Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same reissued across many formats

9-disc super deluxe edition • Blu-ray audio • Full album 5.1 mix

Led Zeppelin‘s soundtrack to their concert film The Song Remains The Same has been remastered and will be reissued across multiple formats in September.

The band’s performances in July 1973, at New York’s Madison Square Garden, were recorded for the concert film, The Song Remains The Same. The soundtrack to the film, produced by Jimmy Page, was originally released in 1976.

This reissue is similar to the recent reissue of their live album How The West Was Won, since the formats on offer include an expansive super deluxe edition box set that includes the remastered audio on two CDs and four vinyl LPs and a two-DVD set of The Song Remains The Same featuring the full theatrical version of the film plus bonus content including four performance outtakes that were not part of the original film:  Celebration Day, Over The Hills And Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, and The Ocean. The box also includes a DVD of the entire album in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and PCM Stereo, a download card of all stereo audio content at 96kHz/24 bit, a 28-page book (with photos and an essay by Cameron Crowe), a replica of the Japanese program from 1977, and a print of the original album cover (as usual, the first 30,000 will be individually numbered).

As well as the big box, there’s a 4LP vinyl set, a blu-ray audio with the 5.1 mix (96kHz/24 bit) and stereo mix and a humble remastered two-CD package.

It’s worth noting that for the 4-LP set, Page made a change to the track sequence, allowing the 29-minute version of Dazed And Confused to be featured in its entirety on one side of vinyl for the first time.

The Song Remains The Same will be reissued on 7 September 2018.

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Led Zeppelin

The Song Remains The Same - super deluxe box


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Led Zeppelin

The Song Remains The Same - vinyl box set


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Led Zeppelin

The Song Remains The Same - blu-ray audio


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Led Zeppelin

The Song Remains The Same - 2CD set


“Rock And Roll”
“Celebration Day”
“Black Dog”
“Over The Hills And Far Away”
“Misty Mountain Hop”
“Since I’ve Been Loving You”
“No Quarter”
“The Song Remains The Same”
“The Rain Song”
“The Ocean”
“Dazed And Confused”
“Stairway To Heaven”
“Moby Dick”
“Whole Lotta Love”

Vinyl LP
LP One
“Rock And Roll”
“Celebration Day”
“Black Dog”
“Over The Hills And Far Away”
“Misty Mountain Hop”
“Since I’ve Been Loving You”
‘The Ocean”

LP Two
‘The Song Remains The Same”
“The Rain Song”
“No Quarter”

LP Three
“Dazed And Confused”
“Moby Dick”

LP Four
“Stairway To Heaven”
“Whole Lotta Love”

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Thomas Riccobono

Listening to the original theatrical release in quadraphonic 5 Channel audio is the best way to listen to the movie. But when listening on CD, DVD, Blu-ray Etc the sound is never going to sound nowhere near like the original theatrical release, I saw the 4-track version and there are two prints of that version in the Warner archive’s vaults in Burbank California and Warners do own the movie so they have control over anything regarding the movie. I think the releases get bad hype because anyone who remembers the original version knows that the audio they get is different to the original theatrical version. Those two prints have been in the vaults for 44 years. And the reason why subsequent DVD ,Blu-ray + VHS versions, have edits it’s because it protects the copyright of the original full-length version owned by Warners, it’s their movie, they have the right to keep it intact, if they released the ORIGINAL 4-track version on CD and Blu-ray and digital etc., then the value of the prints would not be worth the money they are worth, and that’s why they do these things. Also, when the movie premiered in New York City they added $10,000 worth of JBL speakers to create in concert level audio, I unfortunately didn’t catch that version I saw it in a movie theater that had a quadraphonic set up and it was awesome. I wonder how many people would have praised the movie seeing it in the theater with the additional speakers but then listening to the CD LP releases they would understandably be disappointed, sorry that this was long, but I wanted to point out this in detail. PS ever notice in the CD description in the back it says original soundtrack a Warner Brothers Inc motion picture, the CD says soundtrack from the film The Song Remains the Same.


