, clear vinyl, grey vinyl, yellow vinyl and red vinyl – up to now. And two different covers. And that’s just vinyl. And we haven’t heard from Urban Outfitters yet! There were four different colours and at least five different covers for NFR to ‘collect’, so at least it’s sort of consistent! I have to hand it to the marketers, they STILL know how to whip up a frenzy. Lana is possibly one of the most fiercely collected of today’s ‘stars’, certainly up there with Gaga and Swift. The fact that all of her vinyl, especially ‘exclusive’ vinyl, quickly out sells and then commands exorbitant prices surely also helps the frenzied fire to lick up the legs of the collecting devotees. So, what do I go for? Black? Clear? Grey? Yellow? Red? Oh “fuck it, I love you” I’ll have them all!


NFR has 3 different covers.


UO has green vinyl and Amazon has beige. Plus there a picture disc ‍♂️


UO has green vinyl and Amazon has beige. Plus there a picture disc ‍♂️


I have the Honeymoon cd boxset (for me her best album) and that is beautiful. It included a bunch of art cards, a hardcover book, and the cd in a cardboard sleeve. Looks similar to what’s being offered for this new one. Nice to have but that price is a bit steep.


Had a look for the Red vinyl at HMV on Monday and saw that it was SOLD out, put in my contact details to be informed if back in stock, came to this site this evening and read a few messages stating the Red vinyl was available again (thank you David Harold and Jay) so managed to order one. Checked my emails, not one from HMV to tell me it was back in. So thank you Paul Sinclair for posting about the new album and all the people that contribute to this amazing blog. A nice start to this already rocky year.


I’d keep an eye on the Target listings. She’s had bonus tracks through them for several of her albums, but they tend to announce their “exclusives” much closer to the release date lately. I’ve had the experience of “doing the research” and then pre-ordering on Amazon, only to find out that there were extra tracks at Target that just hadn’t been promoted.


It seems like the Target exclusive CD only has a different cover and a poster, no bonus tracks sadly!



This is the same cover from the UK , which can not be sent to anywhere but the UK, due to Brexit, fortunately I prefer this one to the US version :)

Larry Davis

I buy everything LDR, even that spoken word album from 2020…”Violet Bent Backwards…”…”Norman” was great & a grower…got the Target CD with the poster insert & the Urban Outfitters exclusive with the totally different cover, unedited song titles & pink vinyl…my most treasured piece is the 7×7″ “Born To Die (Paradise Edition)” boxset with both BTD & Paradise in a double cardboard CD gatefold wallet, a 3rd CD of remixes, a DVD of vidclips, a selection of 4 frameable photos & picdisc 7″ vinyl of “Blue Velvet” in clear sleeve…stunning, I paid $56 when it was new & shipped from Germany…at one point, it went for over $1k online, but is still $200 plus…one of my favourite SDE’s…

Derek Langsford

I bought NFR on Paul’s recommendation last year and living in California found that she created songs that fit perfectly into the lifestyle and landscapes of the state.

I look forward to what she has created this time around.

I will also say I am getting tired of all the musical variants being offered when all I want is the music, on a CD or higher resolution digital disc. More and more I find it’s the music that matters not the color of the label, or some postcards or prints. So glad I am not a vinyl collector being offered multiple variants of the same thing. To me its getting silly – labels are trying to squeeze as much out of the vinyl buyer as possible, testing the limits, presumably until buyers say “enough is enough.”

Alan m

I had to check my discogs catalogue to see if I had NFR. I do. Obviously it made a big impact on me. Price is going up nicely I noticed.


Mediamarkt Germany carries red


SATURN also red vinyl & alternative cover !(LP/CD)


NFR was a great record – bit of a grower .. but once it hits – superb – and ultraviolence is a modern classic IMO – so really looking forward to this

Alan m

I picked up Folklore last week. It’s nice but dull. Okay as background music. Nadia Reed, Frazey Ford… two women that put Taylor to shame in that singer songwriter field.


agree with you re Frazey Ford

Paul Timmis

Quite tempted by the indies yellow vinyl that Banquet is offering for £18.99


Lana Del Rey makes great music. She is very prolific. Delivers a high quality, steady stream of albums. I wish they would reissue some of her albums with bonus tracks, remixes etc. I stopped buying regular albums without any bonus material a long time ago. Now I’m listening to her thru a stream in my car. I know, blasphemy. Then give me something interesting to buy!!

