Laura Branigan / Self Control 2CD deluxe

2CD deluxe • Bonus disc includes remixes and non-album tracks

Cherry Red will release a deluxe edition of Laura Branigan‘s third album Self Control in May.

The 1984 long-player was issued on Atlantic Records and includes the hits ‘The Lucky One’ and ‘Ti Amo’, but it’s the stunning title track for which the record is best remembered.

The song was deservedly an enormous international hit, reaching number one in many countries and top five almost everywhere else.

The album also boasts some great players, including Nathan East on bass and Harold Faltermeyer on keyboards and Michael Landau on guitar.

The 1984 album is remastered on CD 1 and the bonus disc on this new deluxe set features the original edit and extended versions of ‘Self Control’, plus a couple of remixes of the song from 1992. As well as other single remixes from the time, in case this wasn’t ‘1984’ enough for you, ‘Hot Night’ from the original soundtrack to Ghostbusters is also included!

This two-CD expanded edition features extensive sleeve notes and a comprehensive UK discography. It will be released on 22 May 2020.

CD 1
1. The Lucky One
2. Self Control
3. Ti Amo
4. Heart
5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
6. Satisfaction
7. Silent Partners
8. Breaking Out
9. Take Me
10. With Every Beat Of My Heart

CD 2
1. Self Control (Extended Version)
2. Self Control (Edit)
3. Self Control (Classic Summer Mix 1992)
4. Self Control (117 BPMClub 1992)
5. The Lucky One (Single Version)
6. The Lucky One (Jack White Mix)
7. The Lucky One (John Robie Mix)
8. Satisfaction (Single Version)
9. Satifaction (Special Dance Mix)
10. When (Single Version)
11. Hot Night

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I have received the 2CD on Friday May 29th. The sound is fantastic, Cherry Red have done a perfect job here.

Mark Vick

For years, no one could find a master tape with the full Extended mix of Self Control and all cd re-releases were rips. Finally, that has been solved….

Mark Yon

Amazon sent an email today saying that the album release has now been delayed until 26th June.


Brings back the memories. Absolutely loved this back in the day. Oh, to be 20 again. RIP, and thank you, Laura


I love the theme to ‘Hollywood Wives’ but cant find it anywhere. I wonder if that will ever receive a release.


Laura had one of the most dynamic vocals which just grabbed ya!
Too bad the extended version of Gloria was not included in this release.
Still, it is a must-have and i’ll be adding it to my library.


Gloria wasn’t on the Self Control album, that could be the reason. The bonus tracks are versions from the album


First I want to say I am so pleased to see so many comments about Laura. She has always been one of my all-time favorite female vocalists and one that deserved more attention. Secondly, the fact that we are seeing a re-issue through Cherry Red is great! I know her other re-issues were not widely available which was unexplainable to me. Hoping to see more from Cherry Red with her re-issues. Thank you Paul!!

Stephen K

She could use a decent singles collection. I don’t think the single “Hold Me” was ever on a compilation, and its last digital appearance was in 1991 on a Japanese album pressing.


Confession of the day: For years… I thought Self Control was the best Donna Summer song from the early 80’s. Years later, I wondered which album it was on and wondered why it was so hard to find!


Go listen to Laura Branigan on the Flashdance soundtrack then.
She does a song called Imagination where you’d think it WAS Donna Summer at times.


The concept of the cover art :
After the graduation ceremony, you lose your mortar board and end up in a cave where someone reminds you that you have drunk more than you may have been aware.



Self Control was one of the first songs I became obsessed with, never owned this album so this is a must buy. Fantastic video, directed by William Friedkin amazingly


holy cow, the director of Exorcist?!!


and CRUISING (1980)!

Branigan fan

It was indeed the first iluminati video clip of the 80s pop


I remember being very sad when Laura Branigan died so it’s nice to see her material still getting treated with some respect.


There’s also a self control cover by Mark Moriss (Bluetones singer) which is really amazing and melancholic.


This makes me incredibly happy. One of the first albums I ever bought with my own money (a lot of mowed lawns to get it) as well as one of my first crushes. Hearing this song will never not make me happy.

As the kids say, insta-buy.

John McCann

This album came out in 84 ,it probably cost£4.99, how much where you charging a lawn?you say many a lawn,2 should have really covered the cost of l.p,you where too cheap mate.