Shame on Page & Co. for not releasing a 4 LP set on their own Swan Song Label in 1976 to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not like they would have been breaking ground. Chicago had already released a 4-LP live set. And if you want to get conservative, ELP and Wings released 3-LP live sets. Going for the 2-LP set was wrong for whatever stupid reason they had for that. Zeppelin’s genius was *not* in how to release a love album set.


Hi everyone, I can now confirm that the BluRay audio is region free.
I got my copy from the US and it sounds great. Not 50 bucks great (which is pretty much the price all over the EU for whatever reason) but for half of that including shipping to Germany this is worth the upgrade.


Paul, would you know if the BluRay audio has a region code?
I´m on the edge of buying it from amazon US to the EU.
Thanks for your help


What a debacle! , All i want is the Blu-ray (or 4K) movie of the gig , better sound , not uncut to death , no cutaways/fantasy sections , & all nights!! Just a live gig , not much to ask! or polish up the Earls court dvd’s , ive got two nights & they are fab! just need tweaking.
Come on Jimboy , you’ve got a Castle sized basement full of live stuff!

Keith Lambert

I assume that the album will be available on Friday as a Hi-Res download from HD Tracks, Qobuz and the like? Or perhaps not……


That’s the big question isn’t it..
Also, was this remixed, mastered etc in analogue or digital?
It is extreemly likely that the album was remixed digitally, but I don’t know for sure.
If it was, then purchasing the vinyl and not a HD download doesn’t make great sense.
Does anyone know if this remastered digitally or in analouge?

Keith Lambert

It’s now up on HD Tracks Ralph. I’m unsure about the mastering but I’d almost certainly say digital. I concur with Kenneth below re DVD vs BD in the Super Deluxe, seems crazy. I’m going to wait to see what the opinions are around this new remaster before taking the plunge with any of the formats.


Guys and gals….
It’s on Tidal today as a 96/24 MQA !!
I’ll be buying the vinyl version without all the extra discs just because I love this album so much and that it might, just might, have been remastered in analogue, and the hi-res digital version will come as part of my usual Tidal subscription.
Sorted… Tidal rocks!!

If you want to know how this remastered version sounds in 96/24, well.. It’s has dynamics and a level of detail that were never there before, and most importantly a bass end that this album has always lacked. Listen to the long organ notes in No Quarter; they’re huge now!
As someone who has learnt the sound of every ome of the notes on this album over the decades, it has subtley changed in places, for example Jimmy Page’s solo in Since I’ve Been Loving You has some notes that are different. I won’t say it’s a big change, or improved. Guitar players and Jimmy are welcome to disagree with me! In other places the changes are significant. It’s like meeting an old friend that you haven’t seen for years, they’re the same, but not quite as you once knew them.
But whatever, get ‘Remastered’ in at least one format, ‘cos ya gunna love it!

Once I receive the records, and if I can find this page again, I’ll post a few comments on the difference between them and the 96/24 MQA version.


I’ve ordered the stand-alone Blu-ray. Why in the world would they put an inferior DVD Dolby Digital in the expensive box rather than the Blu-ray? It makes no sense for people shelling out that kind of money.


Don’t bother, download some classic boots from the web instead. This stuff was butchered in the editing. Shame Page has nothing left in the vaults to issue for the 50th anniversary.

Keith Lambert

Hi, this is the last release of the reissue campaign. According to Jimmy Page, we can expect a “new and different” live recording to mark the 5oth anniversary. However, I guess that won’t be announced until TSRTS release is out of the way.


a general question… when it is offered in Bluray and bluray audio…. the audio quality is the same? does it worth to buy just the bluray instead of the blu-ray-audio?


@Louis: Just another way to pocket some money for the retirement. I’m sure Page will say the audio has been remastered [again for the umpteenth time].