Joe Atari

aside the music, i’m quite a fan of gatefold vinyl replica cd editions she brought out for Born to Die, Paradise and Ultraviolence. i mean, this is how CDs should have been housed from the start (no plastic) so to go back to jewel cases (as stated by Rough Trade) seems a bit backward. i have had to throw away most jewel cases and house cds in square transparent sleeves. a minor issue, but a replica vinyl cd sleeve seems standard for most alternative leaning new releases now. i guess jewel cases still work out cheaper though.

Derek Langsford

There are pros and cons to jewel cases and cardboard packaging. Jewel cases protect the artwork but are prone to breaking or cracking in the mail or if dropped. Cardboard packaging is prone to scuff, when pulled in and out of a shelf, or get bent, if dropped, or damaged, if put on a surface with a ring from a slightly spilled cup of coffee or sweat from a glass of iced water.

I buy the resealable baggies for carboard sleeves and put any stickers on the shrinkwrap on the outside of the baggies. Using baggies makes the spines more difficult to read but at least protects them.


I prefer plastic jewel cases to all the cardboard packaging because they can be replaced if damaged, where as card sleeves, card digipacks, card box sets are all prone to wear and tear and ending up looking tatty and scuffed, with bumped corners, worn edges, indents and creased spines. Also, removing CDs from card sleeves can cause scratches and leave finger marks, where as they can be easily removed from a plastic jewel case tray. If anything, packing CDs in cardboard is going backwards, rather than forwards. Thank goodness for albums that are still issued in plastic jewel cases.


I really don’t mind either type, plastic or card.

What irritates me most is the card sleeves can be made bigger than the jewel cases, in which they don’t fit in my CD specific cabinet shelves. I wish they were all a uniform size.


I was really surprised at how well-received her last album was. Great voice, lovely soft/lush production but…where were the tunes? I really struggled to stick with it.

The deluxe edition of her debut contains most of her pop songs, Groupie Love a more recent highlight but yeah…that tracklisting is just Del Rey Lyrics Generator isn’t it? Bad men she can’t stay away from but she’s still a strong woman y’all…Hopefully this new record has a banger or two or at least a ballad with a memorable melody. Great album title at least.


In the US, Target has the alt sleeve with red vinyl.


HMV must’ve got hold of some more red vinyls as you can pre-order them again. Not sure how long that’ll last.
They do seem a good investment – I got the lime green NFR with exclusive alternative artwork and that’s worth quite a bit more.
Do Target ship to the UK? – they have an exclusive red vinyl Born to Die as well which is tempting as I don’t currently have this on vinyl.

Guy Worthington

Worth mentioning all the previous coloured vinyl releases have jumped in value hugely after they have been released so one or two of these are a sound investment even if anyone is not so fussy on the artist. Personally love her and my Black Friday ‘Born to Die’pic disc Lp is a showstopper


She has been on a roller, her Sublime cover last year was a highlight of the year, and the last album great. Which is why the first single is such a let down- not up to her usual standards.
Still, first singles are often not the best! Right?…


Plenty of copies of the HMV releases on e-bay, at ridiculous prices of course!

andrew davis

Might be worth waiting a while before pre-ordering. A couple of weeks before the release date for NFR got an email from the Lana mailing list offering signed cds for usual cost and a bit of postage. Ended up with a signed cd, black squiggle from LDR. Shame the cover for NFR was a bit naff but as Paul said excellent album.


Lana and all her beautiful friends there…fair representation of society.

Ben in Colorado

Are album covers required to represent a “fair” representation of society?
Better tell Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, and The Beatles!
I like the cover, b/c LDR is the only one not looking at the camera, and that calls attention to her.


Qué? There are three women on the cover not looking at the camera. Which one is she again?


Looking forward to this – got a lot of time for LDR. ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ was a masterpiece and her debut single ‘Video Games’ is still for me the greatest song of the last decade. Great live too. Her second album ‘Ultraviolence’ produced with the Black Keys guy is also exceptional.
HMV have a red vinyl version with exclusive different cover art.
Stay safe folks – here’s to another great vinyl year hopefully to get us through things like last year.


HMV were selling an exclusive red vinyl version with alternate cover – sold out now.


HMV have got an exclusive CD version with the alternate cover as well.

Paul E.

Target has the red vinyl w/alternate cover + poster. The Target CD version also has alternate artwork.

David Harold

I just bought at 17.15 on the 12th so I guess the Red Vinyl is back in stock at HMV

Graeme Black

Available now.