Sheldon Cole

I was paid £1.10 an hour in 1984, that is a few lawns…


Grew up in a small, rural town in central California…farmers were cheap back then. Lucky if I could get a buck a lawn and I think albums were about $6-$7 each then.

That said…yeah, I probably undersold myself. Then again, I was a rubbish landscaper so it all evened out.

Julian De Backer

This comment reminds me of ‘The Goonies’:

“It took him 376 lawn jobs to get that bike! That’s his most favorite thing in the world!”

Mike Pendlebury

“Self Control” is my favourite song of all-time. This track s a life-chamger for me – I would not be married and living in the US if it were not for this song and this album!

I’ve been waiting many years for Laura Branigan’s back catalogue to get the attention it deserves. So good to see”Hot Night” taking its place on the “Self Control” album – always felt like a natural fit. I’m hoping this reissue will sell really well and lead to further releases of her material – the holy Grail being the “Hold Me” album (add “Sharpshooter” to that if we can’t have it on “Self Control”).

Thanks SDE for highlighting this reissue!

John McCann

How did self control, control where your life ended up, please tell.


Although I do love this album, the expanded edition that came out sometime ago has almost all of the tracks mentioned here. The only exceptions being the single edits and Hot Night. I’m gonna stick with that. But for Laura’s most ardent fans, I’m sure this will have them excited.

Charlie Shine

You’re absolutely right!

Mike Pendlebury

I became a HUGE Laura Branigan fan after hearing”Self Control” for the first time. With the dawning of the internet it led me to connect to other fans online. In 2005 I was flying from the UK to the US intending to backpack around America. One of my online friends offered to pick me up from the airport. We met, hit it off, been married for nearly 11 years, I’ve been living over here for four! It would never have happened if I had not heard this song!

Another of my all-time favourite songs is the first track from”the”Self Control” album – “The Lucky One”. I really related to the video as I was working in a gas station (the video takes place in a garage). I remember just before leaving on the aborted (!) backpacking trip looking out the window at work and dreaming that life was never going to be the same again!

Apologies if this post comes across a bit cheesy but this album is a real favourite of mine and like I said – it was a game changer! So glad to hear that it is getting the love and attention it deserves.


That purple scarf in the video doesn’t really go with that tan leather jacket.


I love the hand pulling the curtain back on the street advert! at 01:18

Murray Robbins

You are showing your age here Paul. But a wonderful Freudian slip that has actually brought back some very happy memories.

MARTIN Landau was a stunning character actor….Rollin Hand in Mission Impossible in the early pre-Nimoy seasons. Space 1999. Both with his beautiful wife Barbara Bain. Much later he produced a mind-blowing performance as Bela Lugosi in the brilliant movie Ed Wood.

MICHAEL Landau. Superb guitar player. First came across him as part of Joni Mitchell’s 1983 band. Sadly the only signature I failed to get at her hotel in Sloane Square where Joni bought me a drink. He has played on countless sessions. Always tasteful. First solo Cd Tales From The Bulge is a stunning record. Well worth seeking out. Brilliant recording.

John McCann

Also a great columbo episode called, double shock,,he played both brothers,


Martin Landau was also great in a Johnny Staccato episode with his friend John Cassavetes.


Would be good if cherryred.co.uk was working. Then I could pre-order direct from them and take a look at the discounted items they keep emailing me about. Their websites always been rubbish but now nothing


Especially as they sent out emails announcing their 15% off flash sale. Would be nice if we could see what is on sale!

Saar Freedman

I vote for the Branigan Version too. and I echo hopes they found better sources than the Gold Legion release. That one was doomed! the company folded just as it was released and most people who pre-ordered never got their copies.

recording covers of current hits were very popular in the 60s and even earlier. some beatles songs charted along with 3 or 4 cover versions of the same song :)

Of Course later Branigan will get a taste of that when album tracks of hers became huge #1 hits for other singers , “I found Someone” for Cher and “how am I supposed to live without You for Michael Bolton ( Who in fairness wrote the songs..)

some covers just outsell and become much more lodged in memory than the originals.

Charlie Shine

Gold Legion edition sounds superb! All The tracks come from the original master tapes.


You were lucky enough to get your copy.


I was one of the ripped off ones by Gold Legion, they took my money and I never received the CDs.