Jimmy Anton

Not much mention of “performance.” The original DVD is different from the original CD! The original CD was edited musically, better than the DVD! Arrangement wise it’s a no brained! What this new version has is the movie edits. For more understanding check out this page:


Is there a website where one can get info on which (of all the numerous!) reissues features the least edited, (with decent/acceptable audio) out there. Hate to say it, but it seems like a continues stream of milking the cash cow before it expires. As soon as I buy the newest/greatest/“definitive”/expanded edition of a release, another gets “shitted out” of the corporate crap hole. What gives?!?

Mark Isoz

I saw LZ in 1977 @Madison Square Garden…Opening Night, one of the middle shows, & the the last time they ever played there. I had great seats for all 3 shows, but the last show I was on JP’s side of the stage. I got as close as I could..(Security & photo pit preventing me get any closer) ! I pre ordered The song remains the same, super box set. I can’t wait to see it, I remember when the film came out …I saw it with alot of LZ friends @ the Ziegfied Theatre in N.Y.C. …& the they CRANKED the sound, it was awesome ! I wish that there was more footage of that show than I’ve seen on you tube. Does anyone who was there remember some idiot throwing firecrackers on stage & hitting JP in the hand ? I do….NOT COOL ! My thought fot LZ’s 50th ,would be to play in an un·disclosed place & sell it on pay per view world wide…that would make alot of LZ fans very happy! ( but I know Plant would not even do that) ..,I know Jason & John would & i’m sure you would also Mr.Page!…..just an FYI, My wife did your travel arrangements when you were working at Geffen Records in L.A. Thanks for the Autographed picture, that was cool of you to do….I can’t wait to hear your new songs…..Rock On Jimmy !

Alan Wilson

The 4 LP Box set is at a very attractive price of £45.00 plus shipping at the moment at the Vinylstore.



What a delusion!!!

This LP was taken from three different concerts, 27-28-29 july 1973; even on the original or previous reissues wasn’t stated which track was taken from which show; only DVD tracks were from different dates but no other info.

We were hoping of a massive reissue with all the three complete shows, as was for DEEP PURPLE 9 LP’s reissue of Made In Japan.

Actually this reissue has no bonus tracks as long as versions are the same of previous pressing.

Also the bonus tracks not included in the original film were in the bonuses of the DVD….

So why I have to pay more than 200 euros for no new music?


Aris Roskam

The numbers also were “made-up” as you can read here:

Rett Russell

Went with some friends to the Friday night TSRTS film premier in New Orleans back in the day and felt the performance intensity was missing, compared to the incredible Houses of the Holy tour performance I saw in Jacksonville in ’73.
Stage amplification plus an upper speaker bank in each of the three remaining quadrants made up the quad sound….the “What Is and What Should Never Be” guitar solo was to me surreal.
Will buy the blu ray version anyway….we have to encourage the format

elliott buckingham

by all accounts some sort of led zep reunion for the 50th

John Peace

Please no. Robert Plant is simply awful. The last reunion tarnished their legacy. Ten years later will do no good for the brand name Led Zeppelin, just show what has-beens they are


Excuse my ignorance but would some kind soul please tell me what the real difference is between the previous 4LP set and this one…? Not trying to be snarky – I genuinely don’t know! I have the previous 4LP boxed set and I used to have the original vinyl release (currently on my ‘must replace’ list). What does this new vinyl release bring to the party?



You get a 5.1 DVD audio & some cardboard + paper. Everything else has already been released

Neil Wilkes

No – you do not get a 5.1 DVD-Audio, you get a 5.1 Dolby Digital DVD-V disc. The difference is like night and day, with Dolby Digital being the lowest possible grade of surround delivery and IMO – speaking as someone who makes these things for a living – has no place at all on any music release whatsoever. You are throwing away most of the data. AC3 5.1 has a bitrate of 448kbps whereas the 24/96 PCM original has 13,800kbps.
After factoring in sample rate changes & bit depth changes the AC3 is 1/30th of the source files. If we get nice about it and use the 24/48 sample rate conversion which will have been done this turns into 13,800/2 = 6,900kbps so 1/15th of the original wave files. You simply cannot throw away that much data & expect things to sound the same, and believe me they simply don’t.
The 5.1 deserves a DTS stream at the very least.

Neil Wilkes

Added Info.
A DVD-Audio disc would have the complete show in 24/96 MLP Lossless, in the AUDIO_TS folder. Anything that calls itself DVD-Audio must have content in this folder and not solely in the VIDEO_TS otherwise it is simply not DVD-Audio but DVD-Video.
In all seriousness it gets really tiresome having to keep writing to people like Amazon and correcting them – sadly they never, ever change their information but those who sell DVD-V as DVD-A should be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act and/or the sale of goods act as what you are buying is not what they claim to be selling.


Is THE OCEAN missing on the vinyl set, or just a misprint ?



Dean Taylor

Totally insane price right now .. would never pay that .. I got in early and with a £5 promo deal I’m locked in at £166..but even at this price I’m having to think it through.
In truth I would have preferred it if this set followed the the style and content of the studio album boxes and replicate the original release and had the extra tracks as bonus discs.. and leave out film . The program though is a nice touch though ..apparently it was available when the film toured Japan in 77 . Looking forward to the new/ old stuff for the bands 50th .


Like most pre-orders, the price is jacked up to gauge interest, and conversely, the level of interest will influence how much the price will drop to at release. I’ll pre-order this when Amazon shows me that it hits below $125, which is half of what it’s listed for right now. I see no benefit to pre-ordering at the current price, as it’ll only encourage the labels to keep pricing at these levels.


Speaking of pre-orders, I just got G nR’s Appetite for Destruction for $102.01 US including shipping, yes it’s for the Super Deluxe Box set

Dean Taylor

OMG marbles with little zeppelins inside.. I’ll take a bag..


This is a very steep price for a set that comes with no new material. I will pass. If Page is reading this (and I am sure he is), what we want next is ALL new material. l would very much appreciate the following:
1) LA Forum June 1977 – 1 Blu ray & 3 LPs
2) Vancouver March 19775 – 1 Blu ray & 3 lps
3) Southampton Jan 1973 – 1 Blu ray & 3 lps
4) A new pressing of Gallows Pole promo 45 (I have a promo copy of every Zep single except this one – Black label pleae)
5) Anything from the last tour (your choice) – 1 Blu Ray & 3 LPS
6) Stairway to Heaven promo 45

Oh I almost forgot
7) Marbles. I really need some Zep marbles. Call Gilmore & he will explain the power of marbles

Mr Page I thank you for your prompt attention to this request


OK. The original album from 1976 is far superior to 2007 release. “Celebration Day” guitar solo is inferior. “The Rain Song” is not mixed as well as 1976 with the organ/guitar parts. “Dazed and Confused” is bloated with inferior bits added. “No Quarter” is inferior and butchered. The “Whole Lotta Love” theremin part is not as good.

Wolfgang Mintrop

Poor content but a high price … only still 2 cds … disappointing!


The bd-a preorder link is now on amazon.ca for 31.49 canadian…about 20 pounds..


Could you please share the link as I’ve looked everywhere on Amazon.ca and can’t find it. Much appreciation in advance


Amazon.ca just reactivated listing at discounted price of about 20 pounds

Charlie Waffles

I have the original vinyl release. Got it for Xmas 1982. Dazed and Confused occupied one complete side. The weird gloss of the cover placed in my vinyl collection would make the other album covers black.

I agree with everybody that the price is obnoxious. I clicked the USD drop down button and clicked on USA for the Super Deluxe price. Is Jimmy Page doing drugs again? It does not even come with Vaseline. Hey, Jimmy. If you are reading this, you are nuts! Two dvd’s of the movie but no Blu-ray? You are nuts! You need to be committed. You need to be forced to listen to all the Britney Spear’s albums at 78 speed.