In Germany they have been No 1 (Branigan) and 2 (RAFF) simultaneously in the charts


In these virus-ridden times, it’s always nice to get some good news!!

I love this album, despite not being a huge Branigan fan, and agree that Laura’s version of Self-Control is better than the original RAF version, but that’s just my personal opinion. Props to RAF for writing such an effing fantastic song.

Saying that, I want to jump in and order it, but am aware of previous Cherry Red issues (Belouis Some fiasco anyone? I was burned) so am of two minds. Saying that, I’ll probably at least wait until the Japanese price pops up.

Whatever, any news is good in these times. Stay safe Paul and everyone else!!


Great news, but Hold Me and Touch would be hugely appreciated. This release could have been bolstered by including a DVD of her ‘Live in Tahoe’ concert.

Michael Roberts

This is exciting news and a very welcome release for a great album and singer

David Baker

Very welcome set, although I wish it included “Sharpshooter” from the “Body Rock” soundtrack, also from 1984.

Regan Judson

I forgot about that soundtrack! I have to hunt one down immediately. Only yesterday I was adding fairly obscure 80’s soundtracks to my waitlist. Any other under the radar soundtracks to recommend? Thanks!



80’s only? I also have a few late 70’s suggestions, but I’ll stick to 80’s here: Foxes, Times Square, Cat People, Night Shift, Summer Lovers, Flashdance, Shock Treatment, Against All Odds, Perfect, Vision Quest, Crossroads. A few Moroder influenced ones in there, sorry.


Regan, in a similar vein / time period as Laura Brannigan’s Self Control album, I always liked The Staying Alive soundtrack from 1983. One side of the album by the Bee Gees who were at the start of the backlash to their mega success phase. The other side with songs by various artists including Frank Stallone (Rocky’s brother).

Twist of Fate by Olivia Newton John was a good track from The Two Of a Kind soundtrack. I can’t remember the rest of the album, which probably means it’s rubbish, much like the film, but it is another 1983 album with songs by classic American mor bands Journey, Chicago, Boz Scaggs.


Not only Self control remixes but Hot Night! I love that track!!

Le Baron

3 different versions of The Lucky one?!
Shut up and take my money !!!!


I agree with Paul. Raf’s original version pales in comparison to Laura’s brilliant take on it. I hope this reissue will lead Cherry Red to reissue her other albums especially Hold Me which is the album most fans want.


Hurrah, at last! The extended version of ‘Self Control’ has been on my list of wants for a while. I know it was on a previous issue, but I missed that edition. Another vote here for the Laura version over the RAF original, much better to my ears. Great promotional video too.


The extended version of “Self Control” is one of those 80s 12″ that’s been on countless 80s comps over the past 2 decades. It’s not been MIA at all.

Hope the sound quality of the mixes from this album is better than the Gold Legion issue. The ’92 mixes of “Self Control” are awful, would have rather had the disc space used up with other period pieces.

Hope this means that Cherry Red is considering Branigan’s remaining catalog. Her 12″ mixes were typically the choppiest & sloppiet mixes available at the time, but I’d be cusious the hear material that is perhaps still in the vault.


Well… Interestingly, the memorable and successful song, Self Control, was a cover from italo-disco artist RAF (Raffaele Riefoli, co-written with Giancarlo Bigazzi) released earlier the same year.

That said I like both interpretations equally ;-)

Great news that this receives a DL edition!


Ah the great ‘Self Control’. When on a trip to France (those were the days) the thing at the time were the musical self washing public toilets.

I remember using one and smiling because the music playing inside was ‘Self Control’.

True story.


In this time of self control, fully support this.

Eric M.

This is a really, really welcome release, as there are some choice ‘80s pop gems here, but I’m being only cautiously optimistic until we start hearing about the sources and/or sound quality. The previous Gold Legion reissue was abysmal, with bonus tracks taken from very shoddy-sounding vinyl. Fingers crossed, because I’d love to add this to my collection.

Marco Fontolan

Stunning title track? It was just an inferior notw for note cover of a huge italian hit by Raf. You should check the original out.

Michael Roberts

Branigan’s version of SELF CONTROL is far superior for my ears.


Always nice to see different opinions, Laura Branigan’s version is great, but for me (the synth and drummachine guy in me speaking…) I prefer Raf’s version as well.