This set is overpriced. A lack of respect for Blu-ray. And, the movie should be remastered for 4K. And for everybody who hates the sound of How the West Was Won, remember the Bozo who Jimmy brought in for it AND the 2007 TSRTS: Kevin “Caveman” Shirley. He could not produce a decent Aerosmith album. Shirley has tainted the albums of Iron Maiden that he “produced.”

Hey, Jimmy, if you are still reading this comment, release the live performances that everybody has discussed on this forum. I never got to see The Mighty Zep live. At least let me listen to the band with better shows. Get with the program, Pal. I might consider paying top dollar for these other shows the fans say are better than TSRTS.

No Xmas card for you this year, Jimmy.


That’s not nice, Charlie. It’s very rude.


I Agree.
Everybody deserves a Christmas card.


Jimmy Page/Led Zep, do not own the movie. They can only put out what’s available. If I’m remembering right, Warners own it. So, if Warners don’t want to go to the expense of mastering it in 4k, and putting a Blu-Ray together, there’s nothing that can be done. Hence the DVD.

The set IS overpriced though. This is in part due to the ridiculously wasteful idea of putting everything in one box. Those 4 slabs of Vinyl are costing a lot of CD fans a pocketful of change (and making the box far more weighty that it need be).

All in all, an exercise in how not to do a SDE.


But will it sell? Let’s count the comments…

Neil Wilkes

Another thing to factor in with a 4K transfer is that 4K has nowhere near the expected sales penetration, and a “regular” FullHD version at 1920×1080 would still need to be produced as well to cater for all those who did not bother with 4K and given the expense of Blu-ray production this would well over treble the cost (you will not find 4K authoring at anywhere near the same costs as Full HD authoring given the enormous data storage, massively extended processing time, quality control checks etc ad nauseam).
Given the probable small numbers that will get sold, I do not see it being worthwhile.

A standard Blu-ray should not be a problem though as this was done in 2007 so they already have the film transferred and ready to go.


Is the original LP release included in some bonus space since this is the super deluxe edition?
Or do we have to keep the original LP and stick forever to it?
Thanks for any answer you’ll give me.


I’m probably missing an important nuance here, by why a 1977 Japanese programme for a 1973 concert, released in 1976?


Er… Different time-zones?

CJ Feeney

Yay! An overpriced SDE of the worst album I’ve ever owned. What a relief to come across an SDE I absolutely won’t want to buy. An even longer version of Dazed and Confused! Even more reason not to buy. This cheers me up no end.

Your views may vary. ☺


It’s always interesting to read major critics (it sounds like crap) and major praise (it sounds amazing) on the same remastering jobs. Are people listening for different elements that mean more to them than the others? Or is it the equipment being used to hear the audio? I mean, it can’t be crap and amazing at the same time, can it?

Just curious on any thoughts on this subject.

Michel Banen

It all depends on what a listener expects. THe higher your expectations, the bigger the change that you will be disappointed.

Jarmo Keranen

Everybody has different kind of ears. It also depends when was the last time you cleaned your ears!

Randy Metro

And the age of the ears:

The sibilant “S” (especially coming from women) no matter which speakers, even my crap PC speakers, sounds like a dog whistle. Never noticed it until the last 10 years. At first I blamed it on going from analog to digital music, but I hear it on TV, radio, again, mostly female reporters, weather. And the singer Seal!

Randy Metro

It’s like Yanny or Laurel. Or the black & blue dress VS the white & gold dress.

Seriously, though, I think you’re right with “people listening for different elements that mean more to them than the others.”


Indeed it can. I have the four vinyl set from 2007 and it sounds great – on my setup. Alas, for audio mastering engineers, but fortunately for hifi manufacturers, every human hears things differently. Thus, the same recording that sounds dire (to the listener) on one system, can sound great on someone else’s. This is why when people say that a version of an album (Vinyl, CD, hires or whatever) is ‘definitive’ this is a nonsense statement. If you have a system from heaven that ‘everyone’ agree’s is the mutts proverbials, and you have every single version of an album ever produced, you could, with a huge sample (1,000 is the minimum statistically ‘safe’) get a consensus. To date, no-one, anywhere, ever, has done this.

Sadly, people cannot ever (and I mean, ever) preface their comments on that basis. Only to them is the recording ‘crap’ ‘great’ or whatever, and as such it is not ‘a crap version’ as often people will decry a pressing, only for slowly but surely, others to say, well, no, actually I like it!

But there you go..


Yes, there are so many variables in the quality of both Control Room and the Physical Format production and also the replay equipment the purchasers use that it’s fair to say that we are all listening to something different to some degree.
I never really understood how hifi reviewers can be so certain about the equipment they review given the variables of everything else in the chain.
For myself I’ve occasionally found that if a CD I’m listening to sound flat and lifeless giving, even a brand new disc, a spray and wipe of cleaner for plastic spectacle lenses can improve the sound.
I know it sounds like snake oil, but so does turning a series of noughts and ones or bumps in vinyl into the coherent enjoyable sound we all enjoy.
Having said that no amount of high quality replay equipment or format will improve poor original master tapes or remixes.


Agreed with the comments about poor song edits for the 2007 reissue. Go to The Garden Tapes website for an extensive summary of what was done.

In short: it was a disastrous idea to use the audio mixed for the film version in the CD reissue. No Quarter is butchered in multiple places, and Celebration Day loses the fantastic closing solo from the original version, among other bad edits.

If TSRTS has to be remastered (again!) and reissued (again!), then put the original mixes on the CD version, at the very least. Guessing this won’t happen though.



Also good that they continue the same formats (big boxes) and not abandon the idea like Neil did with his Archive project (no hope here that the other volumes will ever materialize) .

But why is the price much higher compared to the others.

Ian Street

Does anybody know if you get the stereo 96/24 audio (or a download card) with the Blu Ray?

Ian Street

Thanks Paul. The Blu Ray it is then….no brainer.


If the fans want it, by all means put it out there. It DOES look like a well presented Box Set. But I saw the film as an early teen and was not impressed. I’ve read interviews with band members saying the live performances aren’t up to snuff and I tend to agree. The cinematic “interludes” in the film are superfluous, pretentious, non-sensical and quite frankly (in my opinion) an embarrassment to the Led Zeppelin cannon. “The Song Remains the Same” was a huge seller in its day simply by name recognition but ultimately it’s just not that good.

eric Slangen

Too expensive right now but I can wait. I got all Zep boxes and never paid more then 100 euro.

Mathew Lauren

Can’t imagine this sounds that much better, as the source material was – meh!

Looks like a nice effort here, though, with the packaging, formatting and physical-disc options. I count 9 discs, so are we sure there’s no hires, 5.1 Blu-ray, as part of this RIDICULOUSLY, overpriced SDE boxset?

Regardless, it sure beats the hell out of the forthcoming (circa 2018) “Chicago II-esque” offering from a 2017 performance sans Kath, Cetera, (etc.) and surround-sound! This “TSRTS” RM & RE will probably sound as good, as it ever will. Early, live, ZEP was a far cry from that which was presented, via original, studio, stereo, Zep albums.

If I needed to hear this, the RM, hires, 5.1, stand-alone Blu-ray Disc would be my first audio-choice, however, it’s ridiculously overpriced, as well, and I’ve heard NOTHING about another discrete, 5.1 remix of that LIVE recording (“TSRTS” circa 1973) – just some scuttlebutt about new remastering!

Still waiting for 9 (with period and era extras) “original” album (yes, I’m including “CODA” as “original”) LED ZEPPELIN booksets: cd/DVD-A or BLU (with hires) 5.1 or ATMOS/X-MA mixes, where appropriate.

*I believe that asking Elliott Scheiner & Frank Filipetti to remix to discrete surround sound, while relying on Bob Ludwig or Darcy Proper to remaster is one, GREAT option.

*The other option is an ALL BRITISH ISLES affair. SW would “sympathetically” and immersively, offer original-album Zep in discrete surround-sound (working with J.P.), to present Zep as “they” were always intended: as a massive, immersive and overwhelming assault on the senses (see: modern surround-sound: 5.1 or ATMOS/X) — mastering along the way to his (Wilson’s) high-standards.

My $.02 from Los Angeles 1757 P.S.T. 21 Jun ‘18.


I would certainly hope that this isn’t the project that PAGE has been working on!! What a waste if it is, because there are so many other live shows that have been booted in the past that could use an OFFICIAL release without having the PLANTATIONS taken out or having then over edited so it no longer seems like a live recording.

Anyone agree

Kari Niemelä

Yes, waiting for something else!

Mad Earwig

I agree, I have some amazing Zeppelin bootlegs from 1973, 1975 and 1977 most of which are soundboard recordings. You get less audience noise but hear the band in all its majestic glory!
…and I want to hear Plant’s talks between songs.

Amazed that they think we need another version of The Song Remains The Same when they could just tidy up one of the Oakland Shows or Earls Court for something different. I’d like a later show that has some ‘Presence’ tracks on it.


I agree with Eddie, i hope this remaster is an improvement on the (awful imho) last one!


No thanks!

Mic Smith

It is overpriced but I’ve always enjoyed TSRTS despite its many detractors. I rarely play Moby Dick but the rest is vintage Zeppelin taking on stage exploration to new levels. Of course it didn’t always work and by 1977 they took it too far but in 1973 they basically owned Planet Rock and provided thousands of fans with some memories to treasure.


Is it just me or does the prices for some of these formats look a bit expensive?

Mathew Lauren

Many of these RE, SDE, boxset prices are out of control, regardless of the optical-formats chosen, inclusion or not of video & vinyl, and REGARDLESS of the variety (or not) of mixes offered.


I certainly hope this isn’t the live release that Page said he’s been working on. If so what a waste of fucking time, when he could be working on much better shows, performance s and a better tour to say the least.


Knebworth would be a better package to clean up and issue.


That price has to seriously drop before I will consider it.

It is an outrageous price, not least because bundling vinyl and cds together serves no purpose to the customer other than to bump the price.

– Why isn’t the blu ray audio included imstead of the audio DVD?
– Why isn’t the film issued as a separate Blu Ray like the previous releases?

I bought the other box sets but this price can’t be justified for the same content repeated over different formats.

Compare this with other box sets in that price range such as U2’s Achtung Baby or Metallica’s Master of Puppets and the lack of additional content for your money is staggering.

Le Baron

Led Zeppelin, McCartney…God it’s going to be an expensive 7th of September…

Gis Bun

You would of figured some of the tracks in the film would of been added to the CDs and/or BR…


I’m guessing the reason for for the film being on DVD instead of BluRay has to do with Warner owning the film, and the negotations with Page for this release resulted in them saying “Okay, but only DVD.”

Gis Bun

If so why did they do the same to How the West Was Won?


Anybody can comment on how 5.1 blu-ray improved the listening experience from CD with How the West Was Won? Are we only getting crowd from the rear channels? I am personnaly satisfied with cd quality…


I’d like to know if it’s a discrete mix as well, or just crowd noise. Pre-ordered Blu Ray but don’t really care for just crowd noise in the rears.

Pete Harris

“Eddie says:
June 21, 2018 at 16:58

The most recent remaster was a brickwalled, bloated mess with no dynamic range whatsoever.

Let’s hope this remaster corrects that.”

Listen to *this* Eddie :)


Just to clarify..is it just the first 30,000 copies that are numbered and ‘limited’?
(and at £171 a pop thats £5.13m!!!, nice work if you can get it)